Meet Bibi Asma, a 5 year old who has respiratory problems from Sadda, Kurram Agency, a Federally Administered Tribal Area(FATA) in North West Pakistan. A much neglected part of Pakistan for an incredibly long time. To get to the “local” hospital a 4 hour walk is what one can expect. Kids like Bibi Asma are the real victims of barbarity, sectarian violence and the game of politics. #MSF #PakistanBehindTheHeadlines #ForgottenPeople (at Asia House)

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That we are all, as human souls, of like value cannot be denied. That each of us should have his chance is and must be the great objective of political and social policy. But to say that the industrious and intelligent son of self-sacrificing and saving and forward-looking parents has the same social deserts and even material needs as the dull offspring of stupid and improvident parents is absurd.
—  Robert Menzies. Forgotten People speech. Equal parts horrifying and inspiring.