forgotten muse

Dear fandom

Why do you keep forgetting that Sebastian is a sassy little shit? I mean it’s all precious and sweet, that you keep depicting him as this innocent, ever-friendly, Maker-loving choir boy, but have you also considered these?

Before a fight:
“Maker preserve their stupid, stupid souls.“

When killing and enemy:
“Arrows courtesy of Sebastian Vael!“

After a fight:
“And I just cleaned my armour.”

About to KO:
“Why do they always go for the archers?“

Anders: How can you have so much faith? Does nothing bother you?
Sebastian: You’re bothering me.

Aveline: I’ve seen greater men than you use that excuse.
Sebastian: Noted and ignored, Captain.

Fenris: I can’t decide if it is certainty you have, or blindness.
Sebastian: (Chuckles) At least you can’t decide. 

Isabela: You weren’t? You weren’t going to tell me to comfort the needy and give freely of myself?
Sebastian: From what I hear, you already give yourself quite freely.

To Isabela if she returned to give the stolen book back:
“It’s frightening, isn’t it, to realize you have the potential to be a better person?”

Merrill: I’ve always wondered: how do your Divines choose their names?
Sebastian: They write all the best sacred names on slips of paper and stuff them in a miter.
Sebastian: Then the newly elected Divine picks a name out of the hat.
Merrill: What if she picks a name she doesn’t like? Does she have to keep it?
Sebastian: Of course she does. How do you think we got four Divines named Hortensia?

Sebastian with Hawke in the Legacy DLC:
“I wish my parents could see me now. They always said I had “no sense of the dignity of my station.” A disgrace to the Vael name.”
<Location dependent>
“Now, here I am, tracking down dwarven ruffians…”
“Now, here I am, traipsing around the Deep Roads like a common soldier.”
(If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality)
Hawke: I’m sure they’d be proud of you for defending a friend.
Sebastian: They must be rolling in their graves…
(If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality)
Hawke: If you could bring your family back from the dead, that’s what you’d want? For them to be disappointed in you?
Sebastian: (Laughs) How else would I know it’s really them?
(If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality)
Hawke: They’re dead. Let them go.
Sebastian: They must be rolling in their graves…

During the Tallis DLC when looking for Hawke:
And we are back to front yet again.
Blessed Andraste, guide us. Protect our friends in this dark hour.
Right. Prayer. Useful, useful. Or we could do something.
Guide us by the wisdom of your light… in silence.

During the Tallis DLC Act 3:
So if I put an apple on my head, could you shoot it off?
Sebastian: Considering what you’ve led us into, I don’t think that would be wise. 

Phobia Drabble Prompts
  • Agateophobia: Your muse thinks they're going crazy, and mine is trying to talk them down.
  • Agliophobia: My muse nurses yours after an injury.
  • Agrizoophobia: Our muses encounter a wild animal.
  • Amnesiphobia: Your muse has forgotten mine, and mine is trying to make yours remember.
  • Angrophobia: My muse is furious at your muse.
  • Anthrophobia: My muse brings yours flowers.
  • Arsonphobia: Our muses are trapped in a burning building.
  • Asthenophobia: Your muse passes out in my muse's arms.
  • Atychiphobia: My muse comforts yours after a (real or perceived) failure.
  • Brontophobia: Our muses are caught in a storm together.
  • Catagelophobia: Your muse catches mine doing something embarrassing.
  • Chionophobia: Fluffy drabble about our muses playing in the snow.
  • Chorophobia: Our muses dance together.
  • Chrometophobia: My muse helps yours out of a financial crisis, or vice-versa.
  • Chronophobia: AU drabble about our muses in a different time era.
  • Cibophobia: My muse cooks a meal for yours.
  • Cleptophobia: Your muse steals something from mine.
  • Coimetrophobia: My muse visits your muse's grave.
  • Coitophobia: A smutty drabble about our muses.
  • Cyberphobia: Our muses talk in a chat room, but don't realize their chat partners are each other.
  • Dikephobia: My muse is pressing criminal charges against yours.
  • Dipsophobia: Our muses drinking together.
  • Ergophobia: My muse hires yours to work for them.
  • Gamophobia: Our muses get married.
  • Gerascophobia: Our muses meet each other forty years from now.
  • Gymnophobia: My muses accidentally sees yours naked.
  • Iatrophobia: My muse accompanies yours to a doctor's appointment.
  • Limnophobia: Your muse saves mine from drowning.
  • Lockiophobia: Our muses have a baby together.
  • Macrophobia: Our muses are waiting for something bad, and trying to distract each other from the thought.
  • Mastigophoiba: My muse punishes yours for something (either smutty or angsty, specify).
  • Melophobia: My muse performs a song for yours.
  • Merinthophobia: My muse finds yours tied or chained up.
  • Metrophobia: My muse writes a poem for yours.
  • Necrophobia: My muse just found out that yours has died.
  • Nosemaphobia: Your muse is ill, and mine is taking care of them.
  • Oneirophobia: My muse has a dream about yours.
  • Phasmophobia: Your muse is visited by my muse's ghost.
  • Soceraphobia: Your muse meets my muse's parents.
  • Zelophobia: My muse is feeling jealous of yours.
My muse gets a call mid-date/while hanging out with yours.

Send a 📱 + a number for, or just  📱 for a randomly generated starter.

  1. a call telling my muse has forgotten something important
  2. silence with a friend/family member on the other end
  3. an urgent call from a family member/friend
  4. bad news
  5. good/long awaited news
  6. a demand to go to work/home
  7. repeated prank calls
  8. a threatening call
  9. a wrong number-call (but the person on the other side is convinced otherwise)
  10. a call from the worst enemy gloating of their latest success
  11. a call from a panicked stranger telling something bad is about to happen in the area

                     not gonna lie: i’m tempted to make my male characters from now
                     on ‘mutuals only’. guess who’s sick of taking the L and having her
                     female muses ignored/forgotten again??

forgotten muse ;

       “i don’t want to rap anymore,” min said with finality, frowning up at the vocal instructor that had made a point of pestering min in the midst of her vocal warm ups. she tossed her long dark hair over her shoulder, glaring down at her music sheet with no real anger – just mild annoyance. it wasn’t the first time he had come up to her and asked for her to rap. ‘having a strong female rapper would be great – we were told how quickly you improved in sphere.’ was his counter.

       but min could only scoff. there was a reason why she did so well.

       and that reason was no longer current, just a thing of the past. so naturally, she gave up rapping. for some reason no one seemed to understand that. (especially since she had honestly made surprising improvement in those months). she didn’t want to think back to the days where she had a reason to rap. back when he was still around to help her out with it.

       he soon left and min found herself looking over at the young female closest to her with a slight smile. she always made a habit of sticking near friends during training. “how’s your practise coming along?” she questioned, hoping to get the thoughts of the past out of her damn mind. min had told her that there was no point to her rapping. and she was going to make point of it by focusing more on singing. and she has done a damn well good job so far. “hopefully better than my progress.”


While I was waiting for some scripts to appear I focused again on my creator owned project: Forgotten Muse. Of which issue two will be out in time for Thought Bubble! Yep! That’s what I said! bring it on.

The other scripts have resurfaced so I will be doing those first. I shall return to my baby when all my other things are done.

get to know me (rp edition)

Inspired by the classic ‘get to know me’ memes, feel free to use and alter this format as much as you’d like – I’ll be tagging my daily responses to this (ambitiously named) challenge with ‘gtkmrp’, and since I’m genuinely curious to what other people will create, I encourage you to do the same. Feel free to make graphics, write drabbles, or even just bluntly explain your experience with each suggestion, and take this as your chance to shamelessly rant and rave about your unique experiences in the community.

   ●      [ 3 ]    of your all-time favorite muses.
   ●      [ 3 ]    of your retired or forgotten muses.
   ●      [ 5 ]    of the best characters you’ve played against.
   ●      [ 2 ]    of the first muses you can remember having.
   ●      [ 5 ]    of your best roleplay (group) experiences.
   ●      [ 3 ]    characters you haven’t gotten the chance to play.
   ●      [ 4 ]    of your favorite romantic ships.
   ●      [ 4 ]    of your favorite platonic ships.
   ●      [ 2 ]    of the pairings you just love to hate.
   ●      [ 1 ]    bad experience you’ve learned to laugh about. 
   ●      [ 5 ]    lovely people you’ve met through roleplaying. 
   ●      [ 3 ]    of the plots you’ll never forget about.           
   ●      [ 3 ]    of the plots you haven’t gotten the chance to do. 
   ●      [ 4 ]    of your favorite faceclaims to roleplay as. 
   ●      [ 4 ]    of the faceclaims you’re still waiting to play. 
   ●      [ 1 ]    roleplay-based something that you’re proud of.