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So when I went to the store yesterday for the squash and some other items. Get to check out and this guy goes. “You know what game that is from?”

Assuming he meant my painfully obvious pokemon eeveelution wallet. So being a smart ass I replied back, “Shouldn’t I be asking you that question?”

He goes “I’m testing you on your shirt, what game is that? I mean I know but I’m testing you.”

To which it dawned on me that I was wearing a rather flattering, form fitted baby doll tee-shirt that was all black with a green retro wagon with the words under it saying “You died of Dysentery”.

You got to be shitting me… no pun intended.

“Oregon Trail, again should I be asking you that? Obviously I know the game if this is my shirt hm?”

This has got to be my first encounter of someone trying to “test” me on my knowledge of games. Like… my boy… I’m 10+ years older than you. Some of the shit you were talking with your buddy about… I grew up with it. And stuff you might have never heard of.

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you have no reason to be intimated pyrrha! you're a very pretty dragon! ( and really big too, that's gotta count for something )

“ I really appreciate the compliment stranger. “ not that she was doubting her looks… should she be? now that she thought about it, yeah, probably. gods forbid the woman saw pyrrha in her more human attire. all the more reason not to spend too much time around her.

shaved my head again, and I’m growing out my eyebrows, pubes, and pit hair. I also quit wearing makeup this week, cos i had been wearing it more and more.
also I stopped wearing flattering form fitting clothes, I’m now wearing loose and comfy stuff. my vulva and my ego will thank me lol.

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Petal Pink

Petal Pink: Describe your fashion sense as well as what you’re wearing right now.

I like dark grey mixed with a piece of bright colored flair or two. Classy pieces that are comfortable as fuck, with form-flattering cuts and overlong sleeves and hems to accommodate my Lanky-kong like frame.

Of late I have a new job where I have to dress up so life’s a bit more fashion heavy on the regular. Today’s a Dino looking purple top with grey cardigan and red scarf, brown slacks with long stripy blue socks and black mary janes.

The boys letting a girl (like Allison from The Breakfast Club) into their gang

This might be short. Sorry

🌻 They love her to death

🌻 She’s so sweet and caring

🌻 Probably like a mom to some of them

🌻 When she says something about her sad past, the boys just brush it off

🌻 She likes to make Socs uncomfortable

🌻 Wears clothes that aren’t flattering or form fitting because that's​what makes her happy

🌻 Could squash some Soc ass if she needed to

🌻 The boys are really protective over her

🌻 She’s actually a funny and interesting person once you hold a conversation with her

🌻 She probably has a crush on Johnny

🌻 The boys try not to pick on her as much as they would everyone else

🌻But she gives zero fucks

🌻When they watch movies, she's​ one to make comments about the acting and screenplay

🌻 Gets on everyone’s nerves when that happens

🌻 “God, will you shut it? I haven’t seen this before”


🌻"You’re fine. *Eye roll* Just keep doing what you’re doing, I guess.”

Again I apologise for how bad these are

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you post pics of yourself wearing revealing garments that compliment your form, from flattering angles. and you call them risky. that is sexual.

What is sexual about that?

X-Squad Clothing Headcanons


  • Literal Goddess
  • looks perfect in anything and everything
  • mostly preppy stuff
  • is actually in pajamas 24/7 but no one knows because telepathic projection
  • steals Boyfriend Shirts from Scott
  • secretly emo


  • cute af tank tops
  • everything either hugs and flatters her form or flows elegantly like water from a marble fountain
  • perfect blend of glamour, practicality, and punk rock
  • steals jewelry from Jubilee
  • on point 32/7
  • Literal Goddess 2: Storm Edition


  • band shirts and leather pants
  • pajamas are band shirts and sweatpants
  • has worn the same shirt 8 days in a row
  • shouldn’t be able to rock a minidress
  • totally rocks a minidress
  • can and will wear one of Ororo’s outfits with complete confidence
  • why are you like this


  • colors
  • and sparkles
  • accessories to the max
  • helps others with their fashion choices
  • how does she werk it in so many colors
  • tell me your secrets


  • literally????? none of his clothes are actually his?????
  • steals clothes from pretty much everyone
  • has owned 3 outfits since he got to America; lost 1 to the mansion exploding, 1 is in a secret military base somewhere
  • forced everyone to get “Sunday Best” so he can drag them to church
  • no one has noticed that he owns literally nothing else????????
  • wears skirts around the mansion so he doesn’t have to wrestle with his tail every morning
  • buy this boy a goddamned tshirt


  • wears the sunglasses most of the time
  • other than that? square
  • clothes almost never stolen
  • because nobody wants them
  • still only has like 3 pairs of pants at any given time tho

BONUS: There’s a squad hoodie that is constantly passed around the group. They have fit Kurt, Jubilee, and half of Scott into it at the same time. Where did it come from? Who knows??? But it is red and soft and extremely cozy.

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pt1 . Finally finished making my own BJD after more than 300 hours. But it was totally worth it and I’m so happy that my family and friends also like my work. Some even encourage me to opening a preorder and sell her for limited quantity because I’m the only manpower who will work on it. That is very lovely idea and make me think about it. I will not mind if I suddenly see my work have a recast version. I love the recast community, and I don't even care about my own "small family company"

pt2 . since recasting it’s the biggest form of flattering. Can you imagine someone thinks what you did is so good that they are willing to recast it? that is something amazing!, plus, there will be always public really interested in my work so eventually everyone can get my doll, pros and antis. No one it’s loosing anything and my work can be known by everyone!

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Which members do you think would be a butt guy, and which do you think would be a boobs guy?

Boob: Jinyoung, Mark, Youngjae 

I feel like these 3 wouldn’t mind if their girlfriend was more on the small butt side if they had a bigger rack. These are the type of women who are more keen on wearing flowy dresses so there’s less focus on the derrière anyway (since these three are more into the girly type). 

Butt: Jaebum, Yugyeom

I feel like these two wouldn’t mind if their girlfriend had a small chest if it meant she’d got a great behind. These two specifically, I can see them lusting after women with more luxurious bodies in clothes that are a bit more form-fitting and body flattering.

Both: Jackson, Bambam


The Dress

No, but listen, Emma wearing that floaty, flowery dress - and the truly hideous pink article on her first date with Hook - just makes me feel even more strongly that she’s queer and closeted.

Because Emma has always worn dresses. Emma *rocks* a certain style of dress. She’s got a fantastic body and form-fitting dresses really flatter it. But those floaty, flowery dresses? They’re not Emma’s style. They’re Emma’s performance of Mary Margaret’s style.

And MM (not Snow) being who she was made to be, that means those dresses are also a performance of traditional, heterosexual femininity. Because that’s the thing about Emma: her whole childhood taught her to fake it until she made it. To act like part of a family of strangers until she actually *became* a part of that family.

Of course it never worked, and Emma must eventually have given up - have gone the other way and said to herself, “Enough. I am who I am. People can take me or leave me, but I’ll be damned if I change myself for anyone.’

But then Emma found Storybrooke and a second chance at all the things she’d convinced herself she never really wanted in the first place. Is it any wonder she’s started playing a role again? And it’s a role she’s pretty committed to. You can see it in the way she interacts with Hook as his romantic partner - the way she drapes herself over him, like the heroine of a cheesy romance novel. It’s a performance of love and of heterosexuality from someone who’s never really been comfortable with either.

Regina knows a thing or two about performing a role you don’t feel, and about how clothes maketh the woman. And she knows Emma Swan. She’s spent enough time thinking about her. She has to realize what’s going on. But how can she say anything and have it seem anything but self-serving? Because with everything she’s done and had done to her over the years, the one thing Regina doesn’t struggle with is her own sexuality. Not since Mal (wonderful, beautiful Mal who a part of her will always love) taught her how to enjoy her own body and another woman’s.

Regina knows what she feels for Emma. But Emma doesn’t seem to know what she feels for Regina - or if she does, she’s doing everything in her power to pretend she doesn’t. And Regina can’t ask for her love. How can she, when she’s so unworthy of it? She can only watch as Emma remakes herself into a facsimile of the daughter she thinks Snow wants and the woman she thinks Hook desires.

But that’s OK. Because Snow loves Emma and she loves Regina. And one day she’ll figure out what Emma’s doing, and that Emma’s doing it for her. First she’ll spend some time feeling terrible - how could she not blame herself for letting Emma believe she had to become someone else to be loved? But then Snow will pull herself together, because for all her hope speeches, Snow’s essentially a practical woman. And she’ll go to Emma and finally have the conversation they should have had a very long time ago.

And if this means she’s giving Regina back the happy ending she accidentally helped to steal so long ago? Well, Snow’s not going to embarrass Regina by mentioning it.