Title: Oblivious
Chapter: 1
Series: Kuroko no Basuke © Fujimaki Tadatoshi
Pairing: Aomine Daiki/Momoi Satsuki
Rating: T
Word Count: ~6200
Summary: It was obvious they had chemistry, the whole ‘childhood friends’ card was only a bonus.
A/N: I’ll upload a new chapter every other day as this one is a long one. I’m kind of stumped on the ending, but hopefully I’ll finish it before I upload the last chapter. I’ve been out of town for a week so it’s hard to edit. Please do keep in mind this is only a writeup of some of my headcanons for this pairing; there will be inaccuracies of some sort and grammatical errors. I am still learning to write these characters. Please be lenient on the mistakes!

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And here’s six pieces that I managed to do this week and last week, but forgot to upload (’cept for the bottom 3, which I did last night). Basically, It’s all Steam Powered Giraffe robot goodness.

The top pic is how I usually would draw them, and, on the second pic, is how they kind of look with my interpretation of their SteamWorld: Heist looks.

I’m hoping to see one of their shows live so I can get at least one of the sets signed by the band. Maybe it’d be sometime this year, or sometime later down the road (that is, unless one of them changes their looks far enough for me to have to re-draw the trio again, lol).

So, what do you guys think of these rough pen-and-pencil artworks?

Techno Thursday — Never Grow Old

I missed Mixtape Monday — this was supposed to be uploaded then, but I forgot to hit record at Mao’s Den (of Sin and Shame, haha) — and then I got a little too busy with trip prep to throw something together.

I really intended to upload techno this week instead of the feelings I’ve been putting up for the past few, firstly because I think I need a break from feelings, and secondly, because tonight (!!) I’m flying out to Berlin, where I am going to be melting my ears off with some of the best techno the world has to offer.

So this is what I played at Hotdog last weekend, in case you were curious and you missed it:

Techno Thursday — Never Grow Old by Regina Belmonte on Mixcloud

I only really started getting seriously into techno in the last quarter of 2014. I didn’t have any friends who were into it apart from Karlo and Bobby — they all generally like the same thing I like: Robyn — and I only started going out last year, so I was never immersed in the electronic music culture. I hated (actually, still hate) the EDM they play at our superclubs, although it gets more tolerable the drunker you are. (Then again, what doesn’t?)

But sometime last year, I really needed to stop feeling feelings, and yet I still wanted to dance. Hanging out with Karlo so much, and catching his sets either at Future, Black Market, or Rocket Room, turned me more and more on to the kind of music he played: techno, tech house, and house. I’d be his booth bitch, just kind of dancing to whatever he’d spin, and my ears would catch particular tracks that I really, really liked, and I never got shy to ask what they were because he’s always been generous with me. (Everyone else has to Shazam. Haha!)

Then Bobby came home, and Bobby’s taste is a little harder than Karlo’s (Bobby is Berghain to Karlo’s Panorama Bar), and then everything became techno — even Jazz Night at Future one night in December — and nothing hurt. Haha!

I enjoy it so much because I really like to dance, and it’s the kind of music you can just lose yourself to. And there’s a darkness to it that appeals to me.

Anyway. It kind of freaks me out to be asked to play techno (I mean, it freaks me out to be asked to play anything at all, but especially techno), because I’m still really new to it, and I’m still building my library, and by, I dunno, absorption, I guess, I like what my friends like (which is what I’m most exposed to), and that makes it complicated when we’re all playing on the same night, like we did last weekend. I passed over a lot of the dancier things I listen to all the time because I didn’t want to be playing stuff I knew would be played by someone else for sure.

It went pretty well, I had a really good time, it was a killer party, and it got sooo crazy towards the end. Another story to add to my growing collection.

So yeah. Probably a whole pile of mistakes here because I don’t know what I’m doing, I really, really don’t, but I really, really want to learn! Hopefully this year. It’s called Never Grow Old after the penultimate track because it’s my birthday set, and I intend to never grow old.

Turn it up, and dance.

A practice page (from last week I forgot to upload) for a fanart I submitted few days ago. Most probably will not upload the final output because I am not confident sobs

Don’t you just hate it when your practice and/or wips are better than your supposedly better outputs lol ; A ;

Work has been absolutely hectic recently! But forgot to upload this sketch from last week! #girl #SunRay #japanese #woman #yellow #underwear #pose #Digitalart #DigitalDrawing #arts_help #Featuremaniac #art_spotlight #spotlight_on_artists #artist #tablet #SurfacePro3 #sketching #drawing #doodle #woman #character #comic #fantasy #sketch


I forgot to upload this last week but #flashbackFriday to the last #MoodyMonday of the school year @ohtats #freedom #itsrainingmen (at NYC iSchool)