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hp blog aes !!

i still have like 4 days of break, which i should probably spend on stuDYING but i dont wanna do that all day so i’ll do these too!! i did these b4 and they were rly fun so yeaa :)

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So like just have this ship drabble/flash fiction thing because-

Seto (&Teidi) are @team-fair

Friday evening, class ended a few hours ago. The white tiger faunus rustles on his side of his bed, content with a crinkled tank top and loose joggers. Fingers meander across the scroll’s screen rested against a slumped pillow. His dexterity lends himself enough ease to adjust, configure, and sort the interface to his leisure. With nothing too intense planned this weekend, he figured reviewing lecture notes was a way to keep his mind “refreshed.”

A snore cues from a flopped bear faunus, Teidi, luckily not nearly up to his usual shtick for the moment. Seto sighed-cuing two sets of three or four knocks. It couldn’t be either of those two, thinking to Belluine and Bull, he thought. Bull rarely forgets his key to the dorm, compared to Belluine who always had a knack for finding methods of letting the team know if was him. The scroll was set to lock and flat against the bed as Seto swept his legs up with the rest of him off the bed.

“Yes?” He said raised at the door, Teidi far gone in slumber to react to the volume.

A pause settles before, “Seto, it’s me.” The meek voice was none other than Taji.

“Taji?” Seto eases his hand to slip the knob, turning it open for her. Taji layered her whole scarf around her neck, almost leaving only the scales of her eyelids.

Seto “gutted” before he recalled her once more. Her head pressed into his chest and her scarf that appeared stuffed all loosened limp along like laces off a shoe. His hand presses over her head before feeling wetness over his tank top. He follows with casing his arms over her, letting her sink against him. Fingers comb carefully through her hair. He says nothing as Taji hushes her sobbing against her scarf and his chest.

Gundam 00 Friendly Reminders

@sapphireswimming​ and I decided to compose this heartwarming list, just in case you weren’t sad enough about 00 already.

Feel free to add more!

  1. Tieria lost everything that had ever mattered to him in the span of two weeks: Veda abandoned him when the GN-Xes appeared on the world stage; Lockon died less than a week later; less than a week after that, Celestial Being was destroyed, and a shattered skeleton of a crew was left to limp back to Krung Thep with next to no hope of their continued survival.
  2. When Setsuna ran into Saji on Proud, it was the first familiar face he’d seen in four years.
  3. Feldt’s parents were 28 when they died, and Feldt was two.
  4. Dr. Moreno and Ian were best friends for decades before the show.
  5. Saji lost both Louise and Kinue within a week.
  6. Tieria and the Trinities were the effective ages of young children, despite their conditioning in Veda and their physical appearances.
  7. Lichty died thinking he saved Chris’ life.
  8. Ian was the only one on board the Ptolemy who had any semblance of a family left.
  9. Allelujah thought he killed Marie when he destroyed the Super Human Institute.
  10. Setsuna said he doesn’t have anyone to write a letter to when Feldt asked, but he’d already left one for Marina.
  11. Sergei never got the chance to formally adopt Soma.
  12. After Fallen Angels, Graham didn’t talk to Billy unless he wanted something modified on his suit.
  13. Lockon was perfectly fine with dying, because he thought he took Ali down with him.
  14. Allelujah spent days alone on the shuttle before he was rescued, surrounded by the bodies of his friends and covered in their blood while Hallelujah laughed.
  15. Sumeragi abandoned Celestial Being after Fallen Angels because she held herself responsible for everyone dead and missing.
  16. Feldt changed her hairstyle after Fallen Angels to honor Chris.
  17. Andrei and Sergei never got a chance to talk through their issues, and Andrei never got a chance to apologize.
  18. Setsuna was drawn to Marina because she reminded him of his mother.
  19. Anew was her own person and honestly loved Lyle, and the two of them probably would have lived happily together had Ribbons not meddled.
  20. Neil was never able to move past the bombing that haunted his every action and every thought until the moment he died.
  21. Despite not seeing each other since they were teenagers, Neil and Lyle ended up with the same mannerisms, the same haircut, the same affinity for cigarettes and old cars—and they both joined up with organizations hell-bent on fixing the government so that no one else’s lives will be torn apart by terrorists.
  22. Allelujah’s mission in episode 5 was to destroy Soma’s suit and kill the pilot, and the only reason he didn’t was because he decided to save the orbital block instead.
  23. Tieria didn’t know he wasn’t human until Regene told him, and struggled with his existence throughout the entirety of season one—which explains his desperate reliance on Veda and the Plan, which was the only direction he got when he was activated.
  24. Louise was a high school student when she watched her entire extended family get blown apart in front of her, and was critically injured in the process—and then, she was barely twenty when she was turned into a tool of war by Ribbons in a plot beyond her control.
  25. Feldt Grace is a codename, and nobody knows what her real name is, anymore.
  26. Tieria’s early reliance on Veda is reminiscent of a young child’s dependence on their mother.
  27. Should Lockon have lived to see it, he would have been impossibly proud of the heroes the rest of the crew had become.
  28. Marie’s only link to the world outside her head was Allelujah, who disappeared one day with no explanation or warning—and never returned.
  29. Lichty, like Lockon, was caught up in a terrorist attack that killed his family—and was severely injured by it, to boot—but he was still a loving, caring person who honestly believed in Celestial Being’s goals, and did not get caught up in revenge and hatred.
  30. Ali killed every member of Lyle’s family, and laughed in his face when confronted about it.

John is probably my favourite ^u^
Also I can’t draw him for the life of me, so yay~ xD But this looks okey, right? xD Idk, it was literally 7th attempt, I usually give up after 2nd failed one~ xD

[[Sherlock doodle (sketch)]]

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You are my other half.


besides, i doubt my first ‘birthday’ was the same date as now.


they think the cats vs dogs stereotype is hilarious but roxy cant keep it goin for long bc jade cant stop waggin her damn tail and bein adorable in general. theyve probably only done this once or twice before but karkat has this condition where he refuses joy and happiness at every opportunity

i was never rly into runawaystuck the first go around bc everyone made it Dave the Bird: the AU and i can only handle so much strider but my gay furry heart cant deny This