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“Ah new followers, thank you for thinking that I am worth a bit of your time. Now who would be first to ask a question? Do not believe anything that Tony Stark claims, I do not bite, nor do I blast anyone upon meeting. You are safe are you not?” Loki sits down in a comfortable chair with a book in order to pass the time.

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Musician!Gold Remix: PA Belle gets hot and bothered when Lachlan's accent thickens when he sings.

One would think that after three years of working for Lachlan Gold, that Belle would stop being quite so affected when he sang.  She wasn’t a starstruck college girl, mooning about in her dorm room, his latest record on repeat.  She was a fully professional career woman, who was dedicated to her job.  


He was doing an unplugged set.  A charity event she’d pushed him into, but she knew he’d enjoy it.  He sat on a stool, playing his guitar acoustically, with only a bass player as accompaniment.  He was singing of the hopelessness of love, and his words became more impassioned, Belle noticed his accent grow thicker.  

Mm.  He’d spent twenty years in the US, but it had done nothing to remove that lovely brogue.  Belle felt her knees go a little weak as his husky voice melted over each syllable.  

She almost envied his adoring crowd of fans.  They could imagine Gold singing those words to them, imagining how his accent would thicken in bed, fantasize about how he said their name…

Belle shook herself.  That, of course, was not an option for her.

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Beauty in Surrender!Rumpel, how did you and your Queen react to Regina's "execution?"

My mistress was not pleased that Snow halted the execution, and neither was I. Being good and pure is nice and all, but being a monarch, being responsible for hundreds of people, most of the time means making difficult decisions.

One day, she knows, King James and Queen Snow will come for her help, and she won’t be good and pure. She’ll be a lioness protecting her cubs, her people. My mistress has a delicious mean streak that I adore to encourage. Gets me all kinds of exquisitely whipped.

forlittledeemsmyroyaldame prompted: Lacey’s affected Belle more than she’s willing to admit: in dress, habit, and appetite. Rum’s worried about this. Cue Belle, being Belle after all, reassuring him.

For a moment he feared he’d lost her again and that Lacey was sitting in his office chair, her feet crossed and propped up on his desk, a stiff drink in her hand. She was wearing Lacey’s black stretch-dress, but the smile on her face was all Belle.

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It was hard to tell whether this was a large pond or a small lake, so in the end, Peter had ended up dubbing it the Lakepond of London- it just sounded catchier than the Lakepond of Kensington Gardens. Most other expanses of water, he’d most likely have skittered past without a second glance, but having spotted the fish popping up by the surface as he walked by, Peter had settled down by the banks to have a conversation.
Up till only a few moments to the present tense, they’d been having rather a nice time - and the little fish had told Peter all about the story of the Once-mermaid, but just as fast as they’d appeared - they disappeared, and Peter glanced over his shoulder.
“Fish are rather frightened of strangers,” he noted plainly, turning away from the newcomer to peer into the water again. “You scared them off.”

Hyde!verse promt for forlittledeemsmyroyaldame: "Where are you taking me?"

Ok, this is my first prompt ever (!) and to be honest I was not really sure what this meant (though I had a hunch there), but I decided to go more for fluffy than smutty (Some time they’ll reach that room and get really into it, promise!). I hope you like it. 477 words.


She could barely walk. Her knees were still like the pudding Mrs. Lucas prepared on Fridays, the one that melted on the tongue and had almost no consistency at all, but she let Hyde drag her along nonetheless. She tried to cover up her front with her hands, avoiding curious glances from passers-by and trying to be unconcerned about what they might see: A woman in a half dressed state and an ugly yellow man who oozed with glee. Quite a pair they made.

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The showrunners. Actually, I think it was in the lightning round questions or the podcast. They said it would be a crappy ending if she never got them back and that Gold would do something epic/awesome to get them back.

Oh, I think I saw that. Idk, I’ve been taking everything Adam and Eddy say with a grain of salt, lately, but maybe I’ve been too quick to give up hope…

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Someone actually pointed out that the beach that Philip, Mulan, and Aurora are in is the Neverland soil. Perhaps wraith souls end up in Neverland and they're there? As for how they got there, that could be explained in season three.

Oh, I know that a strong possibility is that Neal is in Neverland. I wouldn’t go as far as identifying without a doubt the beach but Cora did say that the souls the wraith took got transported to another land.

Still, it could very well be FTL.