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26.01.17 | 4%

oops forgot to upload yesterday bc i accidentally took a four hour nap ;;; today’s post is this month’s bullet journal spreads as a goodbye to january! (also bc i haven’t done much aesthetically pleasing wok over the past couple days)

this month’s aesthetic was grey and i’m really pleased with all these spreads! i’ve also started tracking the amount of sleep i get each night as well as my savings which has made me so much more aware of my own habits


[♕ kingdom hearts appreciation week ♕]

day four | favorite keyblade(s) - oathkeeper and oblivion

It’s Been the Best Six Years of Their Lives

Yay another mediocre 2009x2015 fic


A lot can happen in six years.

Six years can be a small childhood. Six years can be the entirety of training in Medical school to be a surgeon; saving the lives of millions of humans every day. Six years can fill up six page-to-a-day diaries with 2,190 pages documenting every thought, worry, feeling, event, memo, of every day in biro handwriting.

Everyone changes a little bit every day – but over the course of six years, seventy-two months, two thousand, one hundred and ninety days, six years can be the difference between Southampton University, and Manchester University. Six years can be the difference between a law degree and five million subscribers. Six years can see Reading, to Manchester, and back down to London, and six years can be the difference between two shy, giggly boys with matching haircuts drawing whiskers on their faces, and a worldwide tour and a book peaking the UK number one bestseller.

Six years ago, today, can mark the anniversary of something that not only changed the lives of two ordinary boys, but millions of others. They’ve inspired subscribers, kept people awake late at night giggling at a YouTube video when they have a test tomorrow morning at 8 a.m, are surrounded by millions of adoring fans, or just simply made someone, somewhere, smile today.

Six years means something different to everyone.

Six years, for two boys, can be an incredible journey.

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Redesign a bit for one of oc (who I rarely draw), Kelly the Rouge.

Kelly is a skilled rogue/thief who can steal without people noticing and can unlock almost any lock. She use a dagger as her weapon.

She first work for a group of bandit to steal all sorts of stuff since she was young until Reina and her comrades capture them for a bounty job and after a lot of convincing and pleading she was accepted to Reina’s little group of mercenaries as an information broker/collector. She respect Reina a lot after what had happen and listens to what her leader has to say and thinks of the people in her new group as family tho she doesn’t like Amelia much. 

Tho she left her old bandit group, she still goes on stealing stuffs without her comrades knowing because she enjoys the thrill of it but she tries to lessen it and only steal from bad people instead (probably).