forgotten infinities

Heroes of Easthaven: Epilogues

Following the defeat of the demon Belhifet and subsequently the demise of the white dragon Icasaracht, the Company of the Even Hand agreed that their time together as an adventuring party was at an end. They had stared down the foul forces of the Nine Hells and the fury of a ghostly Dragon, and had earned respite to pursue their own respective lives once more.

One by one, the members of the company departed the town of Easthaven where they had met, and took to the four winds to find new adventures or lasting peace…

Nythura was the first to depart the Dale, joking that she found it much too cold for her tastes. She ventured south to the more temperate climes of the Sword Coast and did as she had always done; brought her magic to bear on would-be villains and malicious forces that threatened the local populace. She enjoyed fame and admiration for a time, but nothing challenged her arcane ability quite like the confrontations with Belhifet and Icasaracht. She decided that it was perhaps time to return to Rashemen and put her magical abilities on display for her former sisters.

Her journey back home was disrupted, however, when she came across a young tiefling exile from the interplanar city of Sigil. Calling herself ‘Grace’, the tiefling stated that she had been exiled from her home out of fear that her sorcerous powers would bring harm upon her fellow residents. Nythura took pity on the lost girl, seeing something of herself in Grace’s situation, and put her homecoming on hold to aid Grace in finding a purpose in life.

Simple companionship turned into teaching, and it was not long before Grace considered Nythura to be her mentor in the ways of sorcery. Tales of their combined arcane might attracted potential learners who had little idea on how to control their innate powers. Nythura took up residence in the Caravan City of Scornubel, built herself a home, and began to take on apprentices. For the first time in her life, she truly felt as if she had found her calling.

Thirty years after Belhifet’s demise, word reached the draconic sorceress’ ears that the town of Targos in Icewind Dale was under threat of goblin invasion. Feeling a pang of nostalgia and a desire to protect the place where she had discovered the true depths of her powers, Nythura tasked Grace with traveling to the far north to aid the defenders of Targos against the besieging goblins.

Rhys found newfound hope in his efforts to protect the Dale and Kuldahar, and saw that despite his affliction, he could still be of use to his people. Slowly his spirit and zest for life returned, and though he would always maintain a grim countenance, by all accounts he was much happier than before.

The ranger elected to remain in the Dale, choosing to remain in Kuldahar to serve not as a scout, but as a protector. He was surprised that Zelthana followed him home and confessed her love of the stricken ranger, and after much pestering and persuasion, Rhys let his emotional walls down long enough to allow himself to be loved by the lost pirate.

The pair had their first and only child, a girl named Ophelia, three years after the defeat of Belhifet. Their daughter’s birth widened the growing rift between the two lovers, who had grown apart in the passing years largely in part due to Zelthana’s wanderlust. They tried to keep their union together for the child’s sake, but on the eve of Ophelia’s third birthday, Zelthana vanished and left Rhys to raise the girl on his own. Rhys never saw Zelthana again.

Ophelia took after her father, largely in part due to her hardly knowing her mother. She discovered a love for the woodlands, and often described the majesty of the forests for her sightless father. She grew into a knowledgeable ranger and serviceable druid, and swore her life to protecting the great forests of Kuldahar like her father and grandparents before her.

This vow came into practice some years later, and Rhys saw his daughter off as she ventured to Targos to fight back against the horde of goblins threatening the town. Rhys remained home in Kuldahar, keeping to his own and letting the younger generation of heroes take up the mantle of saving the Ten Towns once again.

Zelthana surprised her fellow adventurers by remaining loyal to the company throughout their quest, and startled them further by staying behind in Icewind Dale to pursue her love of the blind ranger, Rhys. Perhaps such stalwart companionship had spurred a change of heart in the free-willed pirate, or perhaps she simply wished to keep away from the life of a runaway fugitive that she would surely rediscover were she to return to Calimshan.

The former pirate wormed her way into Rhys’ good graces, and though their relationship was between two very different people, it was healthy and happy for a few years. However, as their time together went on, Zelthana began to regret settling down, and sought the freedom of the high seas once again. It was the birth of her daughter Ophelia that convinced her to give the sedentary life one last try.

Her attempts did not succeed, and she fled Kuldahar shortly after Ophelia saw her third winter. She never returned to the north, instead choosing to call upon her notoriety from her time as a pirate to rouse a crew once more.

For ten years, it looked as if the pirate queen’s return was to rival her original campaign in the waters of Calimport. However, as fate would have it, she was betrayed once again by her crewmen, and was sold out to the Calimport authorities in order to collect on her old bounty.

Zelthana was publicly hung in the center of Calimport, an example to all that attempted to practice the dreaded career of piracy in the trade city. Her last cry was that of her daughter’s name.

Magnar Gold-Heart found great joy in assisting his dear friend with the rediscovery of his lost daughter Siri, and further joy still in bringing the foul forces of the Nine Hells to justice in the name of Tyr. Having felt as though he served his god to the best of his ability, he returned to Athkatla and chose to pursue the path of knighthood to emulate Varius’ example. He became the first dwarf to join the Order of Holy Judgment, and carried the Wintergaze family seal upon his shield as a way of honoring the memory of Varius.

With greater longevity than a human, the following thirty years passed in the blink of an eye to the devoted dwarf. He had fought in battles against goblin and giant alike, stood toe to toe against foes malicious and cunning, and always came out on top. As he approached his hundredth year, he began to wonder if he would ever once again carry out the will of justice in such a grand fashion as he did when he helped strike down Belhifet.

This chance came to him near to the day of the thirtieth anniversary of Belhifet’s demise; word came to Amn concerning the impending invasion of Targos by a horde of goblins. Feeling the call of adventure in the far north once more, Magnar hoisted his hammer high and took to the road, intending to come to the defense of the Ten Towns once more.

Siri came to realize that even the bustling port of Bryn Shander, where she had spent much of her life, was far too confining after she had witnessed true adventure in the quest against Belhifet’s dire machinations for the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale. She made her peace with her father’s final departure, giving him her love and forgiveness one last time before she took to the road to expand her horizons and tell the tale of her heroic companions.

Her goal of tale-spinning brought her to adventure once again, and she became a known presence in the city of Neverwinter in large part due to her heroic exploits and beloved tales. On more than one occasion did she consort with the likes of Elminster Aumar to save the city from certain demise, and was even offered membership in the Harpers. Officially, she declined, but others noted that she spent a great deal of time in the pursuit of preserving lost histories and magical artifacts, all the while running the grand library of Neverwinter.

As she entered her late thirties, her duties to the Harpers saw her paired with a half-elven cleric of Mystra, a dashing spell-slinger named Sylvoril, with whom she contested a foul lich that sought to subvert the very government of the city she called home. Though defeating the lich was but another adventure for the practiced skald, her cooperation with Sylvoril led to the greatest adventure of her life yet. The two were wed in a grand ceremony celebrated by the residents of Neverwinter, and the pair retired early to a life of preserving magical history at the library of Neverwinter.

Siri gave birth to their first child, Lucian, and gave her surname to the boy to honor her father and the life he gave to save hers. Lucian grew up much as Siri did; his nose buried in tomes, surrounded by the wonders of magic and history. However, his father’s influence saw him often in the Church of Mystra. As the young man grew, he came into the role of a squire, well on the way to becoming a Paladin of Mystra.

At the young age of nineteen, Lucian was tasked with the final trial before attaining full knighthood as a Paladin of Mystra; venturing to the town of Targos and aiding the people there against the invading goblins that threatened their way of life.

As she bid her son farewell, Siri smiled and fondly recalled her father, knowing that Varius would feel the utmost pride in his grandson’s choice.

Varius miraculously survived the battle against Belhifet, where he suffered a mortal wound in Siri’s stead that was almost certainly his last. However, he somehow persevered and even thrived, fighting with vengeful vigor until the devil laid slain.

The paladin somehow carried on after the injury that surely would have been his death knell. During the quest to stop Icasaracht however, his companions noted that the old knight was growing increasingly silent and distant. He finally confessed that he was indeed mortally wounded by Belhifet, but was visited by a vision of Tyr and spared of death as a reward for his virtuous sacrifice to save Siri. He was given one year to live by his god, and he intended to use it to go on one final adventure with his beloved daughter.

After the ghostly white dragon was slain and banished once more, Varius spent two months with his daughter and Magnar, living peacefully as a guardsman in Bryn Shander, where he spread the word of Tyr and performed acts of charity.

Siri announced that she was departing Icewind Dale to explore the world, and thus Varius entrusted her with his prized bastard sword before bidding her a final farewell. With six months remaining on his divine gift of life, Varius requested that Magnar accompany him on one last journey.

The pair ventured to the forest of Tethir, just outside of Athkatla, where Varius personally asked Queen Ellesime of Suldanessalar for forgiveness in his abandonment of his love, Phyra, whom had been born and raised in Suldanessalar before departing to Icewind Dale to live a more exciting life outside the elven city.

Queen Ellesime commended the aged Paladin for his humility and compassion, and professed that there was no forgiveness to be given; by finding his path in life and reconciling his mistake by meeting and saving his daughter, he had fulfilled whatever sort of forgiveness that the queen was able to give. She offered to gift him with trinkets befitting honored guests of the elves, but Varius humbly declined, saying that he had already received the greatest gift the fair queen could have given.

The pair of Varius and Magnus returned to the Temple of Tyr in Athkatla, where the former spent his last remaining months instructing squires and leading acolytes in prayers to Tyr.

One year to the day after the defeat of Belhifet, Varius knew his time had come, and went to Tyr with no regrets. It is said that he stood before the grand shrine within the temple, clad in his finest armor, and vanished in a brilliant flash of light.

His memory was carried on by his daughter and his eventual grandson, Lucian, a paladin of Mystra who wielded his bastard sword in the defense of the Ten Towns. The circle of heroism had revolved once more, and grandson had come to defend the innocent like his grandfather before him.

It is said that when Lucian raised his sword in times of despair, the slightest sight of a wraithlike knight can be spied even in the darkest of places, raising his ghostly sword in service to justice and the pursuit of good above all else.

For Sixpenceee’s Forgotten Dare Day: Channel Infinity


There is a legend circulating around the television industry. It is about Channel ∞. Channel ∞ is hard to get to, and reports vary as to what it actually is. I will tell you how to get there and then what to do.

Acquire a television, preferably with analog for the best experience, and the older the better.

Acquire a remote control. It does not have to go with the television you’re using.

Turn on the TV, and set it to a channel that is static, or just a plain black screen if you are using a digital TV. Basically any channel you do not receive.

Leave the room for about three hours. If you have a significant other in the house, have them with you. It is also best to call over a few friends.

During those three hours, you should acquire a few items. I will list them in order from the most important to the least. Note: None of these are mandatory, but they help.

You will want:

  • an item that you hold dear
  • two handheld mirrors
  • a firearm or other weapon
  • a favorite book
  • a mobile communications device
  • a key
  • a sledgehammer or pickaxe

After roughly three hours have passed, re-enter the room. Have everyone else wait outside the door.

Close the door.

Stare at the static or blank screen or whatever you set the TV to until you feel disoriented or freaked out.

Call the others into the room.

Give the item that you hold dear to the person that you care about the most in the room, then send them back out. If you did not grab an item that you hold dear, hug that person and whisper a secret in their ear.

Send them back out, and command them to not come back in no matter what until you open the door again. Note: This will be harder for them if there are more of them, but it will be safer for you if there are more people. Trust me.

Hold the mirrors so that one is reflecting the television screen into the other, and the second is reflecting you, so it looks as if the television is behind you. Stay like this until a question appears on the screen. If you did not grab the mirrors, then sit in a chair facing away from the TV until you hear a noise.

Grab the remote. There will be a question on the screen. press channel up to answer yes, channel down to answer no. There will be anywhere from three to 26 questions, if reports are to be trusted. The questions will be anywhere from trivial to deep philosophic personal questions. Answer truthfully, or you will not succeed in reaching Channel ∞.

After the questions, one of three things will happen.

  1. Your favorite show of all time will come on, but in the episode, all of the characters will be heart-wrenchingly killed.
  2. A strange shimmery vortex will surround you, and you will be pulled into an alternate dimension. If you find yourself here, ah, well, that’s for a different story. But I can say that here is where you will need the mobile communications device, key, book, and sledgehammer or pickaxe.
  3. You will see a picture of your least favorite person or thing ever. This is where you use the firearm or other weapon. Break the TV screen with the weapon. It will then fix itself. Note: This is obviously the easiest of the three things.

After this, you will have reached Channel ∞. What you do now is up to you. If you go to the guide function, you will see shows listed such as “The Meaning of Life” or “How to Acquire True Love”. Choose one. Note: The more people you have outside the door with determine the revelations that are the shows. The more people, the better chance you have of seeing shows with more life-changing results. Or, if you keep watching the static, without going to guide or breaking eye contact with the television, you will see a series of images that will, if deciphered, will reveal the answer to your greatest question. There are, at this point, many options, too many to write here. Just do what you feel like you must, and something will happen. The overwhelming majority of things will be good, but some will be bad. You may leave the room at any point. However, there are two catches. You may never speak of what you learned after accessing Channel ∞, and you may only reach Channel ∞ four times in your life.

I hope you find the experience enlightening.

The psychotic writer

Behind closed doors
he mixes words to sentences,
but each try to form precious meanings
seems to end in dissapointing failure.

Inside his head
is a thunderstorm
of gigantic size
and enormous strength.

Listening to the noise
inside his head
he begins to wander
in the world of introspection.

It all starts
with a glimpse of curiosity;
And now he’s lost,
forgotten in the infinities of his own mind.

There are stories happening,
making him unable
to leave his twisted
internal world.

He’s getting rid
of every touch of logic;
His thoughts flow
like his mind was a waterfall.

Bleeding words,
his heart begins
to beat a rhythm
so weird and irregularly…

…that you might think
he’ll die soon.
Who’s taking control
over him?

In his eyes
you can see
the glow of insanity
taking control over his ingenius mind.

He feels it inside;
The demons return;
And this time
they want to play…

…to play with his mind
and to twist his perception,
making him unable
to think rationally.

It’s a virus expanding
across his entire mind,
soon he’ll  be the slave
of the demons’ made thoughts.

He blames himself
for being haunted;
But does he even know
where the demons came from?

They once were a part
of his scattered mind,
a part of his past
that made him traumatized.

Now they plaque him,
show him metaphors
of his own pain
and suffering.

He tries to destroy these demons,
but each try fails
for they are all a part
of his own identity.

But what he does not know is
that he’s fighting himself
in the most cruel way

He never searched
for solutions,
rather fleed into his world
of ingenius writing.

Never wanting to face
the reality of his unwanted past
he becomes now
his own victim.

His demons are faster
than his tired mind could ever be;
Actually he can never flee
from what’s called reality.

04/05/2015 Dywiann Xyara

Heroes of Targos #5 

Mori Cloudwhisk - Chaotic Good Lightfoot Halfling Rogue, Age 17

MORI proudly proclaims her name and deeds when she is asked; Mori Cloudwhisk, terror of the ten towns, proliferator of wealth and hero of the impoverished, the branded bandit, the pink plunderer, the minuscule marauder, the stout outlaw… The names go on and on, and it is quite clear that the halfling is embellishing most, if not all of her supposedly infamous crimes. Regardless, she assures you that her exploits are all quite real, and has been a sort of folk hero to the poor people of the Ten Towns since she was a young girl.

The halfling indeed carries the scars of her run-ins with the law, bearing a dwarven rune of the number six on her face to indicate the number of years she was sentenced to prison during her time in Mithril Hall; evidently she escaped incarceration, and returned to her favorite haunt in Bryn Shander.

She clarifies that her thievery and petty larceny were motivated by altruism rather than personal gain. She spent her early years in an orphanage in Bryn Shander and grew up surrounded by children in similar situations, under the eye of an abusive orphanage matron. She struck out as a thief to support the other kids that she considered to be her siblings, starting off small by nabbing bread from the local market to supplement their rather meager dinners. As she grew in skill, this progressed to pickpocketing posh nobles, then to nabbing expensive candlesticks from local temples, and then to robbing well-to-do museums of their most expensive pieces.

Even after she and her companions from the orphanage were old enough to live their own lives, Mori continued on the path that life had set out for her, using her profits to ensure her friends and what poor folks she could help could live comfortably.

Fortunes change, however, and Mori chose the wrong target one night when she stepped right into a trap laid for her by the mayor of Bryn Shander. Given that this was not her first offense by any stretch of the imagination, she was sentenced to death by hanging. However, when the word of the attack on Targos reached the other towns, she was offered clemency in exchange for joining the militia that defended the town. Given the choice between execution and a potential death at the hands of a horde of goblins, her path was clear.

Mori luckily fell in with the group that would become Company of Mysteries during the assault, and ensured her survival by sticking with those far more martially capable than herself. However, as it turned out, the Company became instrumental in discovering a much larger plot behind the goblin raid. Against her better judgment, Mori elected to remain with the group to help them solve the conspiracy, citing her sense of right and wrong and her desire to protect the innocent that would suffer under the Legion of the Chimera.

Though many doubt the legitimacy of her tall tales of high thievery and righteous larceny, her skills more than back up many of her stories. She has an almost supernatural familiarity with mechanical traps and devices, and even has sufficient intuition to use magical devices with a degree of proficiency equal to that of your average apprentice mage. Whether or not her tales are true, none can doubt Mori’s efficiency.

As the sole rogue of the party, Mori performs essential functions in the danger-fraught ruins and dungeons of Icewind Dale; searching for and disabling traps, unlocking chests and doors, and scouting ahead when subtlety is required. Though she is more than capable of defending herself, she prefers to let her more combat-inclined companions handle the heavy lifting in battles.

Ever the optimist with a very ‘loud’ personality, Mori makes her determination to be positive acutely known to her companions. She is the first to take heart in a bad situation, and vigilantly keeps her composure when things are grim. Her efforts to cheer up the party are often ignored, but the others often thank her for it in their own ways.

Despite her occupation as a thief, Mori gets along with Lucian, a paladin who is sworn to uphold law and justice. Though he disapprove of her way of life, he understands that she only took up such pursuits to support herself and her friends, which he sees as a noble cause built on unfortunate pretenses. Magnar and Ophelia keep their distance from the thief, though the former has warmed up to her over time. Grace appreciates the halfling’s insistence on treating her like a normal person, while the haughty Marvoril simply keeps interactions with her to a minimum.

In combat, Mori sticks behind the group with a sling and buckler. She also keeps a mace on her person in the event that she needs to protect herself in melee combat.

the-sky-and-the-sword-deactivat  asked:

Whelp, it had been a couple of months, but the old space ship was finally in sight of Infinity. The Forgotten Sanctuary had sustained severe damage, it was more of an old wreck by the time it came pretty close to the advanced ship.


When the captain of the Infinity caught sight of the Forgotten Sanctuary, it radioed in to communicate.

“This is Captain Lasky speaking, are you doing alright? Your ship looks severely damaged.”