form flattering

Imitation is a form of flattering 😇🌈🎀🌸
  • Daddy: So where will we go shopping now?
  • Little: *Mimics* " where will we go shopping now"
  • Daddy: No copying me..
  • Little: okay, Sorry...I'll stop.
  • Daddy: okay, so where do ya wanna go?
  • Little: *mumbles* where do you wanna go"
  • Daddy: Do you really want to get in..
  • Little: *interrupts* Nooooo! I'm sorry!!!
Studies and a Night In

A Wattpad request. I do not own Jon Snow or Samwell Tarly. They are the property of George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Fluff, Modern AU

Pairings/Characters: Jon Snow x fem!reader, Samwell Tarly

Originally posted by iconsloveseries

You knocked on the door of your boyfriend’s dorm with a smile on your face. It opened revealing Jon’s roommate. “Oh, hello Y/N,” Sam greeted with a smile. “I was just leaving so you two have the place to yourselves. Good luck getting his attention though. Anyway, Gilly’s waiting. See you later.” You laughed. Sam had a way of speaking too quickly. You didn’t blame him. When he didn’t speak quickly, people tended to ignore him. “See you later, Sam.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you maybe do a scenario of Kirishima and his best friend, who he has a crush on being at his house, maybe sitting on the couch, something happens, and then the bf falls on top of him. To finish it maybe Kiri's parents come in during that moment, and after getting the wrong impression, they give them a little lecture?? Thanks!! I love your last thing about Kiri meeting the s/o's parents and I think it'd be fun seeing this.

I got your other message saying that you wanted this to be with a fem! s/o don’t worry :0

The summer heat wave had driven the two of you indoors after attempting to go out and run some errands. You sighed looking at your popsicle stick, the cold treat had long since been consumed with such fervent haste that you were a little concerned with yourself. The heat sucked, but as you slumped over the arm of the couch you had to admit that your best friends wasn’t the worst person to be stuck with in a summer haze. 

Kirishima had invited you over despite you telling him that you’d be dragging him out to run errands for your mom. The two of you headed out into the summer heat around noon was your first mistake. The second mistake was thinking you had any impulsion control in said heat. After spending thirty minutes walking the heat you were already complaining. Kiri just laughed at you a bit but suggested the two of you pick up some sea salt ice cream from the store. It was a marvelous suggestion, but your over heating butt decided you were going to buy three boxes worth and spend all your errand money on popsicles. So now you were back at his house, shirt hiked up to show your mid drift in an attempt to further cool yourself down while dreading the need to get up and get another popsicle. 

“Eijirou.” You say blankly rolling over so you can face him. He’s in the same position as you but he’s actually watching the tv in the living room, unlike you. 

“Yeah? What’s up?” He asks going to nudge you with his foot. “You better not ask me to get you another one because I finally got comfortable over here.”

“But I’m melting over here. I’m hurt you wouldn’t help your dying bestie.” You huff in mock disdain. “You wound me.”

He responds with a snort and you can see his exasperated toothy grin as he rubs the back of his head. With a nudge of his foot he makes you groan as you roll onto your stomach and gently fall off the edge of the couch. Your friend lets out a short laugh as he shakes his head.

“You’re so dramatic…” He laughs.

You just continued to groan as you stagger onto your feet and zombie your way to the freezer. After rummaging in the second box of popsicles you find yourself in the possession of the last one and go to throw away the empty box. You rip the wrapping off the popsicle with haste and go to bite a chunk of the sweet treat off. Sighing contently you make your way back to the couch and continue to scarf down the rest of it until you’re left with another stick. You throw it into the make shift trash bag you have that’s really just the plastic bag you carried the boxes in. 

Kirishima looks at you with your messy hair and tired eyes as you stare blankly at the tv. He’s tried so hard to suppress his ever growing feelings for you, though it’s times like these where he really finds you most endearing to him. He takes a moment to admire how your shirt is loose but still manages to flatter your form and how your eyes seem to always make his breath catch in his throat. The way you shift your weight from leg to leg to make you sway gently catches his attention and re recalls how it’s been a habit for you since you were little. 

You squint disapprovingly at the horrible joke said by one of the characters and try to stumble your way back to your spot while still trying to watch the tv. He watches as you over shoot and tries to get a warning out to you but it’s just a little too late. You squeak and end up tripping over his leg and end up attempting to prevent your fall only to end up falling on top of your red haired best friend.

The both of you are in shock as you stare at each other with noses touching, lips just centimeters away from each other. Kirishima’s face is just about as red as his hair and you’re still frozen looking at him with your chest flush up against his own. His hands are holding your shoulders and your own are pressed onto his chest. The two of you are too stunned to do anything and you fail to hear the front door open over the tv. His parents walk in and exclaim his name making the poor boy jump up and almost vault you off of him. He covers his mouth and nose out of embarrassment while you’re hiding your face in your hands. The both of you are flustered. 

The two of you continue to sit there as his parents lightly lecture him about doing lewd things in the house while they’re gone. He’s nodding furiously and you’re debating whether or not you should attempt to leave. His parents finish and continue to give the two of you some sort of coy look before they retreat back outside the house, to where you don’t know. As soon as they’re gone, however, Kirishima turns to you with a sheepish look on his face thoroughly making your face heat up all over again. 

“(Y/n), I have something to tell you…”

Do I Know You? - Baekhyun Scenario

Baek Scenario based off of last Hump Day’s Baek moodboard. Mention of oral, but it’s not like, elaborated on. So I guess its not Smut. Enjoy! -T

“Ugh. You know I hate this, right?” I rolled my eyes and looked at my best friend. She was standing in my closet, scoping out prospective outfits for the evening.

We were going out on a double date tonight. She had been attempting to set me up with her boyfriend’s best friend for quite some time, now. I continuously denied her offers, but finally she broke me down. I was mostly annoyed at her constant asking me to give him a chance.

She sighed, “(Y/N). I promise. Baekhyun is a really good guy.”

I whined.

“You said, ‘good guy.’ That means he’s not attractive and probably NOT that good of a guy. If he’s such a good guy, why is he single?” I crossed my arms as she held up two dresses, comparing the two.

“Try this red one on. Red is a good color for you,” she tossed the dress at me and then continued, “and you’re way too shallow. Are you saying you wouldn’t give him a chance if he wasn’t attractive, but was still a good person? Besides- He’s super handsome. He’s very funny. And he ACTUALLY is a genuinely good person.”

I slid the slinky dress over my head. It had a sexy lace overlay and hugged my figure just right.

“This isn’t a bit too much cleavage for a first date,” I turned to my full length mirror and spun slightly.

(Y/B/F/N) skimmed the outfit and said, “you’re right. Try the black one on instead. You can never go wrong with a little black dress.”

The black dress was a bit more modest. Still form flattering, but a tad longer and covered my chest more. It had a simple cut out in the back for a sexy feel without worrying about being too immodest. I put on a set of red flats to still add a bit of flare. I held my arms out and spun around.

“Perfect! Now let’s go,” (Y/B/F/N) urged you, “Jongdae and Baek are already heading that way!”

We drove to the restaurant, gossiping as usual. I was not going to allow myself to get nervous. Most blind dates resulted in a very low success rate. I would not allow myself to get hyped up over someone I would, more than likely, never see again.

After we arrived and walked into the restaurant, Jongdae waved us to the table. I saw that my date had his back turned to the door. More than likely, Dae had told him to do so for a dramatic effect.

(Y/B/F/N) walked up and gave Jongdae a kiss hello. He faced me and gave me a quick hug and a a kiss on the cheek before saying, “Y/N, this is Baekhyun!”

When my suitor and I and finally faced each other, my eyes grew wide. He stopped mid drink and practically choked on it.

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too-many-fxcking-idiots  asked:

I need scenarios for the 2ps writing love letters stat!

2p Italy: “Moon of my life, my sun and my stars. You mean more to me than you know, bella. Don’t ever forget that.”

2p Germany: “You know what I love more than you? You without your clothes on. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ps: No but really ich liebe dich sehr.”

2p Japan: “Babe, I’ll be going away for a few days. Don’t forget that I love you. I’ll miss you.”

2p Romano: “If there was one person I would say was more beautiful than me, that person would be you. But of course I don’t just love you for your looks. I love everything about you, amor.”

2p Spain: “You already know what I’m going to say. But…I might as well say it anyway. Te amo.”

2p Prussia: “S/o, you mean everything to me. I don’t know where I would be without you. I mean it. I really love you, s/o.”

2p America: “Doll, I fucking love you. Got it? You are the most important person in my life, and I will never let you go.”

2p England: “Poppet, you are indescribable! I cannot even form the words to flatter you, believe me. I love you so much, dearie!”

2p France: “Having someone like you in my life gives me a reason to live. It makes my life significant. Without you, I’m as good as gone. Je t'aime.”

2p Russia: “While I do not usually resort to this kind of communication, this is an exception that I will not regret. With that, all I have to say is ‘I love you’.”

2p China: “Roses are red. Violets are blue. I like to smoke weed. But what I like more is you.”

2p Canada: “So I’m not the best at this kind of stuff. I’m just going to say I love you. Just…thought you should know.”

(I cannot romance rip ;w;)

Use Your Voice

You can find my Masterlist HERE!

Prompt: Hey, buddy ! I hope you’re fine. So, I got an idea. And I hope it’s a good idea (not sure..). So, could you write a Negan X Reader like she had just arrived in Alexandria and she is too shy to speak with someone or doing anything and Negan notices her and succeeds in getting her out of her shell. Something cute, you know ! (I love cute stories with Negan..) – Via @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9

Ships: Negan x Shy!Reader
Words: 1,069
Warnings: Curses
Category: Fluff


You were stood on the outskirts of the large crowd of Alexandrian’s that had been rounded up by the Saviours. You kept your head hung low and watched your shoes, trying to keep your head down and not to attract any unwanted attention.

When you would occasionally glance upwards you would get glimpses of a tall, lean man wielding a lethal baseball bat with barbed wire curled tightly around its tip. He wore a leather jacket which flattered his form immensely; he also had a blood red scarf tucked into his leather jacket at the neck.

You picked at your scarred finger nail as a nervous habit; you had picked up said habit in third grade after a particularly stressful day of work.

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Hero (Jacob Frye X Fem!Reader)

I am so sorry for the lack of Updates on this Blog. It’s just that I want it to be perfect before posting it (in my eyes anway) and that might take a while + when I come home from work I’m more exhausted and don’t have the energy to write.

This one took too long, though. Ha, I wanted to post it two weeks prior but couldn’t get around. I just had to add more details to it.

On another note: I did start a smutty Research story. Still, it’s not finished and it sounds so dull. So, it could take time with that one.
Thanks for sticking around, though. And thanks to all the Likes/Reblogs/Followers. It always makes my day better!

Title: Hero
Summary: Reader is an assassin and a little bit afraid of a certain animal. But lucky for her, the hero is not far away (this sounds so cheesy, I’m sorry, ahah)
Characters: Fem!Reader, Jacob Frye, Lynn (Rook, made her up in one of my stories)
Relationships: Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader
Warnings: None
Words: 1.342

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Back Door

Genre: (MATURE) Smut, M / W

Shin Hoseok / Wonho
Summary: Your friend suggests sex work to help pay rent for next month, but Wonho’s peculiar request has you so piqued that you almost forget why you came to meet him to begin with.

Word Count: 3.5k+

Warnings: Anal play, Switch, Thigh Riding
/// Author’s Note ///
Written for my bb @wonheonie

Originally posted by nanamana

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the-little-red-queen  asked:

I've had this prompt for a while now so here goes: Peter gets Juno all dressed up and looking good to go to some night club for (insert case/heist here) and then gets jealous when a bunch of people start hitting on his detective who is too busy looking at Peter to notice he's getting hit on?

I have two very conflicting ideas that pop into my head when I think of night clubs in Hyperion City.

On the one hand, my mind goes to ballroom dance, with elegant swishy dances like the Viennese waltz and the Argentinian tango. (Or at least, they’re currently perceived as elegant because that’s the value we’ve assigned them currently. Both the waltz and the tango were super risque in their heydays.)

Originally posted by gypsyastronaut

On the other hand, I go to more modern dances. Which have a habit of changing very quickly, and look utterly ridiculous if they’re too dated, or if you don’t know them well enough to appreciate the artistry. Or, you know, if you just do them really badly.

Originally posted by gypsyastronaut

Context is everything.

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Since today is December 21st, it is now officially winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Most people have a vague idea of how snowflakes form: They are of course made of water. Inside snow clouds, water freezes into ice crystals. The individual water molecules organize themselves in a particular way, making all sorts of beautiful snowflake shapes:

As you know, every snowflake is unique. But, nearly all snowflakes can be categorized into one of 39 different shapes (and over 121 sub-shapes). 

Scientists like to study snowflakes because it teaches us a lot about how and why different crystal shapes form: not just snowflakes, but everything from salt to quartz and meth. By measuring x-rays that they send through snowflakes,  scientists can get a super detailed image of their structure, which lets you see as much as possible in terms of repeating patterns (called fractals).

So what makes these shapes? What determines if water molecules are going to order themselves into columns, or into star-shaped crystals? In the end, it’s all chemistry.

In fact, the biggest factor in snowflake-shape is the temperature and humidity that they are formed at. Flat, needle-like crystals form at lower temperatures, whereas longer, thinner crystals form at higher temperatures.

Water molecules are made of one oxygen and two hydrogens. Two water molecules can bond together in a lot of different ways, which is why we see so many different forms of snow crystals. However, why they prefer certain orientations in certain temperatures is still a mystery in science.

We know Cryogonal is made of water, and thus there are an infinite number of Cryogonals just like there are an infinite number of snowflakes. Also, Cryogonal uses chains made of pure ice to capture and freeze prey; these chains are also probably versatile, unique, and beautiful structures of ice crystals.

Cryogonal’s shape ultimately depends on the temperature and humidity that it was formed at. Flatter plates are typically formed at higher temperatures, and columns are formed at lower temperatures.

Happy Winter everyone!

anonymous asked:

Can I request scenario where IwaizumixOikawaxKageyamaxfemale!so decided to visit the beach where their female so who usually dress modestly decided to wear a bikini (she actually just want to make sure she at least look good enough to be the boys girlfriend) but it turn out she attract too many attention from other beachgoers which she didn't even notice ?

Heyo~ Of course! Sorry for the long wait! Btw this poly is slowly becoming one of my top favs lmao Thanks for Requesting -Admin Satori <3

Iwaizumi/Oikawa/Kageyama/FemaleS/O: A Day at the Beach!

“Do we really need to bring both the inflatable volleyball AND an actual volleyball?” You asked as you finished laying down the large towels on the hot sand, immediately sitting down under the umbrella Kageyama had put up just a few minutes ago. You crossed your legs in front of you, pulling the large tshirt over your knees and resting you chin on them while you watched Kageyama go rifling through the bags you’d packed for the beach volleyball.

Kageyama let out a small noise of excitement when he finally pulled it out from underneath all the other items you’d thought to bring, “Of course…. What if Iwaizumi-san wants to throw the actual volleyball at Oikawa-san?” Kageyama asked offhandedly as he took a seat next to you, putting the little nozzle of the inflatable volleyball in between his lips and blowing.

You couldn’t help but laugh at how red his face was getting and how flat the volleyball still was, “Tobio, you need to bite down on it and then blow.” You pointed out, laughing some more when he then turned his back to you so you didn’t see his embarrassed blush.

“Yaho~! Don’t start the party without us~!” “You’re being too loud, shittykawa.”

Looking away from Kageyama’s back, you smiled widely and waved at them, “Hey Hajime, Tooru!” You greeted as they set their own stuff down.

Oikawa pouted, “Why do you always greet Iwa-chan before me, ____-chan?” He whined, ducking just in time as Iwaizumi went to slap the back of his head, “So mean~!” He smiled at Iwaizumi before taking the, now inflated, volleyball from Kageyama and walking backwards, “Come on! Let’s go scout out a net!”

Kageyama sat there dumbfounded for a few seconds before frowning, “Oikawa-san! You need to close the nozzle!” He yelled as he quickly, and in jerky movements, got up to his feet and took off after his former senpai.

You stood up and shooed Iwaizumi to go after them, “Please make sure they don’t kill themselves or each other.” You smiled, and he couldn’t help but lean down and press a kiss to your forehead before taking off at a leisurely jog after the other two. You let out a sigh as you watched your three boyfriends make their way towards an empty beach volleyball net, “Well…. Now or never, I guess…” You whispered to yourself before tugging your large shirt over your head and folding it neatly into one of the bags. Being the girlfriend of three amazing, equal parts super hot and adorable, boyfriends had always made you want to dress modestly so that you didn’t draw attention away from them; they deserved all the attention, as far as you were concerned. But recently, you’ve had a surge of confidence spring up in your heart, and you decided you wanted to be noticed just as much as they were; You were part of this relationship, too, weren’t you?

So you’d gone out with Yachi and Shimizu for a swim suit that would both flatter your form as well as blow the minds of your boyfriends. What you’d come out of the store with would surely give them all nosebleeds. Taking a deep breath, you looked down at your body, feeling your cheeks warm a bit at how different this attire was from what you normally wore, but also nodding to yourself. You were ready.

Not but a few yards away from where you’d taken off your large shirt were you approached by two overly confident and overly hormonal teenage boys, “Hey, sweetheart. You know my friend and I have been watching you all day. What do you say we get out of here and go get some ice cream or something?” His smile was anything but charming, and the way his eyes raked over your newly bared skin made your skin crawl in disgust. His friend was the silent type of creep, standing in your peripheral while he checked out your back and bottom with less than pure intentions brewing in his eyes.

You gulped and shook your head, taking a step to the side to try to move around him, “No thank you… I’m expected to be somewhere in a few minutes…. Sorry.” You bowed slightly before walking around them, but they weren’t having that. You internally sighed, deciding that you should have expected this to happen, as the talkative creep reached out and grabbed your wrist, “Please let me go.” You stated firmly, tugging your wrist in his grip, sending a glare at him.

“Aw, come on, baby… Don’t be like that. Let me put a smile on your face.” He cooed as he tried to pull you closer to him.


The guy let go of your wrist and whirled towards whoever threw an actual volleyball at the back of his head. His silent friend, too, had been distracted by whoever threw the volleyball, and you were quickly pulled to be behind someone else. Ignoring what the two weirdos were yelling at and about, you blinked to bring yourself to the present and let out a sigh of relief, “Tobio.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his middle and pressing your face into his back, holding onto his hands when he placed them on top of yours on his belly.

“I believe the young lady told you to let her go.” Oikawa smirked at the two perverts, towering over them with Iwaizumi at his shoulder.

“Who are you, her dad?” The main creep fired back at Oikawa, snickering with his friend before tilting his head, “Come on, Mikey, let’s get out of here. Beautiful, we’re leaving, let’s go.” The guy said in a firm voice as he turned to grab at your wrist but was only met with Kageyama’s intimidating stare. They both gulped and quickly took off without another word, one of them actually looking back in case Iwaizumi decided to throw another volleyball at their retreating heads.

Oikawa let out a deep sigh before walking over to you and Kageyama, “Are you alright, ____-chan?”

You nodded before pulling away from Kageyama, smiling at the three of them, “I’m okay.” You assured before scratching the back of your head, “I guess I should have done the big reveal before the three of you ran off, huh?” You laughed quietly, feeling your face heat up when you saw their eyes practically zero in on what you were wearing. Laughter bubbled inside you as you watched each of their faces redden with their own blushes before they quickly averted their gaze to not ogle you so blatantly, “What do you guys think? Too much?” You giggled.

Kageyama looked like he was about to faint, but he nodded quickly, “You look…. Amazing, ____-san.” He coughed out, his voice increasing in volume as it usually did when he was flustered.

Nodding quickly, Oikawa reached out and pulled you into his arms, his hands flattening against your bare back, “You look so cute, ____-chan~!” He cooed as he leaned down and nuzzled his nose with yours, trying to hide the fact that you were seriously doing a number to how hard he could blush. You giggled reaching up and cupping his cheeks, but gasping when you were torn out of Oikawa’s arms and over the shoulder of Iwaizumi, who turned on his heel and started towards the closest beach changing room. “Iwa-chan! Wait! Now’s not the place for that!” Oikawa called.

“Iwaizumi-san!” Kageyama called, surprised by his senior’s sudden actions.

You pushed up on the small of Iwaizumi’s back, giggling when you saw the looks of shock and disbelief on Oikawa and Kageyama’s faces, “I take it that you really like my bathing suit, Hajime?” You tilted your head to get a look at the side of his face, laughing quietly when his cheeks darkened and his eyes glanced over at you, “Awww, Hajime, you’re so cute when you blush.” You teased.

“You’re really cute when you’re moaning my name.” He fired back easily, smirking when he could practically see steam coming from your ears as your face took on the color of a fire engine.

You decided from then on that you should definitely step out of your comfort zone more often.

X-Squad Clothing Headcanons


  • Literal Goddess
  • looks perfect in anything and everything
  • mostly preppy stuff
  • is actually in pajamas 24/7 but no one knows because telepathic projection
  • steals Boyfriend Shirts from Scott
  • secretly emo


  • cute af tank tops
  • everything either hugs and flatters her form or flows elegantly like water from a marble fountain
  • perfect blend of glamour, practicality, and punk rock
  • steals jewelry from Jubilee
  • on point 32/7
  • Literal Goddess 2: Storm Edition


  • band shirts and leather pants
  • pajamas are band shirts and sweatpants
  • has worn the same shirt 8 days in a row
  • shouldn’t be able to rock a minidress
  • totally rocks a minidress
  • can and will wear one of Ororo’s outfits with complete confidence
  • why are you like this


  • colors
  • and sparkles
  • accessories to the max
  • helps others with their fashion choices
  • how does she werk it in so many colors
  • tell me your secrets


  • literally????? none of his clothes are actually his?????
  • steals clothes from pretty much everyone
  • has owned 3 outfits since he got to America; lost 1 to the mansion exploding, 1 is in a secret military base somewhere
  • forced everyone to get “Sunday Best” so he can drag them to church
  • no one has noticed that he owns literally nothing else????????
  • wears skirts around the mansion so he doesn’t have to wrestle with his tail every morning
  • buy this boy a goddamned tshirt


  • wears the sunglasses most of the time
  • other than that? square
  • clothes almost never stolen
  • because nobody wants them
  • still only has like 3 pairs of pants at any given time tho

BONUS: There’s a squad hoodie that is constantly passed around the group. They have fit Kurt, Jubilee, and half of Scott into it at the same time. Where did it come from? Who knows??? But it is red and soft and extremely cozy.

hobifulstudies  asked:

yarn, sock, and bells :D

yarn: what are your most enjoyable hobbies?

i’m gonna say reading as #1 because reading is just the best, closely followed by how meditative making pretty bujo spreads feels; then makeup is hella enjoyable because it’s not only my most frequent creative outlet but also a way to feel like i’m slaying yknow

sock: how would you describe your clothing taste?

a mix of comfy, vaguely edgy, and form-flattering pieces with tons of stuff that i stole from my mom’s stash of 90s clothes tbh. i wear a lot of deep colours and black tops around this time of the year, but i wear dainty gold necklaces pretty much every day too, my favourite is one that has five little stars. it’s a mix of the art hoe, retro and tumblr witch aesthetics tbh lmao

bells: what sounds are your favorite or calm you the most?

i think i answered something similar recently, but i watch asmr so i have a lot :’) i personally really like the sound of rain, crackling fires, wooden blocks clacking together, long nails tapping on phone screens/book covers…

🌲🏕 let’s go hiking together!! send me some mountain-themed asks 🏕🌲

The Dress

No, but listen, Emma wearing that floaty, flowery dress - and the truly hideous pink article on her first date with Hook - just makes me feel even more strongly that she’s queer and closeted.

Because Emma has always worn dresses. Emma *rocks* a certain style of dress. She’s got a fantastic body and form-fitting dresses really flatter it. But those floaty, flowery dresses? They’re not Emma’s style. They’re Emma’s performance of Mary Margaret’s style.

And MM (not Snow) being who she was made to be, that means those dresses are also a performance of traditional, heterosexual femininity. Because that’s the thing about Emma: her whole childhood taught her to fake it until she made it. To act like part of a family of strangers until she actually *became* a part of that family.

Of course it never worked, and Emma must eventually have given up - have gone the other way and said to herself, “Enough. I am who I am. People can take me or leave me, but I’ll be damned if I change myself for anyone.’

But then Emma found Storybrooke and a second chance at all the things she’d convinced herself she never really wanted in the first place. Is it any wonder she’s started playing a role again? And it’s a role she’s pretty committed to. You can see it in the way she interacts with Hook as his romantic partner - the way she drapes herself over him, like the heroine of a cheesy romance novel. It’s a performance of love and of heterosexuality from someone who’s never really been comfortable with either.

Regina knows a thing or two about performing a role you don’t feel, and about how clothes maketh the woman. And she knows Emma Swan. She’s spent enough time thinking about her. She has to realize what’s going on. But how can she say anything and have it seem anything but self-serving? Because with everything she’s done and had done to her over the years, the one thing Regina doesn’t struggle with is her own sexuality. Not since Mal (wonderful, beautiful Mal who a part of her will always love) taught her how to enjoy her own body and another woman’s.

Regina knows what she feels for Emma. But Emma doesn’t seem to know what she feels for Regina - or if she does, she’s doing everything in her power to pretend she doesn’t. And Regina can’t ask for her love. How can she, when she’s so unworthy of it? She can only watch as Emma remakes herself into a facsimile of the daughter she thinks Snow wants and the woman she thinks Hook desires.

But that’s OK. Because Snow loves Emma and she loves Regina. And one day she’ll figure out what Emma’s doing, and that Emma’s doing it for her. First she’ll spend some time feeling terrible - how could she not blame herself for letting Emma believe she had to become someone else to be loved? But then Snow will pull herself together, because for all her hope speeches, Snow’s essentially a practical woman. And she’ll go to Emma and finally have the conversation they should have had a very long time ago.

And if this means she’s giving Regina back the happy ending she accidentally helped to steal so long ago? Well, Snow’s not going to embarrass Regina by mentioning it.

you be my fan and i’ll be your man ♥

jikook | rating: t | words: 5.5 k 

summary:  the result of a “fateful” encounter between jimin the idol singer and jungkook the awkward nerd isn’t what either of them expected it to be…(ao3)

thanks to @bulletproofhyung​ & @strawberrywhaliens​ for the editing party. dedicated to @drpuffles because i forgot to check if she was still alive @fanficsandnochill if she’ll still read my stuff ;) love you guys~

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The Voice Inside Your Head Part 9

Parts 1-8

*Demon Jack Gilinsky*

Part 9

 Satisfaction. Such an underrated sensation. It is usually desire that is credited to the downfall of temptation. But what about satisfaction? That feeling in the pit of your stomach that indicates you have done everything right, in that moment everything is just how it is supposed to be. Desire and satisfaction may go hand in hand, but there’s just something about how satisfying satisfaction can be. The desire to achieve satisfaction is what drives everything.

 He sits on the steps outside the gambling house, shifting to adjust to his unfamiliar form. The cool black marble of the stairs contrasts the heat that radiates off the surrounding flames casting orangey shadows across his fair skin. The disparity of a boy with white-ish blonde hair and porcelain skin surrounded by dark bleakness and red-hot pain is stark and, to an extent, alarming.

 Jack jogs up the steps, noting that the vague smirk on the boy is somewhat unsettling on his angelic face.

“Leviathan?” Jack asks, his eyebrow quirking up at the corner.

“Actually, it’s just Levi now,” his smirk deepens.

“That… That’s the form you chose to take?” Jack gapes in astonishment.

“Well, my usual sea serpent alias isn’t very discreet and you made it very clear that I needed to be covert soooooo,” Levi trails off, waving his hand.

“Okay but do you have to look like that?” Jack says a bit exasperatedly.

“Why?” Levi’s smirk transforms into a full-blown Cheshire grin, “Do you find me attractive?”

“Honestly yeah and I want you to keep an eye on her, not seduce her,” Jack admits brashly.

“Relax man, I’m just fucking with you. I know what we agreed to,” Levi stands up, his frame about three inches taller than Jack’s.

“I just don’t get why you agreed to this. What’s in it for you? You don’t like humans and I highly doubt you feel like helping me out of the kindness of your metaphorical heart.”

“You see, Jack,” Levi begins descending down the stairs gracefully, stopping only to address the cambion, “There’s a certain satisfaction in undermining your father.”

Jack swallows a sigh, watching Levi’s figure disappear into the flames. He’s been warned against making a deal with the devil, and he hopes to God that making a deal with one of the nine princes of hell isn’t just as dangerous.


 She sits in the café, two frigid hands stained with various colors of paint grip the ceramic coffee cup while her gaze follows the people entering and leaving the place. This is the fifth day in a row she’s come here after work and every day Levi has been here also.

 He’s wiping down the surrounding tables, aware of her people watching. He’s noticed how she’s very observant of her surroundings. He’s also noticed how acute her attention to him is, leaving little room for error. Her attentiveness is amusing. Humans have such silly habits.

“You really do come here often.”

She jumps slightly at the sound of Levi’s raspy voice disrupting the quiet buzz.

“I wasn’t exaggerating,” she laughs softly.

“Usually when people say they go somewhere a lot they mean like two or three times a week, not every day. But I see you’ve found some time to paint,” he nods to her hands, “Are you a painter?”

“Oh, no,” she glances down at the mess of colors, “I’m a photographer. This is just a mocking reminder that my one attempt at artwork was a complete and utter fail.”

“I’m not surprised,” Levi laughs.

“Excuse me?” she recoils in offense.

“Oh, my bad. I didn’t mean that rudely or offensively. What I did mean was that artists and photographers see the world differently; you capture reality, painters create reality. Your brain is hardwired to see what is already there and present it in its most flattering form, but painters, painters turn nothing into something by seeing something that isn’t even there. It’s amazing really, and not easy to do so I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it,” he explains.

“Fair point,” she grins.

He pegged her as an intellectual the moment she first walked into the café, and the way her eyes lit up during his explanation tells him he’s right. Humans aren’t near as mysterious and they’d like to think they are. All the little things they aren’t aware of give them away every time. You just have to know what to look for. However, most people are too clouded by their own preconceived notions and bias that the hints are near invisible. If only they could learn to step outside themselves and see what is so painfully obvious. If only.

 The high-pitched ring of tinny bells makes them both turn their heads towards the door. Sam walks through the threshold casually, an envelope in his right hand. Levi straightens up quickly, getting a read on the new boy as quickly as he can.

“Hey, I figured you’d be here,” Sam says, slipping into the chair across from her.

“Am I really that predictable?” she giggles.

“It would appear so,” Levi interjects.

Sam twists his neck to look at the barista, giving him a confused look.

“Can I get you something?” Levi adds quickly.

“Just a medium black coffee would be great, thanks,” Sam gives Levi a short nod of appreciation.

Levi smiles tightly, starting for the counter area.

“Who’s he?” Sam asks.

“New barista, he started last week.”

Sam makes a face that says something along the lines of ‘you creep much?’

“I’m here all the time alright? I notice when something is different,” she shrugs.

“The fact that he’s not bad to look at has nothing to do with it?” Sam smirks.

She rolls her eyes, kicking Sam under the table. “I’m not interested like that, he just gives off a vibe.”

“A vibe?” Sam stifles a laugh.

“Yes you fuckass, a vibe,” she whisper-hisses as Levi returns to the table with a coffee cup in hand.

“Here you go,” Levi sets the cup down, smiling politely, “That’ll be $2.06.”

Sam hands Levi the money, putting in a quick ‘thank you’ before he returns to his spot behind the counter as a rush of people come in.

“Alright you can explain whatever the hell you mean by that later, I want to tell you about this envelope!” Sam grins excitedly.

“Explain away,” she smiles back at him, his enthusiasm contagious.

“I was asked to model for this campaign,” he slides the envelope over to her so she can read the information for herself.

Her eyes drift over the inked words, her chest expanding with pride after every sentence.

“Oh my god, Sam,” she whispers in awe, “This is amazing.”

“I know right?! It’s not until a month from now, but I want you to go with me. It’s the shots you took that got me the job so I literally could not have done it without you.”

“I would love to go with you,” she beams, “I’m so proud of you, Sammy.”

“Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of me, too,” he laughs, not beating around the bush with modesty.

“You deserve this, you really do.”

“Thanks, babe,” Sam nudges her knee with his.

Levi cringes, his face out of their line of view. Pet names have always grossed him out, even in a friendly manner. Human behavior is so odd to him, so many unnecessary things they do.

 He watches them get up from the table, laughing and smiling as they exit the café. For a brief moment the demon wonders what it would feel like to feel a sense of satisfaction for someone else, but empathy is not something he posses so the feeling goes as quickly as it came.


Jack stands in front of a pool table inside the empty gambling house. Rolling billiard balls into the pockets is how he chooses to pass the time while he waits for Levi. He can only stand to be inside when nobody else is around since the energy in the room when it’s filled is overwhelming. Lucky for him, there’s some big commotion on a different level of hell this evening.

 Levi slips through the doors soundlessly, approaching Jack as silently as he entered.

“Hey,” Levi whispers in Jack’s ear.

“Jesus!” Jack jumps in surprise, his hand flying to the place on his chest where his heart may or may not be.

“He can’t help you here,” Levi chuckles, sitting on the edge of the pool table.

“Was that really necessary?” Jack scowls.

“It’s the little things,” Levi grins.

“You’re late.”

“I wasn’t aware I had a curfew, sorry dad.”

“Never mind. Was she there again?” Jack inquires.

“Oh yes. And I’d bet that she’ll be there again tomorrow. Creature of habit that one is. But there was something different about today,” Levi baits him.

“Go on,” Jack presses.

“Her friend Sam showed up. Something about him reminds me of a puppy. He seems loyal. He also has those big eyes that make him seem a lot more innocent than he probably is. Do we like him?” Levi inquires.

“Sam uh… He’s a good friend to her,” Jack scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Sam. Good. Got it,” Levi gives a thumbs up, “I’ll remember not to kill him.”

“Oh my god don’t kill anybody,” Jack’s eyes bug out a bit.

“You’re no fun,” Levi pouts.

“You’re psychotic.”

“I’m a demon, dumbass.”

Jack pinches the bridge of his nose, exhaling slowly as he turns away from Levi. He knew this wouldn’t be an easy arrangement. Demons don’t have feelings and emotions are trifle so the importance and fragility of a situation like this is lost on them. They don’t care what the outcome is and the moment they stop having fun all bets are off. It’s a risky deal to make since there’s no security in it. But right now it’s all he has.

“Relax little cambion,” Levi stands behind Jack, “I’ll make good on our deal.”

Jack nods, too vexed to reply verbally.

 Levi starts for the doors, leaving Jack to toil with his feelings. Before he can reach out to push on the metal panels he pauses, scrunching his face up in a peculiar way.

“Something wrong?” Jack questions, noticing the hesitation.

“When Sam and your girl were leaving the café they were laughing,” Levi furrows his brows, “And I can’t get the sound of it out of my head.”

Part 10

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