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whats a upcomming little known rpg horror game your looking forward to a lot? im trying to find new blogs for them to follow so i can play them all

there’s nothing I’m particularly looking forward to right now since I’m a bit focused on developing my own game and a few other online and irl stuff, but here’s some of the blogs I’m following that fall under the category of horror:

Check ‘em all out - everyone has something different to offer. c:

Short List of Active RPG Maker Blogs

A list of all the active RPG Maker Oriented blogs that I can remember right now (send me a message if I forgot you OTL):  

how do you even do graphics this is so bad sorry.. anyway! i just hit 300 followers even tho i’ve only been in the exo fandom for like.. literally a month so thank you new followers!  i follow a lot of blogs so i’m sorry if i forgot anyone OTL. senpais are bolded, friends are in italics. if you’re neither, don’t feel bad i still love you ;~;

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baekby baekhyun-ah ballaydeer bambi-luman basicallyjongdae blondejongin byunbaeks chenstellation cheolyans chocolatekai creepy-luhan cumtomeluhan darklordkyungsoo dawnlus dayuminseok dejawufan derpysehunislife duizhang-can-fly dyominos enchantingluhan exohd exoluhanwolf exoturnback exovines fanfan-n fanserviced fuckhaja fuckyeah-wuyifan fuckyeahexofics fuckyeahexowolfau funkytao fy-exo fyeahluhan fyeahsekai fyifan

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galaxychen galaxyifans

huangzitaoist hunhanfics idiotbaek ihaveathingforexo imagine-sehun imaginedokyungsoo imaginekris ineedabias innocore itsyeols jongdaevine jonginsmouth jongyonce kaicahuetes kimjongin kingkriswu kiqom krayxing krisinsanity krismehard krismetender kristhegalaxyhyung kriswooh krwu kyung-baek kyungsensual kyungsooslut kyungsouschef kyvngsoo leuhans lionbaek love-lu-deerly ludeerlulu luhan-s luhan-vevo luhando luhangoestohollywood luhanimnida luhans-lips luhansaengzoned luhansbed luhanslullaby luhanswifi luharem luhwn luluest lunhan lusass luseokie lusluthan

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milkdobi mrluhan nuomicii officialkriswu oh-prankster oh-sehun-please ohsehunbangedme ohxing oohsxhun

oshzitao parkchny purpleuhan qrishan

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y0ji yehet-osh yehet-to-my-ohorat yfian yifantopia yifine yixingofficial yixingsehunnie yourbiaslikesitrough 5uho

(Forgot to add link to blog OTL)
Drew the amazingly badass/cute Team Foo-Dragon of mcpippypants.
I just love this team too much~<3
You guys should check out their ask blog askteamfoo-dragon (if you are in PMD-D) and also McPippy’s blog itslef >w< She’s an amazing artist and her art is beautiful and awesome~