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Intimacy do not always mean sex...

Wash her hair for her

Help her shave

Cook a meal together

Write her a letter… about her(no actually write it)

Shower together (or bath)

Body rubs and massages work well (especially her feet and booty)😉

When she’s removing polish from her fingers…grab a cotton ball and remove the polish from her toes

After she showers…meet her with a dry towel and dry her off

When she’s dry rub her down with coconut oil(or whatever she prefers…

TALK: about her day…her goal…her opinions…

Listen to her…

Form secret code words that only you and her will understand if said publicly

Build memories together….

JUST A FEW SUGGESTIONS….Reblog if you have some suggestions to add.


Here’s a bunch of QR codes for Sun and Moon! I guess some of them turned out a bit…uh…sideways? But the code’s there, and that’s what matters!


Software is more than obscure computer code. It’s an art form.

Evil Warlock Software Development Methodology Q&A

Q: If you want a complete requirements document before you start coding, how do you let your customers adjust their requirements to a changing business environment?
A: Once a mortal has formed a Code Pact with me, they may summon me to ask a boon by whispering three precious secrets into the mouth of an asp.

Q: If you do all of your coding alone, how do you share knowledge to prepare other team members for taking over your responsibilities some day?
A: This is unnecessary, because I have mastered the unclean energies in the Orb of Bel-Cammon, and as long as it is intact, I will live on beyond the end of time itself.

Q: What metrics do you produce that allow project management to accurately measure progress?
A: The portents of my dark work are foretold in the stars, to be known by any who are clever and fearless enough to seek them.

Q: What sort of testing do you perform?
A: All code should be written in Sin'kthel, the unknowable tongue in which the words that formed the cosmos were spoken. It is perfect and unending, and will permit no flaws to enter into written language. Limited unit testing may be needed for SQL transactions with Oracle databases, because Sin'kthel does not yet support 12c.

Mendel’s Laws

1. the Law of Dominance
2. the Law of Segregation
3. the Law of Independent Assortment

The Law of Dominance 

In a cross of parents that are pure for contrasting traits, only one form of the trait will appear in the next generation. Offspring that are hybrid for a trait will have only the dominant trait in the phenotype.

  • Mendel crossed many different combinations of pea plants
  • When pure tall plants crossed with pure short plants, all the new pea plants (referred to as the F1 generation) were tall.  
  • Similarly, crossing pure yellow seeded pea plants and pure green seeded pea plants produced an F1 generation of all yellow seeded pea plants. 
  • Instead of creating medium height plants or yellowy-green seeds that might have been expected, one trait came out as dominant
  • Ie there is a gene that codes for height. One allele (form of the gene) codes tall and another short. In this case, the tall is dominant
  • The dominant is represented with a capital letter (eg T for tall) while the recessive is lower case (t)

The cross Mendel performed was

Parents (P):  TT x tt

where T = the dominant allele for tall stems
&  t = recessive allele for short stems

The punnet square looks like:

A plant that contains the dominant T will be tall, explaining why 100% of the plants he crossed came out tall.

The Law of Segregation

During the formation of gametes (eggs or sperm), the two alleles responsible for a trait separate from each other.  Alleles for a trait are then “recombined” at fertilization, producing the genotype for the traits of the offspring.

Now, Mendel decides to cross the offspring from the above experiment - all Tt

  • Two of the “F1” generation (tall) are crossed
  •  Would assume to get all tall again as tall is dominant
  • HOWEVER some come out short
  • “F2″ generation is about ¾ tall & ¼ short


  • Parent plants for this cross each have one tall factor that dominates the short factor & causes them to grow tall.
  • To get short plants from these parents, the tall & short factors must separate (allowing the possibility of 2 short factors coming together without a dominant tall) otherwise a plant with just short factors couldn’t be produced
  • The factors must SEGREGATE themselves somewhere between the production of sex cells & fertilization

Two hybrid parents, Tt x Tt.

The punnet square would look like this:

This splitting happens during meiosis.

The Law of Independent Assortment

Alleles for different traits are distributed to sex cells (& offspring) independently of one another.

  • Previously Mendel addressed one trait at a time.  
  • He noticed that different traits had no effect on each other, eg being tall didn’t automatically mean the plants had to have green pods
  • The different traits seem to be inherited INDEPENDENTLY.

The genotypes of our parent pea plants will be:

RrGg x RrGg where
"R” = dominant allele for round seeds
“r” = recessive allele for wrinkled seeds
“G” = dominant allele for green pods
“g” = recessive allele for yellow pods

The results from a dihybrid cross are always the same:

  • 9/16 boxes (offspring) show dominant phenotype for both traits (round & green), 
  • 3/16 show dominant phenotype for first trait & recessive for second (round & yellow) 
  • 3/16 show recessive phenotype for first trait & dominant form for second (wrinkled & green)
  • 1/16 show recessive form of both traits (wrinkled & yellow).


Jim one day leaving a tape recorder on the step of 221b. From the ribbon tied so perfectly around it, Sherlock knows exactly who it’s from. He presses play, knowing this is must be a clue, a taunt, something to get under his skin…

A bootleg recording of Ghost Town Dj’s My Boo plays. Sherlock listens to it from start to finish thinking there will be some form of secret code or a clue. But, it’s just Ghost Town Dj’s My Boo.

C# Error Message Box

Today I learned how to write C# code which opens a custom error message on your computer. I’m using this in LUCI to make it seem like the program is an actual threat to the Operating System.

If you want to try it, you’ll need to reference the library System.Windows.Forms
and the code is:

Messagebox.Show ();

It’s very customisable too. For the above box (pictured), I wrote:
Messagebox.Show (”WARNING: System Breach etc”, “Internal Security”, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Warning);

To break that down, the first string is what is written in the box. The second string is the label of the message box, the third variable is what button to show (you can have multiple buttons) and the fourth is what kind of message box it is. Windows will automatically add the icon and play a sound depending on what type you choose, in this example it is a warning box.

Not a common thing to use I guess, but it’s always handy information.

All form is music. The consciousness codes just like any thing may be viewed as an inanimate object but every thing is also living and multidimensional, composed of interactive frequencies, and is an energy intelligence field that can be worked with to bring about understanding. The example here is how mantra and intention has co-created the consciousness field of an eternal virtue this code is a 1st Chakra/Muladhara empowerment, the mantra and code serve to crystallize this energy and generate strength, balance, poise, timing into the body through visually and energetically harmonizing these frequencies.












When you realize you've strayed from the subject
  • Clyceer (CS): It occurs to me that if Pokemon are made of magic, their storage and withdrawal in a PC is possibly similar to in SMT: Devil Survivor. The computer has encoded in it a ritual in the form of code.
  • Clyceer (CS): I guess in Devil Survivor the demons weren't actually in your COMP.
  • Clyceer (CS): They were in the demon world and you just summoned them from there.
  • Clyceer (CS): Then again, your Pokemon in Pokemon may not literally be in the computer either. I suppose in Sun/Moon once you open up Poke Pelago they canonically are not.
  • Clyceer (CS): In conclusion, it's hard to know the gender of a chocobo.
  • Clyceer (CS): I mean, that's all I'm really saying here.
30 Day SWTOR OC Challenge - Day 12

Day 12: Religion/Force Orders

Is your OC religious or loyal to a particular Force-based Order? If so, what do they believe? Is their religion centered around the Force? If not, what is it centered around and how do they react to Force-based religions? Have they ever had an experience they consider religious (real or imagined)?

For the Sith: Do they follow the Sith Code? Do they trust the Dark Council and follow them? Do they want to take a seat on the Dark Council?

Gesad is loyal to the Sith as she seems them an inseparable part of the Empire. She does separate the Sith Order from individual Sith, but that is just common sense with all the backstabbing and politicking.

For her the Sith Code forms the core of her believes and the rest of the traditions and philosophies aren’t as important but hold a certain sway for her. When she heard the Code for the first time the freedom it promised spoke to her. Due to her past, freedom had always been a dream that couldn’t come true. She later found meaning in other lines of the code and they started to form a clear path to her goal.

The peace in the Code refers to personal peace, you can never be complacent or passive, that only leads to misery. You also cannot separate your emotions from yourself, it is those emotions that drive change; anger against injustices, love for people you wish to protect, and fear that drives you to survive. Those emotions have helped her to better connect to the Force and that has made her stronger and better to answer the challenges she has faced. She has also come to the realization that even if true freedom isn’t attainable she has gained more freedom that she ever thought possible. We don’t know the Empire’s official interpretation of the Sith Code (I’m assuming there are several acceptable) but Gesad’s views aren’t considered to be heretical.

Considering she has a seat on the Dark Council she sees that she should try to follow the Council’s decisions. Having a seat also means that she has a say and tends to argue as long as possible to get her views across. She wants to trust them but in case of most members can’t. They are Sith and that means they should be concerned for their own survival and thus for the Empire as well, but very few Sith seem to think rationally in long term. She does trust some of them and is trying to fill the empty seats with people who have similar view for the future of the Empire. She might never have expected to have a seat on the Council and didn’t necessary even want it when offered but it (along with the power) have grown on her and she wouldn’t change it.

libertinedeath  asked:

"You're dating Rex, aren't you?"

time to throw ahsoka into denial ( accepting )

          ❛ UH — no ? who the hell gave you that idea ? it’s against the jedi code to form attachments. ❜

                    RIGHT, of course, well done ahsoka. no one will ever suspect you.