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“This is our home now, so you’ll learn to start to call me by my name. Not Marsha. Not Dear. Not Honey. Maggie. Maggie Rhee.

So, here goes, my second reinterpretation of an AOW comic book cover. Issue #124…with a most important addition that was missing in the originals.

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hi, peaches! it has been a while since i wanted to do this, but i just created corauge to stalk right know && i’m happy with the result. the following blogs are useful in several ways (( i tried separate them by categories, but some of them are in more than one )) && all them are so perfect, i hope you enjoy this!!

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self care is eating an entire tube of Pillsbury Original Crescent Roll™ dough raw while driving in the pouring rain with your windows down

i love fe4 no matter how much it hurts me and i love eldigan and his mullet so much. his security blanket/shawl thing is dumb but i lov it anyways


@songsaboutsalad  BRO! Here he is! Probably on a little study break at the breakfast counter
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I need to expand my horizons. This is going to be a long list but if you blog about any of the following, I would greatly appreciate if you liked or reblogged this post.

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a requiem beyond the shore

Originally posted by k-popsquad

pairing: jimin x reader
genre: angst, fluff, dream!jimin
word count: 10,727
summary: you fall in love with the boy who is only known by your dreams

a/n: hi i’m zero and i’m coming out of my cave to drop a fic

You are seven years old when you first meet him.

The sky arcs above you in all its cerulean glory, and if you were to extend your hands towards the heavens, you could pluck the clouds right off the sky. That’s exactly what you do, watching in quiet awe as the white diffuses in a massless haze through your fingertips, crystallizing into tiny diamonds that soundlessly fall to the ground.

The boy stands alone by the shore, waves of transparent greens and blues rushing up just far enough to nip at his bare ankles before receding back into the ocean. He barely contrasts against the pale background, bright strands of pink hair billowing softly in the wind. The water is quiet, grounded against the horizon as it stirs lazily back and forth, and without the boy’s motionless form to focus the scenery, the salty breeze would surely have carried the white dunes across the sea to be forgotten.

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