forgotten masterpiece

Everyone’s joking about Cars 3 being dark and weird but you all clearly have forgotten the masterpiece that was Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time. Cinderella has to wrestle (and murder?) a human-transformed Lucifer as he tries to drive her off a cliff or something and then stands on top of her pumpkin coach and says “Bad Kitty!” and it is STONE COLD!! And also not even the weirdest thing that happens in that movie!!!


The 3rd one is always fucked up and it is always MY FAVORITE.


Joseph Clement Coll

How Coll worked.

I found these pages on how Coll worked fascinating. 

Joseph Clement Coll was an American book and newspaper illustrator. He was known for his pen and ink story illustrations that were used to illustrate adventure stories such as Conan Doyle’s Sir Nigel.

Halloween Livestream of Disney’s Forgotten, Hauntingly Beautiful Masterpiece NIGHTMARE NED this Saturday 10/29 @ 4 PM EST! #NightmareNed2016

In 1997, Disney released an adventure game for PC that combined 2D, 3D and stop-motion animation. While it was commercially successful at the time and remains a source of nostalgia for those who played it as kids, Nightmare Ned is almost never brought up or discussed otherwise in the modern day, and Disney hasn’t acknowledged the existence of the game (or its subsequent TV series, which was cancelled almost immediately due to going over budget) in nearly 20 years. Here on Halloween 2016, I want to fix that.

Probably the best way to describe the game is “hauntingly gorgeous,” combining a variety of styles and mediums in its art and animation, making it wonderfully atmospheric.  The music is also one of the most memorable aspects, with stunning piano pieces that perfectly capture the somber and eerie mood and a number of bizarre and catchy vocal tracks.

Drenched in Burton-esque imagery that Disney wouldn’t start to truly capitalize on for several years afters its release, Nightmare Ned was significantly ahead of its time, yet with every new operating system, it becomes more and more difficult to experience. Too late for DOSBox and for whatever reason ignored by ScummVM developers, the most recent OS where it’s possible to run the game is Windows XP. However the workarounds and headaches necessary to play it on modern machines is nothing less than worth it.

As a fan of Gravity Falls, a similarly spooky Disney production, and Disney’s animation in general, I want to bring this game back into the public consciousness as well as introduce it to those who may have never heard of it before. More than that, with the help of other fans I want to remind Disney of their own incredible creation, and convince them to bring it to a new generation. With a DuckTales reboot on the horizon, a remake or revival of Nightmare Ned isn’t impossiblebut we need to be loud enough so that Disney will hear us.

So come to the live stream this Saturday 10/29 @ 4 PM East Coast US (EST) Time on! Reblog this post, tell your friends about the stream and post about it on social media (ESPECIALLY Twitter!) with hashtag #NightmareNed2016! Tweet @Disney, @DisneyAnimation and @DisneyXD and let’s get #NightmareNed2016 trending on Twitter! Together here on Halloween we can get Disney to BRING BACK NIGHTMARE NED!!!