PLOTTING / PRE - EST CALL. im gonna reply to my weeks old ims rn, and would rlly like new threads aksjhg.
like  this post if you want to just normal plot a first meeting thread or smth,
reply  to this post if u wanna do establish a pre-est thingy between our muses!

Aesthetic for a mastermind Naegi who misses their Komaeda and is kind of down because he doesn’t have many memories in darkish colors!

I’m sorry that this took so long to post please forigve meplease forgive me please forgive me if you want any changes just let me know and I’ll get that fixed up for you as quickly as I can!! Mod Ibuki is sorry!!

Hello, Naegi! I hope that you’re doing alright !! And oh it’s so cool and that you were a mastermind, you must have been exceedingly intelligent to have planned anything you’d done!! :O I’m sorry that you’ve been missing your Komaeda, I know that missing canonmates is hard! And gosh, don’t let not having too many mems get you down, they’ll come with time, just hang in there, alright? - Mod Ibuki!