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Emma sat in the Sheriff’s office idly sipping a cup of coffee. She had a case folder open in front of her, but she barely glanced at it. Her mind was elsewhere, and yet completely immersed in the contents of the folder. She knew it’s contents by heart, anyway.

Carelessly, she toyed with the swan pendant necklace she nearly always wore and stood, leaving the file spread out on her desk, to stare out the window of her office. It was dusk, almost dinner time, she thought about heading home then rejected the idea. Home to the apartment she and Mary Margret had shared for near on a year as friends, now it was home that she shared with Mary Margret and David, her parents, and often Henry… She had been avoiding her parents for weeks now.

She and Mary… she corrected herself, her mother had bonded in the other land somewhat, but with their return to the real world, or whatever this world was in comparison, Emma felt the oddity and just how unbelievable this whole situation was. She couldn’t help but feel that maybe it was a little to late for her to have parents that could really love her. When she seriously thought about it all it just seemed to fantastical to imagine. There was also that nagging feeling in the back of her heart that reminded her that, thanks to the curse and it’s way of freezing time, her parents would likely have more children, children they could actually raise and love from infancy. Where would Emma fit then?

Emma closed her eyes and sighed, she knew that game and how it would end, how it almost always ended. She had had a family until she was three, but when they suddenly had their own child they had sent her away. The pain of that betrayal still stung, even now roughly 25 years later.

With another sigh she decided to go to Granny’s to grab something to eat, she hadn’t really eaten since her hurried breakfast as she rushed out the door before anyone was awake that morning. Turning she gave a startled exclamation, “Hey…” when she saw someone standing at her desk staring at the papers from her file.

Does anyone else have that forgotten child in their family?

It’s not necessarily that we forget about my sister, but she’s never home (out of sight, out of mind) so no one thinks about her too much. And it probably doesn’t help that she’s the middle child. But don’t feel too bad for her- she’s going to be the prettiest out of all of the girls :P


Pig Destroyer - Forgotten Child (live)

His mic breaks so he just doesn’t use it. I need Book Burner right now.


You’ve all seen this, but it is about time you watched it again.

J.R. is hero.


Lou Lesage Forgotten child

Simply an awesome song and video.


So yesterday I went to store and I was minding my own business when for some reason my ears tuned into this woman’s conversation beside me.  She was talking to a guy and she was like “Yeah i have two kids.  Wait no three kids.” And this was me …

Did she really just forget a whole child????  All i could think was well we all know who he Loki of that family is. 

I felt the need to count her children before she left.  I wish that child the best of luck.  As the third child I know I have been left behind before they always eventually realized they have left me behind though. True story … my parents are awesome though so i forgive them.  But this got me thinking ….

People are always like “Oh the baby of the family… you must be so spoiled!” And I give them one of these:

you must be confusing me with the baby of the family in a one or two child family.  The third child is more like a wild critter around the house.  Left to fend for themselves. My brother and sister are decked out with baby pictures and videos of them doing stupid stuff.  I have none of these things.  And some of yall are going baby pictures are over rated.  That’s because y'all have them.  On the up side I have a BAMF immune system because my parents stopped caring about the whole sterile bottle thing.  :D

I think if I had to give a theme to my upbringing it would be “Babies Bounce”

Here’s hoping that forgotten third child has a very good life!

Anyways thats my ranting for the day :D

Hope I didn’t waste too much of your time with my ramblings.

Have a wonderful fantabulous day!


dumping this trio of lazy pre-evos to thin out my drafts a bit more. these are all roughly from about half a year ago maybe? idk i don’t remember

Mary = Marion

Here’s another theory to further my Mary = Marion agenda. Last episode we found out from her file that Mary underwent an electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) in Radley.

The most common effect of ECT is retrograde amnesia, which is the loss of access to memory formed prior to treatment. Post-treatment, many patients regain memories that were formed many years before ECT. BUT recent memories formed before treatment may not be recovered.

Anyhow, this means that Mary may have memory gaps and that she may not be telling her stories as accurately as she should. She may have remembered Jessica and Charles vividly but it also makes sense if she’s forgotten about her second child.

Mary married Daniel Cavanaugh, became Marion Cavanaugh, and had Toby. If I remember correctly, Mary was readmitted to Radley when Toby was 4-ish years old. If we follow that 6x10 timeline, that is. Jessica was already onboard at that time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she suggested the ECT. ECT was being administered to Mary until the rooftop incident. And since being a Cavanaugh and having Toby were only recent events, she might have forgotten about them. It makes sense why she calls herself Mary Drake after the Radley incident until present. She has no recollection of them.

i’d just like to thank today for testing my levels of morality by making me decide whether my absolute genuine hatred of one man beats my distaste for violence. 

You want to draw some RomAnce but you can’t because you are a lazy fuck

I still have that sketch that I have to finish

It lay there in my sketchbook like a forgotten poor child ;-;

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Were you born with your third eye open? Or did you do excirsizes to open it? Do you have any recommended meditation links to use? I love your blog! Have a nice day and thank you!

Most people are born with their third eye open or as children are sensitive to the spirit world. This unfortunately becomes clogged if the parents or people around them tell them that it is not real or do not aid them in spiritual development so their psychic gifts are forgotten. As a child I used to see draconic spirits a lot but after being continuously told they do not exist, I stopped seeing them and my third eye was closed until my teen years where it opened once again, and still is.

In terms of meditation you can browse the meditation tag on my blog or the tumblr tag. Here is a video link to a beginner’s guide (I would first practice breathing exercises, etc…, before doing anything advanced) to meditation:

I really like the idea of Mikoto and Fugaku having a third child. Around the time of the massacre, or when it would have been in a non massacre au. 7 year gaps between siblings have a soft spot in my heart. Plus imagine Sasuke as an older brother. (And a forgotten middle child)

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That may be, but what he they need youuu. You know full well that Frisk could be overwhelmed by some of the opponents in the Void. A lot of fragments are fairly strong. It would be bad if they, I dunno, died.

masked-being said: That is assuming frisk will fight at all.

♩So you doubt the kids ability to FIGHT.
♩But have you forgotten that this child have faced the MONSTER king before?
♩How about that fish hero?
♩Or that sad sack skeleton?
♩If Frisk can face them, then the kiddo can face any Gasters here as well.