forgot the name of the movie

the basics:

name: Kade Michael Summers
age: 26
zodiac sign: Gemini
one good trait: Patient
one bad trait: Makes jokes at the wrong time


one bad habit: judging people
one good habit: Always there for people
one habit they can’t break: Chewing
one they’ve broken: Smoking
what they’re afraid of: Someone finding out his secret


their parents names: Claudia and Ethan
their siblings names: only child
favorite childhood memory: Staring in a movie opposite his Mom
favorite childhood toy: Hot Wheels set from his Dad
embarrassing story: While doing a sex scene in his first movie he forgot to put the cover on and walked out completely naked for everyone to see
favorite family member: Mom
a story about that family member: His Mother was a major actress while he was growing up and she used to bring him on set all of the time, he used to love watching her work and it is where he gained his love for acting. 

what they prefer:

coffee or tea?: Coffee
showering in the day or night?: Night
taking baths or taking showers?: Showers, unless someone is joining him then a bath :P
tv or movies?: Movies
writing or reading?: Both
platonic or romantic love?: Romantic
iced tea or lemonade?: both
ice cream or smoothies?: both
cupcakes or cake?: both
beach or mountains?: Beach


song: “Memory” Sugarcult
band: Blink 182
outfit: He feels like he looks good in everything so… lol
place: Malibu
memory: Being on movie sets with his Mom
person: Mom
movie: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
show: Game of Thrones

i keep seeing ppl talking about those old stop motion chrismas movies nd im pissed bc everyone forgot this guy who has the funniest name ive ever fckin heard in my life

Okay honestly… that bootleg mobile version of Overwatch where they had a character that looked like Hanzo, but had the same abilities as McCree—??? That was a look ngl… fake Hanzo looked good. LMAOO

film fact of the day

The Smiths aren’t a real band. Zooey Deschanel was supposed to say “I love Radiohead” during the elevator scene of 500 Days of Summer, but she forgot her line and improvised the name “The Smiths”. the music heard in the movie by this make-believe band was provided by Pavement.

I really like it when a character can have “geeky” insterests and is still treated like a real character/person and not like a throwaway nerd stereotype.

You know what I absolutely love about Coco

There is no scene that doesn’t feel unnecessary. In some disney movies (even Moana I dare say) there is at least one or two scenes that don’t prove that necessary to the plot.

I won’t try to name ones off movies bc I don’t wanna bash any movies that might be someone’s favorite.

But in Coco, I can’t find a scene that was unnecessary.

Even the scene with Dante turning into his spirit form, it proved necessary to

  1. Prove the point that he was a spirit guide
  2. His wings prove to semi-help when Miguel is falling (slows him down enough for Imelda’s spirit guide to catch him) (I forgot the name srry)

It’s such an amazing movie that every scene matters. Even the opening scenes that explain our situation for Miguel.

I just think this is amazing, and that most stories should try and achive this. Because if every scene counts, no one gets bored.

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lance: psshh i’m not in love with keith. i hate keith. we’re rivals

hunk: *gives him this and solemnly pats his hand*

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It's finally 2018! What are the top 5 books/movies/tv shows you are anticipating this year? Then tag 5 people to help spread excitement for the upcoming year! 🎉

Thank you!!

  • ToG 7
  • Incredibles 2
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Caraval 2 I forgot the name and tbh put it here only because I don’t remember anything else.

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how about secret dating stozier pls

okay i see your secretly dating and I raise it to ACCIDENTAL SECRETLY DATING 

here are some headcanons:

- stan and richie started dating after Neibolt but with the whole fighting pennywise to rescue bev thing they forgot to tell the others about this new development.

- they hold hands a lot and the losers find it odd but don’t comment on it. Richie has always been touchy-feely, and Stan’s his best friend so it makes sense.

- Stan leans into Richie during their movie nights, sometimes falling asleep on his shoulder, while richie plays with his curls

- Richie uses lots of pet names for stan and stan rolls his eyes at every single one of them, but he somehows manages to make it look fond.

- They play fuck marry kill at the barrens one day and stan choses to fuck, marry and kill richie and richie laughs so loud, he almost chokes on air.

- Stan starts bringing a second lunch for richie at school and lends him his notes before richie can even ask.

- whenever stan’s feeling anxious, he goes to richie so he can count the freckles on the boy’s face. It calms him.

- richie steals ben’s poetry book and recites them dramatically to stan, one day when they’re all hanging out together at the barrens.

- meanwhile the losers are freaked out because what. is. happening.

- they organize a meeting with only the five of them so they can figure out what the fuck. bev and eddie know about richie’s crush on stan and bill, mike and ben know about stan’s on richie, and they’re reluctant to share, but they’re so worried about their friends that they do.

- “richie’s been in love with stan for years, i’m glad that he’s being more physical about it, but Stan shouldn’t be leading him on like this.” “no, no, I’m sure Stan’s only reciprocating because he thinks richie’s joking. he would never hurt richie on purpose””okay so we have two idiots mutual pining and indulging themselves in too much PDA because they think the other doesn’t mean it?”

- so they decide to put a stop to this nonsense and matchmake stan and richie

- (They don’t even consider that they might be dating already because their friends are too dumb to have figured things out by themselves)

- they start by leaving stan and richie alone a lot, coming up with excuses to leave early or to not show up at all, during their group hangs.

- They even dare them to kiss during a truth or dare game. Stan rolls his eyes, but doesn’t complain when richie gives him a peck on the lips with so much force, it makes a loud mwuaaaahh sound when they break apart. They are very nonchalant about the whole thing and go black to playing the game like they hadn’t just kissed their long term crushes!

- The losers are getting really frustated so they decide the next course of action is to talk to them individually. They go to Stan first and it goes like this “hey so about you and richie…” What about it?” “maybe you guys should talk” “we talk just fine.” “no but like tell him about how you feel about him.” “I think I tell him to shut up enough.” and it’s infuriating. they think stan is in denial and feel very sorry for him.

- things are a little different with richie. all bev has to do is mention stan for richie to start a speech about how much he loves the boy. Richie is whipped, he knows it and he’s very okay with this. The losers are like “so why don’t you tell him how you feel?” and richie’s “I did! I do. i declare my undying love for his wang everyday” they are getting annoyed. “don’t joke, richie, just be honest about how you feel, I’m sure he likes you back”

- and then it clicks for richie what’s happening “you mean i should just tell him how i feel so we can start dating because we aren’t already dating, right?” they nod and are super happy that richie finally gets it.

- richie excuses himself and gets on his feet like “oh okay i have to go to stan’s to do something totally unrelated, brb”

- and when he reaches stan, he almost passes out loud laughing. “I can’t believe they don’t know we’re dating!” stan is half amused, half annoyed because how could they not know? they’re not actually being subtle about this.

- “I think we should take this even futher. see how affectionate we can be until they figure it out.” richie’s loving this.

- stan is conflicted, (richie is such a bad influence on him). On one hand he knows the losers mean well and don’t deserve to be messed aroud with, on the other, he really wants to mess with them,  so he finds a compromise “ you have one day to fuck around. tomorrow we tell them we’re dating.”

- richie nods and he’s decided to make today count. He’s already planning the whole day, willing to go over the top with the touches and pet names and kisses on the cheeks. He’s even willing to make out with stan in front of the others, don’t doubt him.

- but before he can follow through, he and the losers are ambushed by what is left of Bowers’ gang. Bill and Richie try to stand up to them now thatBowers is gone, but they don’t budge. When one of them pushes Richie to the ground, Stan throws his bird book at the guy’s head. The bully falls down and his buddies go help him. It gives the losers enough time to run away.

- Once they make sure they’re not being followed, Richie grabs Stan’s hand. “why would you do that? why would you give up your book for me?”

- Stan’s face is tired, but he still manages a small smirk. “you know why” and Richie just stares at him in awe.

- Fuck, Stan is so good.

- He is too good.

- He is too good for Richie not to kiss the hell out of him right now, so he does. Richie grabs the back of Stan’s head, and pulls him closer, ending the gap between them.

- they faintly hear someone yell “finally” and they have to stop kissing so that they can laugh their asses off at their friends’ obliviousness.

- “Do you want to tell them, or can I?”

- Stan signs and turns to face their friends, who are all clapping and whistling, excitedly.

- “Oh well, that’s not the way I’d have liked to celebrate our two month anniversary, but I’ll take it.”

- they all stare at him. a second goes by, then two… three…


- everybody is initially angry at the two boys for forgetting to tell them something like this, but they learn to get over it very quickly so they can pester them with intrusive questions about how it happened, who confessed first, etc

- stan gets embarrassed as richie goes into too much detail about their relationship, but richie’s crudeness at least makes them stop prying.


Since Overwatch is dub in Mexico (where most LatAm Spanish dubbing takes place) next to all VA working there are easy to reconize from old movies and cartoons. I’ll later add the rest (you can request me to add “x” characters and I’ll take priority on adding them first). 

Actually, I’m posting this unfinished because I need people know why I cry everytime I listen to Junkrat’s voice in the dub.

updated: added more but forgot to add some names, but they’re:

  • Oscar Flores – Genji
  • Arturo Mercado Jr. – Zenyatta
  • Jose Arenas – McCree
  • Dan Osorio – Hanzo
  • Melissa Gedeon – D.Va
  • Eduardo Garza – Lucio