• *Molly's flat*
  • Molly:*exits her bedroom, wearing a red dress; gestures quickly at herself* Well?
  • Sherlock:*typing on his laptop*
  • Molly:*huffs; turns around and goes back into her room*
  • *several minutes later*
  • Molly:*dashes out of her bedroom, wearing a short blue dress; brushing herself down* Okay, this will have to do. I'm running late.
  • Sherlock:*still typing*
  • Molly:*irritated* A veterinarian, Sherlock. He saves animals for a living. In boyfriend terms, that's up there with Tom Hardy... *mumbles* and, you know, detectives.
  • Sherlock:*glances at her*
  • Molly:*checking herself in the mirror* Okay, wish me luck.
  • Sherlock:*stands up and approaches her; takes her hand and begins pulling her towards the bedroom*
  • Molly:*confused* What are you doing?
  • Sherlock:*smirks* Molly, did I ever tell you the story of how I rescued a deer whose leg had been trapped under a fallen tree branch? *inclines his head towards the bedroom*
  • Molly:*grins*

a kurapika i drew in class today because, like @breadbunnie, after looking at @sk8boardingbrokemyface‘s art i was inspired and felt THE NEED TO DRAW KP

TVD Season Five Finale Musings: Bamon End Scene

I want to talk about Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett. I want to talk about how Damon fucking Salvatore came to terms with his fucking death, said goodbye to Elena, and smiled while dying next to Bonnie Bennett… WHILE HOLDING HER HAND. Damon, who usually has a tantrum whenever shit doesn’t go his way. Damon who never gives the fuck up no matter the odds, was at PEACE about dying. (Yeah it sucked, but look at how he handled it)

ALSO, he could have just faced the black hole of destruction alone because Damon always puts on this front that he’s a lone wolf and he doesn’t need anyone’s help/approval. But yet, this mofo chose to stay with Bonnie and hold her hand through his and her eminent death.

Omg if this isn’t how you OTP then every show ever needs to be canceled and forgot about.

I don’t have words yall.

The look Bonnie gave him. Like, omg. Even if Damon didn’t chose to be there she wasn’t going to let him go not a damn place. Tell me I’m not making this shit up. I’m not the only one that caught that. She’s basically saying “look damn it, you hate my ass, so you claim, but we going down together mothafucka”.

Can I dissect her words here? Thank you.

“I’m sure there are a million other people we’d both rather be with right now, but…”

Ignoring the fact that the word BUT completely discards everything that comes before it, let’s focus on another word. SURE! She said “I’m sure” which means IF SHE HAD TO GUESS, this is how he felt about dying next to her. She didn’t say she KNOW. She said she was sure. WHY??? Because after this mothafucka spent so much time and energy to bring her back, she doesn’t know SHIT anymore. Sorry for all the cussing but I’m gassed as hell right now.

Then she was oh so careful to throw in “we’d both”. Know what that remind me of? It’s like talking to your crush. A boy (or whoever you prefer) you like but doesn’t like you. And rather than show your hand, you deflect and try to prove that you feel the same way he does, not knowing that he doesn’t really hate you. He actually kind of fucking LOVES YOU.

She’s deflecting. Bullshit. Don’t tell me otherwise. She attempted to avoid whatever smart assed thing he had to say and Damon, I bet he saw right through that shit and he went along with it… while still maintaining his assholery.

This moment. Going back to what I said about Damon putting up this front. So does Bonnie. But we all know what happens when they get together. Them walls come tumbling down. They lower their fucking guard and take comfort in the fact that they are about to die/implode next to each other. And there are no fucking tears. Just soft, complacent smiles. I just cannot with these two.

Holy shit.

That just happened.