forgot the other guy's name


actually i doubt ishimaru would be lax enough about continuing his families legacy to even consider risking the kid not being his

Matchmaker (Part 6- Final)

Characters: Steve x Reader, Bucky, Natasha, Tony, Sam

Summary: Bucky and Natasha decide to play matchmaker….

Genres: fluff

Warnings: None

A/N: The last part to this series! Enjoy. :) I totally forgot to name that other guy… oh well!

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“7pm tomorrow. You’re having a do-over. I’m sorry for hijacking your date like that. He’s ready for a second chance, if you’ll have him.”

You caught a glimpse of Steve right as the elevator door closed, and waved awkwardly at him as you left for your date.

“Let me know how it goes!” He shouted, and you shot him a small smile.

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2nd pack of Tokyo Ghoul:re icons…113x113 & 64x64 just as last time

crop whichever ones you want to use and re-size them to 64x64

let me know if you want a certain icon a different colour

link to the first pack of icons