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The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… A Form of (EM)Powerment 

Does the formula above ring a bell?

Most of us learn the quadratic formula sometime around high school algebra, alongside lessons involving roots and imaginary numbers.

In case you were wondering, the formula is used to solve parabolic equations, and yes—we do use parabolas to help us understand properties of space travel.

This formula brings up fond memories for Lydia Davis, Electrical Engineer and current Aerospace Technologist for Electrical Power Systems at NASA. She had memorized this powerful equation by age five!

“I remember singing the quadratic formula song before I knew what it was used for,” Davis said.

Davis’s dedication to math and science she attributes to her mother, who has taught high school mathematics for over 25 years. This led to Davis’s path in pursuing an engineering degree at the University of Kentucky. “I wanted to become an engineer so I could solve real-world problems,” Davis said. “In college, I knew I wanted to work as an electrical engineer for NASA. I was able to achieve my goal through endless hours of studying, hard work, and never giving up.” Even in in generation Z, becoming an engineer required self-confidence. Davis had been working towards this goal since high school, and had no intentions of putting her dreams aside for anything less than what she started out to do. “Being a women in a predominately male career field can be intimidating—but never forget we are just as capable as our male counterparts.”

I’m sure the 1979 first female astronaut training class would agree.

Davis has proudly done her part in contributing to a more diverse workforce through her work with electrical power systems used aboard the International Space Station:

As well as wielded some of the power tools required to build components for a hands-on experience:

Davis has also learned that confidence comes with time, and experience. “I quickly learned that I needed to feel comfortable asking questions, speaking my mind in discussions, and finding training and research opportunities to further develop myself and my technical expertise.” Without a mindset for asking questions, Davis would have never learned some of the fun facts she’s learned since starting her job as an engineer for NASA.

Did you know that the space station flies over your head each day, and is about the size of a football field?

The space station has over eight miles of cables connecting the Electrical Power System, and generates its power with eight solar array wings:

Each wing is capable of supplying about 25 kW of power each, though only 10 kW of power are used per channel. These electrical systems to support critical operations in space don’t build themselves.

Thanks to the Electrical Power Systems team for (em)powering us in our journey!  

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811. As a courtesy, Mrs. Weasley makes Harry send the Dursleys a Christmas card every year. After five years of silence, he finally gets one in return from Dudley.

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Happy New Year, Aunt Scripty! I'm wondering about a trope that's fairly common in fiction/TV/film: characters are at the theater; someone collapses on stage or keels over in the audience; someone yells, "Is there a doctor in the house?!" Realistically, how does an off-duty paramedic character respond in such a scenario, or to hearing a cry of "MEDIC!" in a public place?

Hey there! We’re talking characters, here, right? Of course we are.

So this isn’t actually a very common occurrence. Most public places have some form of EMS on standby, even if that’s a security guard with an EMT card that expired four years ago. In general, while places are concerned about public safety, they are also concerned with images. This is more likely to come from a concerned family member than from an actual employee at the show.

(The venue, meanwhile, will almost always call 911 even if the person specifically tells them not to, because liability is a bitch.)

The attitude of the individual responder will determine how they respond to that request. Younger, more gung-ho, “Rescue Randy” types will charge right in and start giving orders even if they don’t actually know what’s going on or what they’re doing. The equivalent blog character is the Boba Bleedhart, the young, heartswelled resident who just  wants to help everyone.

(I love Boba. They’re so sweet.)

Someone who’s a little bit more world-weary, like our grizzled attending Dr. Rusty Krust,  might stand back and see what happens, and how bad something actually is. If someone cries “MEDIC!” for someone who isn’t actually very sick, for example, he might simply watch.

Go on Netflix. Watch a House episode called Airborne (3x18). The way House initially responds to the “is there a doctor on the plane” question? Ignore it, look for someone else to do it? That’s basically how some veteran healthcare workers respond to non-life-threatening emergencies.

Some might even deliberately walk away, for liability reasons. That’s because civilians “doing what they can” are covered under Good Samaritan laws, but there’s a misconception amongst a lot of healthcare workers that they aren’t covered under those laws. (We are, at least in most cases, but a lot of HCWs don’t want to risk it).

Ultimately, in the vast majority of cases, if someone is very very very sick, healthcare workers—yes, even reluctant ones, Krust, I see you over there—will usually pitch in.

In my personal experience, I’ve also had someone who was an off-duty firefighter do CPR, get a defibrillator, save a life, and then walk away without taking credit (after we arrived), because what was important was the outcome, not the fact that it was his effort.

If you’re reading this, FireGuyLifeSaverHuman… You’re a little bit my personal hero.

Hope this helps!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Sorry if im wrong but most fanatic of you has a scar by the nose do you really have that if you do how did you get it???

I really have it. I was layin down, and Daisy was kneeding my face. If you’re anythin like me, when your cat gives you attention in any form, you let em. Let’s just say that something spooked her, she slipped, and cut my cheek.

I have a picture of it when it happened, actually. I’ll put it under the cut in case anyone’s bothered by (very minor) scratches.

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418. Hermione and Ron still bickered often even after they started officially dating; however, they got better at recognizing when the argument wasn't really worth yelling over. Hermione would conjure up yellow canaries, pretending to be serious--then they'd both burst out laughing, kiss and talk the disagreement out, birds flying above harmlessly.

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Stels thighs give me life

If you like Stel’s thighs, you techincally like my thighs
and believe me they ain’t worth shit. 

Though Day Form Equinox gots em 10/10 thighs just saying //COUGHS BLOOD

sure thing!

so, the premise of a knock knock joke is that the person who says “knock knock” also delivers the punchline. by tricking someone into saying “knock knock” and starting the joke, you put them in the position of having to deliver a punchline that they don’t have.  

honestly it works best irl so if you can find someone to try it on, give it a go for yourself. but the basic gist is that the person is expecting to hear a joke, not deliver it themselves and the role-reversal catches ‘em off-guard.


HEY GUYS i made an actual gemsona, ALMANDINE and fused with theunmagicalgirl’s PEZZOTTAITE CUS WERE SUPER HOMO
we make Star Sapphire, who is a very stable fusion (since we’re like, already attached basically) and has only one extra thing, which is her third eye serving as/in place of krysta’s gem. (basically like garnet, except ours gay loves are platonic B)))))