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little farty comic i may or may not color :’P

the idea was to show abby’s adventurer/hero instincts manifesting at a very young age, and also sebastian being somewhat ‘forgotten’ about like he always claims to be

I one day wanna see a One Piece AU where everyone actually speaks different languages. Like, perhaps there’s a language that’s spoken in 95% of the world and everyone is bilingual. Luffy, Usopp, Zoro, and Nami all speak an East Blue dialect but even then they have slightly different words because every island is just slightly different, like every English speaking nation. Luffy occasionally throws in words from a noble language that they all think is really odd until they meet Sabo.

Sanji speaks three languages, having picked up the East dialect after running away from North Blue. Franky, Brook, and Chopper don’t speak any Eastern dialects at all and only speak the standard language. Brook used to speak a Western dialect but has since forgotten. Robin knows a bit of everything and is always learning more languages; the national language of Ohara is something she treasures.

The Celestial Dragons have their own language which is “holy” and no one but them is allowed to speak it. Law can only say two things in their language: “shit” and “fuck”. Also, imagine Flevance having its own language and Law is the only one who speaks it now. And Luffy calls him Torao because Law’s accent is difficult for Luffy to understand.

And accents! Everyone on the Grand Line has an accent. You can tell what sea they’re from just because of their accent. South Blue is different to North Blue to West Blue and so on.

Just…One Piece languages and accents!!!

Forgotten Facts: Fool’s Fate

A list of pieces of information I either never noticed or forgot about, gathered during my reread. For posts on the other Robin Hobb books, see the forgotten facts tag.

1. The Prince’s guard’s colours are blue on blue.

2. The ship that took Dutiful to the Outislands is called ‘Maiden’s Chance’.

3. Riddle is about twenty when Fitz first meets him, and has ‘a rather new moustache’.

4. The Outislander word for war-leader is ‘kaempra’.

5. Scribe Fedwren has been to the Outislands.

6. Elliania’s little sister’s name is Kossi.

7. Elliania had two older brothers who died in the Red Ship War.

8. The hetgurd on Aslevjal are represented by the following animals: bear, owl, raven, seal, fox, and eagle.

9. Prilkop’s catalyst was female.

10. When Fitz remembers his mother, he remembers that her hair smelled of marigolds.

We’d Up And Fly If We Had Wings For Flying 1/?

Originally written for the @jonxsansaremix
Summary: Another bastard finds a home within the halls of Winterfell. Canon Divergent. A Robin Hood AU.

So @sansapotter reminded me that I started this little nugget for last year’s Remix. In true Emmy form, it is incomplete…but dagnabbit I will finish it one of these days! In the meantime, here’s the first chapter.

Before they set out from the Gates of the Moon, father gifts her with a fine new cloak.

It is a pretty thing, lined thick with sable, and fastened together with a silver broach inlaid with moonstones. She thinks it too fine for a bastard girl, no matter how beloved, but Alayne accepts it with a smile and an obedient kiss to father’s whiskered cheek.

She dons it over her riding clothes the morning they are to leave, desperately trying to quiet the secret part of her heart that calls for another cloak, the one that was promised to her.

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get to know me meme: favourite ladies of One Piece (in no particular order)

Concept: at some point in all the many Robins’ lives, they’ve been at Titans Tower, fired up, and kind of frustrating/freaking out their teammates by still being up and peppy at like 3am two days since they last slept…

…so they do the only thing they can think of, and toss a sheet over them.
“Do you think it’ll work?” whispers someone.
“Psssh, yeah! It’s a bird thing…” assures another.

Dick laughed.
Jason swore.
Tim made a confused noise.
Stephanie giggled.
Damien loudly threatened their ability to have children.

…but all of them eventually fell asleep, and their teams have never forgotten it.

Forgotten Facts: Fool’s Assassin

A list of pieces of information I either never noticed or forgot about, gathered during my reread. For posts on the other Robin Hobb books, see the forgotten facts tag.

1. Chade’s mother’s name was Hyacinth Fallstar.

2. When Chivalry and Patience were courting, he expressed that he saw nothing wrong with a young lady being interested in iron smithing. Patience then sent him a spoon she had made.

3. There was a Queen Efficacious who had six Skill-coteries, keeping one in each Duchy.

4. There’s an inn in Oaksbywater called The King’s Dogs Inn.

5. Prince Integrity greatly resembles Prince Rurisk.

6. Bee can walk on her hands.

7. Back before she was married, Patience travelled to Bingtown and Jamaillia.

8. Bee’s favourite colour is red.

9. Lady Patience’s private journal was discovered in Withywoods behind a stack of flower pots. 

10. Chade’s mother was a foot-soldier in the Farseer army.


behind the color of asphalt
wet with tears of summer;
behind the color of plumage
stained dark, the feathers
—a vision of a winged heart:
the world flipped the comfort of
silence into a severe humming
& a pretty robin has
forgotten how to sing
(what a fearful toiling thing
the little fluttering in the chest)

oh dear brittle blue bird,
does every absence demand
the migrations of longing?

in the langour of sleep at night
the vessel shall know death;
in the mercy of a new morning
(in visions far beyond the
horizon of finite yearnings)

the wings of the heart of
this vessel shall beat
itself awake.

j. p. berame // no. 042817

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R E S U R R E C T E D ||| a jason todd fanmix ||| l i s t e n

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Russell Crowe’s muscles → requested by fimlml


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Forgotten Facts: Ship of Destiny

A list of pieces of information I either never noticed or forgot about, gathered during my reread. For posts on the other Robin Hobb books, see the forgotten facts tag.

1. Reyn was around 4-5 years old when he was first in the Crowned Rooster chamber.

2. Roed Caern is described at one point as having ‘bound his long black hair back in a tail as if he were a barbarian warrior’ - possible Six Duchies style?

3. Ronica wove a shawl for Davad’s wife Dorill that he kept even after Dorill died.

4. In elderling times, the Rain Wild River was referred to as the Serpent River.

5. The elderling woman/deity, represented ploughing oxen on the wall of the halls of government in Kelsingra, is Cariandra the Fecund.

6. There was once an elderling city called Yruran, which is now submerged.

7. Etta may or may not have worn cloth-of-gold while climbing a mast/doing normal ship tasks.

8. Malta, on the Chalcedean ship, was permitted to search the hold for things to decorate the Satrap’s room with. She went deliberately over the top.

9. The original pact between Jamaillia and the Pirate Isles refers to Kennit as ‘The Daring and Undefeated Pirate Captain Kennit, King of the Pirate Isles by Virtue of his Boldness and Cunning’.

10. In Jamiallia, one of Malta’s maidservants shaves a part in her hair in order to place a decorative comb which imitates Malta’s scaling.


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