forgotten city


Forgotten City from RiME - Lindsey Stirling

The Waterdeep: City of Splendor book has maps of the city all divided up into districts so I took them all and photoshopped it together. Some of the scaling doesn’t match up so I tried cutting it up and moving it around a bit, and it looks pretty good. 

The image here is gonna be compressed, but I have an uncompressed version on my Google Drive that’s perfect for printing; got mine printed out on A0 paper and all the labels are still legible B-)


Did I ever mention how much of a Riddler fan I am? Well, I am one. A HUGE one. Sorry for the random DC fandom post but these have been idling in my folders for a while now so I thought I’d post em up. X’) I’m a DC person shhhh.


Kowloon, Hong Kong 

In the rogue ungoverned Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong things were so tightly packed that trash blocked off parts of buildings and many occupied apartments literally never saw the light of day, almost as if the place were naturally becoming overgrown.  

Like something straight from a William Gibson novel, there were no police or building codes – there was no law. For nearly 50 years this slice of Hong Kong was allowed to exist and grow independently due to a legal technicality.
After the Japanese left following the second World War squatters swarmed to fill the space, with the population at 10,000 people (living on seven acres) by the early 1970s – a combination of dissidents, outlaws and both organized and disorganized criminals. Professionals who couldn’t get a license set up shop, criminals hiding from the law thrived, and the self-organized community grew to 35,000. 

Then in 1993 everything changed – no one wants to deal with this lawless place anymore and it is promptly destroyed and turned into a park.

first of all, lemont illinois native Scott Darling loves chicago and the chicago blackhawks, not only that, but playing for the blackhawks was his dream, and he’s said before that he would’ve loved to be a blackhawk for life, so jot that down

tonight, the gods are sick of being gods.

aphrodite drinks your worship straight from your lips
and chases it with a scotch, crashes a cigarette,
flicks the ash on the floor and leaves
without so much as a thank you.

you find apollo in a nightclub on 55th and 3rd,
his prophets writhing in the intermittent darkness,
bassline pounding in their ears, liquor coursing in their veins,
smoke and strobe lights clouding their eyes.

you watch as ares starts a fight in a dive bar, takes
a knife from his pocket and uses it without flinching,
smiles as he wipes the blade on his thigh,
smashes a bottle on the floor and lights a match.

artemis spends the night in a jail cell,
blood on her knuckles and on her shirt and in her mouth,
the smell of metal lingering in the air.

athena chainsmokes in an alleyway,
waits for a boy with dark eyes and a mouth like sin.

dionysus shoots up in a basement in the seedy side of town.

hades stalks the streets, hazy in the fog of the streetlamps.

tonight, the gods are sick of being gods
and somewhere in the city
their forgotten divinity waits for morning.

—  where are they now? | m.c.p

Confession: The more I read theories about religion in Thedas, the more I think that the Maker is an Evanuri trying to escape their prison (probably the Golden/Black City which I think is a pocket universe of Arlathan, like the library).

In The Chant of Light, the Maker talks a lot about joining Him and embracing eternity at His side and there’s Corypheus and his pals entering the Golden City because they thought they would hear their Gods once more… Could it be that the Evanuris have been trying to contact people/mages to help them escape? And there’s a lot of time between the attempts because, like Solas, they need tons of energy to break through the Veil? It would explain the blackening of Arlathan too, it could be a protection spell Solas had placed there because he knew they would try to escape, so when Corypheus entered the city-prison, he was corrupted and corrupted the city itself so no one would try again.

As for Andraste, I think she was contacted because she had magic in her veins/had mages around her and wasn’t from Tevinter (the enemies from before the Fall of Arlathan). Or maybe she entered the Fade somehow, without knowing it, and met one of the Evanuris, and since Solas’s actions were still fresh, perhaps they were still furious and acted in anger, trying to bring chaos and destruction to the world Solas had saved to avenge themselves.

For example, it’s said that demons were born from people looking beyond the Veil and growing envious, so maybe they tried to make the entire thing backfire, made it look like their prison was the best place ever so the mortals would 1/try to get to it, 2/fight over what it is and what’s to be done about it. Either they destroy everything and the Evanuris are avenged/Solas failed, or they find a way to properly enter the Fade and Solas failed too.

Other details that could fit this theory: wolves are portrayed as bad things in the Chant of Light, a lot of the attributes of the Maker sound like Mythal’s and Elgar'nan’s attributes (justice, father&motherhood over the creation, the light itself), there’s also mentions of the Titans and the Forgotten Ones as enemies although they’re not named directly (but lbr ‘seventy men of stone immense rose up from the Earth’ screams Titans, and ‘those who slept, the ancient ones’ screams Forgotten Ones). My only problem is that I also think the theory that sees Solas has the Maker makes sense, and some parts of the Chant fits that theory better. Could be a bit of both sides, I guess, and the people who wrote the Chant of Light mixed everything up to create a story that was easier to understand and looked cooler than what actually happened.

I guess my main confession is that I love theories about the Chant of Light and love sharing them :)


Lorentz Bungalow - Replica Challenge #2

As requested I’m uploading my build from the @redhotchilisimblr‘s second replica challenge. Sorry for the long wait! This lot is completely cc-free. It’s a really nice family home with a large living room, three bedrooms and two baths. ^_^

Lot Size: 30x20
Price: §90 267 (furnished) §29 439 (unfurnished)
Lot Traits: Child’s Play, Great Soil & Homey
Location: Widowshild Townhome in Forgotten Hollow
Required Packs: City Living, Get to Work, Get Together, Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out, Vampires, Perfect Patio, Cool Kitchen, Romantic Garden, Backyard Stuff, Vintage Glamour, Bowling Night, Movie Hangout, Kids Room.

Download at the Gallery: Origin ID - Allisasims or #Allisas
Download Tray-files: Simfileshare