forgotten recalled

Wunderwasser 4711

The blackness            

        As the
           in opaqueness

Did your
           smell like

           if we eat

We’ll recall
            how it felt
                         to be
                                tucked in

    A big kiss
             with lips
a tad bit too wet

Eyes close
just like that

             - M.A. Tempels © 2017


So it’s been almost two months now since I’ve completely finished my business at college… Due to a few recent events, I took a bit of time to do some reflecting on the time I spent away from home pursuing my degree. I’m just now realizing that that chapter of my life came slamming shut and there’s no way for me to go back and relive it the exact same way. I was so caught up in the busyness of preparing for a con the weekend before graduation, the actual graduation ceremony, packing, and finally moving out and traveling back to my home state during my last couple of weeks in Savannah that I have some regrets about not making proper rounds and taking everything in while I still could. I really, really miss everything associated with my time at college (except for occasional surprise cockroach that made it into the dorm from outside to terrorize us of course). I desperately miss the friends and acquaintances that I made. I miss walking 20+ minutes in the pouring rain to pick up a carry out order of a tasty bowl of pho because I wanted more to eat than the rice sitting in my cabinet. I miss planning out my day down to the minute in hopes of being as efficient with my time as possible when needing to hit multiple places downtown in search of a specific item or treat so that when I returned to my dorm, the render I started before I left would be nearing completion. I miss bumping into friends and acquaintances by chance while waiting for the bus, hurriedly trying to wrap up our conversation before hopping on the bus. I miss the long nights I spent working on projects at monty surrounded by people in similar situations trying to simultaneously boost morale and get work done before the deadline. I miss the moments I would have to myself sitting on a fairly empty bus late at night listening to familiar music playlists struggling not to nod off while waiting for my stop. Songs such as “Mechonis Field” and “Central Factory” seemed to always resonate with me during those times and I was able to let my mind wander. In fact, at that time I had completed almost all of Xenoblade Chronicles during winter break and was adamant on avoiding spoilers and the intense struggle that was waiting until I returned home for the summer to finish where I left off stumped at the Disciple Lorithia battle.  I miss all of the late night adventures I’d have walking to underclassmen dorms to play smash bros, visit the sandwich shop, buy some snacks, or visit one of the computer labs all the while listening to music that made the 7 minute walk a true experience when coupled with the extraordinary silence and stillness of the night. Songs such as “Another Medium” around the time Undertale came out and “Road Taken” when FE: Fates came out were particularly memorable for those experiences. I just miss the overall camaraderie that I had a chance of experiencing on a daily basis. Sure, I’ve found things to fill the holes that were left since I’ve returned home, but thinking about the things and experiences I no longer have and the people I can’t just bump into or decide to spontaneously visit late into the night easily anymore makes me awfully sad and regretful. I just don’t want to forget all of the times I’ve had…good OR bad and I don’t want to forget all of the people who made my experience worthwhile. I fear being forgotten because I’m realising that it was so easy for me to just keep moving forward with my life and not look back up until now since I’ve been home. My college experience was by no means easy and it was a very challenging experience at times, but it was good while it lasted. But now, I guess it’s just best to keep my head up and keep looking forward! Soon all of the experiences that I’m having right now, as mundane as they may currently seem, will stir up feelings when looking back and reflecting several years in the future.  

Mother’s Day Planning

A mini That ‘70s Show Fic by me, nannygirl

May 12, 1984

Forman Kitchen

“Mother’s Day Brunch,” Red read off the pamphlet in his hands and the scoffed. “Brunch. Just lunch with a Br…should be a ‘BS.’”

Hyde smirked, “Take it you don’t like brunch, Red.”

“The only thing that makes it different from regular lunch is the ant sized food and being able to drink some fancy orange juice with champagne,” the older man grumbled but slowly a grin broke out on his face, “Kitty’ll love it.”

These words made Hyde’s grin grow. He had thought Mrs. Forman would like the idea of brunch, and his Mother’s Day gift to her but her husband had just confirmed it.

“Figured it would save her from having to make two meals that day,” he pointed out referring to the two meals that blended together to make the word brunch: breakfast and lunch.

“You did good, son,” Red admitted, the younger man a quick slap on the shoulder on his way to grab a beer from the fridge. “What’re you getting Jackie?”

Hyde frowned at the question. “Nothing. Didn’t think I had to get her something.” The way Red looked at him the new father realized he had thought wrong. “I mean she’s not my mother.”

It was true. Jackie was his wife and his nine month old daughter’s mother…

“That’s good, make sure you point that out to her,” Red replied, an index finger popping off his beer can to point at Hyde.

Trying not to panic just yet Hyde tried to figure this out. He’d never really done Mother’s Day growing up with Bud and Edna. He remembered making the projects in school but they’d end up squashed at the bottom of his backpack, forgotten. He couldn’t recall Bud ever getting Edna any Mother’s Day gifts or gifts at all for that matter.

He knew Red got Kitty a gift for the holiday but he figured it was always because of that one year Red had forgotten her birthday.

Hyde slowly lifted his head and looked at Red. If ever he needed the man’s advice it was now. “Do I need to get Jackie a Mother’s Day gift?”

Red said nothing but shot him a look that unmistakably said ‘What do you think, dumbass?’

And the use of dumbass was right…tomorrow was Mother’s Day!

“Crap,” was all Hyde said before he stood up and dashed out of the house to get to work on making a plan that would make Jackie’s first Mother’s Day a great one, in less than 24 hours.

Measured in Millimeters

For day four of Shallura week (prompt: distance). Because I needed something a little fluffier, after yesterday.


The blame all fell on Lance.

He thought grabbing the large, plush flower off the surface of the planet they’d visited was a good idea, insisting that the blue color of the petals was perfect. And he’d been the one to bounce up to Allura and offer it out with an overdramatic bow, grinning when she said, “Oh, um, thank you,” and took it from him.

“It reminded me of your eyes,” Lance purred.

Allura wrinkled her nose and murmured, “I see.” She raised the bloom to take a sniff of it and, really, it was only lucky chance that Shiro walked up behind her at that moment and that he stood in the position to catch her when she made a soft, pained sound and dropped like a lead weight.

Shiro grunted in surprise and grabbed her automatically, curling an arm around her back and, when she continued to collapse, sweeping up her legs. She hung limp in his hold, her head tilted back at a terrible angle, her eyes shut and her mouth open, completely dead weight.

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Lance started to panic when he realized he couldn’t remember the sound of his mother’s voice.

How would you feel, a voice that you’d heard since birth, suddenly forgotten?

He could recall her face, from pictures of course, but not any of the details.

Did she have wrinkles from smiling?

How old was she now?

Lance had gone off to the Garrison when he was in his late teens, and had been away for—

How long had he been long?

Lance set down his boots, sitting on the edge of his bed, catching his breath.

He was appalled at himself, trying desperately to remember her voice.

It was fruitless.

He had his memories of course, plenty of them.

Some more distinct than others, but still there.

Lance remembered when it was just his big sister and himself, the games his mother used to play with the two of them.

There had been this show, the American name was ‘Mommy and Me’.

His parents taught both Spanish and English at a young age.

Lance could remember crawling around on the floor with his sister, his mother clambering around them.

‘The ants go marching one by one, hoorah, hoorah!’

He smiled softly, humming the tune under his breath. It was one of his earliest memories.

One of his most fondest.

The blue paladin could never ever forget it.

Recalling what had caused this sudden euphoric thinking?


He had started yelling at Lance when the other had started talking about a past memory.

The red paladin had called him selfish for ‘bragging’ about such a thing that others may not have had.

Keith couldn’t remember his family, never had a true one.

It wasn’t fair of Lance to talk about his in front of the mullet-haired boy.

Lance had quickly gone silent after that, embarrassed by the outburst. He hadn’t meant to hurt Keith’s feelings. But also, the guy was kind of an emotional roller coaster.

He took a shaky breath, rubbing his wet eyes.

When had he started crying?

Lance sighed, standing and started to change into his normal attire.

It was hard, homesickness. Missing the ones who loved him and those he loved.

But he knew he wasn’t the only one who felt like this.

THAT was selfish, to think something as ridiculous than that.

Although, Lance wouldn’t doubt if he was the one that felt it the strongest.

At least personally. But he could be wrong.

Suddenly he thought of his younger siblings. All six of them.

He had been their protector, space explorer.

Lance was their role model, guardian.

He had a new baby sister who didn’t even know him yet.

That absolutely broke Lance’s heart.

He held his jacket now, remembering how he had gotten it from his father.

The father who was supposed to be proud of the son who went to space, and came back to support his family with his fortune.

The father who probably thought he was dead.

He sniffled, hiccuping a little. Lance dearly missed his family. More than anything.

Sure, he had Shiro who played a father role.

Pidge was like his little sister.

Hunk was basically brother, and maybe even Keith.

Keith could be the cousin.

Coran and Allura were even like his family.

But deep down it wasn’t the same.

They weren’t the ones he had left behind. They knew he was alive.

Eventually, Lance calmed his nerves and stood up. Dinner would be soon.

He ventured off to the dining area, and smiled a bit as he saw everyone gathered around it.

Pidge was bickering with Hunk.

Keith was talking with Shiro and Coran.

Alurra was watching everyone with a fondness, and Lance sat beside her.

The blue paladin may be homesick, missing his biological family horribly.

But when he sat here, observing his friends, he realized he had a little family here.

It wasn’t biological, but it was still family.

Family didn’t have to be the people you grew up with, or the ones you shared parents with.

Heck, most of the time family wasn’t even THAT.

Family were the ones who would do anything to make sure you were okay, were there to have your back.

The ones that cared about you, you could joke with.

Family was those who you allowed into your life permanently because you loved them.

Maybe he was closer to home than he truly believed.

The thought made Lance smile.

He was home, sort of. But you had to start somewhere, didn’t you?

neuroglam answered your question “So I am taking a mental health day and I want to spend it writing–I…”

bond’s been sneaking into q’s apartment secretly to spoil his cats. q is overworked etc and forgets about the cats but they didn’t die? curious, he sets up a surveillance system. What he learns will surprise you ;)

Done!  I loved working on this one, even though it took forever.  Q really is just a giant cat, himself.

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Analyzing Dreams for Shadow Work

I haven’t posted anything pertaining to shadow work in a while, and I have been asked about this before, so with waking up with weird dreams fresh on my mind the past few days I thought I’d take a stab at it.

For Starters

► Avoid referring to dream dictionaries or any Freudian interpretations.

► Try to recall your dreams in as much detail as possible. See here for tips.

► Record everything.

Acknowledging Key Points

Once you’ve written down or otherwise recorded the dream, overview it. Try to discern an underlying theme based on how you felt, what you “saw”, and your experience as a whole. Just because something seems ominous to the conscious mind doesn’t necessarily mean you experienced it as such in the dream. Try to avoid making any symbolic associations without first considering how you perceived the dream while in it. Reflect on how any parts of the dream are tied to your waking life experiences.

Dissecting Themes

After you have identified a general theme, try to understand why it possessed enough influence in your subconscious to manifest into a dream. Themes are typically synonymous with emotions. As an example, a dream about being lost in a maze might represent a theme of feeling stranded or helpless. Probe your real life experiences and observe whether or not you have had any experiences that mirror that feeling. This may lead you to recall long-forgotten memories or could simply call attention to present day experiences that need consideration.

Pay attention to how you approach situations (i.e. respond to the theme) in your dreams. This may offer insight as to how you wish you handled things in real life or how you think you should and how you believe making those decisions would affect you. Observing your decision making in dreams can reveal deep-seated thought patterns and core beliefs that may need resolving.

Interpreting Symbolism

Normally, in “shadow dreams”, almost everything will be a projection of a subconscious aspect of the self or something that created an emotional reaction in waking life. Interpreting symbolic aspects of a dream based on how they are relative to you is how I suggest doing this. Dreaming of a horse is an indication of repressed sexuality to Freudian standards, but if you have been considering obtaining a horse or anticipating a horse back ride adventure, it is likely a reflection of those conscious thoughts. Always trust your intuition when making any symbolic associations. Everything is relative to personal experience; ultimately, you are your own judge.

Processing Insight

Once you have thoroughly analyzed the dream, you may have come to enough understanding to enable you to internalize what your just deciphered. Try to apply this insight to your life in whatever ways you can. Most often we are reminded of factors of our reality that could use work or parts of ourselves that are calling out for healing. When we heed to their messages we can use dreams to direct us in waking life. If you don’t come to understand a dream in enough clarity that you can assimilate the message it brings, don’t be discouraged. This happens quite often. Make notes and you can reflect on it in the future if you feel compelled to.

For a personal example of dream analysis, see here.

The woman from Italy.

The woman from Italy is arriving today,
nothing can stop her from coming this way.
She will not hear pleading she cares not for soccer
she is the woman from Italy, bow low before her.
All the children in town know to hide in their rooms
the adults have forgotten, they’ll recall all too soon.
Her hands are like storm clouds with lightning quick talons,
all before is a murmur all after is silence.

The woman from Italy is with us this evening
we hide, and we shudder but there is no deceiving.
She exhales must and steam. She poisons the air.
Say you have a family, SAY IT! She doesn’t care.
The woman from Italy delights in your pain.
She asks just one favour but asks again and again.
Do you think you could? No rush, Just a moment,
Give in screaming to eternally burning torment?

The woman from Italy, oh end of all things.
She has seen the fall of babylon,
she has drunk the blood of kings.
Her robes are shadow, her eyes are dusk.
Her voice is ember and chalk dust and rust.
The woman from Italy has honed in on your scent.
She seeks out your refuge, oh yes, she knows where you went.
Its your skin that she wants, bound and browned into leather.
But first, predecease, I give you the weather.

The woman from Italy, oh merciful goddess!
Her victims are legion but this evening they’re not us!
We grab grateful breaths, from the night shaded air.
Baited breaths, Fearful breaths, but breathe deep, nothing there.
The woman from Italy is gone but then not for always.
She waits behind doors, and at the end of dark hallways,
She follows no logic exists solely for spite.
But you are safe for now, dear listeners. So goodnight, Night Vale.


Modern Susan Pevensie: The Lost Years

They think you’ve forgotten (they don’t know how wrong they are). You haven’t forgotten; you recall all too well. If you close your eyes, you remember those golden days with uncompromising clarity—the power, the duty, the creatures that respected you and that you in turn adored. And then you were taken; told that your aging body could never return—never return to the land that you gently ruled for fifteen beautiful, hard years.

Remembering is too painful, you decide. So you choose to fit in; you flit around town and drink and party and flirt…you will let yourself grow up in the broken world you must now call your own (and maybe, just maybe, you can build yourself your own small kingdom).

They think you have forgot. You know you never will.

You’re not sure which one is worse.

the lost years II the dark years II the lonely years

anonymous asked:

how would vkook react if their gf is very insecure of her appearance because shes not exactly that pretty and also the fact that her boyfriend is so hot makes things worse

Although it is difficult to not feel insecure, try your best to see yourself as the beautiful human being that you are, hmm? ;)


Taehyung would be really confused once you open up your insecurities about your looks. Because to him, you’re literally PERFECT an BEAUTIFUL in every way or angle and he’s just going to be so puzzled and sad because he’d feel like he’s not doing enough to make you feel beautiful. 

“Oh Tae, it isn’t your fault…”

“But it is.” He almost cries; eyes looking thoroughly upset it makes you regret having told him in the first place (because who wants to make this little cinnamon sad??). “I just don’t understand why you would feel this way. You’re very pretty Y/N–ah~”

You blush at your boyfriend’s remark, unsure if you’ll ever get used to his blunt yet sincere compliments. “Thank you Taehyung-ah. I don’t know… I guess some of the comments just got to me–” you suddenly shut your mouth, regretting that slip. 

“What comments?” Taehyung grows concerned, face morphing into a serious one and you knew you were in deep trouble.

“What. Comments. Y/N?” he repeats sternly and you feel small under his intense gaze.

“Just… some fans saying we don’t look good together and that you could do so much better.” you say in a rush and Taehyung’s eyes widen at that. 


“It’s okay, Tae. I understand.” you give him an assuring smile. “I know I’m no beauty queen… and well you’re like one of the hottest idols in Korea right now so I understand why people would react–” you stop when you were suddenly enveloped in a warm embrace. 

Taehyung hugs you tight until you feel your worries and concerns melt away. It was amazing how a simple gesture could do so much. 

“Just because people say that, it doesn’t mean it’s true. They’re just jealous because you’re so damn beautiful, Y/N.”

You smile before letting go to look him in the eye. What you see blows you away because Taehyung had the most sincere and determined look on his face. You play with his fringe slightly, making him smile before saying, “To you, maybe.”

“Isn’t that enough?” he asks and you frown, suddenly aware of how you’re being stupid for worrying over such insecurities…

“It’s more than enough, Tae Tae.” you answer honestly and Taehyung grins wide before giving you a kiss.

“I love you, you know that?” he says against your lips. 

“Yeah. Yeah I do.”

“Then you should also know you’re beautiful, hmm?” he hums as he gives you an eskimo kiss. “So…so beautiful!”

Taehyung gives you butterfly kisses all over your face and you laugh as he suddenly initiates a tickle fight. As you laugh together in each other arms, in your head you think: 

I’m starting to.

Jungkook was unsure why you were acting so gloomy today. He was starting to worry if it was his fault…if he forgot an anniversary or something. But he checked. He was sure there was no occasion forgotten nor could he recall anything he had done wrong.

“Y/N?” He asks cautiously when he finds you in your room typing on your desk. Jungkook notices the way you jumped and immediately closed a tab on your laptop screen before turning to face him with a smile that looked a little forced. 

“Kookie. Hey, do you need anything?”

“No… but…”

“Do you want food? I kinda wanna watch a movie, right now too.” Before Jungkook could reply at your rushed statement, you stand up from your chair, give his cheek a kiss before walking pass him to the kitchen. Jungkook just stands there confused for a few seconds until his eyes lands on your computer. He knows it’s wrong to snoop but he was intrigued. With a swift click, he opena the tab you just closed and saw a news article…

Apparently, a tabloid news about him and his longtime girlfriend.  

Jungkook never disclosed information about his personal life but he never tried to hide it either. People just found out from seeing you two out together and when asked, Jungkook never really denied it and would always say: “Yes, I’m in a relationship and am very happy at the moment.” 

Jungkook smiles upon seeing the pictures some of the paparazzi took of the two of you. He thought you looked really pretty in these candid shots: smiling while you two were holding hands, laughing at a joke he probably made while you were eating ice cream in a restaurant…

But then he scrolled down and his expression morphs into a concerned one. Because at the comments feed were some really negative reactions from the public, saying things like: “Jungkook is so hot but he’s girlfriend is so not!”; “He could do so much better.”; “What does he see in her anyway? She’s so plain…”.


Jungkook turns from the screen and sees you standing there with a bag of chips. “I was gonna ask if you want Coke or–” you stop when you look over his shoulder, recognizing the tab you just closed.

“Were you reading this?” Jungkook says as he stands from the chair. Suddenly he seems intimidating and you feel pathetic for being caught reading that article. 

“I–” You wanted to lie but Jungkook’s gaze was piercing through your soul and you couldn’t seem to. “Yes.”

“Why?” he snaps. “I told you not to read these types of arti–”

“I didn’t mean to!” you protest. “I just saw it and–”

“Is that why you’ve been upset?” he says and his gaze softens as he approaches you. “Come on, Y/N. You don’t actually believe this garbage, do you?”

When you remain silent, Jungkook frowns. “Y/N?”

“I’m sorry. I just… I think it’s true.” You sigh. “I’m not so sure what you saw in me either, Jungkook. I mean.. you’re perfect. You’re the Golden Maknae for crying out loud!”

“Yeah, who’s also really stupid in Math, who forgets to reply to text messages, who’s really sh*tty when it comes to showing his feelings… And who’s actually afraid of microwaves.” he replies a little angrily. 

At the last statement, you actually covered your mouth to keep from laughing, knowing it was true. “Jungkook–”

“I’m just saying, Y/N.” he rolls his eyes when he sees you snickering. “I’m not as perfect as people make it out to be. But you…” he shakes his head. “You’re perfect. You’re not only beautiful but you’re smart, you’re funny, and you’re the only one patient enough to put up with me. If anyone should be doubtful in this relationship it’s me. I’m not sure what you see in me or how I even deserve someone like you.”

You sigh at his sentiment before stepping forward and wrapping your arms around his neck. He looks down at you, eyes wide and a little sad and so you stand on your toes to give him a sweet kiss.

“Sh*tty with your feelings, huh?” you chuckle slightly at his dazed expression. You lean your foreheads together and Jungkook pulls you closer by your waist. “I beg to differ. You Jungkook, know exactly how to cheer a girl up.”

Jungkook smiles that bunny smile you have grown to adore and you think that it wouldn’t matter what anyone else thought…

Because the only thing that mattered is Jungkook. And he thinks you’re a goddess… 

So what’s the problem, right? ;)

Originally posted by donewithjeon

I enjoyed writing this! Hope you guys liked it! 

Tell me what you think~ 

- Kaye Allen

The Woman from Italy is arriving today.
Nothing can stop her from coming this way.
She will not hear pleading; she cares not for succor.
She is the Woman from Italy; bow low before her.
All the children in town know to hide in their rooms.
The adults have forgotten; they’ll recall all too soon.
Her hands are like storm clouds with lightning quick talons.
All before is a murmur,
All after is silence
The Woman from Italy is with us this evening.
We hide, and we shudder, but there is no deceiving.
She exhales must and steam; she poisons the air.
Say you have a family, say it, she doesn’t care.
The Woman from Italy delights in your pain.
She asks just one favor but asks again and again,
“Do you think you could? No rush, just a moment,
give in screaming to eternally burning torment?”
The Woman from Italy- Oh, end of all things!
She has seen the fall of Babylon, she has drunk the blood of kings.
Her robes are shadow; her eyes are dusk.
Her voice is amber, and chalk dust, and rust.
The Woman from Italy has honed in on your scent.
She seeks out your refuge, oh yes, she knows where you went.
It’s your skin that she wants,
bound and browned into leather.
But first, pre-decease
I give you the weather.
The Woman from Italy- Oh! Merciful goddess.
Her victims are legion, but this evening they’re not us.
We grab grateful breaths from the night shaded air,
bated breaths, fearful breaths.
But breathe deep- nothing there.
The Woman from Italy is gone, but then, not for always.
She waits behind doors and at the end of dark hallways.
She follows no logic, exists solely for spite.
But you are safe for now dear listener.
So good night, Night Vale,
Good Night.
—  The full story of The Woman From Italy
You've Got A Friend In Me
External image

Angel: Lucifer (with a guest appearance from Crowley!)

Word Count: 2241

Author: Keanna

Warnings: Depression-ish, feeling lonely, some bullying, one subtle thought of suicide, a very very very long beginning because I’m a sucker for putting in lots of detail.

Notes: I love this request to death oh my god. I wasn’t sure if you wanted the reader to be a hunter and aware of the supernatural world or not, but I thought it’d be cuter if she wasn’t. So if you wanted her to be a hunter I’m sorry, I’ll re-do it if you so desire! Be warned, I am only in high school and know nothing about college so if I get stuff wrong, please correct me! Also, I sure have a thing for the reader almost-dying-and-then-being-saved-at-the-last-minute. This one is super cute

Your name: submit What is this?


You sighed and shook your head, dropping it in your hands. You sat on the edge of your bed alone in your room, swallowing thickly to fight back tears. College was a bitch, and the people there weren’t all that great either. Just this morning you woke up to a new message from your old high school bullies who continued to send hurtful messages occasionally, years after you guys had graduated.

You weren’t always like this, though. In middle school you’d had a fun time with lots of friends and people who loved you. But as you got older, things changed and you came to the conclusion that reality sucked, growing up sucked, and maybe, just maybe, the world and everyone else would be better off without you.

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After that ask a lil bit earlier I’ve been thinkin’ and here’s a list of the costumes I’ve seen people come in to play Lazer Tag while wearing;

  • A full 20-strong squad of power rangers
  • Various Disney ladies
  • Ninjas
  • Marvel characters ranging from a screen-accurate captain america to a dude who just painted himself green
  • Popeye
  • Thunderbirds
  • “Mad Max” characters
  • A full 20-strong squad of Where’s Wally’s
  • Some incredibly enthusiastic Pirates
  • Zombie Surgeons
  • Cowboys
  • Indians
  • Georgian Ladies and Gentlemen of court (feat. big-ass glow in the dark bouffant wigs)

The Not-So-Solo Night Hike

A/N: I am just finishing this now but I went on a solo night hike when I went on my retreat and I got the idea to make this. I haven’t written in a while, so I hope this is okay!

Gif Credits: As always, these aren’t mine, so credits to whomever they belong to.


Today was a big day for me. And for the new Lost Boys, of course. We were being trained ever since we were dropped off by the shadow months ago, at least I think it was months ago, to become excellent enough warriors to defend ourselves, each other, and Pan’s island, Neverland.

Tonight we were going to be going through the greatest challenge yet, one that many boys had failed before and had to redo in order to finish–the solo night hike.

Although it doesn’t seem that bad when you think of it, we will be left alone with no light except for the stars–if they show up–and our senses. By now, we have memorized the map and since there is no light to see it, we won’t be needing it on this journey. We each have a different route so we don’t bump into one another and help each other out. In fact, the goal is to finish your route alone. A specific veteran Lost Boy has been placed at every individual ending so we would know if we went the right way or not. To keep from cheating, we weren’t told who our Lost Boy would be.

Many of the new boys were anxious and frightened, constantly looking back at their map and reviewing it–even though they knew it like the back of their hand.

Pan was very strict about cheating, constantly repeating the phrase, “Cheaters never win.” Naturally, all of us had a mix of emotions. The rules only added upon more stress. Not a single one of us looked prepared to take it on like a normal Lost Boy would. I was no different, of course.

I was scared out of my mind!

What if pirates attacked while it happened?

What if I got lost? Wait, I already am.

What if I can’t find my Lost Boy?

What if I get hurt by an animal?

What if I wander off somewhere I’m not supposed to?

What if-

“Rookies! It’s time.” Felix announced and we all lined up at the beginning. There were no words of encouragement, or even any chanting from the other Lost Boys. The tension and amount of concentration was thick enough to cut through. Felix was already sending the boys out, giving them each a specific path. I already heard some screams from the first boys. That didn’t help me one bit. I sucked it up and approached Felix when it was my turn. He looked my direction before pointing at where I was supposed to go. It was right in between the arch of two trees.

“Go straight through those trees and find your way across the island to the hidden area.” I gulped and I felt a hard lump emerge from the back of my throat.

“But that area’s restricted.”

“Just. Go.” he narrowed his eyes at me and I hurriedly walked through the trees, looking back one last time before I left.

Sadly, all I saw was Felix’s scarface blocking the view, so I rolled my eyes and kept moving.

It was pitch black as the light from the camp soon faded into darkness. It officially consumed me and there almost no stars out tonight which made it even better. I walked in total darkness with nothing but my thoughts to keep me compan–EEK!

I fell right into a ditch. How convenient. Luckily, I had my dagger just in case any beasts were to be stupid enough to pick a fight with me tonight. I used it to stab through the hard dirt wall and climbed; the vines being strong enough to support my weight. Once I climbed out, I stupidly dusted myself off, cursing my reflex when I knew I couldn’t see any dirt on my clothes due to the darkness. I continued walking straight, this time with my arms out just in case I felt something.

It continued like this for a while; constantly losing my balance, tripping, and hearing only the ambience that radiated in Neverland nights. I had forgotten to recall my map earlier, the run-in with the surprisingly convenient ditch had taken me by surprise, so I was going off of what I could deal with at the moment. So far, I haven’t seen the moonlight kissing the sea that surrounded the island, so that meant I was still lost in Neverland’s endless jungle. Maybe if I thought about the map I wouldn’t feel too lost as I am right now–WAIT. Is that the pun of the activity? “Lost boys and a girl?” If it is, then Pan is sinister. I’d have to give him that.

I wandered aimlessly as the night went on, never getting out of this jungle. I was at my breaking point and wanted to give up. Maybe redoing this wasn’t so bad. I walked in every direction but it was no use. It was pitch black and I couldn’t see a single thing. Right when I was about to take a seat and have a break, a voice barked from somewhere around me that seemed to cause chills to ride up my spine.

“Giving up already? Where’s your fire?” Pan spoke with that accent of his. I looked around for him but it was no use. The darkness was too thick for any light to penetrate through it.

“Why is it like this? How can such a place be so dark? Have I even moved from where I was hours ago?” I shouted into the darkness. Over time I had grown a voracious need for answers.

“You ask many questions. Calm down.” I heard his voice right next to my ear. It startled me, having me react by retreating. I took a few deep breaths and composed myself before speaking again.

“Why are you here? Have I failed?” I tried to restrain myself from asking so many questions, but it was no use.

“No, not necessarily. There are, in fact, boys that are wandering around aimlessly for their Lost Boy. None of you know the map, it seems.” Pan sternly stated. He sighed, almost too exaggerated. It was as if he wanted it to be like this.

“What do you mean? Of course we know it! We memorized it.” I retorted.

“That doesn’t mean that you know the map like I do, or like any other Lost Boy does. No Lost Boy has surpassed my power. Once you know the map, you know the island itself.” Pan explained and I felt his body heat linger at one area next to me for a while before it faded away. I remained completely still, matching the stillness of the darkness that had consumed us both.

“I don’t know how to respond to that.” I stated, unsure of what I was supposed to do.

“You don’t have to. It was a form of intimidation and judging by your response, it seemed to have worked.” I opened my mouth to respond but quickly closed it, pondering what just happened.

“So then where am I? Listen, Pan, I need to get to the area I need to go to.” I explained quickly.

“And where may that be?” his sudden politeness conflicted with his everyday cockiness.

“The restricted area.” I said.

“Is that so?” I expected him to be angry, but he seems, by far, amused.

“Don’t ask me. Felix was the one who told me to go there.” I shrugged it off. He took note of this behavior.

“Well, then just follow me. Let’s act like your route never existed. Shall we?” Before I could ask how I could follow him, I heard his footsteps and I managed to stick close by him. If I looked hard enough, I could see a dark form moving in front of me. Hopefully that was Pan and not his shadow. I followed him and risked falling into ditches, tripping, and losing my balance until the ground beneath us shifted. It was no longer hard rock we were standing on, but many, many little rocks. It had to have been the beach. Pan’s dark form had been blocking the sight of the ocean and I took a step aside to look. Excited to see freedom at last, it faltered when I realized that there was no moon.

“What happened to the moon?”

“It’s a moonless sky. We do these activities when there is no light to be found in the island. Except in the beginning, of course, when the campsite is fully lit.” Pan explained. I still couldn’t see him clearly, but I could make out the form of his face. I was dangerously close to him so I took a few steps back until I felt comfortable. He took one step closer and that closed the distance between us. My blood ran cold and I could feel him raise his brows at me.

“Something the matter, Y/N?” the way he said my name with such clever amusement irked me.

“Yes, actually. You see, killers normally lead their victims in secluded areas before, you know, killing them. Knowing you, this is probably one of those situations.” I rambled while trying to make my point. His laugh gave me this uneasy feeling that settled in my stomach.

“I would never kill my own Lost Boy. Girl, in this case.”

“Are you sure? Maybe when Felix was in my state, this is what you did to him, and so since then he’s been so afraid that he has decided to serve you and become your precious and most loyal Lost Boy.”

“What an interesting theory. It’s a shame that it’s not true.” Pan explained and I felt his body heat wane again. We stood awkwardly in silence until he spoke. “Come, we should return to the campsite. Dawn is soon to come.”

I followed him back the way I followed him to the beach–by trying hard. It took much, much longer to go back to the campsite. When we finally saw the light and the fire appear in our sight, I stopped and looked at Pan with happiness and joy. I ran into the camp expecting to see everyone, but there was only Felix and a few other lost boys. My smile dropped.

“Where is everyone?” I asked, confusion clear on my face.

“Lost. Looks like many will have to redo this.” Felix said as he sharpened his weapon. I didn’t notice Pan enter behind me.

“Felix, did you know that Y/N has a very interesting theory about you?” I looked at Pan with horror stricken on my face.

“Is that so?” Felix said and smirked before returning to his weapon. I heard many woo’s come from around the campsite and I raised my brow at them. It wasn’t until I looked at Pan did I realize.

“How come Y/N gets help or special treatment?” a Lost Boy questioned. Another boy leaned close into his ear and explained his reasoning. I could tell because his face turned into an expression of realization. It was probably some stupid assumption, I guess.

“Wait, so where is my Lost Boy that I was supposed to get at the end of the route? They must be very lonely at the moment.” I asked Pan.

“Don’t you get it?” he faced me. “I am your Lost Boy.” my cheeks turned a fiery red and I heard Felix chuckle behind us.

“You’re so late, Y/N. Congratulations, I guess.” Felix stated.


~Mayhem ;3

Also, and I don’t even know why I’m bringing this up, there was a new woman drinking coffee at the Moonlight All-Nite Diner this morning. She smiled twice, and frowned once. And her fingers tapped out a rhythm. There was nothing unusual about the rhythm. She ordered a second coffee, she…



…and ate the last of her eggs. Nothing more to report on the woman at this time. I don’t even know why I reported what I just did.


Welcome to Night Vale 

Episode 39 - The Woman from Italy

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Is it still your birthday in the islands?! Holy winning ice cream sticks, it has been toO LONG. Sorry this is so late DX

In order to celebrate how old you’re getting *snorts*, I got Prompto to snap an actual photo of a cranky old King Noctis running some kids off the castle lawn like the sassy boss he is. 

The birthday of The Grand Shibaloha is an event which can recall even forgotten tumblr passwords from the grave! I may not have been on this site in 84 years, but I still have much love for the marshmallows. However old and toasted we may be, we just make better s'mores that way ;D Happiest of birthdays to you! 

I hope you’re doing well! May you eat your fill of all foods you enjoy, and may bottles of ketchup hide from the table in shame when you pass them. ❤

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OMG ANGIE! I MISS YOU LOTS, MAHAKITA!! Thank you so much. ;A; 

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