In the middle of all this Dr. Ishida stanning I totally forgot that Uryuu?? Is the lone heir?? To the Ishida Estate??? He has a fucking mansion now dude he’s.  Oh my god. He’s loaded. Oh my god. He’s straight up sugar daddy material I can’t believe this. 

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in th e tags on one of your mchanzo posts you tagged it with 'does mchanzo is gay?' and i wan t you to know im crying bc im laughign so hard holy shit


Paperwork finally went through!

I’ve been approved to get a small-ish chunk of my student loans knocked off!


I took a day off of work to get papers signed.

i was first told i didn’t qualify.

then had that reviewed and did qualify.

then i had to have the same person fill out a form three times for me.  Once because I was given the wrong form.  Once because she forgot to put one tiny piece of information. and then a final, correct time.

I met with a financial specialist.  Twice.

I was then told my paperwork wasn’t complete.

I resubmitted a form.

I was then told it was missing the first page.  No, you’ve had that page in it’s correctly filled out form since January or February.

Finally this morning I got a letter:  We have reviewed and accepted your application.

Granted, it still has to go through the Department of Education, but I can’t think of why it wouldn’t be accepted beyond this point.  But I could be wrong.

I don’t do well with financial stuff.  insurance?  stresses me out.  credit cards?  only as an adult, after getting in debt to the tune of $10,000, did i figure them out.  I feel myself getting tense and anxious thinking of another financial thing I need to take care of.

Growing up my mom took care of everything financial.  Even my first year and a half at college.

Then she died.

Maybe one of these days I’ll figure it out.  I’d be happy with just not being a nervous mess when faced with some financial “thing.”

But this news today:  a step in the right direction.

i love opening a .psd i was working on late at night the night before bc more often than not i gave up and got Too Tired and left notes for future me in like neon blue comic sans or something that are riddled with typos and half-incomprehensible about little things that need fixing

- Jamison doesn’t have much experience himself. And when I say not much, I mean they are the first. He would be surprised by their lack of experience, but he’d also secretly be happy about it. It makes him feel more special, like they are so selective and yet they chose him.

- There would most definitely be moments of “how do I relationship?” It’s a feeling from both sides. He’s more confused than them. Jamie also has a lot of trouble understanding progression in relationships. He has no qualms about saying “I love you” when they’ve only been dating a week. He tries to understand it for them, but it just hurts his head.

- The relationship would have a lot of misunderstanding of signals and queues. He doesn’t understand why they have problems with kissing so much in public, and why they get uncomfortable when he tells them how much he cares about them two days into the relationship. He’ll start to think that they don’t actually care about him. Fights will happen.

- Their lack of experience would actually make him nervous. He has absolutely no way of telling how the relationship will pan out, and it’s not exactly like he can look back on your exes and see why those relationships failed. He’d get more jealous and touchy, and will start to yell if they scold him.

- Roadhog starts to check in on the relationship. He understands more about relationships than the two of them put together. It also helps that he’s good at getting things through to Junkrat. He’s the go-to referee in fights. Those fights generally end with Roadhog sitting them down and have them actually talk about it while clarifying things for the other party.

@blargha-the-mighty-elven-warrior tagged me for a current WIP ramble. Well, alrighty then.

  • Alim as a kid in Denerim, before his mom turfs him. He and a small gang of elf kids run out of the alienage to spend some time stealing stuff and beating up shem kids. 
  • Alim as a kid adjusting to another new Circle kid. Can’t say much about this one.
  • Alim as a kid (I know! I’m obsessed with young!Alim lately) being put into a cell for a bit of isolation after beating up another kid in the Circle. The isolation does it’s damage, but not in the way a lot of people would imagine.
  • Alim in the Circle and his second time. The conundrum, because I’m not particularly comfortable with writing sex, especially when it involves a minor, how to write about sex without writing about sex. (I’m actually have a long term project of completing the DA 100 prompts for each major part of Alim’s life and this falls under Circle Alim - Laughter).
  • Alim in the Circle, but NOT as a kid, with @villnis‘s Eira Amell. Details TBD.
  • Alim in the Circle, making eyes at Kinnon. He’s in love, awwww.
  • Alim’s Harrowing. My challenge with this: how to write an extended metaphor without it taking over the drabble.
  • Alim going to a bordello. Zev’s away, Alim is angry and lonely. Blowjob or no blowjob?
  • A No-Circle!Alim introduction piece where he decides he might not like being the property of his patron anymore. This Alim is fun. He’s a horrible little bastard and I need to know if not going to that Circle ruined him or if I can redeem him somehow.
  • Zevran meeting Alim for the first time. Zev wasn’t entranced by the mage. The mage was tired of killing things.
  • Alim asking Zevran for a bad thing. It relates to this illustrated fic that I have yet to finish. Ooooh, mystery. I also have to fold in Alim giving Zev his first gift AND his own oath to Zev. 
  • Zevran guiding a drunk Alim away from yet another binge. Because after weeks of Alim barely talking to him, Zev decides he needs to a) endear himself to the warden, even if the warden is a bit of a bore, and b) get this warden onto the wagon before his drinking gets puts Alim, the rest of the group and most importantly, Zevran, in trouble.
  • Anne Cousland watching Castle Cousland burn. Tell the King, make sure her Anora is safe, gut Howe like a pig - that’s the plan. Then she meets a grey Warden who’s escaped the slaughter at Ostagar. His name is Daveth.
  • Laughlin leaving Betrys. Funny duck that he is, in Skyhold, Laughlin doesn’t carry around the image of Betrys as she smiled and said goodbye. He prefers to remember the moment after, when her face hardened a bit and he could see the anger underneath.
  • Two Laughlin pieces with I’m writing with friends. OC Kiss week stuff that should be done in time for the next OC Kiss week! XD
  • And then there’s Alim and Jael stuff, including the next chapter of Hard Way Home, but that’s all top secret. 

Wow. That’s a shit load of writing. And I’m absolutely sure that I’m missing some.

I’m tagging anyone who wants a good excuse to ramble about their WIPs!

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Ugggggggh I thought I could trust Jesse! Why are men such an eternal disappointment? Totally forgot the number one rule: keep those expectations low and never assume because they say something that acknowledges sexism/misogynoir that they aren't subject to the fuckery and bias of their gender.