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7 Questions Tag

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7 Questions Tag                                                        

Wow I actually managed to see this one! Thanks so much for the tag, @che1sea-xiao-long!


1. Last movie you watched?

Wonder Woman. Tbh, the last 3 movies I watched were ALL Wonder Woman. It’s WORTH IT. (and then bc this was saved in my drafts for so long, I also watched Spiderman: Homecoming and enjoyed it a ton more than I thought I would)

2. Last song I listened to?

Hatano Wataru’s new single, Heart Signal. Really catchy, I like it almost as much as You Only Live Once :’D

3. Last book I read?

…Uh…book….fanfiction and doujin….? BUT I recently purchased some second hand copies of Tamora Pierce’s Wild Magic and Wolf-Speaker, the only ones I was missing of the Immortals Quartet. I LOVED them as a kid but hadn’t really re-read, and I figured now would be a good time since she’s releasing Numair’s book next year ^ ^;

4. Last thing I ate?

…Instant ramen…in my defense, I chucked veggies in it!

5. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

In my second home, Ikebukuro…

6. Where would you time travel to?

Gee idk…am sorta morbidly curious to see if human civilization will last beyond this century but I also sorta don’t want to know so…

7. Fictional character you would hang out with for a day?
Gee actually hang out with an not just creep on from a distance? I’m super anti-social and awkward so uh…I’m gonna step away from my current fandom and say Sam Wilson from the MCU, he’s my fav by a long shot, seems like such a chill dude and would probably be totally alright with my awkwardness ^ ^;;;

I tag: @reallyquantum, @thisounette, @fairyring, @jadekatcos, @emeraldonyxdragon, @kymbawee, @ anyone who wants to do this ^ ^


OH WHOOPS I forgot to post these yesterday, just drafted the pictures and went on like a fool ;;

BUT I GOT THESE TWO BEAUTIES YESTERDAY ;;; I’m so glad I preordered them both, I haven’t been quite as happy in a while as when I got these ´o`