forgot kevin's last name


  • so there’s a while of radio silence after Aaron and Katelyn’s video
  • to be expected
  • but
  • “I swear she bullied me into doing this I did not consent”
  • Backstory: Nicky had once stolen Thea’s phone and subscribed to his own channel with it
  • do you think there’s many things Nicky Esteban Hemmick won’t do for subs
  • the bruises he got bc of it were totally worth it for this gem of a video
  • even if it’s the shortest of the videos
  • Thea starts on Kevin since the video was her idea
  • (I’d like to point out Kevin is a muscle tee that says “Drama Queen”
  •   it was a joke present from Nicky
  •   but it’s v comfy
  •   so Kevin actually wears it all the time)
  • she starts talking somewhat mockingly like she’s doing a tutorial
  • after she’s done with the foundation she tells Kevin to close his eyes
  • she takes out liquid eyeliner and winks at the camera
  • she writes “Exy” across Kevin’s forehead in huge letters at supersonic speed
  • Kevin’s eyes fly open immediately but she’s already bolted off the couch
  • he runs after her to chase her
  • you can hear commotion and laughter off camera
  • Thea has a loud and glorious laugh okay
  • but
  • you can also hear Kevin laughing
  • Kevin Day is actually laughing
  • it sounds wonderful
  • but it’s not long until she/he/they walk into the tripod
  • and there’s a loud yelp as the camera falls and the video cuts out when it hits the floor
  • the endscreen is Bring it, Foxes!” in orange lettering. 

thank you @ bb19 tag for helping me realize:

how scummy raven and paul is

how much i actually love contestants i didn’t like before (cough dom n josh cough)

how much i actually stan kevin and hope there’s nothing problematic about him

how much i want to hit mark

that my hatred for cody is pretty justified

i also hope christmas isn’t problematic if she is let me know please because i don’t think i’ve found anything bad yet that could make me dislike her