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Demoralizing Kills

So, this is the same campaign where a Swashbuckler stole my undead Bard’s head. Right now, the members of the party are our Tiefling Bloodrager, our new Cavalry-soldier (Cavalier?), a Dwarven fighter, our “Blue” wizard, our Immortal Psionic fighter and my Undead Dirge-Bard.

We’ve found a shortcut through a desert to get to our destination, a cave where we hope to find a boss. To get through the shortcut, we have to get past six sphinxes. we’ve already gotten past two and killed one, and were at that point fighting the fourth because the riddles were getting out of hand. I should also mention that the Cavalry rider had an item that essentially made my Inspiring Courage null, so I had to resort to other tactics.

DM: Okay, Corvio (me) it’s your turn.

Me, The Bard: Okay, I first start up an Inspire Competence on myself to give myself a +3 bonus to my perform check…

-Succeeds the roll-

…and then use my Dirge Bard ability which lets me make an Intimidate check to demoralize an opponent with my Perform Keyboard check (I was using a Hurdy Gurdy as a keyboard instrument).

-I end up getting a 54 on the roll-

DM: Okay, how do I counter this?

Me: I think it’s just an intimidate check. Do whatever you do normally.

-DM rolls and pauses- 

DM: Okay, yeah, you demoralize the sphinx. You demoralize it so much, it has no will to fight anymore.

-The other party members chuckle and then prepare to keep fighting, but the DM cuts them off-

DM: No, it just explodes. Like, gone. Dead.

-Stunned silence-

Wizard: Well, I think we can say our Bard singlehandedly killed a sphinx. 

After much congratulations and high-five-ing, I found out why that had worked so well.Turns out the DM had rolled a nat 1 to contest the intimidation.

Later, we’re in a mage tower heading for the same boss mentioned previously. I’d just acquired some slaves and gotten into a bit of a quarrel with the Bloodrager who wanted to free them. We’d decided to have an intimidation contest to see who would get to keep them (he’d forgotten my sphinx victory at that point).

Bloodrager: Okay, roll.

Me: Alright, I use Haunting Refrain to demoralize you with my perform bonus. That’s a 52 on the roll. Your move.

Bloodrager: I use a Hero Point.

-Stunned silence.-

Me: You… …You use a… …Hero point.

-Everyone bursts out laughing as I try to mentally figure the situation out, still stammering.-

DM: Normally I’d say no to using Hero Points against your teammates, but that’s just too good.

I ended up keeping the slaves anyway. It was a good time.

Some THG one-shots I wrote that would be awesome if you could check out!!

Spin the Bottle - Katniss attends her first high school party. She’s not having much fun, until Madge begs her to join in a game of Spin the Bottle.

Don’t Remind Me - Prim had almost forgotten about the Victory Tour and her obligation to attend it, until the day arrives. The Hawthornes are there to comfort Prim and her mother, but it’s not enough to make things alright.

Mother and Daughter - (Post MJ) Katniss has not seen her mother in years, but after an injury, Peeta declares her in need of her mother’s medical expertise.

I’m Odair4 on a03 :)

My thoughts on how Chris Chibnall will effect the tone and structure of Doctor Who

Chris Chibnall hasn’t written any of my favorite (full) episodes of Doctor Who.

But there’s something about his promotion that I find incredibly interesting, and makes me predict the structure and tone of Doctor Who going forward.

Spoiler: I think we’re in very good hands.

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Okay so imagine a fic inspired by Girls Like Girls where its Warren and Max together and Chloe is the best friend that falls and just ugghhh NO WAIT WHAT IF IT WAS MAX AND CHLOE TOGETHER BUT THE FRIEND IS VICTORIA AND ITD MAKE SENSE CAUSE CHLIE WOULD BE LIKE WTF WHY HER OF ALL PEOPLE AND SHE DRINKS TOO PLZ WRITE IT MAN

I would have loved to do a full thing for this but i couldn't squeeze out anything but this so here take it.

Victoria stepped out onto the pool deck and took a seat next to the smaller brunette, their legs submerged in the pool. Max trailed her fingers through the water and didn’t say anything as Victoria settled. After a few moments Max rested her head on her shoulder and let out a quiet sigh. Victoria had to bite her tongue to keep herself from saying all the things she wanted to.

‘Warren’s an abusive asshole; Why do you stay with him; date me instead; I’m better than him and you know it.’

Max sighed again and nuzzled closer, pressing her nose into Victoria’s shoulder. Her hand crept forward on the pavement between them, tangling their fingers together. Max tipped her head up, blue eyes searching green. She slowly leaned in and Victoria’s heart began to race.

Her whole world titled sideways and went temporarily black as warren fisted his hand in her hair and violently threw her sideways, her vision went black for a few moments and she gasped. Faintly she could hear warren screaming at Max, the smaller girl flinching and backing away, arms up against her chest protectively.  Warren grabbed her and Max winced, her eyes widening and flicking down to the blonde.

He never saw it coming. Victoria rose up, the same rock she’d just smashed her own face on in hand and brought it down full force, smashing into the side of Warrens head. He dropped like a sac of bricks, Victoria dropping to her knee’s next to him and pounding her fist into his face. Her ears roared as she kept slamming her fist into him, anywhere she could reach. 

Arms wrapped around her and pulled her away, pulling her up-right. Staggering she whirled around to see Max, staring wide eyed at her.  Slowly her hearing came back “-toria, oh my god, Victoria are you okay?” She took a shuddering inhale and Max cupped her face, rubbing a dribble of blood away. “Victoria…” Her voice was much softer now and she was staring at her lip, still bleeding slightly from the cut.

Their lips crashed together in a hungry kiss, Max wrapping her arms around Victoria’s waist and pulled her close. Max pulled away to tenderly kiss the cut on her cheek. “I’m sorry.” She whimpered.

Victoria shrugged and tightened her hold. “don’t be.” she whispered back before kissing her again. They held each other tightly, their mouths meeting over and over again as Warren lay unconscious and forgotten behind them.

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I don't know most of the studyblrs faces... whom do you know and who do you think is the cutest or most handsome bloggers you know?

This is an interesting question.

Not a studyblr, but @ rudescience is definitely the cutest guy that I know here.

Studyblrs - Helena (@ areistotle) is gorgeous and Sabah (@ error-patience-victory) is so, so adorable and let me not forget how pretty @ algorhythmn is  :D

(an aside: most studyblrs generally don’t post their faces. I mostly know how these lovely people look because I follow their snapchats :D)