• me, listening to a taylor swift song after not hearing it for a few days:this!!!!! is!!!!! it!!!!!!! my UNDERRATED FAVE!!!!!!! MY FORGOTTEN CHILD!!!!! HOW COULD I HAVE ABANDONED YOU?!?!?!?!?!?! THE MOST UNDER APPRECIATED SONG IN THIS ENTIRE FANDOM!!!! THE ONE I A C T U A L L Y BIRTHED FROM THIS WOMB
Forgotten Child
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Pig Destroyer-Forgotten Child

A sliver of star dances through my sky
To crash into another lifetime
Always the journey never the destination
Those lovely columns of fanged smoke
Wander through plastic gardens
Where kisses blown at a forgotten love
Still drift looking for a face in a world of masks
I see a light on a dead horizon
Glowing like a bed of sapphires in a sea of ash
But it’s a distraction and nothing more
Just an instrument to measure the darkness
That swallows me from time to time

Some Scorpius/Albus/Scorbus things from yesterday’s show (07/09/2016). I’ll put this all under a ‘read more’ for those avoiding spoilers because there’s a lot of them. No, really. This is just under 3,000 words long. It’s funny really because I usually have a terrible memory but luckily for you, I prepared for this and took notes during the intervals :’)

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Forgotten Child | Open | Starter | Iwillalwaysfindyoucharming

Emma sat in the Sheriff’s office idly sipping a cup of coffee. She had a case folder open in front of her, but she barely glanced at it. Her mind was elsewhere, and yet completely immersed in the contents of the folder. She knew it’s contents by heart, anyway.

Carelessly, she toyed with the swan pendant necklace she nearly always wore and stood, leaving the file spread out on her desk, to stare out the window of her office. It was dusk, almost dinner time, she thought about heading home then rejected the idea. Home to the apartment she and Mary Margret had shared for near on a year as friends, now it was home that she shared with Mary Margret and David, her parents, and often Henry… She had been avoiding her parents for weeks now.

She and Mary… she corrected herself, her mother had bonded in the other land somewhat, but with their return to the real world, or whatever this world was in comparison, Emma felt the oddity and just how unbelievable this whole situation was. She couldn’t help but feel that maybe it was a little to late for her to have parents that could really love her. When she seriously thought about it all it just seemed to fantastical to imagine. There was also that nagging feeling in the back of her heart that reminded her that, thanks to the curse and it’s way of freezing time, her parents would likely have more children, children they could actually raise and love from infancy. Where would Emma fit then?

Emma closed her eyes and sighed, she knew that game and how it would end, how it almost always ended. She had had a family until she was three, but when they suddenly had their own child they had sent her away. The pain of that betrayal still stung, even now roughly 25 years later.

With another sigh she decided to go to Granny’s to grab something to eat, she hadn’t really eaten since her hurried breakfast as she rushed out the door before anyone was awake that morning. Turning she gave a startled exclamation, “Hey…” when she saw someone standing at her desk staring at the papers from her file.


He remembered.

He remembered, and– Gods, he hated Regina. He would tear her office apart if he had to, until he found out where she had sent her. His daughter. He had had no idea that Belle was pregnant when he had sent her away, none. Had he known, he would have taken care of her. They could have been a family.

It was too late for could have. 

When the Queen had visited him in his cell to taunt him about the daughter he had never gotten to meet, it had been late to find her. The Curse was already coming. It had also raised warning signals in his head– how did Regina know about the child? Had she lied to him about Belle’s whereabouts? 

Of course she had. He would find them, he would find them both. Gold had no idea how he could ever make up for whatever harms had befallen Belle and their child after he had thrown her out of the Dark Castle, but he would try. 

It was surprisingly easy to find Regina’s files. Then again, the Curse protected her. Had he not remembered everything, he would never have gone searching for them. It took quite a bit of digging to find what he was looking for, as he didn’t even know the child’s name. But when he saw the photo– he knew. 

His daughter was in the foster system

When a child enters your life, it is time to learn. It is not time to teach. Most people think it is time to teach; that is the misfortune. If a child enters your life, it is time to relearn the life that you have forgotten. That a child can laugh without reason, that he can jump around for no reason, that he can become an exuberant burst of aliveness - that’s life.
—  Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev