“Because it’s a good two years away it feels… There are still echoes of exhaustion from it, but I think it’s a beautiful film,” he says. “I want to watch it again now because I have got a really healthy distance. It’s always the way, when people say, ‘It was a really tough time in my life when I was in it,’ in hindsight it’s a very fond memory. At the time it was aarararaghgh” — he makes a noise like a fatally wounded buffalo — “never ending! The Forevernant. It went on forever and it was confusing. The Forever-and-evernant! It was never-ending, confusion, chaos, none of us were in any form of control, we were being controlled, you know? And that was frustrating and stressful.”

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isn’t it weird how the US not only has a hugely large prison population and that we also make it illegal for a lot of felons to vote even after they have been rehabilitated by prison (which is actually not the case in like canada or europe where even inmates are allowed to vote apparently)?  so we have effectively taken millions of people out of the voting pool and that group of people is overwhelmingly poor and are mostly people of color?  

I just looked up stats: we have over 20% of the worlds prison population in the US alone.  1/31 adults is under some form of correctional control.  58% of the US prison population are African American or Hispanic people even though those groups combined make up only 25% of the United states population.  The NAACP estimates that if trends continue 1/3 black men alive today could expect to spend time in prison in their lifetimes… thats 1/3 black men who wouldn’t be allowed to vote.  thats a pretty sick facet of the prison industrial complex that i don’t see addressed often.  Apparently the technical term for it is “felon disenfranchisement”. 

In the USA during the 1960′s legally a woman couldn’t:
  1. Open a bank account or get a credit card without signed permission from her father or hr husband.
  2. Serve on a jury - because it might inconvenience the family not to have the woman at home being her husband’s helpmate.
  3. Obtain any form of birth control without her husband’s permission. You had to be married, and your hub and had to agree to postpone having children.
  4. Get an Ivy League education. Ivy League schools were men’s colleges ntil the 70′s and 80′s. When they opened their doors to women it was agree that women went there for their MRS. Degee.
  5. Experience equality in the workplace: Kennedy’s Commission on the Status of Women produced a report in 1963 that revealed, among other things, that women earned 59 cents for every dollar that men earned and were kept out of the more lucrative professional positions.
  6. Keep her job if she was pregnant.Until the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in 1978, women were regularly fired from their workplace for being pregnant.
  7. Refuse to have sex with her husband.The mid 70s saw most states recognize marital rape and in 1993 it became criminalized in all 50 states. Nevertheless, marital rape is still often treated differently to other forms of rape in some states even today.
  8. Get a divorce with some degree of ease.Before the No Fault Divorce law in 1969, spouses had to show the faults of the other party, such as adultery, and could easily be overturned by recrimination.
  9. Have a legal abortion in most states.The Roe v. Wade case in 1973 protected a woman’s right to abortion until viability.
  10. Take legal action against workplace sexual harassment. According to The Week, the first time a court recognized office sexual harassment as grounds for legal action was in 1977.
  11. Play college sports Title IX of the  Education Amendments of protects people from discrimination  based on sex in education programs or activities that receive Federal financial  assistance It was nt until this statute that colleges had teams for women’s sports
  12. Apply for men’s Jobs   The EEOC rules that sex-segregated help wanted ads in newspapers are illegal.  This ruling is upheld in 1973 by the Supreme Court, opening the way for women to apply for higher-paying jobs hitherto open only to men.

This is why we need feminism - this is how we know that feminism works


I like how Aang has learned that he can apply his airbending moves to the other elements. We’ve seen Aang use these exact moves in the past, but back then he was only limited to airbending (and later waterbending as well as airbending). 

The second gif also reminds me of the thing Katara does where she exhales and freezes something as she exhales. Aang does something similar in “Return to Omashu” which I think is a combination of airbending and waterbending

Horan and Tomlinson, who barely advanced beyond backup vocals on their debut, have really leveled up here; Horan flexes an appealing growl on that first verse of “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” and Tomlinson’s reedy tenor is in especially fine form on “No Control,” punching out the chorus like the vocal equivalent of a pelvic thrust.
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I–uh–*AHEM* There is no uh-troublemaker in Class 1-A! Everyone just has very um–UNIQUE qualities and as the Class President I respect them all for that!

ok i’m getting pretty sick of seeing cutesy posts where people say being gay/lesbian is their form of birth control

because, yes, two cis gay men or two cis lesbian women cannot reproduce together, but a trans man and a cis man could, a trans woman and a cis woman could

but that’s the point. more casual cissexism that erases the existence and experience of trans folk. so please cut it out

As a really nice anon suggested, I joined in the fun that is the Virus!Phan AU created by amazing @maddox-rider *^* I LOVE THIS KIND FO STORIES. I love junkie!Dan and virus!phil so freaking much!!! 

The funny thing is that glitches are a phobia of mine XD don’t ask me why, but thing like virus form computer taking control of people, glitches, static, artificial AI…they freaking terrorize me, and at the same time I find them extremely fascinating *^* 


Microsoft reveals Project HoloLens, Augmented Reality headset

Microsoft recently showed off an augmented reality technology it’s been working on that comes in the form of a voice controlled headset. The event took place live and recorded, the demonstration being used to show the audience members what the user was seeing as they tested out the technology. Reviews are also in (Wired, ArsTechnica), and they’re on the whole quite positive, with ease of use, visual fidelity and intuitiveness having been noted as strengths.

The reviews also note the various applications the technology was used to display on their test run, from designing hardware (with “HoloStudio”) to a virtual Mars experience as well as a platforming game that took place around the furniture in the room. The promotional videos for the device feature some of the same types of applications, with Minecraft or a Minecraft-like game being played around the home.

If the reviews and showcase are anything to go by this could be a very big thing for interactive media and communications, and there’s also the question of what it could mean for virtual reality technology.

Learn more here

“There you are. I’ve been looking for you,” said a deep, sensual male voice I’d never heard. But I kept my eyes on the three faeries, bracing myself for flight as the male behind me stepped to my side and slipped a casual arm around my shoulders.

The three lesser faeries paled, their dark eyes wide.

“Thank you for finding her for me,” my savior said to them, smooth and polished. “Enjoy the Rite.” There was enough of a bite beneath his last words that the faeries stiffened. Without further comment, they scuttled back to the bonfires.

I stepped out of the shelter of my savior’s arm and turned to thank him.

Standing before me was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen.

I’ve been looking for you too Rhys my boy I’ve missed you. 

In all seriousness however, with the gift of hindsight this first meeting is so symbolic of the narrative that unfolds around these two? The first time she meets Rhys he pulls her out of a dangerous situation that she didn’t want to be in and returns her control and agency to her. Which is exactly what he does for her pulling her out of the Spring Court and slowly returning the control and choices and life that Tamlin stripped away. 

And in both scenarios he doesn’t force her to stay with him. After this scene he offers to accompany her somewhere else, see her safely somewhere. She declines. He accepts and respects her choice and leaves her. He makes it very clear in ACOMAF that she’s welcome to stay with him as long as she wants but if she asks to be taken back to the Spring Court he’ll do it without hesitation. Even though in both scenarios he’s potentially sending her into danger/harm: the choice is hers. 

I think this is also symbolic of what happens between them later on in the books. “There you are I’ve been looking for you” // “Thank you for finding her for me,” This serves the dual purpose of being an incredibly true statement as he’s been looking for her since dreaming about her for over three years and has been looking for her in the sense that she’s his mate and the answer to a question he’s been asking for five hundred years. 

But it also foreshadows what he does for her Under the Mountain. He makes these faeries believe that she’s his. He associates her with him. And then he uses the guise of the High Lord of the Night Court, the Lord of Darkness and Nightmares who is capable of shattering a mind without breaking a sweat to protect her. He does exactly the same thing UtM, dressing her in Night Court clothes, having her spend her nights with him, staking a claim on her and using his title and mask to shield her. If she’s his no-one else will dare touch her or harm her for fear of his wrath and retribution. 

So the idea that’s established here is carried through both texts in three different ways. Associating him with her; claiming her as his own and extending her the protection that accompanies this. Removing her from a threatening, unwanted situation where she feels out of control and returning her agency and choices to her. And it speaks to the mating bond: the person he’s been looking for his entire life; his mate; his equal; his High Lady.
CDC: Young women should avoid alcohol unless using birth control
Federal officials said the move aims to reduce the number of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

the CDC can go bite themselves, honestly. I am all for people being healthy about alcohol consumption. But what’s one big reason WHY an estimated 1/20 babies are born in the U.S. with FAS, and why half of all pregnancies are unplanned when it’s 2016 and there are numerous forms of reliable birth control invented?

WHY are they not releasing warnings that public schools in this country should actually teach pro-active sexual education from an early age?? Only half of states require something. Less than half require it to be medically accurate, if it is taught. When it is taught, it is often inaccurate or focuses on abstinence, which has been suuuper popular with youth throughout history (not. Not popular at all). More info: maps of sex ed taught in America by state

The same organization (CDC) is telling us that 47% of high schoolers have already had sex. We have the highest teen birthrate among industrialized countries. But the focus here is looking at the statistics and telling women they could get pregnant at any time, so don’t drink.

BYEE, CDC. These babies aren’t even born yet. They are hypothetical. So yes, issue an alarm. But then. 

Take care of the kids that

Do people really think other people use abortion as a regular form of birth control?

Like do you not understand how fucking expensive abortions are compared to a shot/pills/rings/etc.

Using abortions for birth control is like buying a new car everytime you need a full tank of gas.