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Early 17th Century Combination warhammer and warpick/six shot gun.  

Has six barrels concealed on it for six shots.  The head contains five barrels, their muzzles concealed by a hinged cover forming the edge of the hammer. The topmost barrel is ignited by a matchlock fitted on one side of the head, its mechanism concealed by a brass plate cut out and engraved in the form of a lion. The second barrel has a wheellock ignition system, the mechanism of which occupies most of the outer surface of the opposite side of the axe-head. There is a tubular extension to the pan of the wheellock intended to hold a length of match which would be ignited by the flash of the priming pan and then withdrawn to ignite the three remaining barrels. A sixth barrel, also hand-ignited, is concealed within the haft.

Part of the Royal Armouries Collection in the United Kingdom

Facts, Logic, and Canon: Lucy’s feelings for Natsu

   Fairy Tail seems to be reaching it’s climax, and as such the pairings in which Hiro Mashima is pushing for is becoming more and more obvious. Likewise, the pushback from fans who oppose these ships is becoming more and more apparent, and I am beginning to notice a disturbing trend. Discussions about pairings are becoming less and less about facts and logical interpretations of the canon material, and becoming more and more about accusing the other fanbase of acting in ways that triggers them. No more. It’s time for a return to form. 

This is the cover page of chapter 416. Now, I cannot possibly cover all of Natsu and Lucy’s relationship in one post. There is simply far too much content. To make things far less time consuming for me, I will limit this post to only material since the X791-X792 timeskip. Material from the omake specials, movie, OVA, and anime, will also be largely excluded. Most of the fanservice will also be excluded. I simply cannot go through all of the material in one post. 

This is from chapter 419.  After Fairy Tail disbanded, the one Lucy most wanted to see was Natsu. This is not an opinion, and there is not much room for interpretation. Plain and simple, this is definitive proof that Lucy missed Natsu the most. 

Lucy chased after Natsu when she found out he was leaving from his letter. Lucy did not have the same reaction to anyone else when Fairy Tail disbanded - and seeing as none of them purposely tried to avoid her when they left, it would have been far easier for her to follow them. 

This is Lucy’s outburst for Natsu leaving her behind. This was in response to Natsu criticizing Gray for leaving Juvia behind. 

 When Lucy thought Dimaria was about to stab out her eyes, her last thought was Natsu. Interpret this how you will. Lucy may have been calling out for Natsu to save her. Or she may have been worried about what would happen to him. Or she may have simply thought of him because it gives her hope. Either way, all roads lead back to the same conclusion.

Upon waking up from the aftermath, finding Natsu was Lucy’s first priority. In fact, Lucy was in such a rush to find Natsu that she forgot she was naked.

When Lucy finally arrived at where Natsu was, she rushed to hug him. If it wasn’t obvious how much Lucy cared about Natsu by her actions and thoughts up until this point, it should be fairly obvious now. It will continue to get more obvious below. 

Not to say that Lucy doesn’t care about Juvia and Gray’s conditions, but you can clearly tell that Lucy was the most worried for Natsu. This is evident in both the way she carries Natsu…

… and by the way she cradles him after Irene’s attack.

Lucy is willing to strip down and use her body heat to warm up Natsu. 

Upon Natsu waking up, Lucy can be shown visibly shaking due to relief. 

Lucy’s first instinct is to hug him once he wakes up. Once again, you get Lucy calling Natsu a dummy. You get Lucy saying how worried she was over Natsu. You get Lucy so caught up in the moment, she forget she’s naked.  

…And this is Lucy’s reaction when he thanks her. 

 If everything up until this point wasn’t clear enough, this is how Lucy acts when she is drunk during the Christmas Special.   

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. If you’ve been keeping up with Fairy Tail and are not in constant denial because of personal bias, you can clearly see that Lucy has feelings for Natsu. Even with a reasonable degree of bias, you cannot deny that Lucy having feelings a higher probability than her not. It is only when you are unreasonably biased against NaLu, that you would deny this. The evidence for is overwhelming compared to the evidence against, and we are long past the the point of plausible deniability. I will stand by what I say, and what I say is that Lucy having feelings for Natsu is the simplest and most direct conclusion after having observed her various actions throughout the most current arc. 

but my theory is that basically they wanted to get those tattoos of each other’s names except they couldn’t because it would’ve looked suspicious so they started this whole poll madness to fool the clique and they were like alright alright if it’s a tie then well and if it isn’t we’ll just hack some shit to make it a tie so that we can get those tattoos without blowing our very bad cover that no one believes in as it is

Touch Me, Touch You | 02 (M)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

BTS; Yoongi/Suga (Ft. Hoseok/J-Hope)

Genre: Smut | PWP

Word count: 4.9k

Description: Yoongi gets a surprise when he thought he had the apartment all to himself.

Anonymous requested: Voyeurism with Yoongi was supposed to be a drabble but turned into this mess…

Warnings: Graphic smut, dom/sub themes, dirty talk, exhibitionism, voyeurism, Yoongi being sexy as hell

A/N: Idk what my thing is with just porn lately, but heres the second half as promised :) 

Happy late Birthday to the love of my life, Yoongi ^^

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-다가, -아/어다가, -았/었다가, -다가는, -에다가

This has been a much-requested grammar form! -다가 is a really useful grammar point that is used often in speech, so it would be really helpful to learn how to use it well.

I will cover four different “forms” of -다가, each of which has its own meaning(s). The four forms I’ll cover will be -다가, 아/어다가-았/었다가 (-다가 attached to a verb conjugated to past tense), and -다가는. Also, while it’s not the same as the verb endings that use -다가, I’ll explain the particle -에다가 as well.



The -다가 grammar form is used to indicate interruption of an action. In English, we could translate this form roughly as “While doing X…”


-다가 is very simple to use! Just attach it to an action verb root in present tense! You can optionally remove the “가” at the end and just use it as -다 as well. Just make sure that the subject of the preceding and following clauses stays the same Let’s check it out:

Interruption of an action:

요리를 하다가 접시를 떨어트렸어요. (While cooking, I dropped a plate.)

영화를 보다가 잠들었어. (While watching a movie, I fell asleep.)

화랑 씨는 숙제를 하다가 친구들과 전화도 했어요. (While doing his homework, Hwarang  talked with his friends on the phone.)

수하 씨는 오랜만에 못 본 친구랑 통화하다가 울었어요. (While on the phone with a friend she hadn’t been able to see in a long time, Suha cried.)

NOTE: This section originally listed a second meaning for -다가, that being the introduction of the simultaneous occurrence of two actions. After looking into it a bit more, a true feeling of simultaneous occurrence can not be achieved by using -다가 and -(으)면서 must be used, otherwise the sense of interruption persists. You can read a little more by clicking this paragraph. I apologize for any confusion caused.



-아/어다가 is a grammar form indicating sequential actions. The action in the preceding clause is done first, and then the action in the following clause occurs in a different location. The two actions must be related to each other, so that the action in the following clause happens dependent upon the completion of the action in the preceding clause. You can think of it as meaning “First… and then…” in English, though of course you might have to change that a bit for a more natural translation depending on the circumstances.


To use this form, simply attach -아/어다가 to the root of an action verb in the present tense. Remember to change the root as needed depending on whether or not it’s irregular!  You can optionally remove the “가” at the end and just use it as -아/어다 as well.

제 가방 좀 가져다 주세요. (Please get my bag and give it to me.)

아름 씨는 김밥을 만들어다가 친구에게 줬어요. (Areum made kimbap and gave it to her friends. 

언니는 선물을 사다가 어머니께 보냈어요. (My older sister bought a gift and sent it to mom.)



Using -다가 on an action verb conjugated to the past tense indicates completion of an action, after which another action action occurs. This is in contrast to -다가 with a present tense action verb, which indicates interruption of an action or simultaneous occurrence of two actions, as seen above. The verbs used in the preceding and following clauses are often contrasting or opposite, though this is not always the case.


Just conjugate the action verb that you want to use to past tense and add -다가! You can optionally remove the “가” at the end and just use this grammar as -았/었다. Also, the subject of both the preceding and following clauses must stay the same.

갔다 올게요! (I’ll go and come back! [More naturally, “I’ll be back!”])

편의점에 들렀다가 집에 갔어요. (I stopped by the convenience store and then went home.)

NOTE: This form can also be used to express that something unexpected happened after doing the action in the preceding clause.

집에 갔다가 문 앞에 웬 소포가 있었어요. (I went home and there was an unexpected package in front of the door.)

기차를 탔다가 6년만에 못 본 친구를 만났아요. (I got on the train and met a friend I hadn’t seen in six years.)



This grammar point is used to give warnings, indicating that if the action or condition of the preceding clause continues, then the negative result in the following clause will occur. It can be translated as “If… then…”. Just keep in mind that it must be used with negative consequences only!

Something important to note with this form is that, while it might seem similar to -(으)면, the two are not totally interchangeable! -다가는 refers to an action that is already known to be in progress, regardless of context, while an identical sentence that changes only -다가는 to -(으)면 refers to a condition in the preceding clause that may or may not be in progress (unless prior context makes it clear that the action is in progress, in which case the two sentences are identical).


Unlike the other -다가s that we have looked at so far, this one can be used with action and descriptive verbs both! Just attach -다가는 to the root of the verb in either present or past tense. Using a verb conjugated to the past tense changes the preceding clause from a situation that is currently in progress to speculating about a present or future event.


  • Action verbs: -다가는
    • 담배를 계속 피우다가는 폐암에 걸릴지도 몰라요. (If you keep smoking, you might get lung cancer [LIT-I don’t know whether or not you’ll get lung cancer].)
    • 이렇게 공부를 미루다가는 기말 시험에 떨어질 수도 있어요. (If you put off studying like this you could even fail the final exam.)
  • Descriptive verbs: -다가는
    • 미세먼지가 이렇게 심하다가는 호흡기 질환 환자들이 많아질 거예요. (If the pollution stays severe like this, the number of respiratory illness patients will increase.)
    • 날씨가 이렇게 덥다가는 특히 노인들이 열사병에 많이 걸릴 것 같아요. (If the weather stays hot like this, it seems that especially many elderly people could get heat stroke.)

PAST— I actually struggled over this section quite a bit! I had to ask some native speaker friends to help me work through it. In general, the consensus we reached is that the examples that I wrote here are correct, but it is far more common to just use -(으)면 for the same meaning.

  • Action verbs: -았/었다가는
    • 어제 처럼 경기했다가는 질 거예요. (If we play like we did yesterday, then we will lose.)
    • 음식을 너무 많이 먹었다가는 배탈이 날 거예요. (If you eat too much food, you’ll get a stomachache.)
  • Descriptive verbs: -았/었다가는
    • 집안 습기가 계속 이렇게 높았다가는 곰팡이가 쉽게 생길 거예요. (If the humidity in your house is constantly high, mold will form easily.)
    • 출산율이 계속 낮았다가는 인구가 감소할 거예요. (If the birthrate stays low, the population will decrease.)



The particle -에다가 has two main functions. One of those functions is to indicate the specific location of something, and the other is to add more information in addition to something else. You can drop the final “가” and just use this particle as -에다.


When used to indicate the specific location of something, -에다가 is attached to an adverb. When used to provide additional information, it attaches to nouns.

Specific location:

  • 종이 밑에다가 사인해 주세요. (Please sign the bottom of the paper.)
  • 가방을 책상 위에다가 놓았어요. (I put my bag on top of the table.)
  • 어디에다 둘까요? (Where should I put it?)

Additional information:

  • 김밥을 만들었어요. 게다가(그에다가) 음료수도 준비해 놨어요. (I made kimbap. In addition to that, I also prepared drinks.) 
  • 소윤 씨는 알바하는 데다가 봉사 활동도 해요. (In addition to working a part-time job, Soyun also does volunteer activities.) NOTE: 데다가 = 데 + 에다가. For more info on -는 데, click here!
  • 이번 주 가스요금에다가 전기요금도 내야 돼요. (This week I must pay my electricity bill in addition to my gas bill.)

And that’s about it for -다가! There’s a lot of information in this post, so take your time reading through it and feel free to ask if you find anything confusing. Happy studying, everyone~

Baze Malbus in his Guardian of the Whills uniform. I half also want to give him a really long form covering jacket as I half think despite his penchant for blasters, he’s also fairly bookish and covers up as much as possible in a sort of bookworm student sort of way.

He bulks up during weaponsmith training- though he was pretty big beforehand?

Things he has minor rebellions about where the masters find he’s just as muleish as Chirrut- Chirrut, blasters and his hair. Not EVERY alien has hair, so why all the humans have to shave theirs feels an arbitrary rule.

(All HC)

Heartstrings and. . .webstrings

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Peter parker x reader

Prompt: soulmate au where soulmates have matching tatoos

As he swung around the city Peter couldn’t feel the wind through his mask but the view was more than enough to take his mind off of it. 

He could almost see to the other side of New York.

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Scars || Steve Rogers x Reader [[soulmate au]]

[prompt: soulmate au where the only way you can get rid of your scars is if your soulmate kisses them away.]

{summary: you are known as Steve Roger’s shadow, and you only have one purpose in your life, and that is to protect the man from any unknown dangers all while hiding your presence from him. one fateful day, when an assassination attempt goes wrong, leaving you injured in the process, Steve finally sees you for the first time and slowly helps with treating your wounds [[au]]}

yooooooo this is saeran–choi, i just changed my username to my new favorite character, momo sakaki (i also wanted to get a username that only has a single dash in it instead of two for purely //aesthetic// purposes)

I’ll work on updating and fixing my masterlist once my computer is fixed, so i hope you all will forgive me for changing my url!!!

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warnings: none

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine!!**


Sometimes, you absolutely despised how fragile you were as a human being.

You worked for a secret agency who’s main purpose was to act as a personal guard for superheroes. Now, it may seem like having bodyguards for superheroes would be a lost cause, since their duty was to protect the world and save innocent lives with their superpowers. One would like to believe that such heroes would be able to protect themselves, but they didn’t know the half of it.

There’s always some type of danger hidden from their sights, and if the world was to remain safe, then there had to be a group of people that could act as a shield for these superheroes without them knowing about it.

The moment you had completed your training, you were given the name and files pertaining to the hero you were assigned to protect-

And that hero was named Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America.

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Serenade for Two (Soprano's Cover)
Serenade for Two (Soprano's Cover)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for your positive response to my covers of Stammi Vicino this past week!  It really made my heart swell to read many of your comments, and to find that I’ve hit 100+ followers on my music blog!  I want to do something special to commemorate this, because for me this feels like a milestone for a starter music blog as a performer and growing composer.
For now, I wanted to share with you another cover form Yuri!!! On Ice ( possibly my second favourite song from the series), Serenade for Two. Thank you again to Rui for allowing me to collaborate with her lovely piano rendition.  I really hope you enjoy this cover as well, and stay tuned for more upcoming music! 

A Word to Describe You -Preference-

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Dean couldn’t stop grinning. Normally Dean was annoyed when Bobby chose him for gun cleaning duty but he had been more than happy to help when you had been assigned the task. You were both sitting out in the salvage yard. Dean watched as you sang along with the radio, cleaning the pistols and rifles expertly without a second thought. It was supposed to be raining today but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It seemed like no matter what the sun was always shining when you were around. In general, Dean found that everything was always better when you were around. It didn’t matter if it was a hunt, a road trip, or a food run. You just always made everything better. Dean thought you were far better than anything he could ever hope to deserve and he was still confused everyday as to why you had chosen him. He was grateful for whatever it was. It meant that he was able to enjoy moments like this. You looked up at him and gave Dean the smile that was reserved for him. A smile so genuine it physically hurt Dean to look at it. He smiled back, or really just looked back because he hadn’t stopped smiling since he’d returned home to you yesterday. You laughed and went back to work. Dean continued to stare, mesmerized. You were everything he never thought he’d ever get to have. You were happiness.


Sam shouldn’t be alive. The hunt had took a bad turn and he should be dead. But you were there. Somehow you were in the right place at the right time and Sam was alive. Ever since Sam had met you things always seemed to happen that way. The motel just happened to have one room left and it just happened to be half price. Dean managed to choose the right boxes on his scratch offs to win $500 everytime. The fleeing monster would accidently take a wrong turn that led to a dead end. Nothing bad could happen when you were around. It became statistically impossible. Sam was brought out of his thoughts when you came and sat across his lap. You wrapped your arms around him and tucked your head into his neck and closed your eyes. Before long you had drifted off to sleep. He kissed your forehead and smiled. Because of you he was the luckiest man on earth, in every way imaginable. He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to find them showing his favorite movie. He laughed to himself. You really were his lady luck.


Cas kept watch as you slept. You both had just finished a hunt that left you exhausted. After you showered you had kissed Cas goodnight and immediately thrown yourself on the lumpy motel bed. You were asleep within seconds. It always surprised Cas how quickly you could fall asleep. Everything about you surprised Cas, really. He couldn’t believe that someone who had been through what you had could manage to stay such a good person. The evidence of your hardships lay all across your sleeping form. You were covered in scars, some old and some fresh. You had bruises all along your knuckles and a few on your ribs. Your bones had been broken numerous times and Cas lost track of how many broken noses he had to heal for you. You’d been to Hell, fought in heaven and ran through purgatory, like the honorary Winchester that you were. You’d seen the worst of humanity, monsters, and heavenly beings (including Castiel himself). Yet somehow through all of that you somehow managed to remain optimistic and happy. You laughed at Dean’s dumb jokes and Sam’s stupid pranks. You tried to see the good in everyone even when there wasn’t a shred of decency in them. No matter what, each day you woke with a smile and told Cas you how much you loved him every night. You rolled over in your sleep and felt around on the bed. When you found his hand you gripped it tight and sighed. Your breathing evened back out and you were fast asleep again. Castiel smiled. You truly were fascinating.

Bonus: Bobby

There was only one thing Bobby could think of to describe you. Trouble. If you weren’t off in some corner making out with Dean you were distracting Sam from his research and work. If Cas was around you ignored all the work Bobby needed you to do to watch cartoons with him instead. You ate all his food, used all his ammo, and refused to help with the dishes. Sure, you helped stop a couple of apocalypses but what did that matter when he couldn’t walk 2 feet in his own house without tripping on one of your bloodied flannels? He could hear you and Dean giggling upstairs. They’re supposed to be translating rituals he thought. Seconds later something hit the ground and shattered. “That wasn’t me!” you called out. Bobby sighed but couldn’t keep from laughing. What was he gonna do with you?

This Can’t be happening

Pairing: Steve Rogers & Readers three year old daughter x Team

Warning: This broke my heart. So I mean good look people. Good luck.

A/N: Heart Break Weekend

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She grips tightly to her doll as Uncle Clint helps her out of the car seat. He’s fidgeting and his face has that look as if he’s struggling to keep it together. Sarah hold his hand as they walk quickly across the parking lot walking through the big doors Clint’s hand squeezes around her little hand as they reach the desk, they mutter between the two of them the woman behind the counter and Clint, both looking down at Sarah who grips harder on her doll. Clint turns walking faster than Sarah who was struggling to keep up.

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Too Far Gone


Genre: Mafia!AU, Yandere, Smut

Short Summary: Turns out that having a pretty face can bring on way more problems than horny males. For example? Being put into the assassination list of one of the most infamous mafia bosses that is now after your head.

Words: 1.8k


A heavy bundle of files was dropped onto the top of a bleached blond male’s desk. He cracked one of his eyes open, a lazy, cat-like grin on his handsome face. “SeungRi?” his velvety voice spoke, “What is it this time?”

“The new assassination lists came in today.” The younger male answered timidly, only knew to the corrupt work that their organization did.

“Oh? Is that so?” the bleached man’s lips fell down for a second, settling into a pout to show his dissatisfaction. “Got anything interesting?”

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do the stars
how I shift restlessly
through night’s cover?

they align
to word your name
for me,
they array
so I can see
your face,
they imagine
your form
for me,
and sifting through,
innumerable constellations.

© SoulReserve 2017

Low-formality conjugation (해체)

This is my last post in my conjugation series covering three of the most common forms you can expect to see, 하십시오체, 해요체, and now finally 해체, which is often referred to as 반말! There are other forms to be covered later, but if you at least know these three, you’ll be set for pretty much any social interaction in Korean. While the previous two posts were a bit heavy, this one will be a lot more short and sweet because… we more or less learned it all in the 해요체 post! 

Once more, I will leave irregular verbs out of this post for the sake of simplification (irregulars are for another post!).


해체 is a low-formality high-closeness conjugation that is used when you speak with close family members* and friends, and when you speak to people who are below you in the social hierarchy (below you in rank, age, etc.). In addition, this is used in more relaxed social settings, where you do not need to worry about strict decorum. As such, you run the risk of coming off rude if you use this with someone older than you, higher in rank than you, or someone that you are not very close with, like a stranger you’re meeting for the first time or a recent acquaintance. If you want to know a bit more about the workings of social formality and closeness in Korean conjugation, you can check out this post and skip down to the “Formality levels” section (and I highly recommend you do so, as it’s very important in Korean society and thus, in the Korean language!).

When using 해체, you can use the informal words for “I” and “you,” which are “나” and “너” respectively. However, one caveat to using “너” is that you should not use it toward someone who is older than you. In that case, you would refer to the person by their name or title.

*NOTE: Using 해체 with your siblings is very normal, and many people use it with their parents as well (though some do switch to speaking to their parents with 해요체 as they get older). There are also those that use 해체 with their grandparents, though this is fairly unusual.


The conjugation of 해체 is very similar to that of 해요체. In fact, you can often just remove the -요 from 해요체 to make 해체 sentences! There are a few exceptions to this, and a few special endings that you can use with 해체, and of course I’ll cover those a bit later in this post. Anyway, if you are not familiar with the formation of 해요체, please read that post first and then come back!

…okay, done reading up on 해요체? So, in the 해요체 post, we saw that regular conjugation involves adding -아요 to verb roots where the final vowel is 아 or 오 and -어요 to verb roots with a final vowel of anything that is not 아 or 오. Regular conjugation of 해체 is the same—just add -아 or -어 depending on the final vowel of the root:

먹다 - 다 -> 먹 + -어 = 먹어

  • 남친은 채소를 안 먹어. (My boyfriend doesn’t eat vegetables.)

좁다 - 다 -> 좁 + -아 = 좁아

  • 우리 집은 좀 좁아. (My house is a bit narrow. <–NOTE: Korean uses “우리” instead of  “나의[내]/저의[제]” to mean “my” when talking about things like family members, homes, schools, etc.)

Let’s check the little exceptions that we saw in the 해요체 post and see how they turn out in 해체 (hint: pretty much the same!).

First, if the verb root ends with either 아 or 어, you don’t double up and add -아 or -어. The vowels simply overlap.

가다 - 다 -> 가 + -아 =  (NOT 가아)

  • 난 학교에 . (I go/am going to school.)

서다 - 다 -> 서 + -어 =  (NOT 서어)

  • 거기 . (Stand there.)

하다 is a bit of a special case. We saw last time that in 해요체, it becomes “해요” instead of the expected “하요”. Again, we do the same thing but just leave off the -요.

심심해. (I’m bored.)

코끼리는 강해. (Elephants are strong.)

수미는 매일 수영해. (Sumi swims every day.)

되다 is also special. Going by the regular rule, it would be 되어. However, it is far more natural to contract it to 돼. Let’s check it out:

되다 - 다 -> 되 + -어 =

  • 난 좀 걱정이 돼. (I’m a little worried.)

And yet another special case, 이다. When following a noun that ends with a consonant, it will be -이야. When following a noun that ends with a vowel, it will just be -야.

가방이야. (It’s a bag.)

학교. (It’s a school.)

Other special cases occur with roots ending in the vowels 이, 우, and 오. In these cases, the final vowel merges with -어  (or -아  in the case of roots ending with 오) to make a compound vowel sound

시다 - 다 -> 시 + -어요 =

  • 맛이 너무 . (The taste is too sour.)

춤을 추다 - 다 = 춤을 추 + -어요 = 춤을

  • 미나 씨는 춤을 . (Mina dances/Mina is dancing.)

오다 - 다 -> 오 + -아요 =

  • 세빈 씨도 . (Sebin is coming too.)

NOTE: I mentioned in the 해요체 post that the honorific infix -(으)시- is an exception to the above rule. In 해요체, the 시 becomes “세” instead of the expected “셔.” However, in 해체—Yes, you can use honorifics with 해체/반말! Read more about its usage here!—the 시 does become “셔”!

좋아하다 - 다 -> 좋아하 + 시 + -어 = 좋아하

  • 우리 엄마는 꽃을 좋아하셔. (My mom likes flowers.)

앉다 - 다 -> 앉 + 시 + -어요 = 앉으셔

  • 할머니는 거기 앉으셔. (Grandma sits/is sitting there.)

Special endings

We’re done with the conjugation rules! However, there are a few special endings we can use with 해체 that we didn’t have with 해요체.

There are three common ones I want to introduce here, interrogative -니, imperative -아/어라, and propositive -자. Please NOTE that -아/어라 and -자 technically fall under 해라체, another kind of conjugation, but they are commonly used with 해체.

When you are asking a question to someone younger than you, you can end your sentences with “-니?” instead of the normal 해체 conjugations:

어디 가니? (Where are you going?)

케이크를 좋아하니? (Do you like cake?)

넌 학생이니? (Are you a student?)

You can form commands by adding -아/어라 to the root, keeping in mind the rules laid out previously. Don’t use this one toward someone older than you, even if you do speak in 해체/반말 together! You can just use plain 해체 for commands also, of course.

빨리 해라! (Do it quickly!)

가라! (Go!)


When you want to suggest something, you can add -자 directly to the root instead of the normal 해체 conjugation. It’s not necessary to use it—you can just stick with plain 해체— but the option is there:

같이 먹자! (Let’s eat together!)

공부하자. (Let’s study.)

책을 사자. (Let’s buy books.)

More examples

Let’s check out some more examples using a variety of sentences types.


  • Declarative: 오늘 우체국에 . (Today I am going to the post office.)
  • Interrogative: 어디 가/가니? (Where are you going?)
  • Imperative: 시장에 빨리 가/가라. (Go to the market quickly.)
  • Propositive: 학교에 같이 가자. (Let’s go to school together.)


  • Declarative: 난 채소를 많이 먹어. (I eat a lot of vegetables.)
  • Interrogative: 고기를 먹어/먹니? (Do you eat meat?)
  • Imperative: 이거 먹어/먹어라. (Eat this.)
  • Propositive: 이거 먹자. (Let’s eat this.)


  • Declarative: 그 남자는 축구를 . (That man plays soccer/is playing soccer.)
  • Interrogative: 민지 씨는 공부해/하니? (Is Minji studying?)
  • Imperative: 그만 해/해라! (Stop doing that!)
  • Propositive: 우리 게임을 하자! (Let’s play games!)


  • Declarative: 이 것을 만지면 안 . (It’s not okay if you touch this thing [More natural translation would be “Don’t touch this thing,” but in Korean, it’s a declarative sentence, not imperative].)
  • Interrogative: 시간이 ? (Do you have time?)
  • Imperative: 돼라, 제발! (Please work!)
  • Propositive: 우리 좋은 학생이 되자! (Let’s become good students!)

꿈을 꾸다

  • Declarative: 에린 씨는 매일 밤 꿈을 . (Erin dreams every night.)
  • Interrogative: 어떤 꿈을 꿔/꾸니? (What kinds of dreams do you have/dream?)
  • Imperative: 돼지 꿈을 꿔/꾸라! (Dream of pigs! [In Korean culture, a dream of pigs is said to indicate wealth.])
  • Propositive: 재미있는 꿈을 꾸자! (Let’s have fun dreams!)

With this, we’re done learning about the three conjugation types that you will most often use, 하십시오체, 해요체, and 해체! Make sure to practice a lot~

Happy studying~

Exo reaction to having a lazy Sunday


He’s an early riser usually but for you he’d sleep in a little longer and smile at the sleepy whines you’d make when he tried to wake you up. When you gently kicked him away Minseok had to stifle laughter behind his hand as he walked into the kitchen to start up the espresso machine. He’d be surprised when he felt your arms wind around his side as you rested your forehead on his shoulder and he would lead you to the sofa where you’d sip your coffee and watch morning news while you chattered. You’d spend the day laying on the sofa together and talking about everything and nothing, arguing over what type of coffee is the best and probably having to tell Jongdae to let you have a day alone for once. 

“Please Minseok, I love Jongdae but he was here yesterday!”

“I’ll suppose I can tell him tomorrow is a better day to meet”

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After a few very busy months on tour Junmyeon would absolutely cherish a day of anything with you. Having promised a movie day with you while he was away, he woke early to make all the snack foods and arrange the sofa into a duvet fort. Waking you gently and carrying you through while you yawned itno his pajama shirt, your eyes would wide at the effort and you’d cling to him gratefully. Settling down on the sofa you would both munch on popcorn and fruit while he begged you to watch Star Wars with him, finally relenting you nodded and he grinned as he pressed play, pulling you closer. You two would only move from your cosy den to grab drinks throughout the day.

“Can we watch something that isn’t sci-fi next….”

“You know the answer already y/n”

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Not having the opportunity often to spend a whole day doing nothing with you meant Yixing would savour the time completely. Playfully pulling you back under the covers so he could sleepily press kisses to your face while you complain jokingly about wanting breakfast, he wouldn’t let you back up until you kissed him back as many times.When he eventually let you go you’d both walk into the kitchen to make breakfast together where he bet he would make the most perfect eggs. Hearing him sing softly to himself as he cooked would break you into a smile while you laid the table. Chuckling, you’d think to yourself how he really brings his own music with him everywhere before you wrapped your arms around his front while he plated up and you spent the entire day laughing and singing together. 

“Baby Baby Baby, Always got me waiting~”

“I’m waiting for those eggs Yixing”

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Now your Sunday with Baekhyun would be anything but lazy. Taking you out early to try the new cafe across the street he knew you’d been dying to try Baekhyun would have a day in the park with a picnic planned. Smiling his warm unique smile at you as he grasped your hand he would lead you into the field with a basket filled with your favourite foods, laying a blanket down and setting out the feast. Laying on his back in the shade of the trees, he’d move your head on his shoulder while he waited for the food to settle in your stomachs, pointing out shapes in the clouds and betting he could totally hit a higher note than you. The day would be spent chasing you around the park after you stole the last cake.

“I can’t believe you steal my cake after I made this cute date”

“Hey, you bought it for us… and I did win the bet!”

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You’d have come back into the apartment after buying some hot chocolate for you both when you discovered him still snoring softly in bed, his feet sticking out of the duvet. Opening the curtains he would peer at you sleepily before breaking into a dopey smile and swinging out of bed to press a kiss to your forehead. Taking your hand and the hot drinks he would lounge with you on the sofa and catch up after he had been away, you would fill him in on the drama at work and he would tell you stories of the members and him. Finally he would pull you into a cosy cuddle as you both watch a television show though you chattered over it, not really paying any attention to it while you both relished in each other’s company.

“And then Minseok chased us down the hallway with a pillow”

“You should really stop pranking the poor guy Chanyeol”

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Jongdae is definitely someone who wouldn’t sleep in long so most of your lazy Sunday would be giggling at him while you played some games on the Playstation. Watching his face scrunch up as you raced against him and hearing his familiar whine of “WAE” when you shot past him over the finish line caused you to smirk smugly and tease him. Turning to him and raising your eyebrows smugly he’d demand a rematch before smiling warmly at you and trying to swap controllers, because you totally only won because you had the good controller according to him. Pushing him away you’d both spend the day shoving each other playfully and sabotaging each other while you waited for the pizza you ordered to arrive. 

“OH COME ON, There’s no way you’re that good!”

“Guess who practised while you were on tour~”

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You would wake to the sound of his musical singing drifting from the kitchen as well as the smell of brunch. Pulling yourself out form the covers you padded into the kitchen to see Kyungsoo wearing his glasses while he facetimed his mum to check if he cooked her recipe right. Looking up at your greeting he’d pull into the frame and you’d wave dozily at his mum before saying goodbye as Kyungsoo held up the spoon for you to taste his new attempt at cooking. It would be way too spicy for brunch, that man has a love for almost unbearable spice but you’d be used to his tastes. The two of you would chatter as you shared your food and you’d try to tease information about his new movie out of him. 

“I heard you’re in a musical…about a soldier..”

“Y/n you know I won’t tell you anything”

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You would wake up before him and it would be your challenge to get him up. Settling for shaking his shoulder and watching his dogs jump onto the bed to poke their noses against his cheek you’d smile brightly when he peeked an eye open. Mussing his bed head lovingly you’d drag him out of bed and order him teasingly to get dressed so you could both walk the dogs. Laughing deeply at your tone he would quickly get ready so he could haul you over his shoulder to hear your giggles as his dogs crowded around his legs in excitement. Your cheeks would ache while you tried to pat his back to let you down. The whole day would be playing with his dogs and laughing breathlessly at his antics.

“Jongin, you let me down this instant!”

“Only if you say please~”

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Sehun would be just as reluctant to leave the bed as you were and it would take the promise of food in the kitchen to rouse you both. Feeling his arm wrap around your waist as you swing you feet onto the floor he would yawn and follow you out of the bed. Stooping to feed Vivi while you get out some cereal and turn on the kettle he would eagerly ask you what you wanted to do today and would suggest a day of pampering each other. Having worked so hard recently Sehun’s body would need a good rest so you both sat down after lunch and giggled at each other’s animal face mask. Sehun would lean close and take multiple pictures of you as you try to avoid his camera holding your hands in front of your face.

“Yah! you have enough photos, stop stop!”

“I never have enough photos of you jagiya!”

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