I went to see the giant Gundam. Statue in Odaiba last week (forgot to upload some photos sorry!). There was a Gundam Cafe too but it was more of a Take away and gift shop rather then a cafe, that’s why I decided to go to the one in Akihabara this morning! It was really nice!!

Throwback to this delicious bowl of Brocolli that I had last week that I forgot to upload 😍 Brocolli paired with a creamy avo dip! Was filling and nutritious! My Love for Brocolli is definitely back 😍😂😜 hope you’ve all had a great week! Today I woke up to teach grit and circuit and then went to the gym to participate in a circuit class and have been at my boyfriends for the rest of the day! Am currently listening to new music for my classes in the morning as its launch day at @myfitnessclub_broadbeach tomorrow!!! Always excited to Launch the new stuff but will be my first time teaching the new attack so I’m a little nervous! Should be fun though! Have a great weekend everyone 💕



Oops, forgot to upload the left one last night. I’m in that mood again; make random filly guides all over the place while experimenting with faces.

I gotta learn to make appealing color schemes one of these days. If I drew the filly again, I’d take that yellow more into yellow territory. The other I’m mildly satisfied with? I wanted a lemon-lime-mango-fruit horse so I was trying to stay in the orange/yellow/lime green realm.

I hope your first week of 2017 is going well!


Hey there!

This is for @starcoweek2, Day 2 “Last Goodbye”. I’m sorry for uploading late. I got a few troubles yesterday so I couldn’t upload, and I completely forgot I had an appointment today, so it took me this long to upload… Sorry ^^’

Anyways, here it is! I hope you guys enjoy! 

Song Inspiration: Halsey - Colors (stripped)

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Goodbye is never an easy thing to do, even if it’s an easy word to write.

Last goodbyes are even harder, because they not only meant something is ending, it also declared a “no more” into it. After all, they meant that whatever was happening, it wouldn’t happen ever again.

And Marco remembers every single one.

The Last goodbye to his milk-tooth had come in a morning, the guy had fallen while he was sleeping and he mostly likely swallowed (since no one find the teeth anywhere in his room… he still got shivers from it).

The last goodbye to his golden fish come when he was seven, it died from it’s own age and they made a funeral for it on the garden. He doesn’t remember if he cried.

The last goodbye to his first red hoodie, it came from being over used and old. The fabric was worn out, there was no way to fix the hole on it, it was hard to Marco throw it away…That’s why afterwards, he got another 12 red hoodies.

The last goodbye to the school came on graduation, on the moment he got in his parent’s car after the ceremony, with a giddy Star by his side. It wouldn’t be the end, and even with Ferg and Alf going on different universities, they kept contact pretty well, just like the whole group.

But this… This was another level. Because there was no way, no possibility he could take this one. Marco couldn’t simply put into words, he couldn’t think about it.

He couldn’t say goodbye to his best friend.

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