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DIY-Laundry Detergent

How to make your own- organic- laundry detergent that’ll be so much better for the environment than the ones you can buy AND be way cheaper.

You need:

  • 1 Bottle (1-1.5l)
  • soda crytals (you only need 2 tbsp BUT I bought a big pack because you don’t get them in small ones here AND it’ll last forever)
  • curd soap (make sure it’s organic, even vegan would be betetr because then it’s the best one for your laundry. I only paid 0.95€ for 100g)
  • essential oil if you want your detergent to have anice smell (I used lemon. Make sure you get pure essential oil)

How to make:

Step 1: grate 15g of curd soap. Put the grated soap and 2 tbsp of soda crystals in a bowl and mix them. Add 340ml /1,4cups of boiling water and stir until the soap has dissolved. wait for an hour.

Step 2: Add another 340ml/1,4 cups of boiling water and stir. You can add 15-20drops of the essential oil, if you’re using one. Let it rest over night. It will get some funny, gel-like texture. Don’t worry, that’s how it’s supposed to be. (I forgot to take a picture, IÄll make one next time and add it here).

Step3: Add another 340ml/1,4cups of boiling water and stir until everything is liquid again. Fill it into your bottle. Done!

I always use 2cl/1.4tbsp/0.7oz for one load of laundry. YOu can always use more if you want/need. If you have stains like the ones on cloth diapers or grass or other things that dont go out easily. you can double or triple the amount.

I’ve tested this detergent for over a month and I’m happy with it. My clothes are clean and smell nice (or they don’t smell if you’re not using any essential oils) and it’s really cheap. Also my rash has gone completely!( I always got small rashes on my arms before and didn’t know where they came from..)


I edited both of these pictures couple months ago, and I forgot to add the second picture in here! 

Sometimes when I can’t find another player who’s willing to ship our characters together, I start to ship them with NPCs… So here’s Keriaana and Sieran! I can’t even imagine Keriaana being with someone else nowadays since… well, LOOK AT THEM! ;;;A;;; </3


And since I forgot to add pictures, here are some samples of depth of field for you to help visualize my lat post.

The plants photo has a very shallow depth of field because it was shot using a f/2.2 aperture on the lens. See how the background is out of focus?

Now look at the other shot down the alley way, that was shot using f/16 and a wide angle lens so everything is in focus. That is a deep depth of field. Everything in the shot is in focus from the nearest walls to the stuff all the way at the far end.



I’m sorry, I didn’t have the time to fully color this, but I hope it makes you smile! I forgot to add Erick! Pretend he’s taking the picture instead!

Anyway, here are some bonus panels to get a better look:

Once again, happy birthday~!


My first speed painting video!

Okay, so i forgot to add the finished product picture at the end so here it is: