Day 14.

Who tops/bottoms?

I used to say it doesn’t matter as long as they have sex, but I realized I had a pretty strong preference - Top!H and Bottom!D. But, Draco’s not submissive. I imagine sex, like much else, is a fight of dominance between them. 

“… the control they tossed back and forth like banter.” from (x)


So, started watching another new anime from this Fall season (I think it’s Fall now). This one is called Anti Magic Academy: 35th Test Platoon. Right off the bat the characters seem very cardboard cut out but their are little bits in their that kept me interested in checking out the second episode. The pics are from the second ep and it’s got an okay fight sequence. I’m most interested in the contract forming and how magic works in this world.

What I know about the world so far.
Modern day Inquisition is a formal thing with academies (or only one, not sure) that train people in the art of Witch Hunting. These people go out in squads with modern weaponry and logistical support (guns and satellites providing communication)to not only hunt witches but also to recover unauthorized magical artifacts and relics. High level inquisitors bind spirits to them through contracts which so far seems more like a personality quiz then an actual contract checklist with consequences. Evil magic seems to leave a lot of corpses around and I have only seen a modern Necromancer so far (he was holding a butchers knife, wiping blood on an apron and saying he thinks he only killed 50 people this time.)

Not really at the top of the list but I am curious how it’s going to play out.

Hi guys/gals/whatever y'alls pronouns are

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