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Couldn’t resist doing that Favorite Character Fusion Meme, and…I’ve gotten so attached to her I’ve written half a story already :’D So, there’s that. Gotta say, I already knew my Visual Trope favorites, but all the Character Tropes took me by surprise!


So like, I’m Overwatch trash and there’s this contest going on in the Overwatch Amino about 1950’s stuff so like, I did this. I drew it on Procreate? Idk man, my hand gave out at the end.

notes from last night’s the subtle knife reread progress:

  • i realized that honestly, lyra getting almost immediately hit by a car when she first comes into our world might be the single most realistic thing to happen in the whole trilogy
  • i forgot - or never really realized - that will actually spends like, half of the book still having all of his fingers. i’m so used to thinking about him as hurting physically and not just emotionally that it almost feels weird to read
  • rereading john parry’s airmail letters, i suddenly realized that him and asriel are actually similar - in the aspect of them going through windows into other worlds and having their children follow them. but john went through a natural window, and asriel forcefully created his; and lyra was fully aware that she’s following her father’s footsteps, while will found out that his father discovered a window only after he’s found his own window from oxford to cittagazze; and these differences seem oddly fitting somehow.
  • lyra meeting mary for the first time - the whole sequence is so powerful, and i think that i realized for the first time exactly why - because lyra is telling the truth. just like the alethiometer instructed her. and she’s struggling with it - she’s constantly reminding herself that she’s got to tell the truth and mary doesn’t believe her so she’s got to repeat it multiple times, and she doesn’t get her words right and she’s frustrated - she’s doing something so unusual, so utterly against her own nature - she’s lyra, she’s the liar, lying is second nature to her, lying protects her, especially in this strange world that is like hers but also so unlike hers - and she’s got to tell the truth and it makes her vulnerable and her emotions are so raw. and tbh i feel sorry that pan is forced to hide during all of this because his own reactions to lyra’s emotions would’ve been really interesting to see. and damn this “young” unsuspecting mary is both so frustrating and so innocent in this encounter
  • will (and pan) saving the tabby cat from the kids in cittagazze - this scene is always super difficult for me to read, i actually repressed the memory of it so hard that i literally forgot about it up until i reached it in the book, then all the emotions came flooding back - it’s always physically hard for me to read the words because it’s such a brutal, brutal scene, and the subject is so sensitive to me and close to my heart (it’s been so since i was a child). and it did two things for me: 1. it cemented my hatred of the cittagazze kids 2. and most importantly - it cemented my love for will. he’s willing to physically fight like, 20 kids to save this cat and i love him so much for it. but it’s still a really really hard scene for me.

Hello, everyone! This has been a pretty rough year for everyone, but despite everything, the McElroy brothers and their antics have been bringing joy to us all! As a way of sharing the good feels they’ve given us, I’m putting together a fan-zine featuring full-color illustrations of the creations from their Abomination Conglomeration.

Here’s the rundown: around 24 artists will each draw an illustration of one of the Monster Factory cast. Each artist picks one of the monsters, just so we don’t end up having this turn into 23-PAMS-who-death-forgot-plus-1-Knife-Dad Zine. All the illustrations will be gathered into one zine, which will be sold digitally, and for those lovely people who chip in a little extra money as part of our preorder, physically as well! All the proceeds will then be donated to Planned Parenthood, so you get rad art while helping an awesome charity!

At the moment, we have 10 artists signed up, but have 14 spots still available! If you’re interested in contributing, please fill out the application form here VVV

…and submit it to me by Sunday February 26th, 2017. After that date, applications will officially close, the sheet will be taken offline, and I will begin to sort through those who applied. It should take no more than a day or two for me to sort through, after which I will send emails out to everyone who applied, saying whether or not you got in and how to proceed!

For those who are interested in the pre-orders, after I finish setting up the artists (and their deadlines) I will be opening up a sheet for pre-orders! Here, you will be able to order digital copies in advance, or even get one of the limited run physical copies of the zine! After pre-orders close, all orders from then on will be for the digital PDF ONLY.

I look forward to hearing from you! And if you know someone who might be interested, please do not hesitate to spread the word!

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Can I see a Demon version of Jason and Damian please?

lil demon bOIZ

link to demon!nightwing

possible things kai did to get his scar:

  • told nya to throw him something he would catch, didnt catch it
  • ran into the edge of a door
  • ran straight through a glass door
  • dropped his sword, tried to kick it back up into his hand, missed and hit himself in the face
  • was using a knife to cut vegetables or some shit, forgot he was holding a knife, gestured violently to emphasize a point and hit himself in the face

things kai has told others he did to get his scar:

  • one on one fight w a general
  • wrestled and alligator ( “they tell you to watch out for the teeth, but never warn you about the claws” “ok kai” )
  • garmadon shot him with a knife gun ( “what the fuck is a knife gun kai”)

“Step back a bit (Y/N).” Barry muttered as you stood as high as your tiptoes would let you and tried to look down at the Raptors.


“Why can’t I go help, Blue listens to me to.” You insisted and he chuckled.


“She wants you to think she listens, now just watch your father.” Barry ruffled your hair as you watched Owen work the Raptors.


Delta spotted you and started to wonder off, making soft chitters at you knowing that you were the source of secret treats, Owen whistled and after a hesitant complaint she rushed back into formation.


Twenty more minutes and the Raptors were bored and no longer paying attention so Owen rewarded them and headed over to where you were stood, grinning ear to ear, waving at the Raptors when they all started to stare at you.


“You been giving them mice again?” Your father asked as he stopped next to him and crossed your arms.

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Don’t. Move. || Demon!Jimin x Reader

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smutty smut smut, and Demon!Au
Word Count: 2,806
Warnings: Dirty stuff, choking, tootching, Demon, blah blah blah
Author: Admin Vis

Summary: Your friend convinces you to go out on Friday the 13th to an abandoned house, her friends have the idea to try “Summoning” something…that something happens to be incredibly attractive, and finds you particularly interesting.

Admin Notes: I know I promised to write a full version of This Drabble two months ago, but it’s been some busy ass times, SO IT’S FINALLY HERE. Enjoyyyyyy. Plus I’ve been constantly thinking about Demon!BTS recently and god kill me.

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In exchange for knife alien files, here’s some K2: Kenny asks Kyle to help him with math homework and drags it out by asking for an explanation on every single step. He’ll smoosh his face on Kyle’s shoulder and praise Kyle on how smart he is. Kenny: What about this step? Kyle: … You are asking me what is 2+2? Really? Kenny: *pouts* Kyle: *kisses Kenny once on the forehead, nose, left cheek and right cheek* Hope you can at least count. Kenny: *grinning* You’re so smart! What is “99999+1?

ohhh my god??? this is so cute i nearly put myself into a slump this morning but his cured it instantly ..kenny absolutely would. little fucker :’)

Elisabeth das Musical--bloopers!

I’m trying to make a collection of all known Elisabeth das Musical blooper stories. Obviously we don’t have footage of all of these, so some might not be true, but we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt. Here are the ones I know (and sources if they exist):

An unknown Rudolf used tongue during a rehearsal “Mayerling” kiss with Uwe Kröger, and Uwe was so shocked he dropped Rudolf.

2002 Essen–Uwe tripped on his long trailing black coat twice. During his entrance for “Mama, wo bist du?” he tripped and fell into the orchestra pit, apparently landing on the conductor. During “Mayerling,” he stepped on it while backing up and landed on his back, allegedly with his legs open, with Jesper Tydén (Rudolf) on top of him. Jesper managed to pull them both up just in time for the kiss, Uwe walked offstage struggling for composure, and the following funeral scene was too cheerful as the offstage cast had seen what had happened.

Steven Seale (Death) and Jesper Tydén also tripped during one “Mayerling,” but they got back up very quickly. (Video)

2007 Takarazuka–Mizu Natsuki (Death) accidentally threw Ouki Kaname (Rudolf) into the orchestra pit during “Yami ga Hirogaru” (Japanese version of “Schatten”). On another night, Mizu forgot to grab the knife to give to Lucheni, so she just looked at Otozuki Kei and gestured as though to say “figure it out.” The result was that Lucheni strangled Elisabeth, while poor Shirahane Yuri (Sisi) had no clue what was going on, as there was no way to warn her. (Mizu has recounted the forgotten knife story in interviews.)

Mark Seibert missing the necklace when Sisi throws it at him at the end of “Maladie.” We have recordings of this from three different nights, and it’s completely possible it happened more than that. (GIFset)

Add ones you know! Let’s compile a long list!

Cherry Bomb (1)

Series Preview
Part 1

Description: Your life coming to an end wasn’t the worst thing, but watching as your killer killed your friends was.

Word Count: 2,406

Warning: Blood, death

Pairing: Lee Taeyong x Reader (kind of ??? more of Ten x Reader, with Taeyong as the murderer idek) (also feat. NCT 127 members minus Haechan)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Xiufairy’s Masterlist ㅅㅇㅅ

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Your twenty-first birthday was a success. You were spending it with your friends, with the exception of Ten and Taeil. Taeil was busy hunting someone down, he was a detective. Ten was also busy doing something, but you couldn’t blame him.

Mark was also working on becoming a detective, but since he’d only just graduated high school, he was doing an internship until college started up in the fall. You were really proud of him, he worked hard and he did just about anything he put his mind to.

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