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I’m starting to get bad again.
I’m starting to get sad again.
I’m replacing feelings with sex again.
I’m replacing everything with drugs again. Why does this keep happening?
Why can’t I be happy?
Why is everything shit again?
Why can’t I breathe again?
Because of all those pills I took
Because of all the whiskey
Because of all those hits I took.
Because of all the needles.
Because of all the cuts.
I’m getting dizzy, fuck it’s blurry.
I feel like I am trapped.
I know I’m getting bad again…
Someone make it stop…
—  8 am and i haven’t slept

Running for over six years in Fawcett’s Hopalong Cassidy Comics, and then showing up in reprints in other comics for a few years after that, Pistol Packing Pattie was a character that never got more than a page, and usually half a page in which she didn’t so much throw lead, despite her packing said pistols, as she did shade. With that however she pretty much took down every man, citizen and stranger, who set foot in her town.

Being public domain she has been brought back by AC comics, the publishers of Fem Force, but they changed the character so much she was pretty much a new one.

Whitney Frost

ok let me tell you why I’m enjoying the character of Whitney Frost on Agent Carter so much.

So I love that she’s a glamorous movie star by day, supervillain by night, who’s the brains behind her husband’s company but also uses her beauty and femininity to manipulate him. And I think Wynn Everett does a great job of playing her.

And I also love that, through her character, the writers are paying homage to not one but two stars of the silver screen. Very fitting for a show set in 40s Hollywood.

So, as an actress-cum-inventor, she’s clearly based on Hedy Lamarr, who starred in movies and also developed radio-guidance technology for Allied torpedoes during WW2 - work which underpins modern technology like Bluetooth. And she allegedly escaped her brutal Nazi husband by wearing all her jewellery at once to dinner one night and then running off to Paris. (this was in Austria in the 30s before she went to Hollywood). What a badass. Here she is:

But - and this is very clever - the other great touch about Whitney is her hairstyle which she uses to cover her evil-goo-of-doom-ified forehead. This is a nod to Veronica Lake, a star whose ‘peek-a-boo’ hairstyle was so iconic she was asked to change it during WW2 because so that women working in factories wouldn’t be tempted to emulate it:

Cool, huh? So thanks, Agent Carter, for giving tribute to these half-forgotten heroines of Hollywood.

Here are some of Disney’s “unofficial” princesses and gals in the same style as my Princesses and Villains before. I actually did these after the princesses and then did the villains.

Now I’m working on some non-Disney ladies! Those are later to come, but you can see each one as I make them on my Instagram! Just search A_Walk_In_The_Art !

Mulan is not a princess,  Mulan is Disney Princess.

I had promised myself to never take part to this never-ending argument but apparently I’m going to break that promise. 

So, frankly Mulan is NOT a princess. 

- She doesn’t marry a prince, Shang is son of a general and he becomes one too

- Her family isn’t royalty, she’s not daughter of the emperor

That’s simple, Mulan does not have title or situation of princess in her society.

BUT the confusing fact for the great amount of people, Mulan IS part of Disney Princess franchise. Try to get it, Mulan is not a princess but she is Disney Princess. 

Now, forget for a moment that there’s the word “princess” and think some of the rules to be in that group. 

- Main character or one of the main characters

- Sings

- Human

- Good role model

- Successful movie

I said some rules because I’m quite sure there was few more which I don’t remember right now. Mulan fits all these but so do Esmeralda from Hunchback of the Notre Dame and Megara from Hercules. Now some could argue that Megara isn’t so good role model and Esmeralda’s movie is too dark for little kids, I don’t agree with those but that’s not the point.

But here’s few reasons why I think Mulan is included in Disney Princess lineup. 

- Hands down she’s amazing role model and inspiration

- The whole lineup exist practically just to make money, and Mulan brings diversity

- One of the historical inaccuracies in the movie but the emperor actually bowed to her. The whole China bowed to her. Any idea how much respect she gets there? The emperor himself bowed. to. her. I think that’s a lot of more respect that any princess would get. She also gets emperor’s crest for the whole saving china business and that respect can easily allow her the title honorary princess.

- Even tough she doesn’t marry a prince she does kinda marry into royalty, Shang and his father seemed to be in quite high position and during Tang dynasty(which is the dynasty Disney’s movie is most closely based on) surname Li was a royal name.

The arguments why Mulan shouldn’t be princess seem to be that either people simply don’t want her in the lineup because she’s not real princess or that they think that it’s insulting to Mulan who saved whole China to be simply called princess. So mainly I however suppose that people do love her and therefore I can’t understand what you think to achieve by removing her from the line up? In my opinion there’s many strong female characters beside Mulan in the lineup and even so her being part of the lineup shouldn’t be something that would make her weak. Mulan has both boyish and girly side, and the last time I checked being girly wasn’t negative trait.

 I adore Mulan, and I love collect all possible stuff about her. But sadly I, like many other people too, live completely back water where Disney stores haven’t been even heard of. And ordering online is expensive. 

So almost everything Mulan related I have is through Disney Princesses, a great deal of all Mulan merchandise is related to Disney Princesses, and even though Disney pretty much ignores Mulan and Pocahontas as princesses they still at least got something, sometimes. That’s more than nothing, that’s more than those sadly underrated Disney heroines get who are practically forgotten. To be honest I can’t see the problem Mulan being Disney Princess other than the confuse of her title being honorary princess. Of course her character gets mistreated sometimes as Disney is determined to bury princesses in glitter but if you pay attention so does other characters in the lineup too. I don’t know about you guys but for some decent merchandise I’m willing to tolerate some pink glitter poofyness, and I have no idea if that’s actually a word :P

I would love to see all those forgotten heroines to get the attention they deserve, see Esmeralda and Jane back to the lineup like they used to be. But I have no power on deciding that subject, like really none of us outside the Disney company does. 

Anyway here’s my point shortly, whenever you like it or not Mulan is and will be part of Disney Princess franchise and there’s nothing you can do about it. Exept continue whining about it and make major posting how Mulan didn’t marry prince or born to royalty blah blah which have been seen million times before and then feel “oh man I’m so smart” which will do nothing but either amuse or annoy me depending on my day.

And in the end a quote from every Disney Princess magazine cover I have: Everyone can be a princess. 

Fears: Gareth Davice

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the dark. fire. open water. deep water. being alone. crowded spaces. confined spaces. change. failure. war. loss of control. powerlessness. blood. drowning. suffocation. clowns. the supernatural. heights. spiders. rejection.abandonment. loss. the unknown. the future. not being good enough. scary stories. speaking to new people. poverty. loud noises. being touched. forgetting. being forgotten.

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kate lockley: the forgotten heroine

whenever I see posts about inspirational female characters in the buffyverse, I never ever see anything about kate lockley (angel seasons 1 and 2).

the vast majority of heroines in the buffyverse who learn that vampires, demons and magic exist do so in the safe company of people who share that rare awareness. they have people to turn to. kate doesn’t have that; her peers and her father (you know, the man she adores and who despises her in return) are all policemen… not witches, slayers, watchers, etc. the only person she knows who understands the supernatural is angel, a man who doesn’t share the feelings she has for him, and who just uses her when he requires police intel.

she struggles so much to come to terms with it all (who wouldn’t?!) and suffers physical and emotional pain along the way. as soon as she starts to understand the supernatural, she’s ostracized, mocked and punished by everyone she knows to the extent that she attempts suicide.

when angel saves her, rather than wishing she’d died, she says how grateful she is and is hopeful..her final words in the show are “I believe, I don’t know what I believe, but I have faith. I think maybe we’re not alone in this” (2x16).

she’s not a saint. she’s flawed, as are all of whedon’s best-written characters. she wrongly blames angel for her father’s death but the point is she overcomes her flaws and limitations.

i know she was only in the first two seasons, but at the end of the day, that’s still a significant period in what is only a five season show. in my mind, she deserves so much more respect and admiration from the buffy fandom.

Fatimah bint Abbas alBaghdadiyyah was a contemporary of Shaykhul Islaam ibn Taymiyyah, and she lived in Damascus. Ibn Taymiyyah would say that he had to prepare ahead of time when he knew that she was coming to study from him, as her questions were often extremely difficult to answer.

Ibn Kathir described her as a social reformer who taught Islam and fought against social evils… she was both a grassroots da'iyyah and a social activist. She used to teach from the minbar of the masjid itself - with men sitting at her feet.

Ibn Kathir stated that she was responsible for more social reform in Damascus *and* Cairo than the vast majority of men of her time - men who included such scholars as Imam Ibn Taymiyyah, Imam adhDhahabi, and Ibn Kathir himself.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi

Half Martian and Half human Jane Q-X 3 Gem was exposed to cathode rays as a child giving her 100% use of her brain (thanks for telling me not to set so close to the TV when I was a kid Mom, I could have been a stuper hero now!!!) so she was not only super smart, but she could control time, space and reality by thinking about it, also making her look just like Scarlett Johansson at least for one bad movie.

She lasted from issues 7 to 11 in Amazing Man Comics.