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I headcanon that peter once called yondu dad in the middle of a shootout and the entire battlefield stopped

Holy, I just let out the ugliest laugh (well, it was my normal laugh but you get the gist) –

This totally happened at one point.

Like, back when Peter had already spent some time with the Ravagers – enough to grow fond of them – but is still little, not quite a teenager, not quite at an age where he is expected to be a hardened Ravager yet and is treated a bit softer than the grown rough men around him.

They are in the middle of a fight and Peter is at the edge of it, has been thrown away by one of the Ravagers to get him out of danger, and he knows that Yondu can take care of himself, he really knows that, but when he sees a man lift his blaster behind Yondu, in a place where the Ravagers’ Captain can’t see it, he still can’t help it, and his mouth moves faster than his mind –


Yondu freezes, hit worse by Peter’s call than by the fist to the face that had started this fight at all – but luckily enough, his enemies are just as flabbergasted as he is, because they had forgotten about the child being there at all, and the shout didn’t make the confusion any better. Because Yondu Udonta, feared Ravager, the man who brought fear and death with one single whistle, being called Dad by literally anyone? That’s absolutely unexpected.

Yondu recovers faster, being the former battle slave he is, survival instincts overriding any shock he feels. (He doesn’t want to think about the warmth beneath the initial surprise, spreading and taking hold, can’t think about it). His next whistle is pure reflex, but it’s enough to send a new bunch of enemies to the ground, dead, one of them being the sniper that wanted to shoot him from behind.

He turns towards his Ravagers, all of them still shell-shocked, and bellows, “What?! Y’all can’t use a distraction to your damn advantage?! MOVE IT!”

“Ye heard ‘im!” Kraglin follows suit, knowing better than to just stand there and gape. “Open fire, guys!”

And the fight begins a new, quickly turning in the Ravagers’ favor since they recovered faster than their enemies.

Later, when it’s over, the Ravagers pat Peter on the back, congratulating him roughly for his good eye and the idea of a distraction. If anybody notices that Peter is blushing furiously to the root of his hair and avoiding Yondu’s gaze – and at least Kraglin and others do so – then they don’t comment on it, know better than that.


And if Yondu ruffles Peter’s hair, a thing he usually leaves to others, and grumbles something about “Not bad kiddo”, then nobody dares to comment on that, either.

They just know better.


#kdramawomensweek || day five: femininity + her

Sung Deok Sun (Lee Hye Ri) ↦ Reply 1988 (2015)

“I could not return to my youth or that street either. Time always flows. Everything passes by and ages. That might be why youth is beautiful. Because it shines, blindingly bright at a brilliant short moment. But you can never go back.”

She is the frequent butt of her friends’ jokes; neither “smart” by their skewed standards, nor “pretty enough” to “deserve” verbal praise. At home, she is the forgotten middle child, overshadowed by her older sister’s brilliance and her younger brother’s neediness. In the total absence of validation, Deok Sun finds comfort in playing with makeup and hair spray, in arranging pretty outfits. Still, she–like so many of us–seeks the acknowledgement of the people around her. She craves affection and seeks reciprocation. It’s what prompts her first crushes. One of the standout moments of her and Sun Woo’s short, ill-fated romance is of Deok Sun running to her room just as Sun Woo comes to pick her up and slathering on foundation (top row, right). Makeup is how she finds confidence. She wears it like warpaint. 

Her femininity is her pride. It is what she has, when even her mother gives up on her dreams of Deok Sun gaining admission to a university.

Fast forward five years, and we see Deok Sun beautiful and grown up, with long hair and makeup done to perfection. We see her in heels and in skirts. She’s a flight attendant, a profession (in that time) known for its beautiful women. She is successful, she takes care of her parents, she has fulfilled nearly every dream she has had for herself. But most importantly, she has learned to love herself. She has learned to harness the femininity that had been her last bit of pride and she has turned it into a career. And that, I think is her true love story. Deok Sun’s is the story of how she stops pinning her worth on others’ opinions of her, and learns that at the end of the day it only matters that she is happy with who she is. 

A Winmills Valentine’s Day

I will go down with this ship. Since they had Christmas together, how about Valentine’s Day?

Word Count: 1850

Warning: Smut, gross fluff because these two deserve to be happy

A/N: I hope you enjoy! XOXO

Sam doesn’t have many keys.

He carries the key to the bunker when he needs to. He has a key ring that holds the extra key to the Impala, and a key to an old, beat up car from the bunker’s garage- the one he drives when he isn’t with Dean. Those have been his only keys for years.

But now he has one more.

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As a director I think it’s important to put actors through their paces emotionally between takes. They are wild animals that need to be broken. Kicked in the emotional ribs. I want them to feel the pain of being abandoned lover, a forgotten child, a refuge floundering at sea. This is the only way we shall ever achieve (italics) the work. The work? The work.
 Day 2 #permissionfilm

Permission debuts tonight (April 22) at the 2017 TriBeCa Film Festival. 

Brightshine Thoughts

The Good

  • Honestly we are so spoiled for black and gold this festival and I’m loving every second of it. Thank you, staff, for embracing this as Light’s new aesthetic and catering specifically to me. 
  • The Spirit of Light is amazing. I thought we were getting more humanoid impy/spritey things from the name and preview and that would have been cool because I’ve been loving those BUT IT GOT EVEN BETTER. I love the mask and the concept and the flowy art and the colors and that beautiful gradient. I hope every flight’s spirit is based on a different animal, that would be so cool. 
  • I love almost every skin. I think they really hit it out of the park this year with the selections. 
  • I was especially hoping Solar Protection and Forgotten Child would win, and they did!
  • I really like the changes to Joxar’s box to make the recolors more accessible, especially being able to brew a prismatic coin. (And thank you staff for not making the prismatic coin recipe include grey or copper materials, now if you could juuuust replace the green ones with a different color it would be perfect.)

The Salt

  • Lightly Seasoned: The Dawn Chaser skin looks really weirdly familiar to me. I could have sworn we have almost this exact concept in existence already, maybe on another breed or something? Does anyone else know what skin I’m talking about or am I just imagining it?
  • Lightly Seasoned: I’m a little disappointed that we got a full set of sprite recolors right off the bat, but only 6 apparel recolors. The selection of items offered seems weirdly random to me, since it’s a mix of apparel from the first festival cycle and the second festival cycle, and I can’t figure out the logic behind the choices. I wish they’d tell us why these particular six were selected as the first apparel recolors out of the gate. It would make more sense to me if they started with all the first cycle apparel items and worked their way towards the newest ones.   
  • Just a Dash: I’ve basically given up on ever being able to profit from any past festival items ever again. But what the hell, the economy’s already borked, and I love the recolors, so I might as well keep on not being able to make money but with more cool things. I for one welcome our new accent making overlords, who will continue to be the only people on the site who can make money because they will continue to be the only people on the site selling items which are in high demand and limited supply. 
  • Already Horses Are Gathering To Lick This Post: Another FUCKING year of vistas as the 3rd item, HAVE I NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH? We had our year of vistas and it was plenty of vistas and now we don’t need any more vistas. I want my apparel back. What about those elemental collars or banners, huh.
  • Dead Sea Levels of Salinity:

God is dead and we killed him

Mountain Dew has a new flavor “DEW-S-A’ which is a combination of Code Red, White Out, and Voltage

they just mixed 3 flavors together and called it a day. the holy trinity of mountain dew has been merged. baja blast doesn’t count because it’s part of the taco bell au. livewire is the forgotten child. these are the flavors that matter and mountain dew company has dumped them into a big pot and mixed ‘em all up

and then poured them into bottles marked ‘red white and DEW’

so yeah i had to buy this abomination to science & nature alike and try it. The worst part is it’s actually good? It tastes like a carbonated fruit roll up? Im in hell

for some reason i feel compelled to tag @ulau

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*weeps over your art style* it's so beautiful bless your soul (I would love to see what Ruffalo!Bruce looks like in it if you ever got the chance)

ohmy god how did this happen how is this my first time drawing bruce what the fuck what th efuck

briancrano As a director I think it’s important to put actors through their paces emotionally between takes. They are wild animals that need to be broken. Kicked in the emotional ribs. I want them to feel the pain of being abandoned lover, a forgotten child, a refuge floundering at sea. This is the only way we shall ever achieve (italics) the work. The work? The work. Day 2 #permissionfilm (x)

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And where do you find the strength to wait the storms, which, btw, never seem to end at all?

From a place that has been long forgotten– ask your inner child, that person will have the answers that I cannot give to you darling.

  • me, listening to a taylor swift song after not hearing it for a few days: this!!!!! is!!!!! it!!!!!!! my UNDERRATED FAVE!!!!!!! MY FORGOTTEN CHILD!!!!! HOW COULD I HAVE ABANDONED YOU?!?!?!?!?!?! THE MOST UNDER APPRECIATED SONG IN THIS ENTIRE FANDOM!!!! THE ONE I A C T U A L L Y BIRTHED FROM THIS WOMB

Sorry for taking so long anon, this is is for you :) thank you for the request


He wasn’t sleeping. You could feel Liam’s restlessness press into you even though he didn’t want to keep you up. Something had been bothering the last few days, something serious enough to warrant a quiet demeanor and shifty attitude. As his girlfriend, you tried your best to understand, holding his hands when his fingers would shake, or sitting beside him when the silence took over. But right now, with his thoughts a tension hanging above your heads when you both should be fast asleep, you got irritated. 

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