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supercorp famous au

ok so below i have attached all the ideas you guys have sent me for the supercorp famous au

- kara is famous, maybe a singer or an actress, and lena isn’t

- they meet through social media or at a small convention for some old sci-fi show(firefly maybe) that isn’t big, but lena and kara are both huge fans of, and kara posts a picture with the lena, but doesn’t tag her and the internet goes crazy trying to figure out who lena is

- kara joins in on the search because she was so flustered by the pretty girl she
forgot to get a name or number and she wants to take her to her red carpet event

- lena doesn’t like kara because she starts seeing all kara’s posts and thinking she’s really full of herself but she’s really like the sweetest person ever and she does volunteering work and it’s just winn posting pictures of her doing it

someone please write this, i would but i’m super busy in the next few weeks and you’d have to wait a while to read it. if someone does write it though, pleasse tag me or send me a message or something. just tell me because i’m eager to read it and i know others are as well so i’ll promote it for you

edit; so i’m gonna include an idea of my own, maybe supergirl can be like kara’s most iconic role if she is an actress or (someone else’s idea) supergirl is her stage name if she’s a singer

edit; someone sent me this so i thought i’d include it; Lena should say her name is Lee and make it harder for Kara to figure out who she is and be wearing glasses or sunglasses in any photos of her with Kara

anonymous asked:

i'm interested in why u don't believe in zerrie!! i'm a h&l fan who's on the fence abt ziam, but i follow a few ziam blogs and from what i've seen zerrie has been seeming particularly shady lately.. so why do u think it's not real? (also just fyi ur askbox doesn't appear w the current 'askme' url you've got - it works when u just type 'ask' in the link instead)

First of all, I completely forgot to fix my ‘askme’ page when I switched urls so thank you for reminding me!

Second, here is a little list of why I started doubting Zerrie (because I actually used to love/believe in them but things got very sketchy very quickly):

  • My first point of doubt was when Zayn supposedly held Perrie a surprise birthday party, but there was a full-fledged make-up and camera crew to take pictures of the “happy couple” and touch them up with make-up when needed. It just looked super staged and awkward, I guess? It was just weird that they went to so much trouble to make an obviously set up situation seem organic when it clearly wasn’t.
  • When Zayn apparently went with Perrie to visit her grandmother, a reporter from a British paper/magazine (can’t recall which one, sorry) was also somehow there and able to get pictures of the whole thing? Like, he had photos of Zayn posing with Perrie and her grandmother that had never been released prior to the paper being published, even though they were meant to be in a private, homey setting where a reporter usually wouldn’t be at unless they were invited or told to show up?
  • Another time, Zayn and Perrie purposely made sure fans knew they were hanging out together and as Zayn was leaving, he uncharacteristically stopped his car with his windows rolled down and took pics with some of the many fans there. This isn’t really Zayn behavior, so one can only assume he was doing it to ensure people knew where he was coming from.
  • There’s been, like, a constant trend of Modest trying to paint Zayn as a bad person (i.e. allowing drug rumors to fester, practically encouraging cheating rumors, and so on) while Perrie is still the perfect little angel. While Zayn is apparently off doing drugs and cheating, Perrie is apparently being loyal and trying to make their relationship work by spending time with the Maliks and devoting her time to their little zoo of animals. 
  • Recently, one of Zayn’s sisters (Safaa) has been posting a lot of Perrie-centered instagram pics and hardly ever mentioned her actual brother, who she has probably spent more time with than Perrie. This leads me (and many others) to believe that someone is running the account for her and really trying to push this whole “Perrie spends loads of time with the Maliks!!!” narrative that probably ain’t true. It’s just so awkward how they keep trying to force it down our throats.
  • One of Zayn’s aunts actually goes around liking Ziam posts on Instagram. Not necessarily solid proof, but still cool enough to mention nonetheless.
  • The recent tweet “Zayn” posted on the Little Mix account also really seemed suspicious as fuck. If his phone is simply uncharged/dead, could he not have waited for it to charge back up? And if he really was with Perrie and used her phone, why didn’t he just log into his own account? And was it really that important to let everyone know your wig was actually your hair? (Which, personally I don’t think it is, but I digress.) This was obvious promo for Little Mix; they’re only using Zayn/1D for their fame and hoping some of their fans convert to 'Mixers.’
  • Do you see how sad and dejected Liam gets when the Zerrie engagement is brought up? It’s absolutely heartbreaking, anon, and I can only describe it as utter frustration at the fact that the man he loves is being paraded around with someone that isn’t him. Painful, but I hope it comes to an end soon enough.
  • Speaking of the engagement, they keep putting it off and saying they’re too busy to start planning – which is total bullshit, of course. I’m sure they have enough time together that they could start planning their wedding (IF they were really engaged) and get help from family&friends along the way. She’s had, like, tons of downtime in the UK and it’s really not that hard to text or email or call or video chat about what your possible plans could be. Super, super fishy.

Um, I think that’s about it for now? I’ll probably remember a few things when I think about it some more, but until then, hope you’re okay with my explanations!

Photos at Night || Open

Otto hefted the heavy camera bag over his shoulder, followed by shortly by smaller bags holding more of his supplies and the unwieldy tripod. It was always an ordeal, these nights where he decided to take out his 4x5 camera, but oh how it was worth it. The old fully manual beast of a machine was a treasure, one of his most valuable. When he had arranged the contract with his movers he impressed upon the company that they had better take extra care with this package. Thankfully for Otto, and the mover’s own necks, they were the upmost professionals. Everything was left in pristine condition, most of his belongings still packed up and divided among his small estate or his faculty lodgings. Except of course for his photography equipment, having already unpacked that and adorned himself with it.

Clearly, at least to Otto, there was nothing more pressing or important to attend to while he devoted his entire night to simply setting up his camera and capturing a few stills. There was nothing really pressing anymore, he had gotten used to the idea of having an abundance of time. It would be unusual to set a schedule for himself now. He thought nothing of this transition as he trekked up the grassy hill, dew clinging to his woolen pants. Instead he was engrossed in the view. He had caught glimpses of it on the ride up and knew then he would not be able to rest till he found his perfect view. It took about an hour of driving back and forth, but now from this perch, soft lights of shops in the distance and beyond that stars reflected on the ocean; he knew it was worth it. It was beautiful.

He set to work, slinging his tripod down with a thump he grimaced. Still he forgot that just because he could easily carry his equipment did not make items any less heavy. Adroit fingers worked over his camera, loading film in the light proof bag; a tricky process that was quickly becoming habitual. He lost himself in his work, adjusting apertures, focusing and lining up his shots, gnawing his lip as he pulled the cable switch to finally take the picture. He cut quite the image; a man in a full suit, cuffs of his pants already soaked, a behemoth of a camera that was practically antique, happily ignoring the rest of the world to fully immerse all his senses into his work. Anyone prone to roaming about Sumner’s hilly areas at night could easily sneak up on him like this.

“Yes this will be the one.” Otto whispered to himself, focused on his photos of his first night in Sumner, unconcerned with anything else.

I totally meant to take a picture of this dress at work, where I have access to a full-length mirror. Alas, I was super busy and forgot. Good news: I was very productive.

So here’s a “this is as far as I can reach” selfie. I love this dress both because it’s so comfy and for the fact that it cinches at the waist (flattering!) and makes me feel pretty.

Extra Tuesday bonus: a friend we haven’t seen in quite a while just called and said he’s driving past our town on his way to Boston and so now we’re headed out for dinner with him!