forgot it in the draft orz

tagged by @fakeking, ahhhhh! thanks! <3 ( i totally forgot I had this in my drafts, orz)

rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better (gonna tag a little of both)

relationship status: in love af w/ Victor Nikiforov ! (single)

favorite color: blue~

lipstick or chapstick: lipstick

last song you listened to: Attack - 30 Seconds to Mars

last movie you watched: XXX - Return of Xander Cage

top 3 characters: Victor Nikiforov (YOI), Rin Matsuoka (Free!), Katsuki Bakugou (BnHA) 

top 3 ships: OtaYuri, BakuDeku, Sheith (based in order of their ao3 pages on my phone)

books you are currently reading: n/a

top 5 musicals: Phantom of the Opera, Grease, Disney Movies, Sweeney Todd, & Hair Spray! (I’ve never seen a musical, live, so have movies I’ve seen~! )

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