forgot the other guy's name


Well i think there faces describe how much they liked those Habanero’s :) 


2nd pack of Tokyo Ghoul:re icons…113x113 & 64x64 just as last time

crop whichever ones you want to use and re-size them to 64x64

let me know if you want a certain icon a different colour

link to the first pack of icons

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I know I saw chapter 5 on lezhin I was like oh shit another cliffhanger who is this dude why y'all naked in bed ??¿ (it's probably a misunderstanding?¿ bc he looks like a friend who's there to comfort him and listen to his complaints by the looks of it) i literally screamed I need to know what happens next fidjdixb I almost had the urge to buy all the chapters but I stopped myself I gotta use my coins wisely lol -kim

yes we need to use our coins wisely XD damn i’m way behind dark heaven because of this T_T

btw, spoilers for you hon :)
no worries, lmao! yubin just got drunk and he threw up, thats why theyre almost naked. but did you see ginu’s face when he told the other guy (dohwan? i forgot his name) to “just go.” hahaha! the yandere vibes is strong with him. but the story’s completely normal so nothing fucked up about it or something. ^^

gsut replied to your post “gsut replied to your post “Irene for the meme (I’ll make you think…”

haha agreed! i mean also when gild told max (and i forgot the other guy’s name) that he’s cana’s “daddy” they literally assumed he was talking about a daddy kink. not sure if this is just the dub but i had to review it twice to make sure and it was pretty clear. i believe max says “who do they think they’re fooling?”

Bluurg, well, okay, I kind of understand that one because canonically, Cana does have a Daddy Kink with Macao… so I it’d be natural for them to assume the same for Gildarts (and let’s be real here, Gildarts doesn’t seem to have a lot of standards about who he sleeps with so a woman half his age wouldn’t stop him at all).

But it’s not just Gildarts. Ur and Silver both smack of this too. I don’t know if it’s because all the characters are orphans and have parent issues or what.

And if you want to take it one step further, graytear has the potential to go full-on Freudian.