my first Bed

my first Bed

There is a small story … I absolutely wanted to have the single bed from City Living as a double bed. Now I have to say that my knowledge with Blender are still quite modest. So I tried, the frame was easy to scale. With the mattress was unfortunately not so easy, but I simply stole the other of a double bed and inserted into my new mesh. Yay, that worked! When I finished so far I wanted to insert my new mesh in the S4S on a CityLiving double bed, but that did not work. I kept getting error messages and did not know whats up?! Then i tried it with a basegame bed and it finally worked! Since I have no solution to the error messages remains the bed now as it is and everyone can use it. I hope you like it anyway!

Oh, I forgot one! After everything works I still tried to make the mattress and the Frame as individual objects. Of course, the frame was all well but the mattress did not want. I have a lot of error messages again…. I hope to find a solution!

10 Swatches - Basegame

(The color options are the same as on the single bed from CL)

Download: SFS


Set 4 of chapter 1, volume 3 of the Tokyo Babylon manga. 6th chapter overall.

Cleaning/typesetting done by me, translation by Ronnny Hedin/VAZ, via Leareth.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I'm sorry to bother you, but do you have a link to the story you wrote Derek is a single dad and stiles is trying to impress him? Thank you!

oh man, i wrote more than one fic with derek being a single dad, so i don’t know which you meant?

i mean, i have this one where derek is a single dad and stiles has a cat thief. then there’s this with derek having a daughter and stiles being her horse riding instructor. then there’s the obvious single dad and babysitter au. the one where derek has a kid in canon. the other one where derek’s kid gets lost and stiles finds him. AND also the other one where derek’s kid gets lost again and asks stiles to help her. oh, almost forgot the one where stiles is a lawyer and kate is using him to try and take their daughter from derek.

heh, i guess i should stop writing kid fics. 

Ahh, I forgot this one.

So, the dialogue that all the tags on the rewards page have, all in some way say “have fun”

Amanda’s: Don’t get so busy protecting us that you forget to have a little fun now and then.

Saladin’s: A treat for the young wolf.

Xur’s: Those I serve want you to have this.

…maybe it’s alcohol.
(I feel like it’ll be the equivalent of a Treasure of the Lost consumable. We did see those new vanity masks in the trailer. I’m probably somewhat wrong).

anonymous asked:

Yes i love these fic too sadly there aren't enough :( what are you reading?

I know nonnie! I am reading this fic right now (it is murder mystery in HP universe. My friend Tessa @allthe1dlove recced it to me.)

Personally I LOVE this fic and it’s sequel. There is also this and thisthis, this, this amazing thing, this, THIS!!!, oh god this one, and this. Phew that is all I can think of right now. Send links to any fics where there are guns, fbi, murders, mystery, cops and stuff.And I forgot this one.