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Wow, ok, so I 100% forgot you used to work at an aquarium/just generally love aquariums for a hot second? So when I saw the post of a random guy scuba diving and a link to resources to become a marine biologist it never occurred to me that it wasn't somehow a meme?? I spent 10 minutes on the National Aquarium website because I was searching so hard for the meaning of the meme?? The fish meme? The Feme? Anyways I was confused, but I appreciate the wholesome career advice nonetheless.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is such a rad place that does incredible work and is also a world class facility with over 17,000 fish and animals and if you’re ever in Baltimore I highly recommend you going to check out my old stomping grounds

“When I was seventeen I had my first kid. The mother was addicted to drugs. I was in a tough situation. I was raising the child on my own. And I received an invitation to help rob a truck. I thought: ‘I’ll just do this today, and then it will be over.’ I was the lookout. The police caught us while we were running away. Prison is a place that’s impossible to explain. I was there for 2.5 years before I even had a trial. I saw a guy being stabbed. I saw a guy slit his own throat with a razor. During the night I used to sit by the window, and look at the stars, and think: ‘Not even an animal likes to stay in a cage.’ All my friends forgot about me. Only my mother visited. I’ll never go back there. Right now I’m in a tough situation again. I have no job. But people at the church help me with food. And I sit here and help people park their cars. It’s only a few pennies, but I’d rather do this than steal from someone else who needs the money.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

So I matched with this guy on Tinder and didn’t take him seriously for a solid two months because I was casually meeting other people closer to me. So we’d talk on Tinder then we exchanged numbers and texted every so often. Then, I told him I started working at an Italian place near my house, to which he replies, “I like pizza.” So he drove over an hour to come eat while I was working. Tipped me ten dollars. Then, I sat with him once we got slow and talked to him for another hour. Then, a couple weeks later we met up on a Sunday, got lunch and a beer, saw a movie, went longboarding for most of the day and then went to a bar and had another couple drinks. We’d had so much fun, we forgot we hadn’t eaten all day so we shared a pizza. Now every Sunday we do it all over again.

Half a Halfling

Okay so some set up. My character was a kleptomaniac, chaotic evil rouge. We were going through a dungeon and my character decided to try and steal the contents of a chest before anyone else did. We got into a huge fight and the place started to crumble and I still hadn’t opened the chest.

Me realizing I forgot the chest: Wait! I need to check that chest!

The Ranger of the group: Go right ahead, you’ll probably die though

DM: Yeah but if you don’t it’s going to haunt you. Think of all those riches

Me: *slowly picking up dice*

DM: It could be half a halfling too. 

Me: I roll for agility to get over there, loot as much as I can and bail (I botched)

DM: A rock cracks you over the head. 

Me: But I saw what was in the chest right! Tell me I died with riches at least!

DM: *rolls and starts laughing* You open the chest, eager and shaking with adrenaline and anticipation. Inside you see half of a dead halfling. And then you die. 

Me: Did it have anything on it?!

DM: *Rolls again* You simply find half a kolbolt.

It’s a reoccurring joke now. 

Creepypasta #1076: My Friend Is Sending Me These Weird Texts

Length: Medium

I threw a Halloween party last night, and lots of people came that weren’t, strictly speaking, invited. I wasn’t going to be a hard-ass about it, and there were enough of my friends that showed up that I was able to enlist them to help keep an eye on my place and make sure people didn’t wander places they weren’t welcome. 

Before long, everyone was mingling and having a good time. I saw my buddy Dave chatting up this really attractive girl that I didn’t know, and I remember thinking “good luck, she’s out of your league”, and I think she even asked him out to dinner, but then I promptly forgot about it since I was busy with hosting duties. The only reason I remember it now is because I got a series of increasingly odd texts from Dave after the party. Here’s how it started: 

12:15 am/ Dave: Dood, where am I?

12:16 am/ Me: Dunno. Home, maybe?

12:18 am/ Dave: No. I was at ur party. Now I’m somewhere else.

12:19 am/ Me: Yes, that happens when you leave a party.

12:20 am/ Dave: No, man. I didn’t leave ur party. I was there talking 2 this girl, now I’m here in this room.

12:20 am/ Me: What room?

12:23 am/ Dave: It’s got wood paneled walls, old looking green couch, a blue upholstered wing back chair, an ugly oil painting, some sort of metal disk on the floor, and an old wooden TV.

12:24 am/ Me: A wooden TV?

12:25 am/ Dave: U know- an old tube TV inside a wood cabinet- looks 60s-ish. WTF? Just turned it on. It’s black n white.

12:25 am/ Me: Ok.

12:26 am/ Dave: There’s no door. Or Windows. What is this place? Did you do this?

12:27 am/ Me: Do what? Roofie you and stick you in a room made of the 60s with no way out? No. No, I didn’t.

I’m cutting in here because we spent the next several texts going back and forth - him accusing me of drugging him because I wanted to meet this girl he had been talking to and me denying it; then him telling me what he could pick up on the TV. It sounded like some sort of closed circuit showing him other rooms similar to his, some with a person, and some empty; and finally him giving me a running commentary on his attempts to find a way out of the room. I was ready to tell him I had to go to bed when this happened:

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One day, one rhyme- Day 1178

The grass was warm under our feet
The day I last saw you.
The sun was high, the clouds were neat,
And fortunes smile we knew.
We talked of the places we’d been,
And where we’d yet to go
We painted our bright future scene
With optimistic glow.
We said farewell, with waving hands
Parted across sea foam.
We blazed our trails to distant lands
And forgot our way home
But I still think of you sometimes,
And wonder how you are
And if you’re still in sunny climes,
Looking down from a star.

so...I rewrote satisfied from john's p.o.v



I remember that night, I just might regret that night for the rest of my days.

I remember the four of us, sittin’ at the bar with our glasses raised.

I remember that dreamlike candlelight like a dream that you can’t quite place,

but Alexander, I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face.

Man, I’ve never been the same, Intelligent eyes in a hunger-pang frame,

And when you toasted freedom I forgot my dang name, set my heart aflame, ev’ry part aflame,


This is not a game…


You strike me as a man who would be good to work besides


What can I say? Bein’ free is all I really need.


You’re like me. I’m never satisfied.


Is that right?


I have never been satisfied.


My name is John Laurens.


Alexander Hamilton.


Where’s your fam’ly from?


Unimportant. There’s a million things I haven’t done but just you wait, just you wait…


So so so— so this is what it feels like to match wits with someone at your level!

What the hell is the catch? It’s the feeling of freedom, of seein’ the light,

it’s Ben Franklin with a key and a kite! You see it, right? The conversation goin’ on, gettin’ drunker every minute ev’rything we said in total agreement, it’s a dream and it’s a bit of a dance,

a bit of a posture, it’s a bit of a stance. He’s a bit over excited, but I’m ‘a give it a chance.

I asked about his fam’ly, did you see his answer? His hands started fidgeting, he looked askance?

He’s penniless, he’s flying by the seat of his pants.

Handsome, all the girls know it! Peach fuzz, and he can’t even grow it!

I wanna take him far away from this place, then I turn and see Lafayette and Mulligen…

And I can’t risk it

And I know we can’t risk it

But our eyes keep on meeting

And I realize 3 fundamental truths at the exact same time

Where are you taking me?


I’m about to change your life.


Then by all means, lead the way.


Number one!


I’m a man in a world in which my only job is to keep my family rich

I am my father’s oldest son and I’m the one who wants to fight the fight for us,

so I’m the bravest and the stupidest at the same time maybe that’s why there’s this thing with he and I,

Lovin’ him’ so dangerous! That don’t mean I want him any less.


Elizabeth Schuyler, It’s a pleasure to meet you.




My sister


Number two!


We gotta get married, we gotta satisfy

all the expectations of a modern nation

so maybe that is why

I left him to the girl he writes about in his letters,

maybe it’s for the better

even if we’re unsatisfied


Thank you for all your service.


If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it.


It doesn’t matter I knew ‘im first.


Number three!


I know Alexander like I know my own mind, you will never find anyone as driven or as bright.

When he tells me that he loves me part of me dies, knowing he’ll never truly be mine


At least not without living in a lie.


But when I fantasize at night it’s Alexander’s eyes,

as I romanticize what might have been if we weren’t both men in a world where that is sin

At least we’re both fightin’ the same fight; at least I keep his eyes in my life…


Request: @teeacooper: “Could you do one where Bucky or Sebastian jokingly makes fun of how short the reader is? Extra fluff?”

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Warnings: fluff, as you requested.

A/N: I hope this is what you had in mind :)

You get on your tip toes, reaching for the container that was on the top shelf but fail immensely. With a huff you try again, this time placing your leg on top of the counter as you tried to pull yourself up on it. Before you could do so though, a strong arm wraps around your waist, pulling you back down to the floor.

Sebastian presses a kiss to your temple and grabs the container for you.

“Thank you.” you say, taking the container from his hand.

“No problem, shortie.” he smirked. Here he goes. “Hey I forgot to ask you, how’s the weather down there?”

You groan, ignoring him. Every time he saw you struggling to reach for something he would bust out with his short jokes. You were 5'2 where as Sebastian was 6'0.

“Oh come on.” he pouts, leaning against the counter right next to you. “Don’t feel down.”

You shovel the leftovers into the container as you continued to ignore him.

“You know, I was looking through your wallet the other day for an extra three dollars for gas but you were a little short.” he kept going.

“Seb.” you groan, putting the lid back on the container.

“What?” he stood there with a smirk.

“Stop it.” you say.

“I’m not doing anything wrong.” he shrugged as you put the container in the refrigerator.

When you turn around, Sebastian was smiling at you. “What?” you sigh, placing your hand on your hip.

“Nothing.” he shakes his head. “You’re just so cute and small, I could put you in my pocket and carry you around.”

“Oh my god.”

You turn away and walk down the hallway to your shared bedroom with Sebastian hot on your heels.

“So I was thinking about buying you a booster seat so that you can be tall enough for the table.” he says from behind you and you roll your eyes at your annoying boyfriend.

“Stop already.” you sigh and Sebastian licks his lips before nodding.

“Okay, okay I’ll stop my love.” he says, leaning down to press a kiss to your hair. Sebastian leaves the room and you decide to go out and get yourself a drink of water.

You open the cabinet and grab a cup then proceeding over to the water dispenser. While the water flowed into your cup, Sebastian bumped into you.

You look up at him and he had an innocent look displayed on his face. “Oh jeez, you’re so small, I didn’t see you there Y/N.” he jokes and you flip him off before drinking up your water.

As you put the cup down, Sebastian cups your face in his hands, tilting up so that you would look at him.

“You know I love you, right?” he says and you nod. He always did this after making fun of your height.

“And I was only joking.” he adds.

“Yes Sebastian, I know.” you say.

“Can I have a kiss?” he pouts and you chuckle but nod.

Sebastian connects your lips in a kiss then pressed his forehead to yours afterwards. He smiles at you, causing you to smile as well.

It was a cute moment, that is until Sebastian opened his damn mouth. “I guess you could say that was a short kiss, eh?” he smirked and you huff, pushing him away.

He stumbles back, laughing loudly before walking back up to you. “I’m sorry baby.” he coos.

“Shut up already.” you wave him off, walking around him to go back to your room.

“You’re just so small and cute!” he exclaimed as he watched you walk away which caused you to flip him off yet again.

“Baby wait up!” a smile spreads across his face as he jogs over to the room to annoy you even more.

A/N: Let’s hear it for all mah 5'2 peeps ayeeee. Sorry if you’re not 5'2, just pretend you are for this shhhhh no one will ever know. I hope ya liked this.

I  C A N ‘ T

‘I told Amy 6741 was my favorite episode, the whole park scene and the pillow talk scene with Shaw. She said in the pillow talk they kept giggling together after every kiss (took a lot of takes) but she loved that scene because it was just lying in bed most of the time and they needed the rest. :)
She also mentioned they filmed more scenes like Shoot feeding Bear and Shaw asking Bear if he has been looking out for Root but it was cut because of time.
Amy signed my picture with ‘4 Alarm Fire’. Gave it to me then she hurriedly took it back and said she forgot something then i saw that she added and wrote ‘Stay with me, you are my safe place.’ ’

- A fan, after her meeting with Amy Acker at Dallas Fan Expo, June 4.


inside their phone edit 
↳Brooke Maddox


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRASH! Thank you for blessing us with the gifts of McHanzo, I hope you had a great day 🤗❤

I totally saw this on my actual birthday, but since I was out and about that day I totally forgot to get back on and reply to the birthday messages people left, sorry!

I did enjoy myself, though. I had ramen at this really bomb place in LA, then we went to Hollywood to see Beauty and the Beast @ the El Capitan Theater there (it’s basically a fancy shmansy movie theater where they only show Disney movies). It was pretty simple for my 21st birthday, but I like keeping things simple. So yeah, it was pretty great, in my humble opinion.

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I have been looking on ao3 for this au I was reading awhile back. I lost my place before I could bookmark it and I forgot about it until I just saw the art is was based on. One of those royalty fics where Viktor is a prince and it's his birthday and Yuuri and Phichit go to the ball and they end up flirting and Yuuri and Viktor rush off to skate after dancing together? I didn't make it past that part and all I know is that xiaoann made the art. pls help?

The fic you’re looking for is Even Princes Can Relate by Watermelonsmellinfellon and you can read it here!

Oh yeah, I just remember something. 

You guys remember why we were doing this who stupid plot line in the first place? It was to make Reira smile. Why was that? To kick Zarc out.

Quick Question…

Where is Zarc? We saw NOTHING of him in this final episode! Reira smiled so shouldn’t we have saw Zarc’s evil spirit leaving him or something?

Wow, as if this whole ending wasn’t bad enough, they just out right forgot about why we were actually making Reira smile in the first place. To give him an exorcism basically. 

Well, I guess Reira is going to become a demon child *shrug*

Why I Hate CC:  The Creator of TMI

I saw an reply to a someone’s post who asked why do we hate CC, even though she created the series on which Shadowhunters is based.  And I didn’t have time to reply, and promptly forgot the url of the post. So I’m going to reply here, because I want to just put that out there. 

First of all, why do people think I have to like the author to love the books. I don’t. I haven’t really liked JKR since book 5, but Harry Potter has always had a special place my heart.  As for Shadowhunters, I love the world building (despite the mythology having more holes in it than swiss cheese) and the downworlders. I particular love the show, and I respect the hell out of the writers who took a deeply flawed book series and made it awesome; despite all the risk to themselves. I mean they have:

  • They added people of color
  • They add Interracial Relationships
  • They add Gay and Bisexual representation and inclusion
  • They add a feminist and sex positive character.

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