Forgotten MH Fact #153: 

(OOG) According to the series creators, the infamous “Skully” mask from Entry 26 was originally intended to be a hint towards Jay having an alternate “masked” personality similar to Masky and Hoody. This idea was eventually scrapped; however, this apparently doesn’t necessarily mean that the character in the mask isn’t still out there somewhere. 

Forgotten MH Fact #1: 

Entry 32 was posted on January 12, 2011, meaning that Entry 76 took place that same night. Exactly one year later, Jay tweeted this:

“Drove by Rosswood Park today. Almost stopped, but then I realized that’s a terrible idea. Why did I even consider it?”

Forgotten MH Fact #100: 

(OOG) Marble Hornets was the very first series featuring an incarnation of the Slender Man (the Operator). Introduction and Entry 1 were uploaded only ten days after the initial creation of the Slender Man on the SomethingAwful forums.