forgotten how to swim


  • the different reactions after defeating Zarkon and after all of the fights that they didn’t have to fight just to keep the universe safe
    • pidge and matt turning to each other with tears in their eyes before they throw their arms around each other and just holding on for hours 
    • lance bouncing on his toes, his fists punching the air, with an unbreakable grin stretched across his face because he gets to go home
    • hunk having to sit down and take a breather because he feels light-headed to the point where he thinks he’s going to faint…and maybe vomit
    • keith gazing down at his sword, thinking about his parents and the family he lost, and then breaking down into silent tears after he realizes that the people around him have become the family he always wanted
    • and then shiro, ripping off his prosthetic arm as hard and fast as he can; throwing it across the room and watching it bounce off a wall and hit the ground, its wires and lights flickering and sputtering until it finally dies; his chest heaving as he tries to calm the sudden rush of visions and thoughts in his head; staring with wide, teary eyes at the rest of his team as they wonder what’s going on with their captain; his knees buckling and his limbs giving out; collapsing to the ground and just s o b b i n g, not even bothering to keep it down
  • the slow realization that shiro isn’t mad or angry or upset; he’s ecstatic 
  • allura and coran being the first to sit down next to him and wrap their arms around his shoulders 
  • keith pulling his head out of his hands to look up, and then immediately running towards shiro and falling right in front of him to press his forehead against shiro’s 
  • pidge and lance following after them, both attempting to hug him from either side 
  • hunk allowing everyone to go before him just so he can hug shiro from behind, gently slipping his arms past everybody else’s, nodding at the other paladins if they came too close to the stub where his arm once was
  • the long, silent walks down the hallways of the castle
    • staring at the healing pods and remembering all those times they thought one of the other paladins was dead, and then remembering the first time they met Allura and Coran
    • laughing at the remaining food goo that hadn’t been cleaned up after the little “incident” (Crystal Venom, I think) 
    • running their hands up and down their beds, knowing they won’t have to sleep there anymore
  • the hope that there’s another monster out there so that they don’t have to go home 
  • the flight back to Earth, passing through endless wormholes and past planets celebrating the Galra defeat 
    • everyone, including lance, asking if allura could slow the ship down so they stay together longer 
  • the panic and then endless excitement from the people down on Earth when Allura first speaks to them and explains what the paladins have done to protect them
  • the swim to shore after they decide to land in the ocean 
    • because of gravity differences and after however many months/years in space, most of them have forgotten how to swim in Earthen waters, but they eventually remember, and then fall over instantly once they reach land
    • lance accepting his fall and kissing the ground beneath him 
    • pidge and matt running their hands through the dirt and sands of the beach realizing that they forgot how soft it is
    • hunk and keith holding onto each other and laughing as they brush sand from each other’s faces so it doesn’t get in their eyes
    • shiro still crying; thankfully calmed down, and now being supported by coran and allura as he’s swarmed with paramedics and reporters
  • the interviews in the hospital 
  • the insane amount of excited kids running in to ask their favorite paladins questions about space and about all of their adventures
    • the paladins deciding that they talk together, and then moving their congregation of fans into the lobby so all of them can be together again and add onto their stories
  • t h e  r e u n i o n  w i t h  t h e  m c c l a i n  f a m i l y 
  • the sudden rain that starts pouring down once they leave the hospital
  • the international, breaking news reports with headlines such as “heroes return from intergalactic space mission: real or fake?” “ALIENS HAVE TOUCHED DOWN ON EARTH” “president awards paladins medal of honor” “world holiday decided today for Voltron heroes” 
  • the laughter as they read conspiracy theories together 
  • the celebration at the Garrison and the immediate ceremony in shiro’s honor
  • the excitement lance feels when someone tells him they’re planning on building a statue for each of the paladins

My whole family loved this show when I was younger, so we have all been super hyped for the return next month, especially my dad. Plus my mom just finished reading Lone Wolf and Cub. I guess we’ve all kinda got samurai fever right now.

Hi. I’m not sure if you write SuperCat, but I sure need Cat Grant to get herself back to National City, or at least be involved from afar. Could you please write something where it’s Cat who comforts Kara after Homecoming? Many thanks.

^^ prompt above from @statuepuppie. Refers to this fic:

Maggie called Cat Grant when Livewire was on the loose, because her girlfriend’s kid sister needed her then. And she’s calling Cat Grant again now, because Kara needs her now.

She hadn’t expected the Queen of All Media to save her number, but Cat picks up on the first ring and addresses Maggie by name.

“Detective Sawyer, tell me she’s fine and that you’re simply wasting my very precious time for the sake of a social call.”

Her voice is clipped and just on this side of professional, but Maggie easily detects the concern underneath it.

“She’s fine, Ms. Grant, she’s fine.”

She hears Cat sigh and she bites her lip. “Then what, pray tell, are you calling me for?”

“She’s fine, Ms. Grant, but she… she needs you.”

She doesn’t specify who: Kara or Supergirl. She knows she doesn’t need to.

There’s a long pause, and Maggie is about to ask if she’s still there.

“What happened?” Cat asks before she can, and her voice is thick.

“Best for her to tell you details, but the short of it, Alex’s father came back from the dead only to sort of… well, betray everyone. And she’s in this new relationship that she thinks is going to make her feel at least something, and – “

“I’m getting the next flight out. Thank you, Detective Sawyer.”

Maggie expects that to be it, but Cat’s still on the line. A brief pause. Then:

“Alex. Kara’s sister. Your girlfriend, correct? Is she alright? She… from my experiences with her, she’s a brave woman. And Kara idolizes her. You’re taking good care of her, too, I trust?”

Maggie smiles softly. “I’m doing my best with both Danvers girls, ma’am, but I think Kara could use a more familiar face than mine.”

“Well, as I said, I’ll arrange for a sitter for Carter and be on the next flight out. Thank you, Detective. For taking care of those girls. Don’t forget to be good to yourself, too.”

This time, the line does disconnect before Maggie can say any more.

But she smiles, because Cat Grant is on her way to Kara.

She makes sure Alex knows to keep Mon-El away from Kara’s apartment that night. J’onn invents work for him, gladly.

They don’t need a body to be dropped in Kara’s apartment by one Cat Grant.

The paperwork alone would be more trouble than it’d be worth.

The sharp rap on the door makes Kara think of Maggie, so she doesn’t bother checking with her x-ray vision, doesn’t even bother untangling from her blankets or putting down her pint of mint chocolate chip.

“It’s open,” she calls heartlessly, wondering if Maggie is looking for Alex or if she’s looking for another round of speed stacking to take Kara’s mind off things.

“Well, Keira, I have to say, I expected your apartment to be an explosion of millennial mess and absurd color, but I have to admit, it has a certain charm to it.”

The ice cream scatters and Kara falls ungracefully off the couch in a tangled mess of blankets with a series of loud shrieks.

If Cat is at all surprised, she hides it well, but the sparkle in her eyes and the smile tugging at her lips give her away the moment before she springs into action.

“Are you alright?” she rushes forward, just in time for Kara to unravel herself from the blanket and spring to her feet.

She has to remind herself strongly of earth physics as, pretenses and professionalism be damned, she wraps Cat it a full-bodied hug.

“Ms. Grant,” she breathes over her shoulder, and Cat freezes for only a moment before fully returning the embrace, fingers grasping for dear life onto the back of Kara’s shirt.

Cat is the first to pull back, and she wonders if her own tears are reflected in Kara’s blue eyes. She wonders how she ever forgot quite how crystalline they are.

“I hear you’re having a rough time, Kiera, and if the pint of – is that mint chocolate chip? – is any indication, my source is quite correct – “

“Snapper’s been calling you about me? But he’s been liking my work, he – “

Cat is tsking, now, and moving around the living room, collecting the ice cream and spoon and blanket, rearranging everything into its former semi-order.

“Not Snapper, dear. Your sister’s girlfriend. Seems to think you would benefit from my presence.”

Kara stiffens and her eyes widen and Cat remembers how much she’s missed watching Kara adjust her glasses like this. “Ms. Grant, you didn’t need to come all this way, I – “

“Oh nonsense, Keira. What have I told you? You need to learn, competent and efficient and brilliant as you are, when to ask for help. You’re entitled to do so, you know. And you’re entitled to receive it.”

Tears swim in Kara’s steady eyes, and she’s forgotten how to form words.

Ms. Grant, back in National City. Ms. Grant, in her apartment. Ms. Grant, seeing her be a complete and utter wreck.

“Ms. Grant, really, I – “ She tries to object, just once more, but she can’t even get that far. Because her voice cracks and her knees give out and she collapses back onto the couch, hugging herself because she’s completely lost sense of what is real.

“Oh, Kara,” Cat breathes, and the sound of her name on Cat’s lips works its way into her skin, through her muscles, into her bones, into her bloodstream. Into her heart.

“I’m here, Kara. I’m here.”

“Thank you,” Kara chokes, and Cat just nods, sitting softly and putting a hesitant hand on Kara’s knee. Kara takes it immediately, and a soft smile flits over Cat’s face.

They don’t talk about Jeremiah, and they don’t talk about Mon-El.

They talk about CatCo and they talk about Carter and Cat’s mother and Alex and Maggie and Kara cries without words and Cat comforts without words and Kara sits up straighter and cries less and less throughout the night.

Cat even shares a spoonful of her ice cream, and it’s this, more than anything, that makes Kara smile. That makes Kara feel so, so loved.

To make Kara remember what it was like when her life was like this.

To make her realize what she has to do to get back to that.

She makes a note to thank Maggie in the morning, but for now, sitting on her couch with Cat Grant and laughing about Snapper, she doesn’t want the morning to come. Not just yet.

“When I see Elsa, I see myself. I see someone bundled up inside and needs to save herself but i’m drowning and I’ve been drowning for so long, I’ve forgotten how to swim. I wish I had an Anna, but I feel like Anna is inside me but she’s buried too deep. I just want to get better but it’s so hard.”

bts | breathless

one of my best friends asked me about the members and choking - so… (p.s. - i didn’t do all the members i didn’t think were necessarily into it !) 

temporary m.list | twitter | ao3

genre: explicit smut

pairing: member + reader

warnings: breath play/choking, d/s dynamic, rough sex

word count: 591


the trick is to make sure it’s just enough to smear a flush across his cheeks, not enough to really hurt. he likes the way his breath stumbles in his chest, toes curling, the intensity rising and falling – out of control and in love with the way pleasure spirals through him. it’s intoxicating, fascinating to watch him wrap a hand (bigger than yours, slender and strong) around your wrist, breathe “harder, please, please”, whimper and beg so prettily, shying away from the staticky shocks running across his skin


hard. he doesn’t look like he can take it, at first – but it’s always the quiet ones. the heavy, dark eyes and soft mouth opening around your fingers, pulling the tips against his teeth, half in control; legs spread, thighs soft, a blush on his cheeks the only sign of submission.

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I wanted to believe him
When he said I was his one and only.
I couldn’t stop doubting him
It began to kill us slowly.
I couldn’t believe that I was enough
And I wish I wasn’t right.
All his sweet words weren’t enough
When I read what he would write.

So now I’m scared to let you in,
I’ve forgotten how to trust.
I know now that it’s sink or swim,
So I’m brushing off this dust.
I don’t know if these walls will break
They hardly ever crack.
But If you give me your all,
I’ll try to give mine back.

—  K.N.B.

spoilers for 4.15.

 She doesn’t utter a single word as Daisy begins to speak, because mostly she’s afraid of the lump in her throat and the tears that threaten her eyes. She doesn’t even look at Daisy, but she fumbles underneath the table for her hand and when she finds it she holds it and she holds it tight.

And Daisy grips hers.

And Jemma stares at Fitz and Fitz stares back, his aviators mirroring her own tired, haunted, reflection.

(But Jemma doesn’t need to see his eyes to see the emptiness in them. The truth that lies in them, that Fitz doesn’t know who she is. In this reality that’s supposed to be reality where they have no pain and no suffering and no regret– he doesn’t know who she is.

And if Fitz doesn’t know who she is, who is she without him?)

“Nice place.” Fitz huffs, fingering the menu with his lips curled in displease. He shoves the menu away and leans back into the booth, stretching out his arms and crossing his legs in the most un-Fitz action she’s ever seen anyone do. “Alright, girls. You’ve been harassing me for days and I’ve finally agreed to meet. What is so important that you must talk to me about?”

She wants to scream. She wants to scream because this time he’s taken her last breath and he’s left her at the bottom of the ocean to drown.  He’s always been her anchor but this time they’re sinking and she’s forgotten how to swim.

Daisy squeezes her hand, and Jemma’s reminded she’s not alone, even as she sits across from the person she loves who doesn’t know or love her at all. It’s enough to break her.

It’s enough for her to grit her teeth and narrow her eyes.

Daisy clears her throat and begins with the practiced, memorized speech they’ve rehearsed a thousand times but still wasn’t enough.

“Okay, Fitz–”


Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

“Leo…” Daisy slowly pronounces, rolling the foreign syllables on her tongue. “What I’m about to say is gonna sound crazy, okay? You’re probably not going to believe me but it’s true. It’s all true. And it’s really important for you to listen.”

Daisy sighs, looks left and right at the other customers in the diner and then bends forward.

Fitz sighs for an entirely different reason, and leans over to hear what she has to say.

Jemma stays where she is.

“This isn’t real. None of it is. You’ve been kidnapped and you need to help us find you.”

Even with the thousands of times they’ve rehearsed that weren’t enough, it still sounds ridiculous but they don’t have a choice.

They wait for him to say something, say anything at all—

And then he begins to laugh.

“You’re right, it sounds crazy and it is crazy.” he shrugs and reverts back to leaning back in his seat. “Besides, I have everything I’ve ever wanted, so if “this isn’t real” then maybe I don’t want to leave.”

Jemma wishes that she would just drown already.

Fitz stands up and puffs his jacket collar, glaring down at them from behind his darken frames. “Thanks for wasting my time. Have a nice day.”

He brushes past them and Jemma’s sinking into her seat, into the ocean, and she’s forgotten how to swim but she hasn’t forgotten him. And she reaches out and clutches his hand.

His hand is warm. It’s warm and real and this is Fitz no matter how much unlike Fitz he is.

He freezes, looking down at their hands and then peering at her. He isn’t tearing his hand from hers, and that’s enough for her.

“Come back to me.”

And then she lets go.

(and then he stays)

Are you that interested? In my brother's old regimen.


Friendly reminder that Nanase Haruka actually got out of a pool and spent who knows how long staring at a piece of paper just because it was written by Rin.

I’m not good at looking ahead,
hell I can’t even make commitments a month in advance because I’m not used to people staying that long.

And I never really taught myself how to tell a promise from a maybe but either way I end up disappointed and alone and kicking myself wondering where I could have fucked it up.

The worst part is, I mean so well.
Sometimes I lie awake at night and think about all the beautiful things I want to say or write or be. I tell myself to watch what I say around them, make sure I don’t laugh too much or say too little. but it never works, you know?

And sometimes I think I’m not real. like, I could disappear, or vanish, and no one would notice, maybe I wouldn’t either. Maybe I don’t like myself because I’m so many people at once.
I mean, some days, I wake up and I think I could say whatever I wanted and do whatever I pleased, other days it’s like I’ve got rocks tied to my ankles and I’ve forgotten how to swim.

I’ve spent so long trying to understand it.
trying to figure out how I could spend fifteen years walking around, being here, yet not really present.
Maybe that’s why I keep finding myself alone with shattered expectations.
It’s like I’ve been looking for myself in everyone I’ve ever cared for.
I don’t think I’ve found her yet.

—  I’m sorry, I’ll keep looking until my eyes bleed– f.g.a

lovelymeworld  asked:

Batb 2017 characters in a water park during the summer.

oh man seems like we have a need. here’s part 1

  • belle and maurice getting a double inner tube to do the slides together
  • chip and chapeau playing ‘jaws.’ chapeau is the shark
  • (chapeau also can’t swim very well, so chip Always Wins)
  • garderobe and cadenza flirting at the edge of the pool like they haven’t been married for years
  • lumiere taking pictures of everybody, smiling and happy
  • maurice sketching new ideas for slides and pools and etc
  • cuisinier teaching adam how to swim again (he’s forgotten the breaststroke)
  • cogsworth sipping lemonade. finally able to relAX HOLD ON. HOLD ON. WHY ARE THE TOWELS ALL MISMATCHED? LUMIERE
  • lumiere doesn’t hear him, he’s busy making out behind the potted palm trees
  • tom and dick just being life guards through this whole shit show
the knife again

This is how it starts:

A book in his lap, warm leather cover and old ink, vellum pages which crackle beneath his fingertips. The rotunda is quiet this late into the eve, warm with the smell of fire and the drying plaster of his latest fresco. Solas turns another page, aware of Dorian and Lavellan’s voices from above, too hushed for him to understand their words.

Then, she laughs.

His head comes up, lips parted. The sound leaves sweet motes of light and color on his tongue, though he would not compare it to music, for he has heard the ancient choirs of Arlathan and found them wanting; instead, he compares it to the earthquakes and fires which came after its fall, which razed the fertile crops and crushed ancient towers to cosmic dust. 

It’s a gasp, a sigh, like ocean water in his lungs, and he remembers vaguely that he’s forgotten how to swim.  

This is how it ends:

He kneels with her in the dirt, she who has brought a living god to his knees twice over, who has stolen the breath from his lungs and the blood from his veins, who bore his mark and lived. But she did not steal the sight from his eyes; he looks upon her and sees all that she’s lost in the chasm of his mistakes, this woman with earthquakes in her mouth, who makes him wish there was a god he could pray to. He would remake the world in her image, crush every city beneath his will, fill the rivers with mortal blood. He would. He would.

He will.

Whatever it is you are struggling to remember,
it is not poised on the tip of your tongue
or even lurking in some obscure corner of your spleen.

It has floated away down a dark mythological river
whose name begins with an L as far as you can recall

on your own way to oblivion where you will join those
who have even forgotten how to swim and how to ride a

No wonder you rise in the middle of the night
to look up the date of a famous battle in a book on war.
No wonder the moon in the window seems to have drifted
out of a love poem that you used to know by heart.
—  Billy Collins, from ‘Forgetfulness’
Lessons (Jay Park)

This was just a fun plot idea my bro at @k-hiphopshit (YO DUDE! me @ you: ❤️❤️) and I thought up while chatting. :D the characters are based on us; I’m Ari and she’s Serafina

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

    “Jay?” Ari said, resting her hands on her knees as she stepped off the stair machine, panting.

    “Yeah?” he said, slowing down the speed of his treadmill to reply.

    “I think we should head down to the pool once you’re done running.”

    “Ari!” he groaned. “I’m not going to magically start swimming just because I’m in water.”

    “I know,” Ari said. “That’s why I’m going to teach you.”

    “Well, that’s nice of you, but I don’t have my trunks,” he said.

    “I do,” Ari replied. “I grabbed them while you were in the bathroom last time I was at your apartment.”

    “You’re devious,” he said, stopping the treadmill.

    Ari laughed. “Maybe. Anyway, I’m gonna go get changed.”

    “Wait a second,” Jay said. “Did you bring that red bathing suit? The one you wore for that party Kiseok had last month?”

    “Nope,” Ari said. “Sorry.”

    “You don’t sound sorry,” he muttered.

    “Serafina’s gonna meet us down there, by the way,” Ari said.

    “To witness me making a fool of myself?” Jay asked ruefully.

    Ari chuckled. “Yeah.”

    “Great…” Jay said, but Ari hadn’t forgotten how embarrassed Jay had been the couple times he couldn’t swim at parties when people had expected him to go in the water (and she hadn’t forgotten how many times he had said that he needed to learn to swim), so she didn’t relent.

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*Logan is laying down on the couch, feeling incredibly unproductive. He hasn’t been able to work all day - all of his things are down in the tank. While he could use one of the air bubbles to breathe, he’d realized fairly soon that he’d forgotten how to swim without fins helping him - thank goodness Patton had happened to stroll past and gotten him out.

Either way, he is now bored, flopped on the couch, and really just waiting for this whole thing to be over so he can get back to work.*