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Tweek, what is the cutest thing that Craig does all the time that he finds totally embarrassing?

TWEEK: haha, well. he talks to his guinea pig sometimes and- i don’t know!

TWEEK: it’s like?? sometimes he keeps a conversation going with Stripe just like that OR he just says a bunch of sweet things to him and it’s.. really cute to watch?

TWEEK: ah- sorry if that sounded weird. but yeah!



Extra headcanon: Choro gets wedgied a lot and Oso puts his underwear up the flag pole American 90s dweeb style

Extra headcanon 2.0: One time when Chibita was digging through the trashcan for lunch he found one of Kara’s mixtapes and listened to it and actually liked it

I always seem to draw either Alya or Marinette when I’m just aimlessly sketching, so here’s our version of aged up Alya from @midnightstarlightwrites’ and my fic, When Duty and Desire Meet (WDDM).

I’m always anxious about inking on paper because there’s no Undo button if you make a mistake, but black colored pencil somehow feels a lot less scary.

Still two weeks of vacation left, so no digital art during that time, but I’ll still be drawing in my sketchbook til I get back home. ^__^


“I’ve already seen a war,” Ciri whispered. “I don’t want to see another. Never. I don’t want to be alone again. I don’t want to be frightened. I don’t want to lose everything again, like that time. I don’t want to lose Geralt… or you, Lady Yennefer. I don’t want to lose you. I want to stay with you. And him. Always.
“You will.” The magician’s voice trembled a little. “And I’m going to be with you, Ciri. Always. I promise you.”

Blood of Elves » Andrzej Sapkowski