When I went to the antique place I saw this massive hanging seashell thing but decided not to buy it and that if it was still there in a few days then I would bring it home and it was still there when I went back, plus 10% off, so I’m super excited bc I bought it 😍🙌🏼😁🐚✨

The Ghost in the Shambali Temple (Part I)

I was perusing the Genyatta tag and saw that a few people were correlating Zenyatta and Genji to Wall-E and Eva… I loved it~

Zenyatta is of course Wall-E… the adorable ‘bot that emotes without expressions and Genji as the badass Eva~!

This is definitely a drabble that I will try and come back to when my sister and I have brainstormed more on it… perhaps might help me write it with suggestions~

Virtually is it an A.U that takes place the Shambali Temple and Village in the Himalayan Mountains…

—The Ghost in the Shambali Temple—

He forgot how long it has been… one year, two, five years…. so many years spent in isolation, but it was okay. One day everyone would return and he would not longer be alone. Until then…

Until then, he will keep his self-imposed promise and tend to the grounds. The sanctum, the shrine, the village, and all of its contents were his responsibility.

Tehkarta Zenyatta, a Shambali Monk, hovered about a home of a farmer, dusting and sweeping snow out of the doorway. He was doing his best with the limited supplies he had to make sure the home was clean.

Doors were closed behind him every chore, but somehow, snow would seep into homes like an unwelcomed guest.

With no fires and more people here to live and inhabit the homes, it made it easier for snow and water damage to invade. Zenyatta tried his best, but with only the Temple offering his Omnic form warmth via a solar heater, he could not stay long in the village beneath his home.

With the snow swept out of the home and into the silent courtyard, he gently shut the house’s main door close and floated into the open area…

He took in the immediate view.

The bridge leading to the second floor of the plaza’s building was leisurely falling apart, plank by plank, but without replacement wood, there was not much Zenyatta could do.

The village was not that large, but it seemed so, everytime he would journey down from the sanctum to patch up the village… it sometimes felt like he was battling the weather itself.

All of the wind chimes broke the silence as they swayed in the mountain breeze. Bringing him welcomed ambiance.

If not for the chimes, he would not hear much of anything. For years, the chimes would sway and clang together… it felt like it was the mountain’s way of communicating with him; that he was not alone.

He glanced up to the sun that hung low in the cloudy sky.

That signified the end of another day.

Zenyatta picked up his straw broom and began the trek up the narrow mountain path to the monastery. Perhaps tomorrow he would tackle the large pile of snow around the shrine.

The poor stone pillar stood alone with an aged roof as its only protection from nature and with no walls to block out the snow, the flowers at the base of the shrine are usually buried.

Time passed as always while he hovered back up to the second section of his home. The sun will be hidden by the Himalayan Mountains by the time he reached the warmth of the Sanctum, but his internal systems could manage.

Zenyatta’s trek indeed took time, for when he reached the warmth of the sanctum that was filled with warmth and a pillar of light that poured in from the ceiling, the sun was gone.

His room was further into the monastery, but with no one around, the golden pool of light offered him comfort in the isolation.

A small room adjacent to the swirling glow was where he rested and kept most of his few possessions. A few scrolls of the Shambali teachings perched, a vase with dried flowers perched on a dresser, and a box that contained his dress robes.

Besides the dress robes given to him by his brother, he possessed a pair of drab yellow pants he wore. They were aged, with patches and tears at some of the seams, but they were comfortable and the patches were mended by his own hands.

A single yellow square pillow was placed in the center of his grotto and it is where he perched himself.

Tomorrow another day would start. Tomorrow, he would wait for the people of the village and the monastery to come home.


Zenyatta woke with the sun and stood from his place. First thing in the morning, he would light the incense pots and his olfactory system kicked in, telling him he was smelling Sandalwood.

The only reason he had incense was because he would make it himself… another hobby he gave himself to not only keep himself busy, but to keep the smell of the temple alive.

The Shambali Monk moved onto meditating with the Iris’s warm pool of light as his companion. It was cathardic and offered solace in his solitary life.

Part of the morning rolled by and soon Zenyatta pick up his straw broom and made his way down to the second level of his home: the shrine.

His internal systems indicated that is was colder than usual, so he hurried to turn on the heating lamps that hung with the wind chimes.

Lithe mechanical hands deftly brought to life the lamps also powered by the sun and felt the shrine warm up. He was about to get started on removing the snow off of the flowers when something unfamiliar was heard.

He stopped moving and listened carefully.

It wasn’t the mountain wind, or the chimes… it sounded like… a hum.

His eyes took in the sky and a little white dot contrasted by the blue sky was seen. It looked like a… something.

It resembled a white bird with a large, round stomach and an wide wing span. As it got closer, Zenyatta was able to get a view of it. It was box-like, with grey touches on its belly and wings…

It was a cargo plane.

It circled around his home before coming around and landing in the clearing to the left of the shrine.

A part of him was so excited. ‘Did everyone finally decided to come back home?’ The stray thought was eclipsed by a wave of fear. What if this was just his mind playing tricks on him…?

Resigning himself to whatever fate may have in store for him, Zenyatta rested his broom against a column of the shrine and floated down the steps and towards the plane.

The plane’s engines were louder as he approached and as he hovered around a corner and near the ascending stairway, to stay out of sight. He saw blue flames coming out of the plane’s jet turbines.

It sounded like the engines were shutting down and a hissing sound erupted from a ramp opening and coming down.

Zenyatta peered around his corner and unconsciously held his breath.

The people of his village did not return… the belly of the plane was devoid of human life, but for one individual.

Upon closer inspection, it looked like a modified Omnic. Sleek armor, a shimmering grey-pearl color, with hints of green upon the shoulders and where the eyes should be. Resting upon the back of the person was a large sword.

Was this person an enemy? Perhaps someone after… what? There was nothing of value here in these mountains…

The humanoid walked down the ramp with his fingers pressed to his helm where his left ear would be. It seemed like they were communicating to someone.

As they walked away from the roar of the dying engines, Zenyatta heard him, it was confirmed a male, speak with an accented voice mingled with a synthesizer tone, “Do not worry Winston… there were no life signs as I flew over.”

He paused in speaking, “All I need to do is at least find records confirming it existed and then we will figure out where to go from there.”

Unconsciously, Zenyatta was leaning more and more out from his hiding place and his hand shifted loose a piece of the decrepit wall, causing a chunk of brick to fall to the ground with a clatter.

The modified Omnic looked up and caught sight of him.

Zenyatta barely had a chance to react before the stranger zipped over to him, a blur of grey and green. He reappeared before the Monk with a short sword pressed to his delicate neck.

“Who are you?” Demanded the new guest.

What an introduction.


That is it for now… I will continue the story when I have a free moment and hopefully it will do the Wall-E AU justice~

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I agree that Eddie got petty as time went on. We saw him giving Iris a key to his place. He punched Barry in 1x16 for hitting on Iris (Anger, not the punching was justified.) Then the proposal and he basically quit finding out Iris marries Barry.

I honestly think Eddie was petty ever since Barry’s coma. And I forgot about the punching! That was totally unwarranted. The more I think about it, the more I’m realizing how much Eddie was kind of an asshole.

Let’s compare how he and Barry both dealt with the knowledge that Barry and Iris are married in some version of the future. Eddie is (understandably) upset but he takes that anger out on Iris. Like, he essentially broke up with Iris for something her future self will/may/may not do. And he was being really standoffish and distant to her? And poor Iris was confused and hurt because what could she possibly have done to warrant that treatment? After she was worried about her boyfriend possibly being killed and being relieved that he’s alive, Eddie chose to give her the cold shoulder because he discovers there’s a possibility he and Iris don’t end up married in the future? What kind of dick move…? And this was all after Iris stayed loyal to him.

Meanwhile, Barry never brings up his marriage to Iris, in the future or on Earth 2. Well he did bring it up on Earth 2, but only because they asked about their doppelgangers. He doesn’t overwhelm her further with this knowledge or place any expectation on her. He doesn’t even ask her out, choosing instead to step back and give her agency. Iris is actually the one who is constantly alluding to the future and to their Earth 2 counterparts.

And people want to claim that Eddie was the better man for Iris.

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You have a place in Undertale AU here on Tumblr. Thought I let you know.

Oh I saw–

I had someone link it to me and I suddenly had an influx of followers that I found a bit odd (since this blog doesn’t grow that fast).

I had actually sent in that submission a long long long (months and months) time ago and thought that it was just going to never get in and just sorta forgot about it–but looking back now, it was worded HORRIBLY and the refs are being revamped so I’m honestly thinking of asking it to just be taken down and forgotten or at the very least rewrite the description for it and edited later.

But thank you for letting me know: it was very nice of you!

i was tagged by @astriferoxs to make a 25 facts meme! 

1.I’ve never ‘visited’ another country yet. I’ve lived in 2, but i really wanna travel to alot of places.

2.I would sooner eat insect larva than a chicken egg ^ ^;;

3.I live in one of the most expensive places in the country and i wish i could move ><

4.I have the worst and most unreliable short term memory (show me a number and i will forget in 1.5 seconds what i just saw. If i fight really hard to try and remember the number, its all gone the moment you try to distract me with conversation) But there’s a 50/50 chance i’ll remember what i forgot 1 hour later.

5. I never mastered the ability to ride a bike ^ ^; its too much multitasking for me.

6. I am the weird ‘recessive’ kid of the family(i don’t look much like my siblings and am the only right handed kid of 3-the other 2 are lefties)

7.A sidewinder rattlesnake got into my room when i was an infant.

8.I’m super clumsy! 

9.I was a kid of the 80′s and teen of the 90′s! 

10. I get alot of happy/weird nostalgic juju when its stormy and i’m watching pbs O o 

11.But i’m really scared of lightning. Everyone else i know loves lightning. 

12. I’ve never had a ‘brain freeze’! i’ve even purposely tried to induce one many times and could not get one.

13. I’m also incapable of feeling ‘feverish’ so i have no idea when i have one.

14. But if something itches, i’m hypersensitive to it >< I keep breaking open skin over it. i’m sure my head is covered in scars.

15. I was told i was gross/dirty/ugly all the time as a kid. and my parents would often tell me i smelled bad (i don’t think they meant ill, they just didn’t want me to be teased), so as an adult i’m always paranoid about the way i smell. and have become a bit obsessed with perfume/cologne oils and sprays. But the flip side is now people are often complimenting me that i smell really good <_<; 

16.I watch aloooooot of nature shows.

17. I have alot of trouble reading >< i have to read a section of text several times over to retain what i just read. This is even if i really like the story. It’s what stops me from reading more often. It even happens sometimes when i’m just reading text on here or other sites. Yet I learned to read (the action of reading) at a very young age and read at an advanced level. *shrug*

18. This annoying issue can extend itself to watching things (shows movies ect) often as well. In general , i feel stupid alot ><

19. I knew from the age of five, i was not my assigned ‘gender’.

20. I don’t think anything makes me happier than wearing a costume<3

21. I love plushes!

22. I prefer lyric-less music. So that makes up most of the music i have.

23. I’m obsessed with my fandoms but it sucks cause i can never think of anything really insightful or new or anything about it that i can add. So i end up never really talking to other fans about the things i love and i think they think i don’t care about it as much. Forever an outsider xp

24.DUDE speaking of fandoms, I discovered Stranger Things recently and i love it so much. Anyone with netflix i encourage you to go see it!

25. I used to be really scared of tv/movie logos as a kid and my early monster designs were based on shapes from those!

I will tag @loghains, @nightingaletrash, @lil-tomato. @sorrowsfall, @taffing-garden-salsa, @sorrowsfall, @beatuscineris, @techteddyposts, @haethel, @livingonwonderland, @blarpus, @anyerina, @mr-seek, @dellavallhalla, @sideburns-singing-and-villainy, @sarlaccsinner, @theashenphoenix, @lonelypegasus and who ever else wants to. And for those tagged only if you wanna, meep

During her last ninety minutes, Edsall saw more action than many ships saw during the entire war. This remarkable last engagement has never been well understood, and more precise information was lacking until very recently.
Edsall was without question in the wrong place at the wrong time, largely due to one of the Pacific war’s most foolish operations, but I believe her reasons for being there were above reproach.
Many wondered why the destroyer Edsall did not come to the rescue [of Pecos]. —Walter G. Winslow, The Fleet the Gods Forgot
But, in war as elsewhere, the noblest and bravest actions are not always the most famous. —Michel de Montaigne, Essais
—  A Blue Sea of Blood: Deciphering the Mysterious Fate of the USS Edsall, by Donald M. Kehn
  • Me:please let me rest
  • Brain:I remember that night I just might regret that night for the rest of my days I remember those soldier boys tripping over themselves to win our praise I remember that dream-like candlelight like a dream you can't quit place but Alexander I'll never forget the first time I saw your face I have never been the same intelligent eyes in a hunger-pang frame and when you said hi I forgot my dang name set my heart aflame every part aflame this is not a game "you strike me as a woman who's never been satisfied" "I'm sure I don't know what you mean you forget yourself" "you're like me I'm never satisfied" "is that right" "I've never been satisfied" "my name is Angelica Schuyler" "Alexander Hamilton" "where's your family from" "unimportant there's a million things I haven't done but just you wait just you wait" SO SO SO SO THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO MATCH WITS
Letter tag

Thank you @naktas for tagging me~

Rules: Answer the questions with the first letter of your name, then tag 10 people. If the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use the same word twice.

What is your name? Izu/Stacey. I’m doing this for both names because I am a rebel

A four letter word? idle - song

A boy’s name? Ian - Samuel

An occupation? illustrator - sales manager

Something you wear? inner tie - sneakers

A color? indogo - silver

A food? ice cream - soup

Something you find in the bathroom? air freshener - soap

A place? Icheon - Seoul I saw the opportunity and took it

A reason for being late? I forgot to set my alarm - Someone robbed me

Something you shout? I miss you (???) - See you there (??????)

A movie title? If I stay - Suicide Squad

Something you drink? ??? - Sangaria Soda

An animal? Impala - Skunk

A type of car? DO BRANDS COUNT?? :( I onlt know for S in that case, Suzuki and Subaru

Title of a song? If You Do - Stay

And I tag @yuusangdo @yusanggdont @madlight-hansol @hansolsdog @seungkwanboob

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You forgot to mention that there is another group of people who don't like those snaps are ran fans... Just saw on Twitter they tagged Blake and went "how dare he to bring Gwen to the ranch, and be with her there and show her some spots like it's ran and his place, and it's "their" places and not for Gwen. I don't understand it... And then why are even follow her??? I thought to return on Twitter was a good idea, probably not 😒

Your enjoyment on Twitter depends on people you follow. If you follow a lot of those kinds of fans then it really will get exhausting for you. So maybe time to clean up your “follow” list.

Blake can bring whoever he wants to in his own property and make new memories there with the important people in his life now.

Meme of doooom

(DOOM, I say!)

I was tagged by @flyingfishtailoutpost1

LAST TEXT SENT: PEW PEW (because my local yarn store is hosting a class to make Star Wars Fair Isle HATS!!)

LIST 3 FAVORITE COLORS: green, greener-green, and blue-green

WHAT TIME DID YOU WAKE UP TODAY: 6:15, like always

WHAT WERE YOU DOING LAST NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT: taking the meds I forgot to take before I went to bed in the first place

NAME SOMETHING YOU CAN’T WAIT FOR: going to the state fair and finding out if I won a riBBON AHH!

LAST TIME YOU SAW YOUR MOTHER: the 3rd of July at the fireworks

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WISH YOU COULD CHANGE ABOUT YOUR LIFE: lord take this streak of crippling perfectionism away

WHAT’S GETTING ON YOUR NERVES RN: people lyin…ʷʰʸ ᵗʰᵉ fᵘͨᵏ ʸºᵘ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ʷʰʸ ʸºᵘ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐ ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ ˢᵗºp fᵘͨᵏ'ⁿ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: married, coming up on our 6th wedding anniversary next month

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: …idk? I don’t really watch tv anymore. Sherlock?

FIRST BEST FRIEND: Andrew, who rescued my bunny blanket that got lost at day care

LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW: some godawful local ‘today’s hits’ radio station in the waiting room at the dentist’s…(shudder)

3 FEARS: hooo boy, uh…tripping down the stairs and breaking my neck, getting attacked by a client, and drowning

4 TURN ONs: swelling orchestral scores with deep, rising bass; competence, attentiveness, and a… commanding presence

4 TURN OFFs: idk, my base state is sort of… off, already?

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: grey-ace, bi-romantic

MY SENIOR QUOTE IN MY YEARBOOK: psh, idk I just had my 10 year reunion this summer

FIRST THING I NOTICE IN A NEW PERSON: Height/voice: both what they sound like and what they say

SHOE SIZE: 6.5, Cinderella here

EYE COLOR: brown

HAIR COLOR: dark brown

FAVORITE CLOTHING ITEM: this airy lace blouse…I’ve got one in four colors and replaced one that wore out with another from eBay IT’S THIN ENOUGH TO BE COOL YET OFFICE APPROPRIATE DON’T JUDGE ME DEBRA

WHAT COLOR UNDERWEAR I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: uh… *checks* tennis-ball-green

FAVORITE SEASON: spring at the moment because I cannot handle the prospect of fall right now

HOW MUCH TIME I SPENT ON DESIGNING MY BLOG PAGE: uhm…none at all. I’m almost entirely on mobile. Someday I’ll have my own computer again and I can fix that (OMG DITTO)

THE REASON I JOINED TUMBLR: to stalk my favorite authors from the Darcy Lewis fandom. ilu @sigridhr

LAST BOOK I READ: maybe i’m waking up by idrilka is novel-length. (GO FUCKKNG READ IT!!)

DO I EVER GET “GOOD MORNING OR GOOD NIGHT TEXTS?: if I’m away for a conference…otherwise mr.61below and I pretty much live in each others’ pockets

WHEN DID I LAST HOLD HANDS?: When I got home today and he took my hand and pulled me inside

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE ME TO GET READY IN THE MORNING?: well it takes me an hour and twenty minutes to wake up and then I spend two minutes throwing clothes on and invariably run out the door slightly late with mismatched socks


WHERE AM I RIGHT NOW?: on my deck

DO I LIKE MUSIC LOUD OR AT A REASONABLE LEVEL?: Too loud in my headphones, quiet enough to be able to carry on a conversation if I’m listening live

3 THINGS I LOVE: the soughing of a warm breeze through the pines, fresh garden cherry tomatoes that burst like water balloons in your mouth, and that state while writing where you’re a conduit for your characters, not creating them but observing

HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW: wrung out. The dentist was fine but the clEANING whEN thEY ScRAPE UR TEETH WITH SHARP POINTY INSTRUMENTS–I still kind of feel like I want to crawl out of my skin

SOMETHING I REALLY, REALLY WANT: to be a stay at home housewife…not even necessarily a stay at home mom, I just want to be able to focus on homesteading and getting off the grid and to craft without outside interference

3 THINGS THAT UPSET ME: the sound of metal of teeth, people who get inside my bubble who haven’t been invited there or jeSUS SOME STRANGER’s bARE KNEE AFAKNST MINE ON THE BUS JAHAKFJASGAKA– people who are rude to retail/service workers

WHAT I FIND ATTRACTIVE IN OTHER PEOPLE: [I’m going to delineate aesthetic attraction here to differentiate between my aforementioned turn-ons] soft hair done up in a messy but elaborate way, beards, poise, well-tailored & well-made clothes in quality materials with x1000 bonus if there’s hand-crafted details like knitting or beadwork or lace

3 HABITS I HAVE: stimming by slapping my face, constantly re-checking the same pages for updates even though it’s been five sECONDS, BRAIN, JUST CHILL, and making my breakfast the same every morning: bacon, check the Internet, plate the bacon, shut off the burner, crack 4 eggs, put the coffee going, flip the eggs, brew the coffee, plate the eggs, and wake up my husband

SOMETHING I FANTASIZE ABOUT: a well-appointed kitchen and a cleaning service… and my husband in silk stockings and stilettos, but sadly that will never happen

SOMETHING I’M TALENTED AT: knitting, writing, singing

THE BLOG I GIVE THE MOST NOTES TO: @istudypirates or @baggvinshield probably


DO I SMOKE/DRINK?: I’m fond of a good local wine, some dry ciders…I miss really dark beer but I haven’t found a good gluten-free substitute. No fuckin smoke though, even second-hand fumes will trigger my husband’s asthma

MY FAVORITE FOOD: oh god that’s like asking a parent to name their favorite child! Ah!…Sesame chicken

MY FAVORITE DESSERT: blueberry pie


NUMBER OF KIDS I WANT: Mayyyyybe 1. I’m giving myself one more year to decide

NUMBER OF SIBLINGS I HAVE: 0/2 depending on how you figure…I have no biological siblings but my grandparents raised me and my aunts are only 10 & 14 years older than me so I grew up with them still in the house, and I really do consider them to be more like sisters really… I also have a brother-in-law

SOMETHING THAT’S CONSTANTLY ON MY MIND: that stupid awful voice that lies at me that I’m not good enough


CAN I DRIVE: Like a bat out of hell


AM I IN SCHOOL?: No but if I could figure out a way to make the student loans:wage increase ratio worth while, I would like to go to grad school

DO I GET GROSSED OUT EASILY?: I didn’t think so before but after some aSSHOLE posted a gif of a gymnast breaking his leg it keeps sometimes, out of the blue, hAUNTING ME

SOMEWHERE I WOULD LIKE TO VISIT FOR A WEEK: I would kill to be able to visit my relatives in Helsinki or Vienna or Brussels

LAST SHOW I BINGE-WATCHED: um, Sherlock? I have a difficult relationship with movies/tv, for some reason I get inordinately stressed out. Oh! It was the BBC’s North & South. Hell tf yes Richard Armitage’s northern accent

WHAT WORDS UPSET ME THE MOST: “…And you are supposed to be so smart.”




MY FAVORITE ICE CREAM: salted caramel pecan

ALLERGIES: gluten, soy, penicillin, oats, scents ESPECIALLY laundry detergent or Pantene pro-v…I have had to leave trainings because coworkers scented stuff made my eyes burn and gave me a migraine

SEXIEST PERSON TO COME TO MY MIND IMMEDIATELY: Richard Armitage is still on my mind tbh…


ONE OF MY INSECURITIES: not being good enough



COKE OR PEPSI?: neither, I don’t drink pop

TEA OR COFFEE?: coffee owns me



QUOTE I LIVE BY: “The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.” –J.R.R. Tolkien

TYPE OF ACCESSORY I WEAR THE MOST: a purse? I maybe swap once or twice a year depending on what can hold up against the weather

LAST AWKWARD SITUATION I FOUND MYSELF IN: period-pants fail in public


A SONG THAT’S MADE ME CRY: 7 years by Lukas Graham…that asshole

FIRST SONG I EVER SUNG AT KARAOKE: Fishin in the dark (ooooh ooh oooh!)

i tag: the aforementioned folks and @melifair @missmuffin221 and @whatthehellhappenedtoyou


So, I had this little guy, but my work has a bunch of box Pikachus, so every time I saw him I’d think of work during my time off. Then I thought, there’s a lot of people going downtown to hunt tonight, what if I put him down there for someone to find? So, here’s our journey of finding the best place to leave him. I left him on that bit of piping, because it was right next to the door of a restaurant, and I heard two of the girls outside saying, ‘No, we forgot to put a lure on!’, and it was evident their place was participating. So, I put one of my lures there for them in the spirit of the thing, and left Pikachu for one of the trainers to take home. When my lap brought me back there, he was gone!

About Me!

MORE TAGS YAY!! Thank you to the bae @myreevee these are so fun :)

Name: Kay

Nickname: Well I don’t think I really have any except for K1…..(don’t ask how I got this it’s a loooong story 😂)

Zodiac: Geminiiii

Height: 5′4

Sexual Orientation: Straight af lol

Favorite Color: Always been blueeee 

Time rn: 8:52pm

Last Thing I Googled: It was this actress I saw in a movie today I forgot her name but she just looked familiar so off to google I went haha

Fave Band/Artists: 5sos, One Direction, All Time Low, Halsey, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Drake, The Weeknd, Nick Jonas, and Fifth Harmony/Little Mix have some gooood songs too lol 

Dream Trip: Oh man I wanna go to a lot of places but London has always been my #1 I wanna go there so bad 

Dream Job: Oooo is it sad if I say I never really had one??? Lol I’m just too realistic when it comes to jobs and education but I mean I think a radio host would be pretty cool!!

When did you create your blog: Okay so here’s a story. I made this blog like years ago (2012 maybe??) and never really went on cuz I didn’t understand it but then in like 2014 I started to go on more cuz I was super into one direction imagines/preferences and shit NO SHAME OKAY and slowly I started getting into reading 5sos writing and now I’m a writer too ahaha 

What made you get a tumblr: I had to read more 1D stuff and tumblr seemed like a good route for that cuz I was obsessed with them still kinda am ngl 🤗

What Made You Choose Your Url: I honestly have no idea I was such a kid when I chose this clearly haha

Okay I’m gonna tag @tadpolehemmings @felicityash @badluckcharmer @assholemalums @starwarsmashton @sleepcal if you guys want ofc ❤️

falls over on the dash i am so tired i did so much walking today in italy but I saw all the hannibal locations which was AMAZEBALLS. i just have to go to the ufizzi gallery and find the big boar statue from the 2001 movie. I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE BUT ITALY IS ALSO VERY HUMID AND I’VE LIVED IN THE DESERT TOO LONG I FORGOT WHAT THAT FELT LIKE EWWWW. 

But this is literally a trip of a lifetime for me. I have loved Hannibal for half of my life, and my parents are Opera singers so Italy has always been a really big Must See. I saved up for an entire year on the auspice of bringing my two friends and playing tour guide to my favourite city in Europe(Berlin). I lost my job in March, so I only was able to save enough for myself(plus a little extra). After purchasing all the stuff I needed for Berlin, I had a LOT left over, so i found a cheap flight and hostel in Florence right off the Duomo–Hannibal’s favourite place in Florence), and boom. A literal trip of a lifetime. I’ve seen almost everything I’ve wanted to see so far, and I have a full day to spend tomorrow getting souvenirs and finishing the last couple of places on my list. I’ve been trying to get online, but my hostel in Berlin has really shite wifi ,so that’s why I’ve barely been able to do anything at all. I may not be back til the end of the month, guys, but I’ll try.

Anyway that’s my update, and since it’s Munday, here, have my face.

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i can’t believe i forgot to make a post about this but when i went to the aquarium a couple of weeks ago i was in the shallow reef section and every time i saw these cardinalfish they would just freeze like they would stop swimming and just stay in place while i was there and i’m convinced that they chose me as their leader and you can’t tell me otherwise

Hi-touch moment with Mingyu

I couldn’t think straight after talking to Seokmin,

then comes Mingyu the last person

I placed the drawing on the table, 

(obviously i did finished it, i just forgot to take the finished look of it)

he saw it and i said

“Mingyu this is for you!” he said OH! with that high surprised voice of his

“Thank you~” looked up at me and smile before he hi five-ed my hand.

i actually died when he looked straight into my eyes as he smile and hi five-ed my hand. 


The fastest yet memorable talk in my life ever ! pt.4


august 12, 2016 // eventful wow
so I woke up early to go super far to my aunt’s new house, its absolutely adorable but you feel like you’re on the set of a slasher movie. so I hung out with cousins and had good food. then I headed home for about 20 minutes and worked on prepping for AP physics. we forgot that we had my cousins 9th birthday so then we had to drive far to a trampoline place, doing homework in that place was a lil weird. but at least I saw the pretty clouds.

Random Tag?

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1. Last movie you saw: Suicide Squad w/ @matthewhealyfandom
2. Last song you listened to: Funeral Suits - All those friendly people
3. Last show you watched: Puella Magi Madoka Magica w/ @revengeoftheotaku at SMASH! aka the place we lost Chloe Price (no, im not over it)
4. Last book you read: Sketchy, Doubtful, Incomplete Jottings by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (ooh fanceh)
5. Last thing you ate: Bruschetta 
6. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Submerged in the ocean on some secluded island. Preferably by myself and during that time in the morning where you can feel the crispness of the air. 
7. Where would you time travel to: The future. I want to know what happens to us- like our species. What new developments there are, how advanced we become, what the new issues of the time are, the changes of society, what our generation was wrong about, If we survive. ((The memes)) Just EVERYTHING. I want to know everything about the future. Also the medical side of things would be far superior and I would rack so much shit. Ummm.. so yea like the year 3005 maybe? Because I would (hopefully) still be able to blend into society and understand most language but could also get a lot out of it.
8. The first thing you would do with lottery money: Pay off all my mums bills and throw a massive party with killer music and a tonne of shrooms.
9.Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Chloe Price.. but not for a day. For..ever. Pls n thank.
10. Time right now: 4:36am

Idk if they’ll see this but I’m tagging @eviltits and @a-dignified-killer bc their blogs are v cool :)))

love having an unstable, fluctuating sense of self that can be swayed by pretty much anything. like lately my sexuality has been fucking all over the place. three days ago i saw one (1) hot guy and i was alright that’s it. i’m straight. i am a bonafide heterosexual. and then yesterday i saw one (1) post that had me convinced i was a lesbian and i was panicking thinking of how to tell my male partners that actually our relationships are a sham. today i saw women’s butts and dude abs at the same exact time and i was oh yeah. i forgot. i’m bi. who knows what i’m gonna be tomorrow!! the world is a mystery!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Look to your left, who is the person next to you and what is your favorite memory with them?

Katherine: Davey? Let’s see, what mem- got it! The time he and I took part in the “plays” the boys do sometimes, and we did Dracula together. He does a surprisingly good impression of the character!

Davey: Mush and I once played hide and seek with Les, and ended up being trapped in a closet with each other for an hour. Turns out Les got distracted by something and forgot we were playing, but Mush passed the time by telling me some pretty good stories. 

Mush: Romeo an’ I stood on each others shoulders once to reach a dollar bill dat got stuck in a tree. For da life of me, I got no idea how he saw dat thing in da first place!

Romeo: Well, Katherine once went out an’ got me dis expensive hair stuff dat I wanted forever, but I could never afford. Turns out old Pulitzer uses it, an wouldn’t ya know she swiped a few tubes just for me!

Race: I taught Les how to gamble! Gettin’ pretty good at it too. 

Davey: Wait, you did WHAT-

Les: Crutchie an’ I played marbles once, an’ den after he gave me this blue one of his dat I really liked! Said it was a lucky marble, an’ dat I’d be sure to win every game! Most of da time, anyways. 

Crutchie: Heh, once as a j-joke Specs an’ I switched our “defects”. He became da -cough- limp an I got to be da “visually challenged” as he puts it. 

Specs: Of course we both immediately walked into a wall while stumblin’ around, but still, we had our laughs. Now as for Spot… Spot an’ I once tag teamed da Delancey brothers durin’ da strike, an’ I gotta say, it was pleasin’!

Spot: My favorite memory of Cowboy? I dunno. Maybe when I watched him pull a fast one on some crappy stuck up reporter who kept talkin’ ‘bout Jack an’ his boys like dey was gonna’ give him a disease or somethin’. Talked circles round da guy an’ wouldn’t let him leave for hours. Dat was pretty good!

Jack: When Race an’ I was younger, we found da roof access together, an’ he somehow convinced Kloppman to let me use it as my own. Wouldn’t have dat killer view without his help!