forgot to post this orz

Link and his cute Zora bf!

( i will make this into charms soon i think, if enough people are interested! ^ v ^ )

Finally getting around to posting personal art ;0 Here’s a character i recently bought on instagram! It’s a closed species, but they’re called distortians~ Mine is “dizzy fox” eyy,,, i love them a lot okay

So last year Chirstmas, the hetascanlations team held a secret santa where we send gifts to one another.  My recipient was pandabaozi and I just KNEW I had to get her an aph Hong Hong. :D  cioccolatodorima was very kind and drew me this art to go with the pressies.  THANK YOU SO MUCH HON but no she is too well-versed in hetalia she guessed the package wasn’t from Himaruya XDD


Et dès que je l’aperçois
Alors je sens en moi
Mon coeur qui bat

A happy belated birthday to Quartetship (by two days orz)
Man I really suck at on time birthday presents (BUT THAT MAKES ME AMAZING AT LATE BIRTHDAY PRESENTS HAHAHAHAaaaaaa orz)
When I finished A Different Song this song was the only thing that played in my head as I envisioned some ending credits haha!!
Well I hope you had a wonderful birthday Q! I’m sorry I couldn’t post this on time haha ;v; orz


[ So remember how I said I wanted to get my hair re-dyed? And how I said I’d post selfies when I got my hair re-dyed? Well here we go! I got my hair dyed about a week ago but I forgot to post the selfies I took o/
They’re here now! You can all suffer with the grossness that is the bun’s mun :D
I hope you all have a wonderful day!
And remember today is TMI Tuesday if you wanna send in any asks for Velvs or I! ]