Update: All Dogs in the Forks Washington Location have been removed and transfered to new rescue groups! Several of these dogs have already gone home, turns out many of them were not as ‘aggressive’ as they were made out to be originally.
Follow their story at Guardians of Rescue.

I can’t believe I’m making a Twilight post right now.

But you know what? Fandoms have accomplished some crazy things - so Twilight fandom, here’s your chance. 

See these dogs here? They’re in a 'sanctuary’ in Forks, Washington. Yes. That Forks. 
The owner of the sanctuary is basically an animal hoarder. He has hundreds of dogs living in these conditions. They do not get out. He doesn’t have any paid staff or volunteers. And worst of all - he doesn’t seem to care.
The worst part is, the local town doesn’t seem to care either. The police investigated and found these conditions to be neglectful, they asked the owner to lower his number of dogs, but refuse to actually bring him up on charges or ENFORCE the agreement that he lowers his numbers.
These dogs LIVE in these kennels. Also, they are housed in a warehouse without heat.
It will be below freezing tonight in Forks.

All of this is documented here. You can see multiple photos of obvious neglect as well as POLICE REPORTS DOCUMENTING the issues. I am not directly involved, but I was hoping to spread the word to the fandom.

People ARE PROTESTING on location, but instead of helping the dogs, the local police are arresting the protesters. According to those on site, although people do stop by the property - no one actually enters the warehouse to care for these dogs. There are over 150 dogs in that warehouse. It would take a full staff an entire day just to keep each of those dogs fed, watered, cleaned and exercised. Never mind this is supposed to be a sanctuary for aggressive dogs where they receive training and rehab. How are they getting that care if there’s no one spending hours and hours at the property?

Heck, The owner even told police that he only feeds the dogs three times a week.

But don’t take my word for it - go through the Police Reports here.

Here’s what you can do to help: Twilight brings in TONS of money to this town. People pay for tours. They spend money in restaurants and stay in hotels.

Call of email these members of the town:

++Contact the governor Jay Inslee 360-902-4111.
P.O. Box 40002, Olympia, Washington 98504

++Contact the Forks Police Department 360-374-2223 - Chief Rick Bart

++City Council Woman Juanita Weissefels (she reports on animal issues)

++Mayor Bryon Monohon

++Call the Clallam County Sheriff 360-417-2262 - Bill Benedict, Sheriff

And some of their higher-up politicians too:

++Sen. Jim Hargrove
PO Box 40424
Olympia, WA 98504-0424
By email:

+++Representative Kevin Van De Wege
LEG 339A
PO Box 40600
Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(360) 786-7916

+++Rep. Steve Tharinger
368 John L. O'Brien Building
PO Box 40600
Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(360) 786-7904

Tell them you won’t spend your money in Forks until these dogs are seen by a third party rescue agency, seen by a vet, and kenneled in proper kennels with heat. Tell them you’re outraged. Tell them that this is not acceptable.

Because it’s not.

Jacob was an afterthought. He wasn’t suppose to exist in the original story. When I wrote the second half of Twilight first, there was no Jacob character. He started to exist about the point where I kind of hit a bit of a wall: I could not make Edward say the words, “I’m a vampire”. There was no way that was ever coming out of his mouth - he couldn’t do it. And that goes back to what we were talking about with characters. You know, he had been keeping the truth about himself secret for so long, and it was something he was so… unhappy about, and devastated about. He would never have been able to tell her.

And so I thought: How is Bella ever going to figure this out? But I had picked Forks already as the story’s location, and so then I thought: You know, these people have been around for a while, and they’ve been in this area before. Have they left tracks - footprints - somewhere, that she can discover an older story to give her insight?

That’s when I discovered that there was a little reservation of Quileute Indians on the coastline. I was interested in them before I even knew I was going to work them into the story. I thought: Oh, that’s interesting. There’s a real dense and different kind of history there. I’ve always kind of been fascinated with Native American history, and this is a story I’d never heard before.

This is a very small tribe, and it’s really not very well known, and their language is different from anyone else’s. And they have these great legends - even one that’s similar to Noah’s Ark story; the Quileutes tied their canoes to the tops of the tallest trees so they weren’t swept by the big flood - that I thought were really interesting.

And they have the wold legend. The story goes that they descended from wolves - a magician changed the first Quileute from a wolf into a man, that’s how they began - and when I was reading the legend I thought: You know, that’s kind of funny. Because I know werewolf people and vampires don’t really get along at all. And how funny is it that there’s that story, right here next to where I set my vampire story.

And so Jacob was born - as a device, really - to tell Bella what she needed to know. And, yet, as soon as I gave him life, and gave him a chance to open his mouth, I just found him so endearing. He took on this personality that was just so funny and easy. And you just love characters you don’t have to work for.

And Jacob was not an ounce of work. He just came to life and was exactly what I needed him to be, and I just enjoyed him as a person. But his appearance in chapter 6 was really it - that was all he was in the story. And then my agent loved this Jacob, and she’s never gotten over that. She was one hundred percent Team Jacob all the time.

—   Stephenie Meyer, The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide