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self care is eating an entire tube of Pillsbury Original Crescent Roll™ dough raw while driving in the pouring rain with your windows down

hi, peaches! it has been a while since i wanted to do this, but i just created corauge to stalk right know && i’m happy with the result. the following blogs are useful in several ways (( i tried separate them by categories, but some of them are in more than one )) && all them are so perfect, i hope you enjoy this!!

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@songsaboutsalad  BRO! Here he is! Probably on a little study break at the breakfast counter
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i love fe4 no matter how much it hurts me and i love eldigan and his mullet so much. his security blanket/shawl thing is dumb but i lov it anyways

I need to expand my horizons. This is going to be a long list but if you blog about any of the following, I would greatly appreciate if you liked or reblogged this post.

  • Sherlock Holmes (ACD canon, Elementary, Ritchie, Granada, Sherlock)
  • Doctor Who
  • MCU
  • Sanctuary
  • Pushing Daisies
  • Dead Like Me
  • Hannibal
  • Continuum
  • Orphan Black
  • Neverwhere
  • Good Omens
  • Welcome to Night Vale
  • Game of Thrones
  • Cabin Pressure
  • Eragon
  • Murdoch Mysteries
  • In the Flesh
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • AMC Humans
  • AOS Star Trek
  • Star Wars
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • The Legend of Korra



Orangie Sungjong Aesthetic 

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Loot - Jim Kirk

Loot masterlist

Summary: reader is a cadet in the academy working as a hired thief to pay for tuition. reader gets caught in a sticky situation and jim and spock come to their rescue– maybe

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader (not yet, though)

Prompt: “You don’t have to trust me – just don’t leave me here to die.”

Word count: 2,153

Warnings: language, injuries (i guess)

A/N: i felt like writing something different. so far there’s no romance between any of the characters mostly because this is just the first part. it’ll obviously eventually have something-something but not right now. idk if i want to continue this, though, so give me some feedback n tell me if i should continue it! i personally quite like it so far! enjoy! 

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some stuff like pretty blue girls and esper boys