You will notice if you pull up the Badricks website their header reads “Products For The Timeless Man”.. I beg to differ. I recently came across Badrick’s Lock Stock and Barrel Bar soap in Tobacco & Vanilla, smelled it, stole it, and now it’s all mine. (And I’m not a timeless man.)

Cue –> the most recent installment of For Him And Then You Steal It.


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Badrick’s specializes in men’s beard products ie. Badrick's Beard Kit, Mug Scrub and Da Balm - they even have a Beard Blog. The Lock Stock and Barrel Bar is the fourth and final product in their bearded line up- it is a shampoo and body bar, yes two products in one! This bar soap has an updated mix of ingredients that includes shea butter, tea tree leaf oil, and sweet almond oil. In other words, pure shower/skin softness. 

My favorite part is the light tobacco and vanilla scent. It does veer masculine with a touch of smokey warmth from the tobacco. But the mix of true vanilla and the softness of almond oil makes it delicious in the most unisex way. 

Does This: Tobacco and vanilla scented / ultra hydrating bar soap
Is This: Badrick’s Lock Stock And Barrel Bar
Get This:
Price: $12.95

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Time for 2014’s very first edition of one of our favorites, 

For Him and Then You Steal It. 
I stole it and, it’s awesome.


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URSA Major is a line specializing in men’s “SUPER NATURAL” products. Initially, I was attracted the look of the Fantastic Face Wash. Simple, clean, a little hip. Then my eye’s scrolled across the bottom portion and read.. “Cedar, Spearmint, and Lime”. A terrific steal -

This product smells incredible, as if I am washing my face with a just-rained-on forest. The perfect face wash solution for a well groomed Paul Bunyan type, or straight up nature lover.

I followed up with the 4-1 Essential Face Tonic. Both products have Aloe in their formulas. I read recently that Aloe is an up and coming ingredient for healing acne and reducing signs of aging along with Retinol and Salicylic Acid. With my combination skin and winter dryness… I can use as much of these healing powers as possible.

Will continue to borrow steal these two forest smelling treasures until my man notices, and I have to purchase my own. 

Does This: Super Natural solution to cleaning skin (male or female!)
Is This: URSA Major 
Get This: Wash; Tonic
Price: Wash $26, Tonic $24

Products c/o the brand. Image Via Inspired by This 


for him and then you steal it / glamping edition

I ran into a niche line called Fieldworks at Magic a couple of weeks ago. I was taken by their mini size things (of course), nature-esque scents and names like “Hose Off.” Then I learned the line was created for men’s grooming… as if that’s ever stopped me.


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Fieldworks is based out of Portland, Oregan, ie. the middle of nature. They specialize in small hand craft batches of skincare items for men made from all natural & beneficial ingredients such as bentonite clay … which if you didn’t know isfinely weathered volcanic ash. (cool)

The great thing about these men’s products is that they are extra-strength grime & odor removers (bentonite’s specialty) and they are multi-purpose. Perfect for glamping. Hose Off can be your body wash, shampoo, and face wash. Well for men, I wish I was that low maintenance. And the Bar None Body Brick is made with oils, bentonite clay, vetiver, and nutmeg that deep cleanse and smell like nuzzling up to a freshly showered flannel wearing man. Mmm

I highly recommend getting these for your man, so you can steal them. 

Does This: Fieldworks all natural grooming skincare line for men (technically)
Is This: Hose Off Body Wash and Bar None Body Brick
Get This:
Price: Hose Off $12.99 | Bar None Body Brick $9.99

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