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Broken Water Heater

A ‘40s Bucky x Reader Drabble

Warnings: smut (fingering), sexual tension, slight teasing, 

“So, your water heater’s out?” Bucky crossed his arms; he had a smirk plastered on his lips. “Really?”

“I wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t.” You matched his stance and folded your arms across your chest. “I would’ve just gone back to the compound had I known you were going to act like this.”

“Like what?” He raised an eyebrow and licked his lips. “I’m just trying to make sure you’re not scamming me.”

“You’re acting like an arrogant womanizer.” You spat the words at him, ignoring the feeling you got whenever he licked his lips. “Now, please, can I use your shower?”

“Yeah.” Bucky nodded and gestured you into his shared apartment. Steve was nowhere to be seen. “You can use mine, Steve’s is a little wonkier so mine’s the better bet.”

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Siniy (Intro)

A/N: hey y’all! this is a new series that i started working on all the way in December, but never got around to publishing. Idk why it took me so long, but I really like this story so far. Siniy means “blue” in Russian and it’s of super importance throughout the story! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah

Siniy: Reader is an Avenger with her good friends, but unlike them, she’s not a demi god, millionaire, super soldier, or a science experiment. She’s got a whole other dilemma: she’s not of this world. Things happen, and she finds herself on the run with Team Cap in Bucharest, along with catching the eye of Bucky Barnes.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Warnings: Flashbacks of violence. That’s literally it lol. 

The way you met Natasha Romanoff, your dearest friend, was by complete accident. Or so you think, she always counters with the whole “fate” belief, but you knew better. 

It was perfect example of being in the right place at the right time. Had you not been there, she probably wouldn’t have been alive today and she made sure you knew that.

It was 2012. You were just eighteen years old at the time and had only been in New York City for three years. It was supposed to be a normal day for you like always. You had just spent the day skipping class to rid yourself of the bullies that followed you around like you always did. You boarded the subway east like you always did.

But that day was far from regular.

Unlike usual, you took a second to read a text you had gotten from your brother. You stopped in the middle of the crowded street and covered your phone with your hand, trying to make out the content.The sounds of a Paramore song blaring loudly through your headphones blocked out most of the noise from the city. As you processed the meme your brother had sent you, that’s when you heard it.It similar to a thunder storm, only there was not one cloud in sight that day. Suddenly, that’s when they came from the sky.

The Chitauri.

And they attacked everything in sight.

You took shelter in one of the antique shops with a few other citizens, watching as the famous Black Widow fall from one of the flying alien air crafts and landing onto a destroyed car below. You winced as she landed on the metal, her head slamming against it with a loud crack. Seeing her state of vulnerability, one of the Chitauri shot at the bottom of a fire escape behind her, causing one of the latches to fly off with a loud sound and slowly begin its descent towards her.

It was pure instinct. You had absolutely no intentions of exposing yourself, but you couldn’t just let her die there. She was an Avenger, the world needed her.

Before you knew it, you were lying on top of her. Instead of the antique shop you once stood in, you both were on the other side of the block, far from the broken fire escape that was now nothing but a pile of rubble on top of the car.

You blinked, and this time, you were standing.

Her blue eyes stared up at you, wide with shock and confusion as she tried to piece two and two together. One minute she was lying on the concrete, waiting for the metal to crush her, then the next, she was on an entirely different street. How was this possible?

You, some random person, had saved her life.

But at a price.

By now, people had come out of the antique shop, amongst various other stores as well, and began gathering around the two of you in a small crowd. Who was this mysterious girl that had just saved Black Widow? And how did she get there in the nick of time?

“Who are you?” She asked, her eyes focused on you and taking in your unnatural blue hair and eyebrows. Her eyes widened even more as she noticed the small, baby blue freckles peppered across your nose. She instantly realized that she had asked the wrong question. What were you?

You blushed at the sudden attention and placed the small beanie you wore back onto your head. You were caught red handed this time and everyone had already seen your face.

Instead of answering, you backed away slowly, eyeing all the people around you warily. They all began whispering to each other in hushed voices, pointing in your direction. You could hear their thoughts as they came to you as though they were being spoken out loud.

Who is she?

Is she an Avenger, too?

What’s up with her hair?

Is she one of those mutants?

How did she get to her so fast?

Being the king of person you were, you did the only rational thing you thought of at the time.

You ran.

It was a week later and you were a nervous wreck each time the doorbell or house phone rang.

New York was in the process of being rebuilt by the government, along with Tony Stark and the Avengers, who was gracious enough. The aftermath of their battle had left the city in crumbles, much to the President’s dismay.

You, on the other hand, had completely shut out what happened a week ago and you prayed it would stay that way. Nobody had gotten any pictures of you which meant that the internet was a safe place. They had no way of contacting or finding you, which was good so far.

You had no intentions of being found. Patricia, your adoptive mother had gone through so much already with moving your family here. She loved New York, and you didn’t want to mess that up once again. There were over eight million people in New York City, not to mention there were probably thousands of girls with blue hair. What are the odds of SHIELD finding you? Slim to none!

You thought about the previous events absentmindedly as you grabbed your bag and headed out the front door of your family’s apartment. You tried to reassure yourself that, with all that happened, you were probably out of the woman’s head by now. She probably didn’t even remember you.

Boy, how you were wrong.

It took you few seconds to notice her, as she was standing at the bottom steps outside of your apartment, waiting silently. You just assumed she was either a neighbor or waiting for someone, which wasn’t unusual. But as soon as you planted your feet on the sidewalk, you froze.

She was a lot smaller than you’d seen from the videos on YouTube and you were a pretty tall girl, but with her killer looks and curves, you were instantly reminded what she was capable of. And you were reminded of how you heavily resembled a linguine noodle.

A frightened linguine noodle, to be exact.

“You know,” she says, stepping closer to you. “You’re quite hard to find, kid. Turns out there’s exactly six thousand and twenty girls in this city with blue hair. But only one with matching eyebrows, too.” 

You let out a nervous laugh as you backed away, peering over your shoulder.

“Look, Miss Black Widow Lady,” you spoke, peering up at your apartment warily. “My mom and brother cannot find out about this! She’d lose her mind if she found out I’m not keeping a low profile!” You sounded like one of those overly-dependent children you saw on Dr. Phil and she smirked with amusement.

“I’m not here to out you, kid. I’m here to offer you a job.”

Your eyes could have shot out of your skull with how hard you were staring at the redheaded woman. “A job?” you questioned, raising your eyebrows in suspicion. “Doing what?”

“Joining the Avengers. Stark was really curious when I told him about my near death experience with you.”

“Stark,” I say. “You mean Tony Stark? Playboy millionaire son of Howard Stark?

“Well, yeah,” she says with a playful eye roll. “I don’t think there’s any other guys with the same name out there. What do you say, Y/N? Are you in?”

She held out her hand, but you just stared at her like the dork you were. There was the possibility she was just completely bamboozling you and just here to lead you to your arrest or something worse, but she seemed completely honest.

But at the same time, Patricia would shit bricks if she found out. You promised her you’d try your best to stay out of trouble, but here you were, about to not only break that promise, but go against everything you stood for. How could you explain it to her once she found out? Everyone knew who the Avengers were. Everyone.

You bit your lip as you stared at her hand. You were very tempted to meet Tony Stark, though. You may or may not have had a crush on the guy as a child. That and if she was telling the truth, you’d be able to be a part of something great for once and not hide your true nature. you’d be with people like you.

With a deep breath, you shook her hand.  



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Promising Reciprocity II pt.1

genre: smut

jimin x reader, slight dom!jimin, slight spanking

word count: 8.4k

Deciding to go on a vacation with a few friends and lots of alcohol seemed to be the best idea after taking your exams. Especially the fact that your crush made you an offer that included more than just his friendship.                        But what does the future bring for the feelings you developed for Park Jimin?

Originally posted by park-jimin-gifs

„Guys, good news. My uncle said yes!“, your enthusiastic friend, Jungkook, announced as he stormed over the grass of the park you decided to meet up.

Loud cheering was heard from your best friend Lona and her boyfriend Hoseok. After months of exhaustion, a light at the end of the tunnel. The last few weeks were a torture of late night learning sessions, way too many energy drinks and insomnia. This is why you and a group of friends wanted to escape the daily life to drive to Jungkook’s uncle’s holiday home a few miles from town. You already gave up hope because his uncle took his time answering all messages and phone calls the boy had given him until this lazy sunday morning.

“Finally he answered! I’m so excited to go!”, your joyful voice was heard.

“Yeah, me too, but we have to discuss some rules and so on. My uncle is pretty strict if it comes to his little holiday home”, Jungkook replied.

This announcement did not mute your excitement. Instead the four of you began to speak in a mess before Jungkook told you what you had to note for your trip. It was a long list of not letting anyone home alone to cleaning our stuff up on our last day.

Next to you, Lona, your childhood best friend seemed uneasy all of a sudden as she started to squirm which left you wondering what might be the reason for her concern. You looked at her and nudged her arm.

“Everything’s alright?”, you whispered so the two boys would not notice.

Instead of answering you in a low voice she declared the worst possible thing that could happen to the peaceful vacation you painted in your head.

“I have to tell you something, but please don’t be angry with me!”, Lona said apologizing.

Hoseok, Lona’s boyfriend and your high school friend, Jungkook and you waited for her to speak as you stared at her intensely. She avoided all the stares before she inhaled deeply.

“You know my sister Lynn, right?”

A loud groan escaped all three mouths as you heard the name of Lona’s younger sister.

“Come on guys, don’t make it that hard for me!”, the girl pouted, “But my parents won’t be home while we are gone. And, as you all know, Lynn isn’t capable of staying home alone.. So can she tag along? She will behave, I promise!”

This proclamation left you speechless. Lona couldn’t be serious. Sure thing, her sister was just a year younger than her, but this did not mean that they had the same characteristics. While Lona was a charming girl who liked to hang out and party, Lynn had to exaggerate in everything her older sister did. If Lona went to a frat party with us, her sister had to come along and embarrass herself with uncontrollable drinking habits. If Lona slept over at your house, Lynn would call her at night and threaten her to come home. One time she even tried to seduce Hoseok, but luckily the boy called Lona and told her everything. All in all, Lynn was a bitch who granted everyone bad luck but herself.

This were the reasons Jungkook shook his dark locks heavily. “You are joking, right? I’m not going to take this bitch with me! No excuses for her, sorry Lona.”

Hoseok and you nodded at his words. Neither did the boys nor did you wanted to have this witch on your peaceful, relaxing vacation because you all knew that Lynn’s presence would bring war.

“Jungkook’s right, Baby. I don’t wanna admit it, but your sister will just cause chaos”, Hoseok tried to sooth his girlfriend, “Why don’t you speak to your parents again?”

“I did!”, Lona explained weak, “They told me I couldn’t go if Lynn can’t come with me. You guys know how strict my parents are. They are afraid that she burns our house down or kills somebody by accident.”

Sadly exactly this was why you did not want her to tag along but nobody dared to say this to the dejected girl next to you.

“This is bullshit, Lona”, you said while rubbing he girl’s arm, “Your sister is old enough to stay home alone. Just what are your parents thinking?”

“Guess they are not, that’s the problem”, Lona said sarcastically.

In your head you tried to find a solution but failed as you thought of different scenarios. Your eyes were glued to your best friends face while she played nervously with her fingernails.

“Just don’t leave me here, it’ll be so boring alone without you”, Lona declared sadly, “There are enough beds and we also have a free seat in the car. We’ll be partying the whole time anyway, so you won’t even notice that Lynn is there.”

You exhaled loudly. Of course there was enough space for all-

“Are you sure you did count all of us in?”, Jungkook asked, smiling victoriously, “She can’t tag along because we already would be five.”

“Ah, I forgot, but Hoseok’s parents have a bigger car that they might lend us”, Lona defended and looked hopefully at her boyfriend.

You on the opposite were confused as hell. What were they talking about? You thought that you would have been up-to-date but your friends had to prove you wrong.

“Can anybody explain what is going on? Who is coming with us?”

The three of them watched as you held your hands up in confusion.

“Y/n, hadn’t Lona told you that Jimin will be the one who wanted to come with us?”, Hoseok spoke while looking at you calmly his little dimples showing.

Slowly your eyes made its way to your best friend who avoided her eyes pretty fast. Park Jimin, your crush since high school, was going to live with you for the time you stayed at Jungkook’s holiday house? The Park Jimin who you always admired but was too shy to start anything with? And the only person who knew had just forgotten to tell you this little, new detail?

Your gaze pierced Lona for not letting you know that your crush would come along. Suddenly the others around you stood up from the grass you sat on.

“So it’s set then?”, the tall girl asked while taking her boyfriend’s hand in hers, “Thank you, really, I know you hate her, even I do. So I’m indebted now.” Lona’s cheerful voice left you in confusion.

How long did you think about the fact that Jimin would be beside you while you are gone? Long enough for you not to notice that the group had decided to try the trip with Lynn as well. They also agreed to end your vacation if she did not behave. No wonder Lona was so cheerful again, she was able to go even though she had to babysit her annoying sister.

“Let’s talk over the phone about the stuff we need to bring with us”, Jungkook shouted to you as he made his way over the green grass of the park you had met up.

You waved goodbye before turning to look at the two remaining persons who stood next to you.

“I’m going then”, were your last words while turning on your heel to go home thinking about the upcoming event that made your heart race, in excitement and fear.

The heat was unbearable as you sat in the back-seat of Hoseok’s van. Next to you Lona played games on her phone while singing along to the music that filled the big car. The seat in front of you was taken by your best friends sister, Lynn and unfortunately only a rucksack separated her from your crush, Park Jimin. The front row was occupied by Hoseok who drove and Jungkook who had the task to navigate your group to your destination without getting lost on the way. Your suitcases were packed behind you but because of the little space all your lunch packs and water bottles had to stay between Lynn and Jimin and for that you were more than thankful.

The hour you already spent in the van, Lynn tried more attempts to flirt with Jimin that you lost count. They boy on the other hand was polite - watching her tits up and down was an exception -  but you could see that he was clearly tired of her talking. She was pretty - at least one feature she scored with - but Jimin did not seem the least bit interested in a conversation with her.

“Y/n, sing along!”, Lona said and threw her hands in the air, “That’s our jam!”

Giggling at her childish behaviour you began to shout the song in loud voices. Laughter was heard from the seat across from you. The black haired boy, who you found so utterly handsome, looked straight at you, a bright smile on his face. His teeth were showing as you shouted the next verse with your best friend. Only then you noticed his starring and your voice got stuck in your throat in embarrassment. Jimin’s smile deepened so you could see the crooked front tooth of his.

“Wonderful voice, y/n”, your crush remarked laughing, “Keep going, it makes this boring ride funny.”

You felt your cheeks burning but smiled at him shyly. “How about you try it out, too? I bet you know this song.”

With this the bright smile turned into a grin before Jimin turned around again just to start shouting the lyrics as well as the girl next to you. You watched him in awe while continuing the little singing session you guys had started. With that the next half hour flew by pretty fast and Hoseok drove to a picnic area to eat the packed lunches.

“The fucking heat is killing me in the back”, you complained as you climbed out to get into the fresh air. The sun was already setting, so you decided to eat pretty fast before retuning onto the streets.

“Wanna swap the seats?”, a melodious voice spoke behind you.

Goosebumps made its way along you arms at his voice.

“I really want to but your legs are too long for you to fit in the back of the van”, you looked at Jimin over your shoulder, “But thanks.”

The few sentences you exchanged were more than you had ever spoken to each other. The dark haired boy visited the class next to you in high school but Jungkook, your male best friend, was also his friend why you knew Jimin in the first place. At your very first meet up you were so shy that you just went home after seeing Jimin next to Jungkook. You never said more than ‘hello’ and ‘see you’ to your crush and the attention you were getting from him now, was making you quite nervous.

His loud voice woke you from the memories you had of your shy days around him: “Lynn, is it okay if you swap your seat for the next hours?”

The blond, tall girl smiled sweetly at Jimin as she walked slowly back to the two of you. Her eyes never left Jimin’s face.

“I do everything for you, Cutie”, she chirped and you had the feeling that your last meal might land before you at her cockiness.  

“Thanks”, was the only word Jimin answered while checking out Lynn’s body again, “Problem solved.”

A light giggle escaped your mouth while you went to the other three persons, waiting for you to start unpacking the lunch boxes you had prepared. The time went by fast before you made yourself comfortable on the seat the blond girl had sat on previously. Jimin climbed in after you, grinning at your delicate figure next to him. This time no rucksack separated the seats , therefore you were slightly nervous.

“Guess it takes the time we already drove and then let’s just go to bed, this heat is unbearable”, you heard Lona behind you whining about the hottest seat she had. Thank god, you were finally able to relax instead of melting in the back seats.

“Have you seen the latest action movie, y/n? Or isn’t it your genre of movies?”, Jimin suddenly turned his attention to you. He had his tablet in his hands and you could see that the intro of a movie was playing on it. Staggered you looked at the pretty boy beside you.

“I watch everything except horror movies, it gives me chills. But no, it seems pretty new, isn’t it?”, you said while shyly avoiding his dark brown eyes.

“It is! Want to watch it together? I mean, we have more than a hour to kill”, Jimin said, you could see the crooked tooth again, and found it unbelievably cute. The normally cocky, sexy atmosphere around him was not that strong if he smiled with his plump, red lips.

Jimin’s hand went though his black hair as he waited for your answer, eyes focused on your pretty face. He licked his lips while you loosened your seat belt and slid on the seat in the middle, right next to him, leaning forward to grab one of his headphones. You never were this near to Jimin, so the scent that filled your nose was completely new. It intoxicated you the moment you leaned in. Strong cologne, peppermint as well as hair gel formed the scent of Jimin. The distance allowed you to see every muscle that laid beneath the light blue, ripped jeans and the plain white shirt he wore. Now you even notices little moles on his face, his cross earrings and his really long eyelashes. You could not focus on the intro of the film as you were starring at the incredibly attractive boy.

“Y/n, the movie has already began, don’t you think you might focus on it rather than on me?”, Jimin whispered while leaning further into you, pressing his shoulder against yours.

Flushed your eyes narrowed to his hands, cursing you for blankly starring at your crush and even get caught. No wonder you were the black sheep in your family.

“Sorry”, you whispered weakly.

Jimin smiled to himself and observed you a while before the movie caught his attention. During the movie you felt Jimin’s free hand move up around your shoulders, resting on them lightly. The red hue in your cheeks increased and at this rate he had to hear your heartbeat.

“It’s okay, right?”, he whispered again.

You nodded before his hand began to massage your shoulder.

“Relax, y/n, I won’t bite. Not yet.”

With that the last bit relaxation was gone.

At ten this evening you finally got to your destination. The house of Jungkook’s uncle was bigger than you imagined. An alley of grass, cherry blossom trees and a white fence lined the gateway that lead to the white house in front of you. It lay before a little forest next to a few other houses.

“Guys, let’s unpack our cases and then we should eat before exploring the area”, Jungkook stated while opening the trunk of Hoseok’s van.

“I don’t have the energy to explore anything around here except for Lona”, the boy with the curls said sheepishly.

You rolled your eyes at this comment, following Jungkook with your own stuff. The boy opened the front door, searching for the switch of the light.

The house was coloured in brown hues, wooden furniture and the minimum of technological gadgets. At least there was a TV in the living room and internet. The back of the holiday home formed a wooden terrace and a garden you could eat your breakfast in.

After all of you looked around you gathered on the couch in the living room, discussing your next steps.

“There are three bedrooms, and I guess Lona goes with Hoseok, right?”, Jungkook said while looking at the only couple in the room. A double nod was his answer. “Okay, y/n and Lynn? Or do you want to share with Lynn, Jimin?”

“Not doing with her, forget it”, you made your opinion very clear as you shook you head furiously.

“That’s mean, y/n”, Lynn said with strained disappointment in her voice.

“Y/n can go with me”, Jungkook just said and shrugged his shoulder, “Not the first time she slept in my bed.” A grin spread across his face he winked, showing his bunny teeth.

“If she wants, we also can share a bed”, Jimin’s voice reported from the other side of the couch.

All eyes were on the boy with the black hair who smiled at you. Before you knew what you were doing you nodded your head.

At this Jungkook groaned. “I’m sleeping on the sofa, thanks y/n.”

Panic flooded your body as you made your way to the bedrooms upstairs the house. Behind you was Jimin who seemed to be relaxation in its purest form. What drove you the moment you agreed to sleep with your crush in the same bed? Jealousy? Insanity? You couldn’t change it anyway now. Jungkook was leading before he opened the last door at the end of the floor. Lona and Hoseok had their room next to you while Lynn’s bedroom was across the floor.

White coloured walls and a light wardrobe greeted you as well as a cute desk made of glass without a chair. Only the huge bed with flower patterned sheets caught your attention, that built the centre of the room. You gulped loudly at the thought that Jimin’s body will be sprawled across this silky sheets in mere hours. Even though you did not want to admit the feeling in your lower stomach, you felt it tensing up at that thought.

“Y/n, if he bothers you, join me downstairs, understood?”, Jungkook said while laying his arm across the other boy’s wide shoulders. Jimin was a few centimetres shorter than Jungkook, also the grinning boy was younger than his best friend. Your crush just nudged your best friend in his sides before smiling brightly at you.

“I don’t think she will be bothered by me”, Jimin’s voice got a little lower what made you see-saw.

“Don’t worry, Kookie, I can handle him by myself”, you heard yourself saying, grinning at the two boys whom were watching you playing with a strand of your hair.

You watched as the boys talked about some things they wanted to do while you were here, unpacking your suitcase and folding your clothing to lay them in the empty closet. A few minutes later, Jungkook made it’s way downstairs. Now you were alone with Jimin and the atmosphere changed immediately.

“You can handle me?”, the handsome boy giggled, sitting down on the bed, propped up on his hands. His gaze lay on you while he tilted his head showing his pearly teeth.

“After you told me you wouldn’t bite, I guess I can do just that, yeah”, you answered, leaning against the desk underneath the window on the right side of the room.

Jimin’s head flew back and an angelic laugh escaped his plump lips. The heat rushed to your cheeks again, but you did not dare to look away from him.

“Today I won’t bite but don’t except this from me tomorrow”, the dark haired guy said, winking at you, before standing up. The first thought was that he might do something to you, but instead he opened his backpack and pulled a towel and a little bag out of it.

“I’m going to take a shower. Tell Jungkook to order me something to eat, too, yeah?”

Jimin grinned at you shortly as he went out of your room.

The cute characteristics you always imagined he had, turned out to be your own false ideals. In reality Jimin seemed to be a cocky guy, who was everything but the boyfriend material you always thought he would be. The slight feeling of disappointment filled your bones as you snatched your phone and went to join Jungkook.

Back in your room, you changed into your sleeping shorts and a white, low-cut t-shirt for the night. You were quite exhausted from the three hours long drive and the feeling that Park Jimin had some unknown plans as he was your room mate for the time being.

You already had washed up and were ready to head to bed. Lona and Hoseok were long gone while you sat downstairs talking with Jungkook. Some time later Lynn also went to her upstairs and Jimin followed a few minutes later. You were surprised not to find him in your room as you tiptoed in the dark, trying to find your way to the bed.

Only as you switched off the light of the little lamp above you, you heard him opening the door.

“Y/n?”, a low whisper rang from the door.

“I’m awake”, you answered aloud before Jimin switched the light on.

“Sorry, sleep tight, y/n”, Jimin said while unbuttoning his jeans and stripping the rest of his clothes.

How could you sleep while you saw the guy of your high school dreams right before your eyes, only in his boxers, naked torso, shadows dancing on it with every move. The tiredness was gone but as you tried to avoid your gaze, the boy crossed his arms before his bare chest.

“This is the second time today, y/n”, a little smirk played around his plump lips.

“Yeah, it’s okay. Turn the lights down and go to sleep”, even though you wanted to hide your excitement, your voice shook a little.

But instead of an answer the room was suddenly left in darkness and the black haired, half naked boy climbed into the bed next to you. You could feel his presence as he lay down, throwing his blanket over his body.

“I hope Hoseok and his girlfriend are quiet though”, he whispered beside you into the dark.

“Don’t worry, they already fucked before you came in”, you stated with light frustration.

You felt the mattress move as Jimin turned around, face in your direction. But your stare stayed fixated on the ceiling you could not see in the dark.

“Good night, Jimin”, you whispered.

“Good night, y/n”, he answered while hugging his own pillow.

This night you could not sleep one bit. The only times you closed your eyes the image of the boy next to you popped up in your head and with that you stayed awake, hearing the heavy breathing of your crush next to you.

The next morning you decided the activities you wanted to do the next days. Shopping, swimming or partying were the main points that were discussed. Up until now Lona’s little sister was rather quiet but as the words ‘party’, ‘alcohol’ or ‘sex’ made its way into the conversation, she was full awake and getting on your nerves.

Lastly you decided on going shopping in separated groups and going to a famous club this evening. Fortunately your best friend, Lona, would come with you as you wanted to buy some underwear and a suited outfit for the occasion at night. But as Lynn was not allowed to stay behind, she had to tag along with the two of you. You understood that she could not go with the boys but you wanted her neither.

“Take this and.. definitely the black one”, Lona said as she held both dresses up to decide which one suited you better. “The lucky bastard who gets to see you in those, lord, help him.”

You rolled your eyes, laughing loudly, at her exaggeration. The underwear you held up left nothing to ones imagination, black lace that let anyone see through it as it was mostly transparent. A black dress, pretty short only held by two small strings over your shoulder, silk at its finest. You were not sure if you were cabable in wearing such an outfit the right way but definitely wanted to try.

“It reminds me more of a lingerie than an actual dress”, you stated, running your hands down the soft fabric.

“Shut up and take it”, your best friend nodded while grabbing the dress and going to the cashier.

The two of you bought new clothes while Lynn just waited for the two of you to finish your shopping trip to go to the meet up at the restaurant you wanted to have lunch together. Lona had an exclusive eye for fashion therefore she paid for a red revealing dress and monstrous high heels you would never be able to walk on.

After your meet up, Lona wanted to spend some time with Hoseok, so you had to do something with Jungkook, Jimin and unfortunately Lynn. Neither the boys nor you wanted to wander through the hot city any more wherefore you went home again. There you and Jungkook watched TV for some time until tiredness seeped though your bones. You lay your head on your best friends thighs, animating him to stroke your hair. You often did this the last years of your friendship, even though it appeared strange to other people, like Jimin.

“Why don’t you get a room?”, he said, shaking his head as he sat down next to Jungkook.

“It’s a habit. She can sleep here if she had a stressful night”, the boy defended you, caressing your head with his big hand.

“Stressful night? We just slept, dude”, confusion traced Jimin’s voice, looking at your face. “She would not be able to stay awake either here or in her own bed if I would have finished her.”

“Just let me sleep, I want to have fun tonight and not go to bed at nine”, your weak voice was heard and the boys fell silent.

Slowly you drifted to sleep hearing low voices talking about you.

You were woken by a hand that shook you lightly. The nap you only wanted to take developed into a deep sleep why you were quite shocked as you saw Jungkook’s face traced with pain.

“Sorry y/n, but I can’t feel my thighs and my dick any more.”

While rubbing your eyes you got up from his lap, looking at the round watch on the wall. Two hours until you wanted to leave for the club.

“Thanks, Kookie”, a warm smile played around your lips as you patted his brown curls. You stretched before standing up, walking towards the bathroom up the stairs.

Lona already waited for you to wake up as she wanted to tell you what she and Hoseok did. They met some people who showed them a special lake near your house. She described it as ‘a must go to’, so you agreed to stay there the next days if the weather was as nice as the last days.

“You have to wear your new clothes, y/n. They are washed and dry as well, so go on!”

Lona forced you into your newly snatched underwear and dress before doing your hair and make up.

“Jimin will only have eyes for you, y/n”, your best friend smiled at you proudly.

“Ah, I guess his character is too far from what I thought he would be”, you explained sadly. “He is more of a cocky playboy rather than the charming guy I thought he would be at the beginning of our trip. But I shouldn’t be expecting anything. Actually it was the first time I talked to him yesterday.”

Your best friend listened to your complains.

“Bullshit, y/n!”, she said. “You shouldn’t care, he eats you with his eyes the whole fucking time. Even if he is not suited for the perfect partner but a good fuck would be a good fuck. Sweetie, I don’t want to say this, but you definitely need one.”

Shock was written on your face. Of course you thought about Jimin in this light, but an actual friendship would not be possible any more if something more intimate might happen between you two.

“We’ll see, Lona. Let’s collect your sister and head for the club, I need some alcohol.”

With that you girls went downstairs to find the rest of your group.

“Babe, you look so fucking sexy! Let us just stay here, you won’t need this slutty dress any more”, Hoseok spun his girlfriend around, licking his lips.

“You think all the work will be for nothing? Wait till later”, Lona winked at her boyfriend, kissing him passionately, while you avoided you gaze, looking for Jungkook and Jimin.

Lynn’s voice reached your ears, turning around to see the boys walking down the stairs as well.

“God, Jimin, you are far too handsome”, her high pitched voice shouted before she ran towards Jimin, letting her hands wander around his chest. The girl wore a tight red skirt with a black crop top, showing of her nice body.

Jimin grinned down at her, his hands on her waist shortly before noticing your presence behind the girl in front of him. His jaw dropped as his eyes wandered from your heels to the curls Lona had made you. The dark eyes found its way down your body again, letting go of Lynn.

“Y/n, nice dress”, he smiled, coming a few steps closer.

“Thanks, nice outfit, too”, you replied, checking him out as frankly as he did.

Today Jimin went with black ripped jeans, that wrapped tightly around his muscular thighs, a dark blue shirt with long sleeves that were pretty airy at the wrists and had a low-cut. Boots completed his casual but sexy outfit. Your mouth watered as you thought about the conversation from before and decided to take Lona’s advice for today. 'A good fuck’.

Jimin’s plump, red lips curved at the sight before him. You looking so deliciously hot, devouring himwith your sparkling eyes. The night began promising, he thought.

“Better let’s go before Lona and Hoseok fuck in front of us”, the missing boy, Jungkook, announced while heading to the front door.

They wouldn’t be the only ones, you thought and followed Jungkook into the breezy air.

Danceable music filled the huge room as your group entered the famous club 'Night-owl’. Several hundred people flooded the dance floors, laughing, talking and moving their bodies rhythmically to the loud music. Your friends danced their way to the counter of the bar where you found a niche. You ordered your drinks while wiggling to the rhymes.

“Guys, let’s toast to an unforgettable trip and our friendships!”, you stated and held up your drink. Glass clinked as loud cheering filled the air around you. The alcohol burned its way down your throat, a satisfying feeling after exhausting weeks without fun.

“Lynn, don’t be a party pooper today and don’t drink too much”, her older sister warned. “Just have fun.”

Lynn nodded sarcastically at her: “Jimin will be here, so my fun is guaranteed.” The girl’s teeth were showing while she looked at Jimin.

The boy instead had his eyes fixated on your short dress that slipped up your thighs while sitting across from him. You had crossed them over each other what brought you double the attention from the attractive guy who licked his lips for the second time this evening while watching your surprising new actions. Where did the sudden change come from?, he wondered.

Of course you did it on purpose. After considering Lona’s words, you would not reject any offer from Jimin. At least this night should be lived to its fullest, consequences could wait until tomorrow. You deserved it and seeing Lynn walking behind Jimin like a puppy, you wanted him even more. At the beginning you wanted your imaginary boyfriend material but right now the cocky, confident Jimin slowly started creeping inside your head. Lona was just the fuse.

Your group of friends drowned a few drinks while moving in the seats before you and Lona stood up, taking each others hands and walking to the dance floor. Behind you, Hoseok, the dancing king, followed you two. Only Jungkook and Jimin sat on their seats even now. Lynn was gone a few minutes ago but you did not care enough to worry.

“Never was a DJ so good”, Lona shouted next to your ear. And she was right, every song was danceable and the mass on the floor moved their bodies without a break.

So did you three. All eyes were focused on the couple who made the dance floor their own. Even you, who have seen it so many times, watched them fascinated.

“I didn’t know they were capable of such dancing”, a voice reached your ear before you turned around to find Jimin close behind you. His body moved to the music and for you, this was more ethereal than everything you had seen in your life. Toned muscles dancing on his body as he rolled his hips. A lascivious expression on his angelic features, lips curled into a lopsided smile, eyes so unfathomable in the changing lights of the club. Maybe it were the drinks you already had but as Jimin closed the distance you turned your back and pressed it into his revealing chest. Right then his hands roamed around your waist and landed at your hips. They brought you even nearer before Jimin leaned in to say something in your ear.

“Today, y/n, I’m going to bite.”

Although you already made up your mind in wanting him, the last bit of shyness made your cheeks burn. At the same time you registered the same tingling feeling in your lower stomach that appeared yesterday by looking at the huge bed and thinking about Jimin’s body.

Just then the boy started to roll his hips into you from the backside, caressing your sides. Your head lay on his big shoulder, his scent filling your nose again while laying your hands on his. For a while you just danced like normal flirting people but it was only a matter of time until you felt Jimin’s hips press into your butt over and over again. Through the fabric of your thin dress you could already feel his erection digging into you. This feeling alone made your knees weak, as you felt how tight your panties became, the wet liquid soaking them slowly. Your movements became heavier, heart racing and as Jimin’s arm moved round your waist to pull you into his erection, a little, quiet moan escaped your mouth.

How was 'dancing’ this sexy with him? If you still could called it that.

“You look so damn hot in your dress, y/n”, Jimin pressed his lips tightly against your ear. “I want to rip this thing of your body and fuck you right here on the dance floor. I don’t really care if they are watching.”

A whimper slipped out your mouth while you closed your eyes, actually considering his tempting words. You bet that Jimin was capable of doing just what he offered you right now.

“You make my head spin”, you admitted while wriggling yourself out of his tight hug to turn around, looking up into his flushed face. Your crush returned your gaze, roaming over your body before landing on your dark red lips. Just then you stepped into him, folding your hands behind his neck, urging your body to touch his. Your abdomen landed on his crotch, circling to feel the needed friction of your heated wetness. Jimin’s eyes followed your actions, lust boiling behind them as he felt his bulge being stroked by your moving hips.

Your view was filled with the beautiful face of his, tracing every detail with your eyes. From the chocolate eyes, over the quite small nose to the high cheekbones. Until they remained on his plump, wet lips that looked so fucking soft under your own. Oh, how you wanted to feel them on yours. Your tongue wetted your own lips, lascivious, slowly, waiting for the boy to do what you wanted.

“Who does make whose head spin”, your crush’s eyes crinkled as he smiled at you before he grabbed your hips and suddenly pressed his lips on yours.

It was like an explosion as he touched you for the first time. He felt so soft, just what you expected. His round, warm lips lay on yours for a moment until you both started to move your mouths on top of the other. In no time you clung on him, forgetting to dance to the music, several elbows hitting you but you did not care. Finally you were able to feel what you had dreamed about since high school.

Jimin kissed you for an eternity, deepening it from time to time before he shoved his tongue inside your mouth. His wet muscle wrapped around your own, sucking delicately at it while holding onto your hips stronger than necessary. Small moans left his mouth as you passionately kissed in the mass of dancing people. You did not notice how much time had passed but as Jimin broke loose from you, you made a sound showing your disappointment.

“I can’t control myself any more. Let’s go home”, the boy said with swollen lips, red from your dark lipstick.

His big hand grabbed yours as you looked for Jungkook to snatch his key. It took his time until you found him in the bathroom with some random girl.

“Dude, give me your key”, Jimin’s voice was laced with frustration as you stood in front of a toilet booth hearing Jungkook’s heavy voice.

“Are you for real, I’m busy. Fuck off”, the boy’s anger was clearly shown.

“Kookie, just throw it over the door”, you said, beginning to find the wet panties uncomfortable.

As your best friend heard your voice next to Jimin, he opened the door, pulling up his jeans.

“The fuck, y/n?”, he said, the girl behind him furiously glancing at you two.

“Sorry, just hurry up, Kookie.”

With that the boy stared unbelievably in your face, fishing the key out of his pocket.

“Thanks, have fun, Kookie”, you snatched the key and nearly ran towards the exit.

You often saw Jungkook in this state, so it was quite normal to see him half naked with a girl. He would be able to continue, so no worries, you thought.

The way home was a mix of kisses, panting and running as you made your way to the white house a few blocks away. You chased each other laughing, touching him whenever you had the chance until you arrived at the porch of the house.

The door was not even closed, yet Jimin tapped your thighs. You jumped into his strong arms as he wrapped your legs around his waist. In a swift turn he headed for the living room, never once leaving your lips. A few times you two staggered before you reached the huge couch, where Jimin sat down, you straddling his lap. Your hands roamed through his black, soft hair and landed on the back of his neck. He instead let his hands wander around your body, from the curve of your breasts to your round ass. His hands began to massage your flesh before you felt a sting as his hand hit you hard. A loud moan was heard from you, what made Jimin smirk up your face.

“You like that?”

A nod was your answer before Jimin raised his hands again to smack your ass even harder. It stung pretty much as to why he caressed the part he just hit. This action continued to the point where your panties were soaked with your juices.

Heavy breathing hit your face as you looked down on Jimin, focusing on the darkening lips of his.

“Take off your clothes, y/n”, his voice was confident while he still soothed the spot of your pain. “I want to see you.”

You stood up from your position, extremely slowly opening the zippier of your black dress, sliding your arms out of the strings before letting the dress fall of your body. Jimin’s breathing stopped as you made a little show for him, focusing on every new spot of skin he could see until you dropped the dress completely, now standing only in a pair of transparent, black lace. His hands began to stroke his bulge trough the jeans while being in trance from the sight I front of him.

“Like what you see?”, you asked softly, watching as he palmed himself.

Instead of an answer he reached forward to grab you by your waist to pull you into your previous position. Your hips bucked into his as you sat on his lap, your core above his prominent erection. As you lowered yourself to circle your hips, you heard a small whimper from the boy, you oh so wanted.

“I can’t wait to feel you around me, so tight and wet. Look what you do to my jeans”, Jimin said seductively, pointing to the wet strand on his jeans.

“Then do it, Jimin. I’m more than ready for you”, you said, breath stuck in your throat as Jimin began to kiss your jaw to you sensitive neck. His plump lips kissed its way around your delicate skin, sucking, biting and soothing it. With every next tease of his, you moaned louder. The boy’s hands stroked your ass before massaging it again while his mouth wandered down to the hem of your bra. His dark eyes made contact with yours, lips dangerously close to your breast. Then he bit down onto your new bra, leaving you trembling above him. A heated shiver ran down your spine while Jimin left his marks on the soft flesh of your mounds, getting closer to your erected nipples before taking one into his warm mouth. His pearly teeth nipped at the extremely sensitive spot of your breast through the fabric of your lacy bra. With time he sucked strong on your now dark nipple before devoting his attention to the other one, his hands massaging riskily close to your wet folds. His name left your mouth several times already even though he had not touched where you needed him the most. Slowly you moved your hips onto his, needed friction missing as he stopped your movements.

The handsome boy’s touch abandoned your body as he straightened his back, kissing your lips before he swirled you onto the couch next to him. Fast, he stripped in front of you, clothes thrown in all directions, until the last piece lay on the floor. You watched in awe at the view that was exposed to you. Jimin had tanned skin and toned muscles that moved as he made his way towards you. His bare chest was trained and his thighs made your mouth water, how they looked solid and soft at the same time. Only one thing clouded all other thoughts you had the moment Jimin hovered over your body. His prominent erection sprung into your sight the instant he revealed it. Pulsating, darker than his normal taint with a thickness you felt even through his jeans.

Your hands touched his arms, his bare chest and his face as his darkening, lustful eyes devoured you. His next action was unpredictable as he pushed you down with a hand on your chest. He then opened your bra - luckily the clasp was on the front side - before grabbing your free breast with both hands. His thumbs roamed across your nipples that were purple from Jimin’s sucking. They wandered down your free torso until they arrived at your wetness. He then began to stroke you in sow motion, what made you squirm underneath him, every now and then hissing at the sensation. Jimin’s mouth formed a desirable grin, leaning forward, biting his way from you breasts to you stomach.

You knew that your body would be covered in red marks tomorrow, that would show everyone what you have done, but you did not care as your crush’s lips trailed to the hem of your transparent panties. A heated kiss was pressed onto the bundle of nerves before he straightened himself again, stopping all body contact. You whined at the loss of his hand that gave you at least a little friction.

“I wanted to treasure this moment, y/n, but I’m at my limit and it seams you are so damn wet for me that my dick will slide in without problem”, Jimin’s voice was lower than ever, teasing you about your body’s reaction.

“Why don’t you do it then? I’m at my limit, Jimin. Just fuck me already, please”, you begged while the boy just stared at you, smiling proudly about the marks he covered your body in.

“Eager, baby girl?”

The new nickname filled you with even more desire. This word lid a fire inside you, so you grasped down to push down your panties. Jimin’s reaction aroused you as he licked his prominent bottom lip, his fingers wrapped around his shaft.

“So, so eager, I see”, he whispered, leaning over the couch to fetch the condom out of his purse.

You hummed in agreement, watching him in heat as he pulled the condom over his dick. Then he grabbed your arms, pulling you onto his lap. You straddled him, taking his dick in your hand before you positioned it before your wet core. The tingling feeling intensified, finally being able to feel his cock into your tight wetness.

Loud moaning filled the room as you lowered your hips onto his pulsating dick. He filled you completely, waiting for you to finally move. The pleasurable stretch made you grab onto the boys wide shoulders, before you started to roll your hips against him. Although he had barely touched you, you felt yourself tightening with every hip roll of yours.

“You are so fucking tight, baby girl, I won’t last long”, Jimin’s said, breath stuck in his throat from the way you circled around his dick.

His words gave you an ego boost why you grabbed his hair and pressed your lips hard onto his. Passionately you kissed his delicious lips, earning low moans from the pretty boy beneath you. His solid grip on your hips became even stronger as he moved you up and down his lengths.

The heat in the pit of your stomach was vigorous and you could feel how your pussy contradicted around his dick, what made it hard for you to move.

“Jimin”, you cried his name while he moved you furiously, breasts bouncing in front of the face you found so angelic, but at this moment the delicate features were exchanged with the ones of a fallen angel. His eyes so deep and fathomless, watching you bounce on his dick, moaning his name over and over again. He could feel how close he got with every roll of your hips against his own, your juices flowing down onto his balls.

Jimin’s fingers got down between your legs, rubbing your clit, fastening the process of reaching your high. Your voice echoed trough the room while closing your eyes, feeling as your orgasm approached you.

“Make yourself come, baby girl”, Jimin encouraged you, mercilessly stroking over your bundle of nerves. “Use my dick for your high.”

With that you slowed down, warmth flooding your core as you rode yourself through your climax. The prickling feeling overwhelming you while Jimin stroked you over the edge. It was an unbelievably intense orgasm, sweat forming on your skin as you stopped rolling your hips into Jimins. Your head fell onto the boy’s warm shoulder.

“You aren’t done yet”, his voice woke you.

With that he held your hips in the air, before he started thrusting into you from underneath. You cried out at the overstimulation you got from the friction his dick caused again. Therefore you moaned his name again, close to his ear to aggravate his lust. It worked because the tanned boy moved even faster, grunts falling from his swollen lips whereas drops of sweat formed onto his chest as well as his forehead.

“Ahh~ Baby girl”, Jimin moaned your new pet name a few times before he pulled himself out of you, getting rid of the used condom before he pushed you down onto the floor in front of him. He stroked his dick with his hand in agitation, the sight of you kneeling so close to his dick let his semen spurt onto your chest. Thick streaks of the white fluids flowing down your torso onto your stomach. Light whimpers left Jimin’s lips while he pumped his pulsating dick until it became soft in his hands, watching your fucked out state, your eyes fixated on his semi hard cock.

“You are amazing, y/n”, Jimin said, grinning at you while showing his crooked front tooth, eyes crinkled. His chest heaved as his head fell back onto the rest of the couch.

Your legs were shaking as you stood up, falling next to the boy you just had sex with.

“Guess you were okay, too”, you teased, brushing your hair out of your sweaty face. “We should repeat it some time, Jimin.”

Adrenalin made you say it, but as the boy took his time answering, panic crawled inside your head. Did you cross the line? Your view lay on Jimin, who returned your gaze, an unknown expression plastered on his features.

Without saying anything he straightened, standing up before he leaned down lifting you up into his strong arms. He held you bridal style while walking out of the living room into the dark corridor.

“I never said that we are done for the night, did I?”, his low voice proclaimed amused.

You just giggled, kissing his plump lips as you made your way upstairs.

Mixed feelings blended into you as the night continued to become more promising than before.

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I will admit it. I do focus a lot on pictures of Louis. I think he is incredibly gorgeous in an, I'm not actually attracted to men type of way. Then every once in awhile I see a picture of Harry fly by in my dash and it is almost like I forgot. Harry is really pretty. Like, REALLY pretty. What an unfairly ridiculously attractive couple they make.

honestly i know i’m the same i’m not attracted to either of them but i also have eyeballs and can see how attractive they are and yeah there are a few pictures of harry where the only word that feels right to describe him is pretty (to the point where i apparently have a ‘so pretty’ tag that’s 99% pictures of harry that i didn’t even consciously make???)

(i was too lazy to dig up the original but i think the only major editing here is on the eyebrows):

Older!Gladiolus HC | Fathers’ Death |
  • Gladiolus if in a deep relationship with you would one day, most likely during the 10 year time skip broach a subject that has been weighing down on in his heart for many years now.
  • His father’s death.
  • It has been on his mind a lot specially now he’s older, the two of you have been dating for a while, thinking about kids and marriage. He gets a bit moody and it bothers you as he was expressing great thrill at the next steps in life with you. It started when you told him he was going to be a fantastic father.Then it hit him, he had buried it away so far into his mind that he had actually forgot about it.
  • Until now that is.
  • It’s not until the weekend where the two of your are enjoying a lazy Sunday relaxing in each other arms does he mutter softly in your ears that he needs to talk. The way his voice is, cracked and broken sounding it worries you, it sounds like something is wrong.That’s when he opens up and tells you that he is missing his father.
  • That he wishes to have been there to possible save his father, he feels like he could do it. Even if he couldn’t he wished he could have been there to say goodbye.
  • He knows that his father died in a brave manner and was a honorable death. Dying in the line of duty is what Gladiolus wishes for and he wants to give his father a proper funeral. He knows know that there isn’t any hope for the body now but he wants to at least hold a ceremony. In some fashion, it would make him feel better.
  • He’s holding you tightly, crying softly as he is talking slowly and calmly as he does, the tears are soft as he isn’t trying to hold them back but he’s not letting them go like crazy waterfalls.
  • The both of your realize at the same time he’s crying, he’s half expecting a laugh to fall from your lips as sure he’s been emotional with you but he’s never cried in front of you. Accepting him for all that he is and isn’t you wipe away the tears, soothing his heartache with reassuring kisses.
  • Gladiolus lights up when you tell him that he should hold a ceremony for his death in Lestallum, that it doesn’t have to be in Insomnia for the Family Burial Plot. That you will say some words and you will support him the whole time.
  • This will touch him in the most emotional intimate way he could ever experience. He has been holding it back for so many years now about his father’s death and missing on burying him like a proper warrior. All for his duty to Noctis.
  • Not that he regrets for doing his duty to Noctis it’s just that he really wished he had the chance to mourn even when he first heard all those years ago, not just now many years later. He held a silent grudge against Noctis for being able to freely mourn the death of the King his Father. Tearfully he admits that some of his rage was because of that secret jealousy he laughs off self deprecatingly to you.
  • He might get a bit depressed even after talks about the burial ceremony in Lestallum it’s because he’s thinking about his memories with his dad. Best way to get him out of that funk? Road trip it out of Lestallum for the weekend, let him take out some pent up aggression on some Daemons leading you to a Haven then camp. At camp over marshmallows at the campfire have him tell you stories about his dad. If he does tear up, just wipe them away placing kisses on his cheeks telling you love him.

A/N: OKAY I GOT IT OFF MY CHEST, the forever long headcanons I wanted to do for Gladiolus and his father’s death. Long winded and kinda sad but hey that’s what it is. It’s a lot of rambling on my part and self indulgent wanting to comfort him and make him feel better. (aka I love him way too much)

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Reasons Why (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Words: 3480
Warnings: Cursing, mobile formatting
A/N: Here’s something while I’m on the plane :)


Your unique attitude .

Thomas walked into the room, holding a book in his hands. It was Finals week, and everyone was stressed out. The library was filled, students cramming, crying, and regretting their life choices. But not Thomas, of course. He took everything with a grain of salt. He didn’t have to strain himself like the others. He knew that he would pass. Some say that he was cocky, but he dismissed those comments as jealousy. Confidence is what they needed, and Thomas had it.

He noticed a woman sitting in the corner of the room, headphones on and hair a mess. He usually would ignore someone concentrating, but, there was something different. You were wearing an old college hoodie, holes in your sleeves. You were chewing on a straw, flipping through pages. You looked, strange. You were smiling.

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Best friend!Woozi

i had the feels

Photo credit: saythename_17

  • rarely asks you to hang out with him
  • he doesn’t really have to cause you always ask him first and he is actually more than ready to go out when you ask
  • but he’s always early and nags you when you’re late
  • like your phone won’t stop buzzing with every text asking where you are or why you’re so slow lol
  • very chill bff in general tho
  • also a cat-dog relationship tbqh
  • you’re more likely to be the hyperactive puppy
  • you’re not even trying but your hyper side just ups when with him
  • you try taking pictures of him? that’s cool. candid photos? that’s ok too. meme-worthy pics? that’s alright.
  • you’ll regret using them against him though with the amount of embarrassing stories he has of you
  • ofc he has his own stash of your derpy photos be warned
  • anyway, he’s the really chill but lowkey short tempered cat
  • he’s not the snap-at-you type when you’re being annoying but more like the you-see-this-unamused-face? kinda type
  • silent but deadly *nods*
  • but mostly lets it all pass cause too much energy usage is not good
  • and you rarely get on his nerves anyway
  • cause you try to be cute whenever you do something that annoys him
  • and he’s just like uGH why am i even friends with you
  • !!!! likes resting his arm on your shoulder
  • or using your shoulder as his head rest
  • doesn’t matter where or who you’re with. If he’s feeling tired or lazy he does it
  • is actually lowkey clingy and doesn’t realize it
  • also very protective
  • he’s very savage when it comes to you but hates it when others do it to you
  • sometimes he flicks your forehead when you do/say smthng dumb
  • but when others try that he stops them?? and kinda directs them in a different topic/situation or something
  • also that one time a friend joked about something you’re secretly insecure about in front of your group of friends but you just laugh it off
  • and later on while walking home with you he’s being quiet and he has this annoyed look on his face and you ask him why
  • and he tells you that it wasn’t funny and you shouldn’t let that slide
  • basically he gets angry for you when you don’t
  • and you’re like woozi chill that was hours ago i forgot about it already
  • and he just shakes his head and out of nowhere compliments you???
  • bruh you ok
  • and his protective mode is just so high up there it’s kinda cute??? He actually goes into a long speech about why you shouldn’t worry about those kinda stuff and that you’re perfectly fine the way you are??
  • and after that he’s just…silent…cause he said too much lol
  • the next day he texts you to meet him somewhere
  • and ofc he’s there earlier than you for the thousandth time
  • and you saw him talking to himself?? Like bruh don’t. You’re out in public (but in reality there’s like…1-2 people there)
  • so you try sneaking up on him with your phone on the ready cause woozi? talking to himself? this is great blackmail stuff!!
  • then you hear him rehearsing some type of speech??and you hear your name??
  • “You’re beautiful. You’re kind. You understand people and try your best to be the best you. And that’s the reason why I like you.”
  • and he hears you scoff behind him and turns really red once he saw you
  • and you’re like “ofc you like me. How else were you able to survive my weirdness for all these years if you didn’t. I told you already. I’m fine. I already forgot about what f/n said yesterday.”
  • and basically that’s how you thought he was just being nice to you
  • and how he thought you were friendzoning him for a sec
  • before he hangs his head low and laughs by himself
  • and you’re standing there confused cause first he was talking to himself and now he’s laughing by himself and you’re like bud you okay???
  • then he stands up and faces you
  • that freaking arrogant (but really handsome) smile on his face
  • and he shakes his head before taking your hand and leads you out of the shop
  • and basically you walk down the street holding his hand but you’re so confused why?????
  • “I like you more than a best friend, you know?”
  • then it cLICKS
  • finally
  • and you start to feel so warm and so conscious about everything like is your hand sweaty??? why did you wear overly comfy clothes they look like house clothes??? and he notices
  • “stop fussing. You’re perfectly fine.”
  • and you just kinda shyly try not to have this stupid smile on your face
  • cause you actually like him too
  • oh and you actually caught all that with your phone (just the audio though cause there was too much going on how are you supposed to take a video of all that)
  • and yeah. great blackmail stuff.

; w ;

A Hard Day’s Night

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Prompt: Castiel, bothered by his friends because he never even kissed someone, decides he can’t handle the nagging anymore and does something he thought he’d never do.

Tags: student!cas, escort!dean, angst 

Words: 1116

A/N: Part one of a series if there’s interest, feedback is very much appreciated.  

Tagging: @amazingstuartwhoisnotonfire @thedisgraced @funnycas @destielonfire @purgatoan @sunkissedsam @prettyboydean @saminzat @ducksorclowns @castielismyfavouriteangel (please let me know if you want to be tagged, or if I should get you off the list!)

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280 Days

Finally finally the fic you all requested…Pregnant!Emma galore. It’s a long one folks. I hope you enjoy it!! 

@justcheckingstuffcs @dark-ones-dont-need-sleep @losttalongthewayy @leatherjacketsandrum @mrandmrsswan @naiariddle @raggedyclaraa @mayquita @thegladelf @flslp87 @onceuponiwishmytime @galadriel26 @captainswanslay @captainswan710 @allofthismatters @mxltifandoms @caaptain-swan @jennjenn615 @kmomof4 @justcheckingstuffcs @blowmiakisscolin 

Don’t forget, if I missed you in the tags, just shoot me a message and I’ll tag you from now on. And if you just got here, this piece is a companion piece to this, but you could still enjoy it if you haven’t read anything from the Nth Time Series.(But if you want to read all the parts, just go to my blog and check the cs ff tag.)

Enjoy this big fat heaping dose of CS family fluff!

~ Jenn 


~ Day 78

She hates it. She forgot how much actually being pregnant sucks. 280 days of pure, undiluted torture. She’s queasy in the mornings and sweaty at night and she’s only known she’s pregnant for two weeks but god, it already feels like it’s been an eternity. Today is especially bad because this morning she woke up and she wanted eggs and Killian, of course, because this is Killian, made her eggs but then the smell made her sick, which made him feel bad which made her feel bad which made her cry which made him feel even worse which made her feel even worse. And her belly is already so round and in charge, and god, she’s 11 weeks pregnant and how dare her stupid perfect husband pump her full of so many babies?!

~ Day 83

They find an obstetrician that specializes in multiples at a Children’s hospital in Boston. The drive there is a little too far for Killian’s liking (45 minutes, 40 if you speed) but Emma assures him that it’s worth it and that she’d rather make the drive than trust Frankenstein to deliver their twins. Their first visit there is a Tuesday, and they’re delightfully surprised when the friendly obstetrician offers to get out her ultrasound machine. It’s the first time Killian’s seen the babies and he’s transfixed on the screen, watching those little blobs dance with the happiest of expressions. He cries when he hears their heartbeats for the first time, and before they leave, Dr. Cameron whispers to Emma about how lucky she is to have such a supportive partner. “Oh believe me,” she agrees, offering a smile, “there’s no way I could do this with anyone but him.“

~ Day 90

Today is lovely in every sense of the word. It’s a lazy day, that Saturday, a perfect day off. Emma sleeps in and misses the morning sail, waking only to the patter of little 3-year old feet and the feeling of sea salt dusted lips against her hairline. She opens her eyes just as Leia clambers up on the bed, intent on telling the babies about her morning even though they can’t hear her really, not yet. “The wind was perfect, little loves,” the three year-old explains, and Emma watches Killian quietly sigh on account of Leia’s now-perfect “L” sounds. His only consolation is that his heart is warmed by the fact that she’s mastered the sound by using her own special nickname on her brothers ("or sisters, Killian.” “No, Swan.”).

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So, which one is mine?- Request by Anonymous

Summary- REQUEST BY Anonymous- Hi! I was wondering if I could get a Best friend X Mark were they always have matching hair colors and Amy & Tyler (Readers boyfriend) find it cute and Tyler or Amy posts a pic of the pair while tagging the other (Amy Or Tyler) with the caption “So which one is mine?” Please and thank you!!

Word Count- 778

Pairing- Best Friend!Reader x Mark, Tyler x Reader

Warnings- Fluff, a little angst, breakup

A/n- Thanks, anon, for the awesome request. I had so much fun writing this, and I hope you like it! I don’t usually write Tyler x Reader things, but I tried! And, I gave her ex a cheesy name because I’m too lazy to do anything else. I hope this story does you justice, anon!

Tags- @lapseasteelis @mycuddlycorner @winchester-negan-one-shots @not-moose-one-shots @dannnyphantomm

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anonymous asked:

I lolove your John and Rodney art. Do you have any favourite fan fictions that you would recommend?

Hi there!!  First - THANK YOU.  I’m happy that you like my art; it’s always fun to see people’s reactions to it :)

Second - I had to dig a little bit for this because I’m actually horrible at bookmarking fics I like!  @callunavulgari - this is an excuse for why I didn’t recommend stuff sooner, too.

But, here goes!  I’m sure I’ll be leaving a ton of stuff out that I just can’t think of in the moment, so maybe I’ll do another one of these later.

(NOTE: Under every title is a short reason why I personally like the fic and then a brief summary.)  


Junk Cheap by Devil Doll

(Slacker!John is a big weakness of mine.  Also “crap - the lazy & annoying neighbor is also hot and very attractive” trope.)

If you were thinking you’d love to read an AU where Rodney is a college professor and John owns a junk shop, this is the story for you.

Transcendental by astolat

(HOT and PERFECT characterizations.  Maybe my favorite McShep fic.)

After a chemical attack lands Elizabeth in stasis, Rodney takes charge of Atlantis.  John reluctantly, hesitantly, and happily works at his side as the Genii become a bigger problem.

Ordinary Life by astolat and Speranza

(Second favorite McShep fic of all time, I think.  You should just read everything by these 2 authors.  They never disappoint.)

Rodney is working on a classified project on Earth.  John tags along for ‘company and protection’ (in all definitions of those words).

Mosquito, Gnat and Midge Season by esteefee 

(I think this subconsciously sparked my desire to write Depart & Act when I read this last summer actually?  It’s a wonderful AU that made me smile a ton.)

Senior Special Agent and unbonded Sentinel John Sheppard gets called up to chase a fugitive headed for the Canadian border. Unfortunately, this means working with Corporal Rodney McKay, RCMP—a Mountie, Guide, and royal pain in the ass.

All The Way To The Bone by respoftw

(I always love seeing Rodney’s passionate mind and heart directed into new AU ventures and tattoo artist fit him so well!  I also have personal feelings having beta’ed this one xo)

John is ready for a new beginning and he wants the tattoo to commemorate it. Too bad the address that Ronon sent him to looks more like an accountants office than a tattoo parlour.

Benched by Speranza

(Rodney!Whump is life.)

Captured by aliens.  Rodney is tortured.  John is livid.  Especially when Rodney kisses him and pushes him through the gate without warning.

The Work of Mourning by Popkin16

(If you feel like crying over how much Rodney loves his team, this is the fic for you.  Life and loss and never giving up on John always gets me right in the gut and heart!)

Once a year, per tradition, the expedition gathers on a pier, paper lanterns in hand.

Pegasus Non-Verbal by igrab 

(Adorable and always makes me really happy.)

AU where Rodney is mute from the beginning of the Atlantis program.

The Labeling Approach by deltacephei 

(FUNNY and really great characterization.)

Post-it note flirt-pranking that is highly adorable.


Freedom’s Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose by synecdochic

I can’t properly summarize this one.  It’s just…ugh, ITS EVERYTHING.  I read this for the first time about 10 years ago and I never forgot it.  It makes me cry no matter how many times I’ve read it and in light of circumstances in America right now, learning where your limits are and pushing them to the breaking point so you can make yourself stronger is very, very apt.

Girls Like Dollies chapter 3 (trixya) - lale

I’m so totally blown away by the response to Wingwomen! Thank you so much for all of your support. Here’s the next chapter of Girls Like Dollies – this one’ll be a bit longer, and will continue to update every weekend. If anyone’s curious, the title comes from the soundtrack to the incredible game ‘Life Is Strange’, which if you can play you definitely should and if you can’t you should definitely watch a playthrough on youtube! Anyway, enjoy!

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bandaged-chessmaster  asked:

Since today is my b'day, I was wondering, do you have hcs on how Dazai & Chuuya would celebrate their birthdays? With or without a s/o? :3c Thank you so much and have a wonderful day ahead~ And I absolutely love your writing~ <3

(I know I’ve written for Dazai’s birthday before but I don’t see it on this blog so here’s a fresh crop of hcs)

[Dazai –no s/o]

• Just another day to him, and he doesn’t make much of a fuss about it unless it’s to guilt people into doing his work for him (like Atsushi). He doesn’t mention it until he actual day because he’d rather make people feel like crap for not knowing—even Kunikida feels a bit of guilt—and Dazai wants nothing more to be a lazy couch potato for the rest of the day.

• Dazai’s birthdays weren’t exactly a secret in the Port Mafia, but rarely did he do much other than go to Lupin’s and celebrate with Odasaku and Ango. There’s a twinge of hurt in his heart when he thinks of the last birthdays he spent with his friends. Because of this his birthdays are now a bittersweet day and he’d rather just nap it off than celebrate. But, if the ADA goes out of their way to buy him a birthday cake after he’s done wailing about how everyone forgot he graciously accepts the attention in a traditional dramatic-Dazai fashion.

[Dazai- with an s/o]-NSFWish

• You’d think you were fucking santa clause with the list Dazai gives you the morning of his birthday. Regardless of what you have planned for him—breakfast in bed, morning shower sex, a loving shower of presents—Dazai beats you to the punch and hands you a very detailed list of all the naughty things he’d like to happen throughout the day. With a smirk a mile wide Dazai lightly kisses your nose and answers any protests with “but it’s my birthday!”. He uses this day to sneak in any naughty activity you’ve been on the fence about that he’s been dying to try. Besides, how could you deny a man such a thing on his birthday?—He says this as he’s whipping out the first skimpy outfit he wants you to wear during breakfast.

• “Will you love me as I wither away into old age? Oh I see a wrinkle! ____, don’t leave me just because I’m old!” Dazai whines things like this all day if you’re giving a smidge of attention to someone else, even if its work related. He’s in your ear pestering you about his decaying body until you’re completely immersed in whatever action he wants from you. A kiss, a hug, an under the desk blow job—Dazai is king today and he wants you to see only him.

• Outside of wanting to slip a quick fuck in or a steamy round of oral sex all over Yokohama, Dazai is pretty lax about any other birthday plans you’ve made for him. While he’d prefer spending the majority of the day just with you he’s not about to turn his nose up if you’ve decided to throw him a big party. As long the food is delicious and he doesn’t have to pay for any beer he’s a happy camper with his arm around your waist and a piece of cake in his mouth.

• After any festivities Dazai sweeps you up in his arms and announces its time for the birthday boy to ‘unwrap his favorite present’. Getting you to blush in public is one of his favorite past times, and he’s even more proud of himself if you’re glaring at him as he sets you down on the side walk outside. His shit eating grin fades as he grabs your hand and asks if you want to take a walk with him around the city.

• Without mentioning it he guides you to the place he took you on your first date. If you’re too full from the party he merely orders a few drinks and sits snuggled in the booth just enjoying the conversation and your company. When the early evening fades to twilight and he senses you’re running out of energy he peppers kisses up your neck and asks if you want to end that night at home tangled in each other’s arms.

• Once you’re both in the comfort of your own home Dazai is quick to strip you of your clothes and toss you in bed for round he-lost-count. This session, though just as heated, is threaded in passionate kisses and touches. Dazai’s hands find every dip and curve in your body and his mouth follows the trails his fingertips leave on your skin. He makes it a point to cover every inch of skin with his mouth, tagging a few places like your neck and hips with deep red marks. Even though it’s his birthday he’d rather hear you screaming his name throughout the night.

[Chuuya – no s/o]

• Chuuya celebrates his birthday with the people who feels are closest to him. A private dinner with Kouyou and Hirotsu followed by a small celebration at the bar with nearly all the black lizard, and he gets absolutely shit faced. Not that its much different than when he usually drinks, but he buys himself a very expensive bottle of wine that gets him wasted faster than usual. Hirotsu, as usual, carries Chuuya to Tachihara’s car and ensures he gets home safely.

[Chuuya—with an s/o] - NSFWish

• Chuuya lets you completely plan the entire day, he figures you know him better than anyone else so why interfere? He does however want a blow job to start the day and if you don’t offer on a whim he makes not-so-subtle hints and uses those sapphire blue eyes of his to bait you down below his belt. Of course being the gentleman Chuuya is he’s not going to let you go unloved, and he happily returns the favor by dragging you up and sitting you on his face.

• Unless Chuuya knows ahead of time you need the whole day he goes about his work as usual, however Kouyou makes sure he has the night off to celebrate. If you’re planning something big Kouyou is 100% in for helping you plan whatever you need and offers to distract Chuuya if you’re planning something elaborate. Since Chuuya would plan something elaborate for you, in turn he would love something a little over the top but not necessarily huge. Even if it’s just the people he’s close to in the mafia Chuuya would be floored by any party you managed to hold without his knowledge.

• Chuuya makes it a priority to have lunch with you even if its homemade bento boxes in his office. Though he truly wants to spend time with you because he loves you he’s hiding a devious intent behind his passionate kisses and little nibbles on your throat. What fun is a birthday and a big fancy office if you can’t sneak in a quickie with your beloved? Chuuya slides his gloves off nonchalantly and lets his hands to the talking. Before you know it your underwear is hanging off the book shelf and Chuuya’s buried between your thighs bouncing you up and down on his office chair.

• Regardless of the size of the party—or if its just a romantic date for two—Chuuya insists on you dancing with him. Preferably to slow songs performed beautifully by stringed instruments, but if the place you’ve chosen has a DJ over a quartet Chuuya isn’t going to fuss. With the lights twinkling, delicious French wine flowing, and your warm skin on his Chuuya is absolutely in heaven. His smile never falls from his face as he dips you, spins you, and twirls you around until you’re smiling just as wide as he is.

• Chuuya loves ending the perfect birthday with a nighttime drive through the edges of the city. His hand stays clasped with yours, tugging it upward to plant soft kisses on the back of your hand periodically as he drives beneath the glittering stars. After a while he pulls the car into an empty parking lot near the beach, yanks a quilt from his trunk, and spreads it on the beach with a few more blankets he keeps tucked away in case he wants to be spontaneously romantic—like tonight. He holds you close and watches the waves slide through the sand with the moon refracting off the navy blue water. He hums softly to you and nestles you in his lap and between gentle kisses he thanks you for giving him such an amazing birthday. 

Do Your Job, You Prick

Title: Do Your Job, You Prick

Pairing: Dean x reader (sorta platonic??)

Word Count: 1096

Warnings: so much cussing lmao

Summary: You have a stupid day and your car decides to break down stupidly. Dean’s mechanic shop is open at 3 AM for some damn reason. He’s pissy, you’re pissy (and hungry), so what’s the worse that could happen?

A/N: Hi. I’m tired. SAT season is patronizing me and I don’t care anymore.
In other news, I turned 16 today! Will I still be looked at as a 12 year old (probably bc I look and act like a child)? We’ll find out, in another trashy year with Kim!!

And some of these lines may or may not have been used in tweets that a boy who I may or what not have liked in my class who has now graduated tweeted when he was fourteen. I don’t know if y'all comprehended any of that but either way, I’ll be okay.

Also this was for @gone-to-fight-the-fairies Summer of Heroes Challenge! I had the line “You like a professional asshole or something?” I hope you enjoy my cuss filled tired sass.

And I might consider this as the beginning of a series, so tell me if you want it to be! Either way, it’ll be fine bc I’m lazy but I still want to challenge myself :/

Sorry for the long A/N okay pls enjoy.


“Hi. Can you fix my car?”

It was nearly three in the morning and your car had luckily died just a block away from a mechanic shop that was still open. Which technically, could be unlucky given that nothing else in town was open and the person inside could be an axe murderer.

But he seemed nice enough. Cute, even. However, it was way too early for you to handle your hormonal emotions; you just wanted to go home and sleep in. This was all Dani’s fault. Your stupid co-worker left you to fix her horrendous mistake and now you were paying the price.

His name tag read ‘Dean’. Dean looked bored and annoyed as hell when you stepped though the door and asked for help, but stood up from his seat anyway.

He sighed and walked to the entrance peeking his head out. “Where’s your car?”

“It died just a block away,” you said, wringing your hands. “You got a tow truck or something?”

He heaved another sigh and rolled his eyes. It’s not like you wanted this to happen either. Damn prick, do your job, will you?

You waited as he brought your car around and pulled it into one of the garages. He popped open the hood, waving a hand in his face, squinting through the smoke than emanated from the engine.

“Uch, you need a new engine,” he coughed.

“… Yeah,” you started. You honestly didn’t really know much about cars and you had just obtained this one.

The silence between you and Dean was awkward and you sat teetering on the plastic chair, glancing around. Your stomach growled quietly when you spotted a banana on the front desk.

You bit your lip, wondering if you should just snatch and eat it or maybe ask Dean or just sit there and starve. You hadn’t had food since lunch, so the latter was not an option.

“Hey,” you said. He didn’t bother to look up as he grabbed a wrench from his toolbox. “That banana over there? Could I, um… I just—”

“Goddamn it! Will you shut up? You wanna eat the fucking banana? Fine, shove it down your throat, as long as it’ll make you shut your damn mouth!”

Your eyes widened as he snapped at you. After a pause, you responded, “Well, shit, fuck you too. Look, I didn’t sign up for this either, dude. You can blame Dani for that,” you rolled your eyes.

“I don’t wanna hear about your problems,” he spat. “I’ve got enough going on in mine.”

You sneered at him before getting up and grabbing the banana. You peeled it as you sat back down.

“She a friend?” he asked suddenly after about ten minutes.

“What?” your mouth was full of banana, so it came out as mushy and incoherent.

“That Dani you told me about. And swallow your food, that’s gross.”

You scoffed and swallowed. “I thought you didn’t want to hear about my problems.”

“Well, now I’m bored,” he raised his brows at you and wiped his forehead. He threw a dirty rag over his shoulder.

“And I’m just here to entertain you?”

He shrugged. Whatever. You needed to get this off your chest anyway.

“Co-worker. We work in pharmaceuticals and she fucked up one of the tests and left early, leaving me to clean up her mess. Bitch.”

“How do I know you’re not the actual bitch, though?”

“You like a professional asshole or what?” you scowled.

“Not my fault you sound like a stereotypical gossipy teenager, sweetheart.”

“You want stereotypical teen? Why don’t we go out back and smoke some weed?”

“Hey, what’s so bad about getting high in a world so low? And I’m pretty sure it’s vaping that’s in these days.”

You shared a warm chuckle and you both temporarily forgot it was a shitty 3 AM.

“So, what happened to you?” you asked biting the banana. “You pretty much told me you had a crap day too.”

“I’ve got the early morning shift and I’m not a morning person. That enough?”

“Yeah. But you look like you’ve worked like this a while. You’d be used to it, I imagine. So, your turn.”

Dean sighed. “I have— uh, had a girlfriend, Lisa. Cheated on me a couple days ago. And my brother left on a last minute trip; gonna be gone for two months. And my best friend, Cas ditched me for some fan convention,” he pulled out a loose screw. “Figures, he’s a big geek.”

“Hm. People are legit bitches these days.”

“And some people are just complete assholes, right? Just like me?”

“Just like you,” you chuckled and tossed the banana peel in a garbage can. “Well, now I feel obliged to apologize, you know?”

“No, I don’t know. Shouldn’t I be apologizing for being a douchebag?”

“Well, yes. But, I was being a butt hole too. So I’m sorry. Least I can do for you.”

“Okay. Me too. I apologize,” he wiped his hands on his already dirty pants and stepped over his tools towards you. “Alright, I’ve fixed her all up. ‘68 Charger, she’s nice.”

“Mm, thanks. Was my grandfather’s. Now I’ve gotta drive him around,” you said, smiling and shaking your head. “And the engine?”

“I’ll order you a new one. It’s a bit expensive, but I’ll see about a discount. But, uh, I’ll need your name?”

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. And discount? Wow, we friends now or something?”

“Like you said, it’s the least I can do,” he wiped his hands on his pants again and stuck out a hand. “Dean Winchester.”

You took it. “Always a pleasure, Mr. Winchester.”

“Don’t even with the formalities,” he said, scoffing. “And here, I’ll need your number to call you to pickup the order.” He grabbed his business card from his pocket and flipped it over. He clicked open a pen on the front desk and handed it to you.

You scribbled your number down and he took it back.

“Okay, best friend, we’ll see to it then, huh?” you teased.

“We’ve known each other for a bit less than an hour. We’re hardly friends, Y/N.”

“Quit bitchin’, Winchester,” you said softly grabbing your keys from him. “I’ll see you soon.”

As you hopped in your car and began to leave, Dean watched you drive away. He’s had damsels in distress during his shift, and they all varied in behavior, of course. The flirty ones, the quiet ones, the scary ones. But never one like you. At least you would meet again.

Feedback is much appreciated! :)

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Oh, The Struggle | two (end)

Bucky x Reader (AU)

A/N: I love the ending of this part. It’s so cute ;) IF YOU’VE SEEN SEB IN THE GREY SWEATER THAT’S HOW I’VE IMAGINED HIM!!!

Sorry for any typos. I proof read it but still… I crave for any feedback, gimme feedback! (and love me please) my ask box is open. You can drop your requests (if you have any, i’ll TRY to fulfill them).

Also, the whole thing is in Bucky’s POV because i forgot that Part one was in the Reader’s POV and then I was too lazy to change it.  

Let me know if you wanna be tagged in my stories from henceforth.  

Word Count: 3747 (fuck it’s long) | Rating: G

Warning: None just fluff

Part 1  

Masterlist here

Bucky’s POV

First thought Bucky had when he woke up this morning was how boring it would be to work alone at the restaurant today, throwing phoney smiles at everyone but you. And now it will just be him and Ally working their shifts, both of them not even bothering to greet each other good morning.

But that was not his problem. He was going to miss you like hell. Not like you guys won’t meet ever again. But he’ll miss all those little things you both did together. Humming any made up song while he washed the dishes, and you dried them. Or when he’d give you your tip when you’d forget to collect it from your table. Or his advice to make the Cesare salad, the Sneezer salad, whenever a customer was rude to you. It was just an open, but disgusting option, you’d taken that advice one time, and Bucky did everything to make you not regret it.

He was secretive about how he felt on your resignation last night, but didn’t say anything to hold you back. That would’ve been selfish.

So instead he took you out for a walk. Bucky decided it was more like a date, because if he never stands a chance with you, he’d at least like to think he took you out for ‘dinner’, so what if it was a sandwich out of a food truck?

A date is a date, as long as both the parties enjoy it. And you clearly did.

There was something he kept from you, though because he wanted to see you again. So he didn’t tell you what he should have, right away when you left the job. It was nothing sort of a secret, more like an excuse to meet you.

During the whole day at work he thought you’d be mad at him for not telling you sooner because he did have a whole hour and a half last night, and a whole fucking day today. But he kept fiddling with his mind.

He was just finished with washing the last dish and wiped his hands on the white rug on his shoulder when he realized he had wasted a lot of time and finally decided to call you.

You picked up just at the second ring, not like you were busy being jobless.

“Hello!” you chimed.

Bucky chuckled before a “hey”

“Bucky?” Bucky could imagine you smiling. “Miss me already? I know how boring it would be at work without me.”

“Yeah, no you’re not wrong. No one’s helping me dry off the dishes. I’m on my own.” He said.

“Aw, Amber’s not helping ya?”

“Is that what her name is? Damn, I kept calling her Ally. Now I know why she didn’t reply whenever I called her out.” He shook his head laughing at his own mistake and you did too.

“Anyway, I was wondering if you’re free right now. Maybe we could grab a cup of coffee? I’ll be off my shift right now.” Bucky asks and waits for you to answer.

“Well, I may have to check my diary, whether I have something productive to do and…” you pause giggling. “Nope. Being out of job kinda leaves you sulking on the couch eating all the left overs, while your roommate goes to her job.” You said with a heavy sigh.

“Aw that is so rude of her.” Bucky jokes, playing along with you, both of you laughing.

“Alright where do you wanna meet?”

“You know that small café ‘Sweetbrew’?” he asks and you hum.

“Okay meet you there in ten minutes.”

You reach the café five minutes late. Shrugging the snow off your coat and shoving the umbrella in the bucket near the entrance you look all over the café and find Bucky sitting in the corner. He waves at you when he acknowledges your appearance and you walk over to the small set of table and chair. It was a cosy corner, attached to the window, just how you like it and maybe just how Bucky likes it, too.

You quickly pull out your coat, the warmth inside the café doesn’t allow you keep it wrapped around yourself. Bucky stands up to hug you and you return the gesture back. You both sit in your places.

He already had his drink in front of him, a steaming hot cup of black coffee. He calls the waitress and you give her your order, hot chocolate because you were in the mood.



“What did you do the whole day?” Bucky asks with a smirk.

“Something new. Searched for new jobs, started decorating the apartment it looks all Christmas-y, cleaned up the place dust free. And took a nap.” You tell him. The waitress come with your hot chocolate and you thank her.

“Any luck on finding a new job?”


“So you’re not going home for Christmas, then?”

“Yep,” you snorted at your one word answers and take a sip before continuing, “Can’t go home with a bad news, right? I won’t ever hear the end of it from my mom.”

“I can understand, which is why I called you today.” He says hiding his smile behind his cup.

You eye him, lips on the rim of your own cup, looking confused and Bucky thought how cute you looked in that moment with an eyebrow perked up.

“Okay, I have a friend who is a restaurant biz head hunter,” he speaks putting his cup down and you listen to him intently. “I bet he might have a job just for you. Like you want.”

You were taken aback, your eyebrows shooting up to your hairline and smile so wide it almost hurt your cheekbones.

“Really?” you breathed and the amount of excitement you showed was what Bucky bet all his lucky stars on. You were practically beaming, your hands awkwardly in the air the moment you put your cup down, trying to think – do something, squeal, cover your mouth just so you could muffle your excitement. You push your hair away from your face and grin like it could not have been the most exciting news so far. Bucky was so happy, he could have kissed you.

“Yeah, Y/N. But I’m sorry for not telling you this before. I guess it just slipped off my mind.” Bucky easily lied, not like it was the biggest lie he’d ever told. It was harmless.

“I- I don’t care. What matters, is that you told me.” You get up and lunge forward and hug him like he saved you from a roomful of annoying people staring at you and asking why you don’t have a job. “But you could’ve told me a little bit earlier I would not have bought the Christmas tree for my apartment.”

Bucky laughs, but his breath hitches a little bit as your nose nuzzles in the crook of his neck. You realize this soon and pull away biting down on your bottom lip. All the more of a reason for Bucky to pull you by your chin and kiss you right then and there.

“Thanks Bucky. You really made my day, or night, whatever.” You said shyly as you reach out for his hand. As if it was an instinct he kept his other hand on yours smiling at you warmly.

“Okay, so when do you want to meet him?” he asks you and pulls out his phone.

“As soon as possible? Or whenever your friend is free?” You grin, not being able to shake the smile off.

He nods and then quickly types out a text, you assume, to his friend. You both wait for a reply and continue drinking you lukewarm coffee.

A few minutes later Bucky’s phone lit up with a new notification and he smiles looking at the message.

“You’ve just got a job interview. Y/N be here tomorrow, sharp at 11am.” He beams.

“Yes! Thank you so much!” you gush.

You were so happy. You never thought you’d get a job right after you quit one. And if things went right tomorrow, you’d be a woman with a job again. Possibly the one you’ve wanted for such a long time.

“Can you do me another favour? Will you be here with me, tomorrow?” you ask pouting cutely at Bucky. That only grew his smile wider.

“Of course I will. It’s a Sunday and I have an off. Plus you don’t know Steve so I’ll have to guide you.” Bucky said with a one shoulder shrug.

“So his name is Steve?” you ask.

“Steve Rogers. He’s my best friend, we were roommates in college. He lives in New York, too. He always has a lot of restaurants that just need people for hiring. And I can bet he’ll have something really cool for you up his sleeve.” He tells you some things more about his best friend and you keep listening to him. Apparently Steve is a very successful in his business, he also owns a few restaurants in New York which you find very interesting.

By the end of your meet, you’re very excited for tomorrow. Bucky tells you to get a goodnight’s sleep and warns you not to let your adrenaline to get the best of you. But you can’t help the giddiness as you keep thanking Bucky.

“It’s nothing Y/N. That’s what friends are for, right?” Bucky throws a smirk at you before you bid each other goodnight and walk in the direction of your apartments.

As soon as you reach home, you practically start jumping and screaming like a teenager who’d just got a date with your crush. Not even noticing when your roommate was back home.

“Where were you? What’s got you all screeching?” Natasha asks you, and takes a swing from her beer as she eyes you.

“Oh, my God! You’re home. Nat, guess what?” You smirk at her plopping down on the sofa next to her.

“What?” She asks muting the TV.

“Oh, my God, you’ll never guess what just happened!”

Nat rolls her eyes, you were getting nowhere with all the guess and gushing.

“Y/N, I can’t. That’s why I asked, ‘what’.” Nat scoffed.

“So I was with Bucky-” you began.

“Oh, the really cute guy you used to work with?” Nat asks remembering.

“Yes and his friend might have a job for me. I got an interview tomorrow!” You tell her and her smile widens mirroring yours.

“Oh, that is good news. That is great news! Wow, I’m really happy for you, Y/N!” she leans forward to pull you into a hug.

“I know,” you mutter, still grinning like an idiot.

You both have a small celebration with beer as Nat gives a silly toast.

“Nat, I haven’t gotten the job yet,” You roll your eyes playfully.

“So? This is something good, right?” Nat shrugs gulping down the rest of her beer and reaching for another one, maybe it’s her fourth one.

“Okay, enough of that,” She frowns when you pull away the bottle from her hand. “Don’t pout. I’ll cook your favourite food tonight.”

You get up with the empty bottles heading towards the kitchen.

“I love you,” She gives you an air kiss and you return it, chuckling lightly.

“Love you, too.”

Next day around 10.45am, you were there at the café, waiting for Bucky and his friend to come. You were nervous, you didn’t know what to expect from this Steve guy, or what did he expect from you. You had given some interviews before, but you don’t know why this would be different. Bucky had told you, Steve was a pretty cool guy, he wasn’t someone with a serious bossy persona. You were trying to settle your nerves down, hell that’s why you were here in the café fifteen minutes earlier. You breathed, in and out, in and out. Being at the café earlier, you also order your favourite coffee, which also helped you to calm down.

The doorbells jingle, signalling the entrance of new people. And you recognized one of them. Bucky waved at your direction and you returned, standing up.

Behind him, was an equally tall man, blond hair, eyes hid behind a pair of reflectors. The man, you probably thought as Steve Rogers, walked with such style, it impossible to not to be impressed by just his walk. Bucky whispered something to him, and he smiled, nodding his head and spoke back to Bucky.

“Hey, Y/N” Bucky greeted and hugged you. “Meet Steve Rogers. Steve this is Y/N Y/L/N. Y/N, Steve”

Bucky did a little hand gesture between you and Steve. You shook his hand, which he had extended forward. He no longer had his sunglasses on, so you could see his baby blue eyes. And God, this man had an award winning smile.

“Hi, nice to meet you, Y/N” he spoke for the first time.

“You too, Mr. Rogers.” You grin.

“It’s Steve, please.” He said politely, “Mr. Rogers makes me sound like some Captain in the army, or something.” He laughs.

The three of you settle down, the waitress takes Steve and Bucky’s orders.

After a few minutes of chatting Steve says to you,

“Okay, Y/N. Let’s get to the point. Don’t get me wrong, I was having fun talking to you. But that’s not what we’re here for. So tell me about your experience.” Steve casually lifted the conversation, not sounding rude or anything of that sort. And you were more than glad to be able to start talking about your talent.

But the problem was you didn’t know how to start. You have to say something without wasting time because Steve clearly looks like a man who doesn’t like wastage of his time. Hell he probably has more important things to take care of.

“Technically, I haven’t worked as a cook or chef. But if you want to know how I started -”

“Yes I do!” Steve pushed you enthusiastically. Well, his smile was a real motivation.

You look at Bucky who just sat back enjoying his black coffee and was smirking at you. This has rather turned out to be a friendly interview.

“Okay, uh… where do I start.” You paused for a second or two to think what you’re gonna say, “Well, after I graduated from college, I worked with my uncle, he runs a diner back in my town. And we both used to throw barbeque parties every month at home. Then I came to city, worked as a waitress at a few places because there was no scope.” Steve kept on nodding while you told him about you little experience in the kitchen.

For the first time in life you thought you were not rambling bullshit because Bucky and Steve were actually listening to you, taking interest that none of your previous bosses did. Bucky looked astonished whenever you told him something new, with a look of ‘is that so?’ or ‘wow!’. Well Steve, he looked impressed that’s all you could consider from his facial expressions.

“Last year, I decided to look into catering business, which was a success. Many of them being wedding, and also parties – all types of parties. Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, you name it!” You babbled.

You guys assumed you were going to stay at the café for a little longer time, so Bucky suggested you guys to get something to eat, said something about missing breakfast. And he sounded so grumpy and cute. All of you order something to eat.  

“Why did you stop the catering business, then?” Steve asks once your food came.

“Well, I’m not into business, Steve. That’s not my forte. Plus handling all the finances was quite difficult because I was working alone. It was good money, but tiring. So now, I just quit another job because the owner was, excuse my language, an asshole.”

“True that,” Bucky piped in at Steve and he laughed throwing his head back.

“Bucky’s told me that,” Steve said recovering from his laugh. “So, you do have experience. And I’d like to give you a chance.”

You nod at him a smile creeping its way on your lips. You were alternating your gaze between Bucky and Steve. Holing your eyes longer on Bucky, he winks at you, biting his bottom lip and you internally shake your head, averting your attention from him to Steve.  

“Come to this address on Monday, which is tomorrow. 9am sharp.” Steve slides a card to you and you gladly take it. “I’ll be there, you will cook something you’re special in, for me and that’s it.”

The longer you gape at the card and the name of the restaurant, the more familiar it gets to you. Your eyes suddenly widen as you realize. In your hand you held the fifth most popular restaurant in New York, The Walnut Café. Your head shoots up and you gasp, “Steve is this…?”

And he nods. Enough confirmation that you needed.

“Told you, he’d have something really cool up his sleeve for you.” Bucky smirks, taking a bite of his cannoli.

“Thank you… so much!” you exclaimed. “Would be inappropriate to give you a hug? I’m sorry if that’s unprofessional. I just- I am absolutely thrilled.” you ask Steve and to your relief he shakes his head.

You both get up and he hugs you, congratulating you. And you cannot stop saying thank you. To both, Steve and Bucky.

A few moments of talking and gushing about the restaurant, you get up excusing yourself to go to the restroom.

“She looks happy,” Bucky said looking at you walk away.

“And she seems great too. So you two together or something?” Steve asks and Bucky nearly chokes on his refilled coffee.

“N- No.”

That was enough of an answer for Steve.

“So I can ask her out?” Steve perks an eyebrow up.

“NO!” Bucky repeats shouting, earning a few glances from people around. He quickly apologies and whispers, “I mean no. Because well uh…”

Bucky searches for a lie but his mind is so clouded with the thought of his best friend asking you out and you saying yes, for obvious reasons. You’re beautiful and Steve is handsome. There’s hardly any chance you’ll say no to him.

“Because, Y/N just got out of a very serious relationship.” Bucky said, lying easily. “Yeah, she was mess. I shouldn’t tell you, because you hardly know her, but… she and her boyfriend were pretty tight. Unfortunately he- he left her.” He was stammering, rambling lies upon lies and Steve internally smirked seeing straight through his lies.

“And anyway, you don’t even know her.” Bucky scoffs.

“So? If I take her out, I’ll get to know her right?” Steve tried to contain his giggles.

“But I don’t think she’s ready to date. You know, she just got out of a relationship. Just told you Steve. Aren’t you listening to me?” Bucky said shifting awkwardly in his seat.

Steve couldn’t hold his laugh in anymore. So he gave up, throwing his head back in laughter.

“How long have I know you Buck?” Steve asked.

“Since college Steve.” Bucky dead-panned.

“Yeah, which is long enough for me to tell when you’re lying.” Steve said with a lopsided grin.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Bucky trails off.

“C’mon, Buck. I could tell that you like her just by the way you were looking at her.” Steve said.

Bucky blushes, hard lowering his head so that Steve couldn’t see the pink hue spread all over the apples of his cheek.

“It’s a wonder that you’ve known her for so long and still haven’t asked her out.” Steve pipes.

“She’s lot more different that the girls I used to date. I don’t think I stand a chance.” Bucky said in defeat.

“How do you know that? Have you ever tried?”

“No but-”

“Then try, or else I will.”

Steve challenge sets Bucky off the edge, as he frowns at him.

“I’m just kidding.” Steve said putting his hands up in defence.

You return back to your table chatted for a while and soon you guys were leaving, first it was Steve. He reminded you again to come tomorrow. You don’t need a reminder but still nod and thank him for his time.

You and Bucky stand outside the café, on the side walk. Something seemed off with Bucky. You noticed that ever since you came back from the restroom.

“Anything wrong, Buck?” you ask carefully, raising your hand to hold his arm.

“Nothing” He breaths out, heavily, pretending to kick a rock, his head down.

“Okay… hey what are you doing tonight?”

Bucky’s head shoots up and he looks at you as if you’ve grown a second head. He was just thinking to ask you the same question, finally having decided to take Steve’s advice. And you took the words straight out of his mouth.

You give him a questioned look.


“C’mon a movie and dinner. As a thank you, Bucky.” You roll your eyes smiling lazily at him.

“You should be thanking Steve, not me.” Bucky shrugs stuffing his hands in his pocket.

You couldn’t stop admiring this guy, with a cute smile, painted on his soft pink lips, amazing, ‘could-get-lost-in-them’ blue eyes, and that damned grey sweater paired with jeans. Bucky looked like a fucking model. And here you were asking him out indirectly and he’s telling you to go out with your future boss?

“I can’t take Steve out! He’s gonna be my boss!” You laughed. “I’m asking you.”

“You mean, you’re asking me out?” Bucky asks amused.

You only nod.

“Shouldn’t it be the other way round?”

“It doesn’t matter who asks whom.” You said as if it was so obvious. And it was. Why should boys always take the initiative?

“So you are asking me out?”

“Oh, my God, yes!” you grin. “And you’re taking way much more time to answer.”

Bucky realizes that and quickly yelps, “Yes of course I’ll go. Movie and Dinner. Uh, is 5 o’clock okay?”

“It’s perfect!”


You pull him in a hug, unexpectedly and kiss him on the cheek. Bucky’s eyes widen as he contains his grin and tries to control his blushing.

God, what’s wrong with me? He thought, mentally kicking himself.

“Bye, see you soon then” you whispered in his ear.

He nods, gulping. Not saying anything because he was too shy.

Well, he doesn’t have to say anything. He’s a happy man. He’s got a date with you.

Tumblr is acting up and not letting me add my gifs, they were so cute, you guys :’(

hello lmao idk if yall remember me since i moved blogs and im only on this blog once a month but i’ve had this blog for 4 years now and through those years I’ve made some great friends and talked to some people who sadly I don’t talk to anymore lmao it’s been a wild ride there’s been drama, I’ve gotten dragged and called out, and not to be a corny weak ass bitch but I’ve celebrated and cried with some of yall over good things that happened but i never did a follow forever cause I always was too lazy to do it lmao but there’s my first follow forever tbh some of yall might not even be my mutuals anymore and I tagged you cause I thought we still were lmao i don’t feel like checking but if I tagged you and we’re not even mutuals anymore ignore this completely (the tweet of demi in the pic is when she noticed me lmao!) if i have your url in bold it probably means we have talked before or we haven’t but i’d like to. sorry if i forgot anyone :(


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even though i watched all the performances yesterday i just now thought about making a post talking about all the things i thought, so here.

- apparently the only 3 boy groups in korea are exo, bts and got7

- why do individuals do covers to group songs it just doesn’t come out well =/ all the fucking growl performances gdi

- why did moonbok do bts like ???????? i expected him to do a cover to a rapper or something like that, it just didn’t work (again, one guy doing a group song why) and honestly as someone who didn’t know him before produce and has seen so many people talking about him, i expected way more than that

- GOD BLESS TAKADA KENTA. honestly i’m so in love with this boy ;;;;;;;;;;; also i’m so happy with his song choice!!! I kinda expected him to cover teen top but i’m glad he didn’t because it wouldn’t have worked. and idk taemin fit him well and since he did a song in japanese he could focus on his singing and dancing instead of trying to learn the lyrics in korean, but since he still chose a kpop idol it worked perfectly!!! (also i have a friend who’s ult bias is taemin so i sent it to her and made her love him lmfao)

- the yuehua boys are the loves of my life i will sell my soul for each and every one of them!!!!

- also the mmo boys, rbw boys and brand new boys!!!

- god bless lee daehwi

- noh taehyun and ha sungwoon did the best performance, and you can fight me on that i don’t care. 

- half of the guys who got an f weren’t as bad as they made them out to be. lee seokyu (my babyyyyyy) was a really good dancer actually, they made it sound like he was really bad but he wasn’t… also yoo jisung… and there were more i can’t remember… oh the one from topp dogg i forgot his name oops but he did a really good performance as well and i heard he was in f so like ?????

- bless yul and sancheong they were so nervous i can kinda understand why their rank was low, they can do so much better than that ;;

- i’m still upset that mnet didn’t actually show like 80% of the performances especially the mmo and rbw boys because they were so great and like wtf

- i’m sure there was more i wanted to say but i forgot now so idk

i hope the show will get better now and that it was only bad because they had so many performances and couldn’t show all of them (though i think they could have showed more and only start the practice of pick me in ep 3 like i think it was with the girls right?)