forgotten pulp



Issues #1 to 4 of this outstanding french pulp dedicated to weird tales and publishing rare and forgotten stuff of great masters from the past as well as originals. Featuring short stories by Maurice Level,, Jean Lorrain, Marcel Schwob, Jean Dorsenne, Pierre Désirieux, Paul Arosa and more obscure writers (but always with a great delivery).  You could also read a serial of complete stories “Les étranges enquêtes du commissaire Clès”- Clès being an occult detective and each of his file being narrated by a different writer.

Publisher: Les Aventuriers de l’Art Perdu, 2001/2002

Publishing director: Philippe Gontier

source:amsaklapper’s collection


Four of the only six issues of Mind Magic: Psycho-Mystic Stories and Daily Astrological Readings started in 1930 by the same publisher who produced Miracle Science Fiction, Scarlet Adventuresses and a number of other pulps that never made it past six issues.

Did the sub-genre of “Psycho-Mystic” stories disappear or did it just turn into Paranormal Romance?

The Rawhide Kid, Two-Gun Kid, Black Rider and dozens of others, Timely / Atlas / Marvel Comics had a lot of Western heroes in its past.

However its longest running and most successful two-gun hero never appeared in a comic, but he looks like he should have, being as he was a cross between the Lone Ranger and Zorro who sometimes ran into non-typical Western foes like the undead in the issue above.

Along with comics Marvel Comic publisher Martin Goodman also published Pulp and one of his longest running one was Masked Rider Western that ran from 1934 to 1952.

Like a lot of Goodman’s product it came about by him seeing something that was doing well and saying. “Let’s do something like that.”

And so shortly after the Lone Ranger and Tonto appeared on the radio the Masked Rider and Blue Hawk appeared and rode the western trails for 18 years in the pulps.