happy birthday ten ♡ // #HappyTENDay (insp.)

to chittaphon leechaiyapornkul aka our thai prince, cute devil, TNT, dancing machine and so much more… thank you for sharing your amazing talents and bright smile with us. this past year, we got to see you debut with nct u and show off your talents on hit the stage and the many special dance stages. you’re honestly so incredibly talented. not only are you an amazing dancer, but we got to see your artistic skills as well! your adorable selcas always make my day, and I look forward to seeing you come back with nct again this year. you traveled from your hometown all the way to korea to achieve your dreams, and we’re so incredible proud of you. you deserve all the happiness in the world, and I wish your birthday (& every day after that) is just as amazing as you! 

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Since I'm too stupid using tumblr and I don't even know how to change my name lol. I'm so glad I found your blog. Your art are so beautiful. ☺ Btw, how long did you learn anatomy? (Isuckwithitthohuhu)

hello! asdfjk; thank you so much ;o;;; <3 I have been learning/studying anatomy since grade 6 (so 4 years ago??) when I first started drawing in an anime style. I started looking at myself in the mirror and looking at references. Eventually, you notice some patterns in proportions *0* As time progressed, I started paying more and more attention to anatomy and proportions and trying to draw from my mind only at first before searching up references (if I have to). Below are just a few tips from me on how to anatomy *v* But please keep in mind they’re only my suggestions and my findings and they’re not exact and I’m not a professor ahaha

I couldn’t fit all of my knowledge into this drawing, but here are the general base shapes that I draw when I start drawing *7* Of course, human bodies vary, especially in anime, chibi and cartoon styles (and even in real life). These are just my proportions that I follow personally. Whenever you’re drawing from a reference, I always think it’s more beneficial to break it down into shapes. If you don’t get it right the first time, you’re not the only one ahaha

1) the face

there are different proportions for faces;;; I learned that the eye line generally splits the face in half. It doesn’t look like it, but that’s because your hair covers up some of the parts. The lower your eye line, the cuter the picture is generally (that’s why chibis tend to have really low eye lines or eyes really close to mouths). A pet peeve of mine is when people draw hair stuck to the top of the head;;; hair isn’t glued to your head, so give it some poof <3 If you’re drawing a realistic face, the keystone is really important. It’s also important to remember your eyes are dug into your face, so shading around them a bit to give it some form will make it more realistic. I’m mainly focusing on my default style on this tutorial, but I’ve learned realism face proportions before so that’s just a couple tips for drawing realistic faces *7*

2) hands

I’ve been practicing hands for ages asdfjkl; I used to draw them as mitten hands back in the day;;; there’s a lot of tutorials on hand proportions. This is just a small visual diagram I did for my cousin about hands ahaha //she gave up on me halfway though

//this is really off so forgive me OTL hands can also be exaggerated in a lot of cartoon styles like the one on the right. I sometimes enjoy it too much and I exaggerate hand proportions too much ahaha

3) body stuff

it’s all in the first diagram ahaha I’m not going to go into full detail, but I find it useful to draw the general shape (?) of the spine and what I call the nipple line. The way I draw feet is based on the haikyuu ending and I found it quick and easy to draw while it still resembles a shoe kind of *7*

4) putting it into use!

so now that you generally know a bit about anatomy and proportions, use it when you draw *7* Here’s the process for one of my drawings:

here I did a general rough idea sketch along with the composition. I also used perspective lines here just because I suck at perspectives ahaha;;; I kind of just drew a line from viktor’s head to the vanishing point to determine the height of the other characters. Makkachin and the flamingo floatie are part of the blurry foreground. Drawings with a background, middle ground and foreground tend to look prettier as long as you know where to put the focus (usually the middle ground)

I had a bit of trouble with viktor’s arm, so I took a picture of myself. Usually, I take more pictures of myself but surprisingly, I only needed one from this drawing. When you look at references, divide them into shapes and compare the height and all to something else (in this, I compared the height for the arm to where the top of the head is). Even if my arm has barely any muscle, I can still decipher the shapes and I exaggerated them on viktor (for obvious reasons ;^)))

I then do a more defined sketch with all the proportions and just more detail while doing the line art/sketch at the same time. Unfortunately, I merged the layers so you can’t see the line art :’))) But that’s generally how I anatomy. Sometimes I don’t even draw the detailed proportion lines (like above) because I don’t need to ahaha (like for most of the faces and for makkachin).

Eventually, you get something like that but without colour ^^^

and then add some minor details and you get that^^^

the full speedpaint for that drawing is here if you guys want to watch how I draw the sketch and lineart more clearly *0* there’s also awkward pauses near the beginning because at first I didn’t want to take a picture so I kept getting up to go to the mirror. //don’t waste your time, just take a picture

If a pose is too difficult, ask someone to pose for you ahaha or get one of those mini figures //which I wish I had

Sorry for the massive post! ;o;;; lastly, if you meant that you didn’t know how to change your name to anonymous, here’s one way to do it *7*

hope this helped *v*


Last week Charisk request from dig and hawk! These versions belongs to @dreamy-94 @digeridoodler and @ask-drunk-chara / @hawker-rawr

I’ve fallen to Charisk hell hnng. I’m a sucker for troubled/evil dudes turning good because they’re inspired by that one person kasjd. Anyway, it was such a fun stream and I laughed so hard aaah!

Talon chatroom: Not coming back

I have been asked to continue this and got some pretty positive feedback it so… it is my pleasure to do so :D if this becomes a series I’ll die I can’t stick to any update schedule
Also I know I asked what you guys wanted here, but I figured this person really fit well.
It’s really encouraging seeing how people enjoyed the last one, so this one is gonna be some a-former-friend-finds-out-you’re-missing-scenario. Also, half normal half chat fic!
- Lucky


You had just arrived back from your first mission with Talon. After what felt like years (but was honestly only about a week) of training, or more like finding out what Overwatch had taught you, Reaper fulfilled his part of your agreement and sent you with the elite Talon trio to retrieve some weird files you didn’t bother to read. Some important top secret shit.
And so, the elite trio has become the elite quartet.
Your unique abilities and some advanced tech that Talon gave you made you agile and strong, proving to be a strong asset to the team. They did need someone who could support them in tough situations, and your set of skills provided protection and a quick getaway from any place for all four of you.
You still haven’t tried getting into the Overwatch database. You promised Sombra you’d do it soon but you just kept on forgetting. It wasn’t a big rush though, she said that even if you didn’t have access anymore she could hack it, like she’s been trying for a while now.
One long shower and a visit to the medical bay later, you were chilling in your rather large room (the ‘elite’ had their own rooms, while all agents shared rooms of 4 to 8). Browsing on your phone and checking memes wasn’t something Talon agents couldn’t do and nobody told you you can’t have any fun here neither, so you did just that. While searching for proper funny games memes compilation material, you got a notification from an unknown number.

Unregistered has started a private chatroom.
Unregistered invited Y/N to the chatroom.

You had absolutely no clue who could it be, a part of you even wondered how they would know you or be able to reach you. This chatroom system was Talon only… you think.

Y/n has joined the chatroom.

Y/N: whoever this is, you should not be able to find this account
Unregistered: y/n?
Unregistered: is this really you?

You were starting to get worried. What if Overwatch got the hint? That you left them for the enemy? Would they be able to track you with this chatroom? Was Soldier monitoring the conversation with Winston and Amari right beside him, waiting for you to slip and give away the position of the base so that they could come and kick your ass for betraying them?

Unregistered: y/n? You there?

Curiosity won over your worry and with a soft sigh of ‘I will regret this’ you decided to reply, but kept an eye on your words; maybe whoever was on the other side of the line didn’t know what was up.

Y/N: it’s me.
Unregistered: oh thank god! where are you? what happened, love?
Y/N: before any other questions, who is this? i don’t seem to have your number…
Unregistered: it’s lena

Oh you should’ve guessed by the small ‘love’ she wrote. She adds that everywhere, even while writing to normal recruits that have been around the base for a week.

You saved her number quickly before taking a second to think. This could mean two things; one, Soldier got Tracer to write to you so he could squeeze info out of you. Or two, she had no fucking clue where you were and was genuinely concerned. And while the first one didn’t seem so probable, you kept your guard up.

Y/N: what do you want
Lena: i’m worried. where are you? are you safe?

You smiled slightly. Of course she would be worried. The smile faded quickly.

Y/N: I’m fine. I’m

Before sending the message you thought where could you be so that she doesn’t go and check.

Y/N: I’m fine. I’m staying at a friend’s place.

Which was partially true, since you somehow found yourself growing close with Sombra. She’s the most… normal out of the three agents. You also pranked Widow with her a couple times.

Lena: ok??? you sure you’re alright, love?
Lena: nobody saw you leave and we’re all kind of
Lena: kind of concerned for you
Lena: you didn’t even say goodbye
Lena: what happened?
Lena: y/n?
Y/N: you’re concerned for me? Really?
Lena: yes! we don’t know if you’re truly safe and you disappeared so quickly
Y/N: you’re concerned for me
Y/N: you guys. are concerned. for me??
Lena: yes we are! Is it so hard to believe?
Y/N: is this why you never took me anywhere?

You took a second. You could feel emotions start to build up. You didn’t want to tear up, writing to Lena while crying was not the best idea. You knew it’d be easy to spill something unintentionally.

Lena: what are you talking about, love?
Y/N: is this why you never took me to missions? Because you were concerned?
Lena: y/n I don’t think I understand
Lena: you know why you couldn’t go
Lena: your training wasn’t complete! You could get seriously hurt!
Y/N: the training didn’t do shit!
Lena: it was supposed to prepare you for the missions!
Y/N: I spent months on that fucking training
Y/N: it gave me nothing but frustration and around twenty visits to soldier which ended up in rejection and one firm ‘if you ask me for a mission again I swear you’ll get kicked out’
Y/N: so I didn’t wait
Y/N: and packed my bags before he had the chance to throw me out

There was a moment before a reply.

Lena: he didn’t mean it! he had a rough week. we lost recruits to missions, he didn’t want to risk loosing you too!
Y/N: it wouldn’t have mattered!
Lena: of course it would! we needed you!
Y/N: well what use would I have been if I stayed in base all the time?
Y/N: med bay duty?
Y/N: cooking?
Y/N: floor scrubbing?
Lena: is this why you left? because we didn’t take you anywhere?
Lena: if that’s what was wrong, I can talk to Ana! she’ll get you a mission right away when you return!
Lena: ok?

You almost threw your phone at a wall. She didn’t just propose that. She didn’t.
Oh she did.
You’ve had enough.

Lena: y/n? you there?

You marched out of your room.

Lena: love it’s been five minutes

You went to Sombra’s office. Full of computer stuff. You spun her in her chair and ignored her rather loud Spanish remarks. You grabbed your phone with one hand and immediately opened up a program she had on her desktop with the other.

The login screen for the Overwatch database was before your eyes.

Lena: y/n???

You typed with one finger on each device. Sombra was impressed.

Y/N: i can’t return
Lena: what are you talking about? of course you can! we’ll all welcome you with open arms!

Talon’s best hacker looked you in the eyes and you looked in hers. Your finger hovered above the ‘login’ button.

Lena: soldier says he’ll let you go on a mission too. he says he’s sorry.

You whispered a ‘fuck it’ and pressed the button.
The program took a second before Athena’s logo loaded. Sombra was quick to disable her, leaving you two with a wall of folders and files. Sombra was quick to start downloading all the content.

Lena: at least think about it ok?

You grit your teeth.

Y/N: you know what?
Y/N: I’ve thought enough. the apology, the promise of new missions…
Lena: and? you coming back? should I tell soldier to ready your equipment?

You shot one last glance at Sombra before tapping the ‘live facecam’ option on your phone. Lena accepted the call and you could see her face, her cheerful smile, her goggles, her messy hair… She looked like she’s been crying?

“Tell Soldier one thing.” Your voice is confident.

“Sure love! What is it?” You can hear hope in her voice.

Your face betrays no emotion as you slowly move the phone so that everything could be visible on screen; Sombra, the accessed database and a Talon logo on a nearby wall.

Lena’s smile vanishes.

“Tell him he can go fuck himself.”

You end the call.

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For the prompt thingy, can you do 26 - i didn't intend to kiss you? Nozoeli, please? Thanks in advance ~ Also, I love your writing style. :3

Hey, thank you so much for requesting!! I hadn’t been writing much lately ;w; But I’m really thankful for your support despite that I’m like this. I’m on mobile, though, so I can’t do any formatting really… Hope the original formatting didn’t get screwed up from pasting it here. Everyone, feel free to request! I can’t put the link here because I am on mobile, though… I probably won’t mind if you make your own prompt either, though. After all, I think this is the first request I’ve gotten!
Sadly, I realized that this is not as good as I thought… I think I’ll write another Nozoeli and see if I can make it up, but we’ll see. It probably won’t be from a prompt unless you’d like?
Anyways, here it is. You’re always supporting me, so I tried my best more than usual (*´∀`)♪

Title: Bloom
Ship: NozoEli (it kind of became EliNozo, though…)
Prompt: “I didn’t intend to kiss you.”
Rating: PG
Word count: 1.1k (roughly)

3rd POV

“I didn’t intend to kiss you.”
The usually serious, mature blonde began to blush like a young girl that’s been teased by the person she likes. She lifts her hand, putting her fingertips to her lips gently, wondering if that had really just occurred. The whole situation felt so surreal, she felt as though she were dreaming.
She then realizes that she’s averted her eyes as she slowly became a blushing mess, reduced to such from a simple kiss from whom she’s always considered her best friend.
She mutters quietly as she lifts her eyes to take a glance at the purple-haired girl in front of her.
Big mistake.
In the shining, large eyes of her best friend, a turquoise that resembles the sea, Eli sees her own sky blue eyes reflected. But it’s not just that. Eli sees a desperate hastiness, a throbbing want—no, love.
“I didn’t intend to kiss you,” Nozomi says subduedly, almost detachedly. But there is a hint of despair in her voice. Her eyes continue to overflow with emotion, and her voice quickly becomes evermore passionate. “I didn’t intend to kiss you! But,” she holds her hand to her chest tightly, shutting her eyes agonizingly, “when you’re always running off with our underclassmen, satiating their wishes, when you’ve always been as popular as you are, when I might not be the most important person to you anymore, do you know how that makes me feel?”
Nozomi opens her eyes slowly, but avoids the gaze of the girl in front of her. The only girl she’s ever cared for. “I know these are just my own selfish feelings, but when I can’t always be by your side, I can only wonder where you are, who you’re with, and I can only think that I want to keep you all to myself.”
She isn’t speaking loudly at all, but Eli feels every pang of Nozomi’s vulnerable, miserable words. Both of their faces are red, and the usually cheerful, flippant girl’s eyes are wet, seemingly on the verge of tears, her voice becoming nasal.
“Elichi, you’re the most important person to me, and the person I love the most,” she says as she looks into the blonde’s eyes woefully, tilting her head slightly. “But it hurts, not knowing whether you feel the same or not.” She looks at the floor as she continues. “I always thought I could just bear it for the sake of being together. Just to be by your side was enough—I tried so hard to think that way. But I can’t control how I feel!”
Tears starts to slip out and roll down Nozomi’s cheeks.
Staring at Eli, she hiccups slightly, distressed. “I know…it isn’t fair to be crying when I say this. I know, but…I can’t stop myself, either.”
She covers her face with her surprisingly delicate hands, fragilely, as if she were afraid she might break at any given moment.
“D-Don’t look at me,” Nozomi’s voice cracks. “I feel so shameful right now,” she chuckles self-deprecatingly. “Forget I even said anything, we can just go back to normal, we can just be frien-”
“Don’t say that!” Eli cries out, stopping the crying girl’s words in their tracks and embracing her tightly. “Don’t say that… Enough, don’t say anymore,” she nuzzles Nozomi warmly.
“No buts!” Eli says fiercely. “I didn’t know you felt that way. I wish you’d told me earlier. I thought you didn’t care. I thought,” she gritted her teeth, “that whatever I did, going around with whoever I did, you were okay with it because you only saw us as friends, and that that was the way it’d always be.”
Nozomi is surprised to feel spots of warm wetness seep through her sweater, and for a moment, there is a hard silence. Eli pulls back and holds Nozomi at arms-length, her eyes swirling, damp. “I’m sorry, Nozomi. I’m sorry, because I gave up on you.” She proceeds to go down one knee, taking Nozomi’s hands from her face and holding Nozomi’s hands with both of hers, kissing them as though they were the most precious thing she’d ever held in her entire life. Because to Eli, it was.
“I’ll never give up on you again,” her chest swells with love. “I love only you the most. To me, you are my world. You found me, you cared for me, and you understand me the most.” Her eyes glisten like the cool water of the lake on a hot summer day. “And I’d like to think that it’s mutual.”
Eli declares her next words unbudgingly.
“You don’t have to worry about being selfish. If anything, it’s always been me—asking you for more and more, and yet you’re always here for me.”
Eli musters up her strength for her next words.
“Nozomi, will you be with me?”
The purple haired girl now looks like her usual self, cheery and mischievous. Her eyes no longer water, and she lets her eyelashes flutter slightly as she blinks sensuously.
“You’re a little vague, Elichi. Can you say it more clearly?” she hums gently.
Eli stops, speechless, and her cheeks turn from pink to red within an instant.
“Ah, I should’ve remembered that you never change, always teasing me like this,” she says, narrowing her eyes in embarrassment.
“Well?” Nozomi prompts, a small smile playing on her lips.
Eli takes a deep breath, and proceeds to look Nozomi straight in the eyes once again.
“Will you go out with me, Nozomi Toujou? Will you be my girlfriend? Will you stay with me forever, and past our mortal lives?”
For a moment, Nozomi’s breath is swept away by Eli’s strength and fervor.
She pulls the blonde up to her feet, placing a small kiss on Eli’s forehead as Eli straightens up.
“You had to think about it?” Eli half-smiles at Nozomi.
“Elichi is like a prince.” Nozomi puts a finger to her pink lips, giggling. “Before I knew it, my breath was gone.”
“If you say so, princess,” Eli grins, placing a gentle kiss on Nozomi’s nose.
They share a light-hearted laugh, putting their foreheads together and holding each other’s hands warmly, firmly.
“Just one thing to correct,” Nozomi pulls away for a moment, looking into Eli’s surprised face, whose plump lips parted slightly. “You never did give up on me, did you?” She smiled lightly, but the impact of her words hit Eli like a hammer, rendering her breathless.
Eli smiles again, her heart skipping a beat as she attempts to mask her dancing emotions, unaware of how useless that valiant effort was.
“I guess you’re right. I was probably just…restraining my feelings and watching from afar. I was pretending I already gave up, when really my feelings for you had just bloomed.”