#245 Suicune - Has the power to purify dirty, contaminated water and can walk on water. Suicune embodies the compassion of a pure spring of water and runs across the land with gliding elegance. Some say it constantly journeys in search of places with pure flowing water. Suicune is also said to be the embodiment of the north winds because northern winds always seem to blow wherever it shows up.

The Goddess' Favor, Part 1

Summary: Forlittledeemsmyroyaldame prompted: Rumpelstiltskin is a poor spinner. Belle is the goddess of beauty and fertility of his village. He finds favor in her sight, and a love affair is born.

Rating: PG for the moment.

A big shoutout goes to the awesome Straggle, who suggested the title!


Once every year, as winter gave way to spring, the people of the Frontlands would hold a festival in honor of their goddess of fertility, to ask for her blessings in the coming growing season. There would be a feast, a bonfire, and the people would bring offerings to her shrine at the forest’s edge.

Many would bring offerings from their own tables, extra foodstuffs that had lasted through the harsh winter, or small portions of their own crops or herds. Others would bring trinkets to offer to the goddess, like hair pins and jewels, anything to lie on the foot of her shrine and vie for her blessing.

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If it's alright, I would like to prompt something. Namely this: Rumpelstiltskin is an actual imp that adopts Bae as his own and falls in love with a merchant's daughter, Belle.

At first, the child was a wretched, squalling thing, that Rumplestiltskin considered tossing in a well.  He wasn’t even sure why he’d picked up the mortal babe that someone had cast away in an alley, aside from curiosity.  But when he made a face at the dreadful screaming, the babe quieted in his leathery arms, staring at him curiously.  

He decided to keep it.  Until it ceased to amuse him.  

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“Ah new followers, thank you for thinking that I am worth a bit of your time. Now who would be first to ask a question? Do not believe anything that Tony Stark claims, I do not bite, nor do I blast anyone upon meeting. You are safe are you not?” Loki sits down in a comfortable chair with a book in order to pass the time.

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Rumbelle, Spinner!Rum and Adventurer!Belle.

It had been a day like every other day.  Rumplestiltskin had risen early, fed the sheep, given his son a poor breakfast.  He’d had a little business in the market, so he’d instructed his young son to watch over the sheep while he was gone.  The day had been brisk but sunny, a cool breeze carrying over the hills and bringing the scent of rain, perhaps tomorrow if he was lucky.  

He noticed a crowd of people whispering together.  It was a small village, the cheapest sort of tradesman or gypsy could alight the people into a flurry of gossip.  Still, Rumplestiltskin was curious, so he hobbled towards them, ignoring the nasty looks he received and the mutters of ‘coward’ and 'scared little mouse, what does he want?’.  All that was forgotten when he saw the source of the crowd’s attention.  

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YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS FOR! Merchant's Daughter Belle is confused; she keeps finding all manners of gifts for her around the house and town which she and her father live in, all from the same mysterious person. A mysterious person who seems to have an obsession with her name... Then one day, she meets a strange young boy named Bae... Imp!Rum is watching all.

Every gift had her name.  Belle.  Sometimes it was scrawled hastily, as if in a terrible hurry.  Other times, it was done with elaborate flourishes, sketches of roses encircling her name.  But her admirer…with every book, every golden bracelet, golden ring, golden necklaces, the golden hand mirror, they seemed to adore using her name whenever they could.  

The gifts had been ongoing for a month, and Belle was ready to learn who the admirer was.  

One afternoon, she took a walk in the woods, choosing to forego an escort.  Her father wouldn’t be pleased, but Belle didn’t care.  The dark green foliage helped her think and the cool breeze was very pleasing.  She had gone about a mile down the deer path when she had the most curious feeling that someone was watching her.  

Quickly, she swirled around.  A boy was peeking at her, looking curious.  He had swathes of dark hair and lovely brown eyes.  He seemed to be very oddly dressed, in a mixture of green and brown patchwork. 

“Hello,” Belle greeted cautiously. “Who are you?”

He cocked his head.  "Baelfire,“ He replied and Belle blinked at the odd name.  

"Were you following me?” She asked curiously and he nodded a little shyly.  Smiling warmly, she went to him.  

“Are you the one who’s been leaving me gifts?” Belle asked gently. “Like this?” She showed him the golden bracelet encircling her wrist.

Baelfire examined it carefully.  "My father made this,“ He pronounced.

"And–who is your father?” Belle asked eagerly.

The boy furrowed his brow.  "I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell,“ He said slowly and Belle could’ve screamed in frustration, she was so close to knowing the truth.  

"Could you–could you give me a hint?” She begged.  

Baelfire glanced sideways.  "He’s watching us right now,“ He remarked and a shiver went down her spine.  She peered in the direction he was looking in but saw nothing.  

"Won’t you please–please tell me his name at least,” Belle pleaded.

Baelfire tilted his head.  "I can tell you that least of all,“ He informed her. "Because I don’t know it. Only he knows it.”  

Belle stilled.  "What do you mean?“  

"Papa would never tell his name to a mortal,” Baelfire said seriously. “That’s just foolish.”  

Belle stared at him slack-jawed.  Baelfire smiled at her charmingly one more time before turning away and disappearing into the forest.  

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Musician!Gold Remix: PA Belle gets hot and bothered when Lachlan's accent thickens when he sings.

One would think that after three years of working for Lachlan Gold, that Belle would stop being quite so affected when he sang.  She wasn’t a starstruck college girl, mooning about in her dorm room, his latest record on repeat.  She was a fully professional career woman, who was dedicated to her job.  


He was doing an unplugged set.  A charity event she’d pushed him into, but she knew he’d enjoy it.  He sat on a stool, playing his guitar acoustically, with only a bass player as accompaniment.  He was singing of the hopelessness of love, and his words became more impassioned, Belle noticed his accent grow thicker.  

Mm.  He’d spent twenty years in the US, but it had done nothing to remove that lovely brogue.  Belle felt her knees go a little weak as his husky voice melted over each syllable.  

She almost envied his adoring crowd of fans.  They could imagine Gold singing those words to them, imagining how his accent would thicken in bed, fantasize about how he said their name…

Belle shook herself.  That, of course, was not an option for her.

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Beauty in Surrender!Rumpel, how did you and your Queen react to Regina's "execution?"

My mistress was not pleased that Snow halted the execution, and neither was I. Being good and pure is nice and all, but being a monarch, being responsible for hundreds of people, most of the time means making difficult decisions.

One day, she knows, King James and Queen Snow will come for her help, and she won’t be good and pure. She’ll be a lioness protecting her cubs, her people. My mistress has a delicious mean streak that I adore to encourage. Gets me all kinds of exquisitely whipped.

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Adventurer!Belle meets Bae.

“She’s a liar,” Gormal said imperiously. “Women can’t do all the things she says she’s done. They’re not strong enough and she has no male escort. She says she once saved a Yaoguai–she couldn’t have done it without killing it. THat’s how we know she’s lying.”

Baelfire frowned.  He disliked his friend claiming the famed adventurer was a liar.  To be frank, Belle was his hero and he hated hearing anything slandering her.  

“I think she has done all the things she’s done,” Baelfire said stubbornly. “I think she’s fought off the wraith, I think she’s tamed a dragon, I think she’s a good person and she wouldn’t lie!”

“You’re naive,” Gormal retorted condescendingly. “Who could tame a dragon?”  

“Quite easily,” An amused, unfamiliar voice interrupted. “I used jasmine perfume and a sack of gold. Calmed the dragon Vollys down considerably.”  

Gormal stared at her in shock and scurried away, embarrassed.  Baelfire grinned at her.  

“I knew you did it,” He said proudly. “I’ve heard–I’ve heard all your stories! You’re amazing!”

“Thank you,” Belle smiled. “It’s nice to be held in such esteem. What’s your name?" 

"I’m Baelfire,” He replied eagerly. “Son of the spinner.”  

“It’s lovely to meet you, Baelfire,” Belle declared shaking his hand. “How about you and I get something eat, and I’ll tell you exactly how I saved the mother griffin and her babies?”

Baelfire was so excited, he couldn’t speak.

rumpleshtiltskin  asked:

Is there a way to erase that last part of his comment? Because I'm pretty sure that A) someone who wants to use him for power and vice versa isn't a soulmate and B) it's totally opposite to the message they give us with Rumbelle. Other than that, I agree that Rumpelstiltskin does act sexily with many of the female characters.

I think Eddie meant to imply that, on a level, Rumple and Cora are kindred spirits, and she gets a part of him that Belle doesn’t. But Belle clearly understands Rumple more than Cora. Remember how Bobby said that Rumple behaves like he’s powerful and afraid of nothing but it’s all just an act? Cora gets the act, Belle gets the person behind the mask.