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Not Perfect chapter 1 pictures (set 3)

The white haired boy tilted over the barrier of balcony and almost crashed on it with all his body. Then he fell to his knees. At that moment Nezumi heard Shion’s scream. It was different than the one from eight years ago. It was full of hurt and it was begging for help. It torn Nezumi’s heart and soul apart.
Small cry followed the scream.
“Please. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please. Nezumi…”
The silver eyed boy frozen after hearing his name. This whole scene hurt him more than anything else in his life. Before he got himself together Shion was already up and he slowly moved inside his room. Afterwards a few steps inside, he fell down on floor.
After Shion didn’t move for a minute Nezumi rushed to his side. Climbing into balcony wasn’t hard when he was 12, so now it took the dark haired boy only a few seconds. He fell on knees beside Shion and shook him a little.
“Hey, Shion! Wake up! Shion.”
But the white haired boy was silent. Nezumi checked his pulse and breath. They were quiet, but firm. Afraid to move him, Nezumi only raised his head a little so unconscious boy had easiest way to breathe. He saw a communication unit in Shion’s hand. He could just run down the stairs to the bakery, but he was too much afraid of leaving Shion alone so pressed a few buttons and pushed call button.

“Dear, do you need something? You don’t usually call..”
“Ms. Karan, Shion lost conscious. Can you came to his room fast?” Nezumi interrupted woman.

Not Perfect story:

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So I updated my Lexie accounts, but I forgot to report in as Frea. Had surgery to remove my gallbladder yesterday. I’m a little stiff and sore today, but I’m doing pretty well overall. Gonna spend the next two weeks relaxing. :) 

How’s tricks?

only managed to do one more hour since last time, i’ll hope for 2 hours today, i’m borrowing my wife’s computer… my homework’s not finished yet either. but look!! i’ve got under 1000 words left for N3.

yesterday i went to the library to work but i forgot just how broken my keyboard is, so it didn’t work out, i got like 15 minutes’ worth of work out of two hours : /

Today’s Plan

I can’t believe it is already Friday! My first week of school is almost finished and I’ve done fantastic. I’ve made sure to turn in every assignment at least two days early. Call me an overachiever, but I am not a fan of waiting until the due date.

Since I have no homework until Monday (when week two starts), I plan to kind of chill out today but only kind of. Here is what I need to do:

  • Put Chaff’s food back in his gravity feeder
  • Load up our travel pet crate
  • Go for a run
  • Go to the commissary or BX because I really need cotton balls and I forgot to get them yesterday
  • Find a way to make sure the bedroom doors don’t close on Chaff while we are gone tonight

We are driving to San Antonio tonight to stay the night so we can get our puppy first thing tomorrow morning! First we plan on shopping for him since we only have his bed right now. There are no pet stores in the small town we just moved to. After shopping, we will drive to his foster mom’s house and pick him up! I am beyond excited. Then this weekend will be dedicated to introducing him to Chaff and starting training. He isn’t completely potty trained yet which isn’t a huge deal. We need to work on him learning his name and then we can get to basic commands.

  • *ISTP and INFJ are at lunch, talking about their plans for the future*
  • INFJ: I can't decide if I want to be a writer or a librarian! Maybe I can be a writer and work as a librarian part-time or something?
  • ISTP: That sounds cool.
  • INFJ: Are you even listening?
  • ISTP: Tbh yes, but I'm trying to do my homework at the same time so it's really a semi no.
  • INFJ: Why didn't you do it last night? Or before that? It's literally been assigned for a month.
  • ISTP: I forgot.
  • ISTP: And then I was busy doing stuff like INTJ.
  • ISTP: And sleeping.
  • ISTP: Yesterday I got home and I was like, 'Maybe today will be the day that I will be productive.'
  • INFJ: I'm guessing that didn't work out?
  • ISTP: Of course not, I passed out like two minutes later.
  • ISTP: I slept from 3pm to 6am. I think that's a new record for me.
  • INFJ: Omg.
  • ISTP: I think it's fate because my jersey number for soccer is 17.
  • ISTP: And I slept for 17 hours, that's gotta be connected in some strange way.
  • INFJ: Definitely.
  • ISTP: *closes their textbook*
  • ISTP: I finished.
  • ISTP: Jesus Christ, I can't say that I do that too often.
  • ISTP: Semi shoutout right there to my homegirl INTJ. Although it's not an exactly positive one, but eh, she'll have to take it.
  • ISTP: Wish she was here.
  • ISTP: I haven't seen her in forever.
  • INFJ: ...
  • INFJ: You literally saw her this morning.
  • ISTP: I did?!
  • ISTP: W-why didn't you alert me!
  • INFJ: You were listening to music with your headphones, and you were semi-unconscious. Your head was against the table and she tried to say hi to you, but you were like dead to the world, so she just said something sarcastic and left.
  • ISTP: Fuck my life.
  • INFJ: I guess you could never be a security guard. You would probably fall asleep on the job.
  • ISTP: True.
  • ISTP: So, uh, what do you see me being as then? Considering the fact that I'm not really good at anything, any suggestions would be heavily appreciated...
  • INFJ: Uh...
  • INFJ: To be honest, I could see you as a-
  • ISTP: If you say porn star I will slap you, because INTJ already said that to me and-
  • INFJ: I was just going to say I could see you being a very sarcastic comedian in your future.
  • ISTP: ...
  • ISTP: Y-you think I'm funny?
  • INFJ: Yes.
  • ISTP: Even my memes?
  • INFJ: Especially yes.
  • ISTP: I'm- I'm touched. *dramatically clutches their hand to their chest*
  • INFJ: Haha, you look like you're having a heart attack, but if you say so.
  • ISTP: I'm having a heart attack because I'm not used to having so much love and joy fill my shriveled heart all at once.
  • ISTP: Actually, I'm probably having a heart attack because I'm literally dying to get out of school.

Alright here you all go! This is the inktober from yesterday (Day 6). I still have to do the one for today, but that may be really late too since I’m a little off my game at the moment.

Anywho, cheek kisses are so two days ago. The forehead is near the cheek, yeah? And ya’ll also probably thought it would be Vex giving the kisses. Nope. I flipped the script. Vex deserves to receive those kisses instead.