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                                       HOLY SHIT THERE ARE A LOT OF YOU !!!

so, this is my 1,000th post, and i’m currently sitting at 337 followers, which i’m sure doesn’t sound like a lot when you compare the amount that a lot of people have, but i’ve only had padmé since january second of this year. that’s not even two full months, and somehow, still, over three hundred people have decided that my padmé is the kind of content they want to see. i’m still not sure why, but since i’ve hit such an amazing number and this is my 1,000th post, i wanted to do something nice for everyone and gush about how much i love you all. so without further ado, here’s my follow forever !!!

                                              THE DELEGATION OF THE 2,000

@aftcrshocks​ / @icaryian​ / @imhiscarer​ : to the shock of absolutely no one, i’m gonna take this moment to yell about my favorite person on this earth, kells. kells is probably my most staunch supporter on this website and in life, and it’s really……awe-inspiring ?? it’s amazing to me, the kind of love that kells has to give to her friends, and the unbelievably selfless ways she continues to show it day in and day out. my entire aesthetic on this blog was crafted by her, and she’s always willing to do anything at the drop of a hat, which is just !!! so much !!! we don’t deserve kells. i don’t deserve kells. she’s so talented and she’s so supportive and kind and i’d take a bullet for that woman. 

@jedibetrayer / @warcompass : in addition to being the best smad egg husband a senator could ask for, chloe is about 85% of the reason that this blog even exists, and i’ll always be forever grateful to her for that. her enthusiasm for star wars and for her muse is off the charts 100% of the time which is just A+ in my eyes. her writing is beautiful, her talent is off the fucking charts, and i just. straight up. adore that girl. 

@kybercore : sen is one of my newer friends and i’m so grateful that padmé brought me this lady because honestly ??? idk how i lived without sen in my life before now ??? sen’s writing is so amazing and her characterization is so on point and she’s always making me question my life choices every time she brings up a plot idea, but in the best way possible. i love her a lot ok.

@demandpeace : haley is just….my salt sister. like a soul sister, only closer, because we get salty about the treatment of our fave ladies and it’s EXCELLENT. i love haley even when she’s using her perfect writing to stab me in the back with padtine feels and i love her for giving me the powerful sassy space nobility girlfriends that i deserve. 

@masterofcraft / @triggrhappy : lillie was one of my first new friends on padmé and i’ll always be so glad and grateful for that. she’s been such a happy influence on my life since entering it, and has given me so many obidala feels it’s unreal. idk how i got to be so blessed but i’m so moved and grateful and never gonna stop being emo about it.

@coughbot​ / @crdered​ : MY SON. zach is my son whom i birthed and raised from infancy and is genuinely one of the sweetest and most talented souls i have ever ??? in my life ??? met ??? they write with the kind of elegance and cohesiveness that writers twice their age struggle with and i’m like. constantly amazed. also so fucking kind like call out post for zach for being TOO PURE.

@sempermemoriia​ / @penitenciia​ / @harlemforged​ : tj is pretty much my favorite of all time ??? tj is, first of all, unfairly fucking talented, and second of all, so thoughtful and observant and it’s kind of the best thing ever ??? i never have to worry that tj hasn’t read my rules or my headcanons because not only does he read all of them but also he incorporates them in everything he writes with me and honestly i love that man more than sharks love blood.

@rosecrime​ / @trustfunded​ / @redeemself​ : maddie aka my other best friend i’m so !!!! i love that girl !! i would die for her !! i’m so blessed to have so many talented friends in my life and i’m sure y’all are tired of hearing that word but EVERYONE !! IS SO TALENTED !! I’M SHOOK !! maddie is such a fucking powerhouse with her replies it leaves me shook all the time, and her characters are always so multi faceted and amazing. no one makes an oc like maddie, like you could throw an fc at her and she’d come up with a well rounded character in under an hour, i’m sure of it.

                                                THE LOYALIST COMMITTEE 

@tachiisms​ / @ofalderaan​ : liesl is hands down one of the kindest, if not The Kindest, person i have ever met on this godforsaken hellsite. i am like 100% sure she has done nothing wrong in her life, ever, and i am, frankly, in awe of her skill at writing and of the amount of positivity and love she graces my dash with on a daily basis. also her siri is so good i’m fucking Shook at all times.

@rebelsacrifice​ / @ofeffulgence​ : lyssa is so incredibly lovely it deadass amazes me all the time like what a machine with her replies ?? how do you do so many replies so fast ?? how are they all phenomenal ?? teach me ?? her characterization is always spot on and her replies are always so good and honestly I Die.

@rcbelborn​ / @eireniic​ : val pretty much constantly has me screaming, if i’m being entirely honest. i have never, in my entire life, looked at another writer on tumblr as ‘goals’ as much as i look at val as my life goal. her writing is so phenomenal and poetic and beautiful while still being coherent and concise and i stalk….everything….and it’s all amazing……i can’t believe this….

@scarificed​ / @warbones​ : i’m pretty convinced miriam is actually satan at this point and i’ve sold my soul to the devil or something but honestly if that means i get to read all of her stuff about oak and also padmé gets to kiss his face i’ll take it ?? i care so much about miriam’s oc’s and i can’t wait to read more of them tbh.

                                                   THE GALACTIC SENATE 

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colored some doodles in ;_; i drew them just for the record, now ive officially drawn them kissing and can proceed with my regular life again… mwah mwah


night time selfie studies/self portraits are the best

Also shout out to that anon who sent me that message a bit ago about Beauty and the Beast and Belle Steph bc I saw the movie finally on Friday and I was swarmed with emotion.

get to know me tag

i was tagged by @girlputyourrecordson (thank you!)
Rules: answer the 20 q’s and tag 20 mutuals you’d like to get to know better

name: RaeAnne

nicknames: rae or rae-rae.

zodiac sign: gemini

height: 5'4"

favorite fruit: raspberry

favorite season: autumn

favorite flower: honeysuckle.

favorite scent: not really sure

favorite color(s): purples, blues, or mint green

favorite animal: hedgehog

coffee, tea or chocolate: coffee or tea

average sleep: like 5 or 6 hours

cat or dog person: both

favorite fictional character: fox mulder tbh

number of blackets: 1

ideal trip: romania.

i tag : @punkpineappple, @sick-existence @s-peaksoft @wonholdmetight @fuentesforthewin @freakwithsharpies anyone else that wants to do this.

it’s you; a very angsty zayn/louis playlist

who doesn’t like a lil of angst on their lives, right? this mix its quite long, it has 80+ songs so yeah. thanks to everyone who sent me songs to add to this. ♡ 


lonely star – the weeknd || alone together  – fall out boy || hello  – adele || sorry  – justin bieber || jealous  – labrinth || 6, 8, 12  – brian mcknight || fourth of july  – fall out boy || ribs  – lorde || for him.  – troye sivan || shameless  – the weeknd || i am trying to break your heart  – wilco || almost lover  – a fine frenzy || nothing’s gonna hurt you baby  – cigarretes after sex || cosmic love  – florence + the machine || lost boy  – troye sivan || what a feeling  – one direction || youth  – troye sivan || sweater weather  – the neighbourhood || right hand  – drake || the town  – the weeknd || fallingforyou  – the 1975 || no light, no light  – florence + the machine || all i want  – kodaline || i found  – amber run || twin size mattress  – the front bottoms || friends  – ed sheeran || twin skeleton’s  – fall out boy || the beach  – the neighbourhood || sunset  –   the xx || little talks  – of monster and men || to the top  – twin shadow || too close  – alex clare || affection – cigarretes after sex || in my veins  – andrew belle || keep on loving you  – cigarretes after sex || talk me down  – troye sivan || walking in the wind  – one direction || rolling stone  – the weeknd || december  – neck deep || pretty  – the weeknd || say something  – a great big world || idfc  – blackbear || cough it out  – the front bottoms || i’m a firefighter  – cigarretes after sex || swimming pool  – the front bottoms || the boy who blocked his own shot  – brand new || andria  – la dispute || dreaming of you  – cigarretes after sex || king  – years & years || gravity  – sara bareilles || sidekick  – walk the moon || favorite record  – fall out boy || just kids   – alex & sierra || electric twist  – a fine frenzy || come home  – onerepublic || i love you  – woodkid || honest  – the neighbourhood || til my heart stops  – too far moon || running back to you  – for the foxes || the way we were  – the summer set || sure thing  – miguel || california king bed  – rihanna || half a heart  – one direction || nicotine  – panic! at the disco || lucky ones  – lana del rey || hourglass  – catfish and the bottlemen || the only one  – the black keys || sleeping with a friend  – neon trees || superhuman touch  – athlete || still into you  – paramore || venus  – sleeping at last || proof  – paramore || i lied  – nicki minaj || when we were young  – adele || love you goodbye – one direction || it’s you  – zayn || history  – one direction || i hate u, i love u  – gnash || uptown boys  – netherfriends || a.m.  – one direction || other people  – beach house || ffyl  – quinn xcii || against all ods (take a look at me now)  – phill collins || i don’t wanna love you anymore  – real friends || summer  – real friends || suburbia  – troye sivan

listen here!


(In response to the Tumblr user (who I forgot posted I’m so sorry) but they were talking about what if the movie came out in 2009 instead of 1989 which I assumed meant the boys would be their age and the whole story and actors would be the same. That brought up the question as to who these boys would be living in the 21st century. Obviously they’d be cute social media obsessed teenage guys who have the greatest bond so I took it upon myself to make this modern AU. This could totally also work as an au where the boys in the movie just grew up as teens in the 2000s )

Modern AU: Dead Poets Society was made in 2009 with the same actors, director, and story. The boys are teens in the 21st century and obviously have accustomed to the new technology of the 2000s. As actors in one of the most iconic movies of all time, they’ve become quite popular in hollywood and online. Dylan is an avid Tumblr blogger, Robert loves updating his Snapchat stories of new projects, Allelon and Josh are verified on Twitter with plenty of adoring fangirls, Jamie is one of the most successful YouTubers on the web, Ethan constantly is taking pictures of him and his friends for his aesthetic Instagram feed, and Gale woos his 11 million fangirls with his 6 second masterpieces (and adorable face). They’ve grown their audiences and friend circle thanks to the life changing experience in 2009.


Breadmilla: Loaf Will Have its Sacrifices

Laura Challahs
Carmilla Breadstein
Lola Pita
Wheaton Kirsch
Danana Bread Lawrence

there are five roses and one is black - black is always a colour of death and grieve. so what if one of the liars dies?
also the title of this episode is a big hint: “till death do us part” idk where this picture is from or who posted it, saw it on tumblr but sadly forgot on which blog, sorry! i don’t even know if this is an official picture but the title remains a clue that one of them could possibly die

SasuSaku canonversary

It’s been 1 year since our beloved SasuSaku became canon! I can still feel all the emotions since that awesome moments happened. Until now the joy and happiness knowing that they ended up together after so many obstacles is still palpable! 

Let us reminisce all those suprising SasuSaku moments that made the fandom explode beyond happiness!

1. Who will forget this spoiler in 700 that made us all insanely happy confirming that they really are canon! I swear when this leaked image was released I never doubted it. Instead, it made me jump all the way to the sky with so much excitement! Haha!

2. The famous forehead poke! Yes! Remember that they released 2 chapters back then? 699 and 700. I remember thosebtimes when the fandom was so anxious about what will happen in 699. And viola! This beautiful thing happened! Again, with another leaked image of SS the fandom gone crazy happy including me!

3. Back then we all demand for SS family pic. We demand crazy about it. We are so eager to see them in one picture! And I think that year had become so good to us and granted our wish! Some people with a good heart managed to take a pic of SS family to one of the conventions. I remember they were not supposed to take some photos and I’m so thankful to that person who took the risk to share this to us!

I remember how emotional I was when I saw this. I literally cried. There are actually a lot of emotions back then. Seeing this made me so proud of SS. Until now. This is really the best thing ever!

13 years of shipping and supporting for SasuSaku.

365 days of continuous loving for SasuSaku.

Eternally wrapping my feelings for SasuSaku.

It’s really a wonderful feeling to witness and be a part of SasuSaku love and moments until the very end.


NOTE: these images were not originally posted by me. I saved it on my tab a long time ago and I forgot who posted them. Anyway, I still want to credit those people who originally posted them. Sorry I forgot your names!