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Oh look I made a toon! Aaaand it’s bad XD I really need a drawing pad or maybe stick with traditional. I’m thinking about remaking her because she really doesn’t seem like a loli XD but yeah this is Caroline (she had a pear shaped body) and I tried giving her things a mechanic needs the small bag holds her tiny tools and she has a flashlight on her arm and this is for @blogthegreatrouge blog @thebbros sorry if it’s a lot ^^;

- she’s a mechanic and usually helps the gremlins
- a forgotten toon but doesn’t mind it
- she really looks up to Ortensia and Oswald
- tries to check up on Oswald but she doesn’t want to bother him
- loves playing with the Bunny children when she sees them
- a bit taller than Bendy by an inch or two
- two different colored eyes (the other is red)



While it is true Oswald was the first to become a star, it is not entirely true that he was the first to be forgotten….that sad honor goes to Julius the cat, the toon friend of Alice in the Alice comedies. He eventually became the prime focus of the series. This also means he was Pegleg Pete’s first foe. And yes, he looks like Felix, this was done on purpose to draw in more audiences.

In Wasteland:

This could easily have been the plot of an entire game!

Julius was around before Oswald, so it’s easy to see him as believing he should have been the ruler of Wasteland instead of Oswald. Heck, Oswald was made to replace Julius!

What’s also interesting is, unlike the other toons in Wasteland, he’s been shown directly interacting with non-toon characters, and the animators themselves. He would have had a better understanding of how the toons became forgotten, and maybe even have a grudge towards Walt himself for abandoning him.

Also, it would be cool to have a live-action character enter Wasteland, just to watch Julius interact with real people , just for old times sake.

Toon Corruption AU.

MY AU IDEA is basically this.

Toon characters will slowly become sick and corrupted

For a multitude of reasons.

There are a few reasons while they will get sick and corrupted.

1. Some toons just become corrupt and sick because their toon series is old. And it just happens and there’s nothing that can be done. 

2. Some toons fall into deep depression and slowly become corrupt and sick. 

3. Some toons become corrupt and sick because they’re being forgotten 

4. Some toons become corrupt and sick because they were never fully developed and were abandoned early in development. 

5. Some toons just become corrupt and sick for reasons unknown.

Corruption can end in four different ways. 

 1. Death 

2. Coma 

3. They go savage and have to be kept locked away. 

4. Some toons have actually survived the corruption and have recovered from it.

The warning signs of the corruption are:

1. Chronic coughing. 

2. A slowly rising fever 

3. Dizzyness and fatigue 

4. Sharp and agonizing body pains. 

5. Dark shadows under the eyes 

6. Matted hair/fur 

7. Feeling as cold as ice. 

8. Vomiting excessively

sometimes being corrupted has different warning signs depending on how they were made.Say if the toon was a robot then they wouldn’t experience most of those signs instead their parts would start creaking and becoming rusty and their paint would peel and their bolts and screws would become loose and their robotic parts would sometimes fall off.So it all depends on how a toon is made but the most noticeable signs of the corruption are those 8 signs I described up there.

Now all I need is a name for this Corruption/sickness and a blog name and a basic story idea. MHNNNN

anonymous asked:

Concept: Unpopular toons get sent to the wasteland. Since Epic Mickey came out, Oswald is more popular again so he can leave. Felix and Bimbo get a pass because they aren't Disney so magic works different for them for... Some... reason.

Oswald has grown in popularity, but as far as I know (and again, correct me if I’m wrong), if a toon loses their heart, that’s it. At least with how Epic Mickey makes it sounds, even if Oswald were to become popular again, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll get his heart back. He’s there for the rest of his days. Along with all the other forgotten toons. Since Epic Mickey is a Disney-licensed game and doesn’t have any roger-rabbit style appearances from other characters, it seems very clear that the wasteland is Disney-exclusive by design.  That’s why in the first game there was a sort of importance to ensure that Mickey made it out of the wasteland in one piece. Not just because Oswald wants him to leave, but because the blot would be able to cause trouble if it stole Mickey’s heart.

I think I more like the idea that even if a toon lessens in popularity, they’re still allowed to walk around without having to worry about getting sent to some other land. At least for the purpose of the toon troupe comics.

BatIM OC idea: Cupid

Origin: Cupid was created for a special Valentine’s day cartoon only for the cartoon to be banned due to outrage over the fact that the cartoon featured an openly gay couple. Cupid never got a chance to star in a cartoon again; much to her and her creator’s disappointment. 

She ended up sent to the “Scrap,” a place where concept characters or forgotten characters end up. The Scrap was originally a closet but the influence of the ink machine allowed it to grow and become a sort of pocket dimension within the studio. There, the forgotten toons created their own town and live out their daily lives, running businesses and even starting their own families. Cupid runs her own little bar which welcomes couples of any type and is quite happy, though she misses her creator. 

The door to the Scrap is locked and the key lies somewhere lost in the studio.

Personality: Cupid is a sweetheart but can be rather blunt. She’s calm and is ready to be a shoulder to cry on. She doesn’t believe in the idea of love at first sight and often advises patrons to her bar to take their time. On the flip side she also makes sure to try and promote the idea that love is love no matter what and to pursue it without society’s idea of love to cause hesitation. 

Notes: Cupid is actually blind. Her creator wanted to bring to life the idea that “Love is Blind” as a positive message. Cupid herself doesn’t mind the fact that she can’t see and wouldn’t change it. 


Your bunny was the main character of a very popular old cartoon. He always had a positive attitude, a “glass half full” kind of guy. Often mistaken for an oswald x bendy child, to the point that it became a running joke on the show. Loved to dance. Favorite form was ballet. Also enjoyed pranks. He was quite the trickster and was known to get into trouble a lot with the other toons. Long forgotten by his animators and the rest of the world, it was a huge surprise to suddenly hear a modern adaption is coming out in a few months. Funny, how it isn’t his old animators who are running the new show… I wonder who the director could be? Rumors have it that the new version will be in 3D.


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Excuse me Bendy? Can toons die of a broken heart? Is it possible for toons to die of sadness? Emotions can either increase or decrease the production of important hormones such as adrenaline. Adrenaline has the effect of narrowing the main arteries, putting a person in a situation where they may die of heart failure. Humans can die of sadness and a broken heart. I just wanted to know about the toons can die of sadness and a broken heart.

Nursebonbon:“According to most studies toons can only die of being forgotten, but is a toon ever truely forgotten? So in theory toons are completely incapable of ever truly dieing! This is still highly hypothetical and has yet to actually be proven but i hope i answered your question!

twistedtoontaylor  asked:

I never played the games so please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I read that the Toon's heart is basically the culmination of the love of their fans. So basically seeing as Oswald is back in the public eye and is getting love and has fans thanks to Epic Mickey he should have a new heart of his own now or at least be on the way to getting one. Maybe idk take it with a grain of salt.

I don’t see any reason for salt. But this kind of thing raises more questions to me. If all it takes for a forgotten toon to get a new heart is a few fans, why even have Epic Mickey’s story part of the toon troupe canon at all? Not to mention this story excluded characters like Bimbo and Felix, since the wasteland only seems to apply to Disney toons. My initial thought process was that the comics follow a more roger rabbit approach. Toons may lose popularity, but it’s not like they’re in any danger of being stuck in a wasteland.
Again, it’s not like the game itself would be completely ignored. But like kingdom hearts, it would either be treated as just another performance Mickey and company put on for the fans, or a separate continuity entirely.

Pocketful of Ugly Souls

“Nobody can love me” it cried
“Even so, I would like to know the feeling”
If that is the case then my job is
To love anyone nobody loves

Some days I find a bitter soul
Wedged between the sidewalk cracks
Using my thumb and index finger
I tuck it into my front pocket

I was born to like what the world names ugly

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