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I’ve been seeing the same POT for a month now. Yesterday was our fourth meet and I was going to mentally declare him an SD from now on. You’d better believe that was C A N C E L L E D.

After spending two hours getting ready, I drove another two hours in the snow in Toronto traffic to meet this man at a restaurant for our date. I got there, grabbed a table and sat down when he texted me saying he fell asleep and to order for him because he would be there soon. This really pissed me off because the last time we met up he was an hour late, and the time before that he was off by 20 minutes. Now, I had already spent money and time driving to the restaurant so my ass was NOT about to turn around and leave. No, I knew he would come, even if it took 2 hours. And it did. Straight up, two hours.

Luckily my boyfriend came and saved the day by covering my tab and letting me use his laptop to charge my phone in the restaurant. He stayed with me until this man arrived.

I walked out to his car, smiling and pretending everything was okay, because my ass already had a plan.

There was no way I’d be fucking and sucking this dude tonight. No way in hell! Had it been a vanilla man I would’ve already blocked his number and forgot his name but I was going to suck this man dry of every hour of my time that he wasted.

I turned to him, smiling and said, “babe, do you want to go to the mall?”

You’d better believe his ass took me to the Eaton Center, scrambling to make up for tonight. I had him withdraw $2,000 cash and buy me $400 worth of Steve Madden and Aritzia gear. Then, before it was time to leave, “I have to go to the bathroom,” I said, “I’ll meet you outside once you grab the car from the parking garage.”

And what the fuck did I do? I grabbed an Uber and hauled my ass back home. If anyone saw a young woman running down the street in Louboutins and an arm full of shopping bags last night, that was me.

After two hours of texting him and pretending I couldn’t find him outside, he got the hint.

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 48

I stayed for a minute more as the shock of Jared’s behavior sunk in. I literally had to pick my jaw up from the floor. He’s even lashing out when I’m talking to Shannon?! My eyes burned from tears and my heart ached, I couldn’t believe how far we’ve fallen. Always being someone who was terrible with conflict, I made the decision right then and there that I needed some distance.

Quickly looking around for any means of escape, I realized it wasn’t going to be easy to slip away. There were people everywhere. Before I did anything though, I needed to pull myself together because the last thing I wanted to do was call even more attention to myself. Gently wiping under my eyes and straightening my shoulders, I hoped I didn’t look as bad as I feel for the second time today.

Once they started ‘Closer to the Edge’, Jared was off running around the stage and that’s when I decided to make my way back to his dressing room. Anywhere but here. With one last glance in his direction, our eyes met for a split second. I hoped for some sort of response, some acknowledgement but got nothing as he immediately turned away. Giving up any hope, I pulled the curtain back as I turned around and stepped into the darkness backstage.

Since the show was just about over, the stage crew were hovering as they waited to move into their positions for ‘Kings and Queens’. Staying somewhat in the shadows against the wall, I finally made my way into the hallway and breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, I didn’t run into Emma or Robert on my way out. Coming to Jared’s dressing room, I opened the door and slipped quietly inside shutting it softly behind me.

For the time being, I was out of the line of fire. The last ten minutes, where my mind was consumed with making it here undetected, I was able to push the pain of the situation that put me here to the side. Now that I was here alone, surrounded by silence, it all came back to me and the wave of emotion I felt hit me like a ton of bricks. Sitting down on the couch, I fell forward, laying my head in my lap as I wrapped my arms around myself seeking comfort.

The longer I sat and thought about what happened, the more sure I was that I didn’t want to be here when Jared got back. It was clear he was looking for reasons to fight and I knew that was something I was absolutely not in the right frame of mind for. I was emotionally spent.

Deciding that I would head back to the hotel, I hoped by the time he got there, he would have calmed down. Gathering my things, I carelessly threw everything into my bag and tossed it over my shoulder. Once I was in a taxi and on my way, I’d text Emma and tell her where I was. With a quick glance around the room to make sure nothing was left behind, I pulled the door open to see Emma standing on the other side.

“Hey..” Emma said curiously eyeing my bag, “What’s going on?”

“I’m not feeling well.” I said as I walked around her and into the hallway, “Can you tell Jared I’m heading back to the hotel?”

“Vivie, ahhh….he’ll be done in the next like twenty minutes…” Emma said as she fell in step with me, “Can’t you just wait here?”

Emma was panicking and I felt bad about that. I didn’t want her to get in any trouble but I just could not stay.

“I know, I’m sorry. Can you just tell him?”

As my hand pushed the metal door of the venue open, I felt Emma grab my arm.

“He’s going to be upset.. Vivie, please.”

“I’m sorry Em. I just can’t. I’ll see you later, okay?” I said, gently pulling out of her grasp as I stepped outside into the cool night air.

Running away probably wasn’t the answer, in my head, I knew this. Jared wouldn’t be happy when he finds out what I’ve done but considering the situation, I needed to do what I needed to do. He’d either respect that and understand or he wouldn’t.

Walking down the path to the front of the venue, I made my way to the street so I could hopefully wave down a taxi. After continuing about two blocks, I was able to snag one heading in the opposite direction of where I needed to go. That’ll add time to the trip. All I wanted to do was get to the hotel but beggers can’t be choosers, I suppose. Traffic was expectedly terrible and by the time we finally pulled into the hotel, I was worried Jared would have actually made it there before me.

Approaching our room, I felt my heart hammering in my chest. I needed a little time to gather my thoughts and I hoped I was going to get it. As I opened the door, I saw it was dark and quiet, just like we left it this afternoon.

Finally able to breathe, I flipped on a light and dropped my bag near the front door. I could get whatever I needed out of it later. Right now, all I wanted to do was strip off my clothes and take a shower. I hoped the hot steam would help me clear my mind that way when Jared does get back, I’ll be more prepared.

Without another thought, I went straight into the bathroom. Starting the shower then stripping down, I went to wash my face at the sink. Catching my reflection in the mirror, I could see the strain from the day written all over my face. Staring into my own eyes, the fear that had been at the back of my mind was now front and center. It was fear that despite everything, all the feelings, the connection between us, even the desire to make this work, that it just couldn’t. It was the realization that maybe we couldn’t fit into each other’s lives the way we both hoped.

I felt crushed.

Pushing myself from the counter, I stepped into the steamy shower wanting nothing more that to have the water wash away the heaviness I felt in my heart. It didn’t work though. The only thing that would do that is talking to Jared no matter how hard the conversation was or what the results were.

Once my fingers started to prune, I shut the water off and got out of the shower. I left the bathroom door open just in case Jared came back before I was out but as I looked out into the room, it was just as empty as I left it. Brushing my hair and going through my nightly routine, I slipped into my robe then went to sit on the couch and wait.

Looking at the time, I knew the show had to be over and by now Jared had to know I was at the hotel and not still at the venue. It suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t looked at my phone since I left the venue so I went to my bag that was left near the door.

No calls, no texts.

Walking back to the couch, I didn’t want to think about whether or not that meant anything. Based on how he’s been, not at least checking up on me didn’t seem like a good sign though. Maybe leaving and not just confronting the situation head on was more of a mistake than I initially thought it could be.

I don’t get headaches often but I definitely could feel something coming. What started out as a dull ache at the base of my skull began to get worse under the strain of issues that shouldn’t have blown up the way they’ve been. Too lazy to get ice, I laid my head down and kicked my feet up trying to will away my headache. Pushing my body into the back of the couch, I nestled in, taking comfort in the softness then closed my eyes.

I never heard the click of the door being unlocked but when it was pushed open, slamming into the wall, I was woken with such a start, I felt like the wind was knocked out of me.


I heard Jared practically shout as burst into the room, flipping on every light.

“Vivie?!” Jared called again, the panic in his voice finally registering.

Walking right past me, still laying on the couch, and into the bathroom, he didn’t notice I was even there. It only took me a second to catch my breath and I called to him as he turned from the bathroom.

“Jared?” I said, still trying to gather myself.

Sitting up, trying to shield my eyes from the brightness until they adjusted, Jared flew to my side.

“Jesus Christ, Vivie, you had me scared to death.” He said, falling to his knees in front of me as he pulled me into his arms.

Holding me tightly in his lap, I wrapped my arms around him, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“I saw you walk away and sent Emma to check on you. When she told me you left, I raced back as soon as I could.” He explained, pulling back enough to press his forehead to mine, “All I could think about is you not being here when I got back.”

Cupping my cheek in his hand, he trailed kisses to my neck as he pulled me into him again. When it all sunk in that he had panicked, jumping to the conclusion that I had left him to never see him again, I was filled with guilt. It didn’t ever occur to me that he would ever think I’d go that far.

“I would never do that to you.” I said, pulling back so I could look him in the eyes, “I’m sorry you thought that. Why didn’t you call?”

“Emma told me you left as soon as I came off stage. She had a taxi waiting and I was in such a rush, I forgot my phone so I couldn’t. Traffic was terrible.” He said, caressing my cheek with his thumb, “It took forever to get here.”

Quick Soundcheck Fan Acct!

Okay so this is for 3/23 in Newark!

Min Yoongi stared at me long and hard when he saw me in my Sope tracksuit and Sope banner and also JRE just passed by me outside and also stared and just went “Sope!” And at the end when they were about to leave he stage and also Taehyung was walking away from the stage but then ran back because he forgot his phone on the stage lmaoooo


Okay they did Dope, Save Me, and Baepsae and for the first two they didn’t really do the choreo but they did for Bapsae and oh my god. I don’t know. How are they real. How.

For the songs they didn’t do the choreo to, Hobi was totally feeling himself and hE CAN MOVE. And they were all bare faced and they’re beautiful I’m kinda floating on a cloud right now byeeeeeee.

(Also I totally spotted @taetaetown a row or two behind me but I was too shy to say anything hahaha)

Also they all look so hot drinking water byeeeeeeeeee.

The only sad thing is I lost my Sope banner so someone better pick it up and put it to good use (jkjkjk). (Plus I got so many free banners so it’s fine)

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Mini fic request, what if Gladio's tattoo artist became his s/o? Like what if he finished his last session working on it and realized he really liked chatting with them while getting his tattoo done, and wants to continue seeing them

Not gonna lie, this took some time, I never could get Gladio’s personality down. But I did my best!

It started out as a way to pass the time for Gladio.

Being still for so long, he had needed a way to distract himself from the pain of the needle.

He never was big on silence so he would start up conversations a few minutes into the work. Just random topics and questions to get the verbal ball rolling.

Questions that were replied with a soft voice.

When he had decided on getting a tattoo he had asked around and had been sent to the shop by recommendation of a few people.

He hadn’t been very impressed when he had seen the outside and it didn’t improve when he went inside.

It was a cluttered place, very small. He had wanted to leave immediately, but stayed because he had wanted to see the artist.

After a moment, they entered. They were small, reaching up to his chest, wearing a black t-shirt and gray overalls, black gloves and an army cap sat on their head, a white medical mask covered the rest of their face.

They raised an eyebrow and asked what he had wanted.

He had huffed and asked if this really was a decent tattoo shop.

He didn’t have to see the rest of their face to know they weren’t impressed by him.

“Let’s settle something first.” They started, tone soft, yet expressing how unamused they were with him. “I don’t do simple designs, I don’t do designs that are details less then an hour’s worth. You will be very clear of what you want and the details of said designs, I can’t read your mind and will probably never want to.”

He somehow felt offended at that.

“Payments are decided after we find out how big and detailed you want the designs, it will be paid bit by bit at the end of each appointment, in cash. Are we clear?”

He gave them points for professionalism and nodded to show his understanding.

They then motioned him to follow them and they walked to another room, one that was slightly less cluttered, with a table and two chairs.

They asked him sat down as they walked over to a shelf and pulled out a sketchpad, they then sat down and opened the pad while they asked for what he wanted

Gladio explained in great detail, he may have been skeptical but that didn’t mean he was going to ask for anything less then the best.

The tattoo artist simply continued sketching, asking for clarification about one detail or another.

They sat there for an hour before Gladio was done with explaining.

He watched as they placed the pencil down and stared at their drawing for a moment before turning it towards him and asking of this was what he wanted.

Glazing down, he had felt all his doubts about them disappear.

The bird of prey looked striking on the paper, he could tell that with a bit more time, the drawing would look fantastic, he felt a bit of excitement at the thought of having the tattoo done.

He looked at them and saw them watching him calmly.

“Well, you shut me up” was all he could say.

He could tell from the way their eyes crinkled that they were smiling.

They then estimated how long the tattoo would take, how much it would cost, and made a schedule of the amount of time he would spend at their shop.

After that, he had simply waited for the day to come and headed straight over.

They had him lay down so they could get the outline done, it was frustrating to not move but he persisted.

After a few appointments of nothing but the sting of the needle, he had decided to start chatting with the artist.

After the basic questions were out of the way, the room was filled with light banter.

Gladio enjoyed watching them snap back retorts to anything he said,

They were sharp-tongued and didn’t hesitate to bite back, they had skill in sarcasm and sometimes they had to pause so he could laugh.

It soon became that he looked forward to his appointments. Always willing to come up with new topics to share with the quiet artist.

“This should be the last appointment for you.” Were the soft words that greeted him when he entered the shop.

He stood there, stunned for a brief moment as the words registered in his head.

He had grown so used to coming that he honestly forgot that it would have had to end, he hadn’t paid much attention to the progress of his tattoo and hadn’t realized that it was practically finished.

He couldn’t help the disappointment that filled him.

He guessed that saying about good things never lasting was true.

He had been quiet, lost in thought as they went to work on placing the finishing touches.

He was being honest to himself when he said he really enjoyed talking to them, it was fun discussing things with them, he felt comfortable.

So he felt sad when they pulled away, announcing that they were done.

He moved to a sitting position as they wheeled in a full body mirror and gave him a big hand mirror so he could examine the finished work.

It looked incredible.

It truly seemed as if the work of art had meant to be on his skin. Every part was carefully detailed, his whole back covered by the body of the bird, wings wrapped around his arms, the eye seemed to stare down at any who saw it.

It truly was a bird of prey.

He glanced up after who knows how long and looked at the one who accomplished this masterpiece.

They didn’t say anything, but didn’t had to, they knew what he was trying to convey.

Soon, Gladio was putting his shirt back on as the artist was writing some things down on their notepad before ripping it out and folding it.

“Now about the final payment.” They started. Motioning him forward so they can finish the last bit of work.

A scribble of a pen here, a check mark there and exchange of cash. The same pattern they’ve done for weeks.

“Well….” He started as he was led to the front of the store. “It’s been fun, gotta admit.”

“Same.” They replied. “If you ever need another tattoo, you know who to come to.” they looked directly into his eyes. “Or else.”

“Gotcha.” He said with a smirk.

They then handed him the fold paper they were writing on.

He looked at it and placed it in his pocket.

“So….” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Wanna chat some other time?”

He looked away, not needing to see they to know that they raised an eyebrow at him.

“Huh…that’s a first.” He would punch anyone who saw him at that moment and comment on the small blush on his face.

“Look, if you don’t..”

“Sure.” He blinked, unsure how to respond when they reached up and pulled down the medical mask that they always wore, revealing a youthful face and a small smile. He was surprised by how lovely they looked. He probably would have kept staring if they hadn’t reached up and flicked his noise, snapping him out of his trance.

“Hope you don’t do that often birdbrain.” He growled half-heartedly at the tease, earning a chuckle.

“So I’ll see you around?” They asked, he nodded and left, waving at them on the way out.

He didn’t remember the folded paper until after he came home, it had fallen out of his pocket when he changed for bed.

He quickly unfolded it and blinked in surprised before snorting.

‘You would notice that. He thought and reached for his phone to add a new contact.

On the paper was a phone number and a small message.

‘You most likely forgot to ask for my number before you left, so I saved you the trouble and wrote it down for you. Talk to you soon.“

Night Walk

Summary: When you take a walk late at night and meet another person who prefers the quiet of nighttime.

Pairing: BTS Kim Taehyung (V) x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.5k

Why I prefer to take late night walks, you ask? The answer is simple: they calm me down. After a long day of stressing out about schoolwork and other issues, the soft embrace of the night always disperses trivial thoughts and lets me focus on the things that really matter to me. What kind of things, you ask? Anything. Anything, but reality.

Not even turning up the music to full volume would block the loud and agitate voices of my roommate and her boyfriend out. This was the third time they were fighting this week, and it wasn’t even the weekend yet. I had told my roommate before that she should sort it out with her boyfriend somewhere else, but it wasn’t her fault that he had suddenly shown up in front of our apartment door and almost forced his way inside.

With a sigh, I gave up pretending to process the words and formulas in my textbook. I had lost focus long time ago. I stood up from my desk, pushed my chair to the side and walked to my closet to grab a light jacket. I got my keys, stuffed my phone and headphones that I had been using for the last ten minutes into my pocket and quickly made my way out the door.

Once I was outside, I could finally take a deep breath. My muscles relaxed almost immediately and it felt as if a knot inside my stomach was loosened. The pure, white moonlight tickled the outlines of my face and a cool breeze nibbled on my clothes. Finally, I could forget about all the problems in my life and let my mind be free of all responsibilities and restrictions.

I put on my earphones and selected whatever song showed up first on my playlist. Before I consciously realized it, my feet had carried me to the nearby park. It was my favorite spot at night: the trees were tall and walking under them made me feel protected; the huge meadow in the center of the park reminded me of how small I am in comparison to everything else around me, and the fact that there were very few people around gave me space to think freely.

I had been walking for about fifteen minutes, when I noticed that a person had been following me for a while now. The stranger was walking a few meters behind me, but whenever I took a turn I could clearly see him from the corners of my eyes. From their physique and the way they walked I assumed that the person had to be a guy. However, I could not recognize any details because his hands were tucked into his jeans and his face was covered by the black hood that he had put over his head.

My heart started to beat faster when the person came closer. There was no-one else around, and the trees would not make good witnesses in case he attacked me. I turned down the volume of the music until it was completely muted and took a deep breath. I was not going to be assaulted here. An expression of determination on my face, I turned around to face the stranger who had been following be. With a short and powerful battle cry, I clenched my right hand into a fist and landed a well-aimed blow to the man’s stomach. I watched with satisfaction how he winced in surprise and almost fell to the ground.

“What the hell”, the person muttered, his voice distorted in pain.

“Why were you following me?” I asked, trying not let my rising fear show.

The man didn’t respond immediately. He was breathing heavily and stood up straight (if you could call a half hunched posture straight). That’s when I saw his face for the first time - and it totally roused confusion in me. The man’s face was beautiful, almost angelic in the dim moonlight. He had big, round eyes, thick but defined eyebrows, plump limps and extremely delicate skin. He couldn’t be older than me, and I suddenly doubted if he really was a creepy stalker.

He gave me a distrustful look before he finally answered: “I have no idea what you are talking about. I didn’t realize that there was someone else but me in this deserted park, and then suddenly you show up out of nowhere and hit me!“

My confusion was growing with each passing second. “What do you mean, I showed up out of nowhere? Don’t act innocent, I was walking in front of you for the last five minutes. Even I noticed you, and you were walking behind me!”

That’s when an  understanding expression crossed the young man’s face. “So that’s why you freaked out. Sorry, I had no idea that I was following you. I was looking at my feet when I was walking and, well, my thoughts were somewhere completely different. That’s why I didn’t realize you had been there for… what, five full minutes? …Wow, that’s actually quite long. I should have paid better attention to where I was going.”

The stranger shook his head in disbelief. “Anyway, are you not going to apologize for hitting me? I understand that you must have suspected that I was a weirdo, but, seriously, my stomach hurts like hell!”

By now, all color had left my face. He was right, I might indeed have overreacted. I should have walked faster and see if he was still following me, or spoke first before hitting him. “S-sorry, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to- I really didn’t- I mean… Just, you really scared me to death!”

To my surprise, the handsome stranger let out a chuckle. And, gosh, was his face pretty when he was smiling! “ This will actually be a fun story to tell my friends tomorrow. So, apology accepted. Under one condition.”

“Y-yes?” I prayed to God that he was not thinking of something totally weird or something overly expensive (seriously, kids at university were always broke, including me).

“You have to treat me to meal. I really don’t care what kind of food or what place, as long as there is lots of meat!”

“Uhm… I can also just give you fifty bucks and you can treat yourself, so I don’t have to inconvenience you by coming along.”

The man shook is head vigorously. “No! I hate eating alone, and I have become so accustomed to eating out with friends. Meeting new people can’t hurt, right? Especially someone like you, Ms. Iron fist.”

“What did you just call me?”

“Iron fist. Because you hit me, remember?” he said, motioning punching movements.

I just clucked my tongue at him and mumbled “Yea, how can I forget. But, there is something I am curious about. Why, for goodness’ sake, are you walking in this empty park at such a late hour?”

He shrugged his shoulders and explained: “I just like walking outside at night. It clears my head, and I usually get some interesting ideas I would not have if I were locked into a stuffy room with all my textbooks. I don’t like crowded places, so that’s why I am here. I could ask you the same question. What brings you here on such a beautiful night?”

“Similar reasons. I also can’t stand to be in my room for too long, and I usually feel better after breathing some fresh air. I just like this park, the trees give me a calming feeling.”

The stranger accepted my answer with a nod. “I see. We seem to have the same hobby. So, what’s your name? I assume you don’t want me to continue to call you Iron fist, although I wouldn’t mind.”

“No, please don’t” I hastily replied. “Just call me (Y/N). What’s your name?”

“I’m Taehyung. Kim Taehyung. Nice to meet you, (Y/N).” He gave me another of his dazzling smiles. Gosh, how much I wished to get a closer look at his face! He still had the hood of his black sweater turned over his head, and the dim moonlight didn’t help to see any details, either.

“So, are you going to treat me to a meal or not? You know, there is also the option of reporting you to the police for beating up an innocent young man.”

My cheeks flushed pink and all I could respond was “Who would even believe you such a story? …but, sure, I can pay for a meal. Can I have your number?”

Taehyung retrieved his phone from his pocket and we exchanged devices - he didn’t trust me that I would contact him, so he also wanted to save my number, just in case. He promised that he would make sure to bother me all day long by calling me in case I forgot about our deal. It seemed like there was no way out of the situation, but I actually did not mind. In fact, although I tried to banish the thought, I was happy that I had hit Taehyung. Otherwise, I probably would never even have talked to him. In fact, I was already looking forward to our meal together.

And just like this, on an ordinary night in an empty park in Seoul, my solitary walk turned into a special encounter.

I hope you liked this short Taehyung one shot! Let me know what you think, or if you would like to see a second part. In general, if you have any ideas about other pieces I should write, let me know in the comments or shoot me a message :)

Princess (Dad!Jungkook)

Request:  Ho!a I really appreciate your work can I request a sceanio about kookie being a single teen dad that struggling to keep it up and just his life on being a dad or something sweet or anything

Summary: Single dad Jungkook plans a birthday party for his precious daughter with the help of his bandmates. 

Genre: Fluff, dad!Jungkook, comedy (?)

Word count: 1.8K

Note: Thank you and I hope you enjoy! Tell me whatcha think about this! :D

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid


The call from Jungkook’s daughter immediately jolts him awake and sets him in a panic. Jungkook bursts out of the comfort of his bed and runs find Minseo, his princess of five years. Of course he finds her in her room, clothes sprawled out everywhere.

“Daddy! I need help.” Minseo pouts cutely, staring at her disheveled looking father.

“Oh god, you scared me, I thought something bad happened.” Jungkook sighs in relief, seeing that Minseo’s life wasn’t in imminent danger.

“Something bad is going to happen if you don’t help me!” She cries out dramatically.

Jungkook playfully rolls his eyes at her, before joining her on the floor.

“Okay princess, what’s up?” He asked, paying full attention to her.

“Something super important is happening soon…” She answered, a huge grin on her face.

Of course Jungkook knew what she was hinting at. It was going to be Minseo’s sixth birthday tomorrow and everyone was excited, and by everyone, Jungkook meant the boys. He had been planning a party for her since the previous month and had roped in the guys to help.

“I wonder what it is…” Jungkook says, pretending to think as he taps on his chin.

“Oh! I know! It’s BTS’ anniversary in like a week. Thank you for remembering sweetheart.” He says jokingly, smiling widely.

“Daddy…” Minseo pouts, looking genuinely sad.

“Princess, I’m joking oh god, don’t cry.” Jungkook quickly tells her, fearing the tears that might drop.

It had been five years, but Jungkook still didn’t know how to deal with a crying toddler. Ever since Minseo’s mother had left, Jungkook had been trying his best to keep his princess happy. When she cried, Jungkook had no idea what to do besides try to talk to her.

The first time baby Minseo cried and didn’t stop, Jungkook had wanted to start crying too. Thankfully, Minseo’s 6 amazing uncles had been there to cheer her up.

“I know it’s your birthday tomorrow, what are you planning?” Jungkook asked curiously.

“Well… Uncle Yoongi and Uncle Namjoon told me that they would be taking me out for ice cream!” Minseo excitedly answered.

Jungkook smiled and acted shocked.

“I didn’t know they were going to take you out! They didn’t tell me anything!”

Of course he was lying. Jungkook had gotten Minseo’s favorite uncles to take her out so he could set up the party. He was a man with a plan.

Minseo had giggled at her father’s outburst, before she suddenly stopped.

“Daddy! Quick! I need to pick an outfit!” She urges.

Jungkook looks at the wide spread of clothes Minseo had picked out, settling on a cute dress and a pair of Converse.

“Okay daddy! Thank you!” Minseo says cutely, before standing up and packing the rest of her clothes.

Jungkook sat cross legged on the floor, watching his precious princess being a responsible girl. He almost cried when he saw her fold her clothes before putting them back into the closet. He couldn’t believe how fast she was growing up.

“Okay daddy, you can go back to sleep now. I’ll wake you up when I get hungry.” Minseo tells Jungkook, pushing him out of her room and into his room. She even tucked him into bed. Jungkook seriously wanted to cry.

“Thank you baby. Remember to do your homework.” Jungkook reminded as Minseo nodded in response before running back to her room.

Jungkook didn’t go back to sleep, instead he was making final preparations for the party. He had double checked the cake and the rest of the food, as well as with the boys who were in charge of decoration.

Jin: Yeah, I’ve got everything. We just need to pick up some more helium for the balloons since Taehyung kept playing with it.

Taehyung: I wasn’t playing with it, I was checking to see if it was helium.

Jimin: Hyung, please. What else could it have been?

Taehyung: I don’t know, oxygen? Like a huge oxygen tank?

Hoseok: Oh god, you actual five year old. Anyways, how’s the rest of the things coming along? Have you gotten her a present?

Oh god. Oh dear god. Jungkook’s brain immediately kicked into overdrive. He had been so busy with concert preparations and preparing for Minseo’s party, he had actually forgot to buy a present. Oh no.

Jungkook: Hyung, save me. SAVE ME. I forgot to buy a present. Oh my god. Can someone come over and help me baby sit Minseo, I need to go buy her a present.

Namjoon: Yah, are you serious?

Jungkook: Hyung! It’s not the time to scold me. Someone save me please!

Yoongi: I can come over now if you need, I’ll bring lunch too. Just give me 20 minutes.


Jungkook breathed a sigh of relief as he put down his phone, jumping out of bed to change. He took his phone out with him when he was done washing up and changing, heading over to Minseo’s bed room.

He peeked in and saw her sitting at her desk, doing her homework, just like he asked her to. Jungkook was going to hate when she stopped listening to him and got into her rebellious stage. He knocked on her door, getting her attention before he stepped in.

“Minseo, I need to go out for a while. Uncle Yoongi will be coming over to take care of you while I’m gone. Listen to him okay?” Jungkook said, standing next to her.

She peered up at him and nodded with a huge grin on her face. Jungkook had a smile on his face as he sat next to her, waiting for Yoongi to come by before he left.

When the door bell had rung, Minseo immediately ran to it, tip-toeing to open the door.

“Uncle Yoongi!” She called out excitedly as she hugged onto his leg.

“Hey baby girl.”

Yoongi had hugged Jungkook as a greeting, before he detached Minseo from his leg.

“Okay now say bye to dad.” Yoongi told Minseo, carrying her in his arms.

Minseo bid her father goodbye, reaching out to kiss his cheek. Jungkook left in high spirits, off to find a perfect present for his perfect daughter.

The journey had been tough and Jungkook contemplated buying literally everything in one of the stores, but he settled on something he hoped Minseo would love. He bought her a necklace and a huge teddy bear that was probably taller than her.

He had snuck back into the house, carrying the teddy bear stealthily to his room. He successfully hid the bear and necklace in his closet, on the tallest shelf. Jungkook casually walked back out and headed to Minseo’s room, seeing that Yoongi was teaching her a dance to their newest song.

“Knock knock.” Jungkook said, walking into the room.

“Daddy! Wait, wait, let me show you what Uncle Yoongi taught me.” Minseo buzzed, running over to a phone to reset the song.

Jungkook watched as his little girl danced to the difficult choreography, actually acing it.

“Good job princess! That was amazing!” Jungkook complimented, lifting her up into his arms.

Yoongi collected his stuff, standing up from the floor.

“Okay Minseo, Uncle Yoongi has to leave now, but I’ll see you for ice cream tomorrow.” Yoongi said, bidding Minseo goodbye.

Minseo nodded, waving goodbye to Yoongi as he let himself out.

“Okay baby, go take a shower and I’ll prepare dinner.” Jungkook told her, putting her down.

Jungkook prepared dinner as he ran through his checklist again.

Present, check. Cake, check, ready for pick up tomorrow. Decorations, check, hopefully. Everything would hopefully go as planned.

The next day, Jungkook woke up early to shower and change. He had woken Minseo up so she could prepare for the outing with Yoongi and Namjoon. Jungkook prepared some breakfast for Minseo, ensuring she ate before he brought her out to meet her uncles.

“Okay princess, remember to be polite and listen to them.” Jungkook reminded, spotting Yoongi and Namjoon at the café.

Minseo nodded, although she did look a bit sad. Jungkook imagined it was because he hadn’t wished her happy birthday yet. He had dropped her off with her uncles, kissing her forehead before he bolted out of the café to pick up the cake.

The preparations for the party went without a hitch and Jungkook met up with the rest of the boys back at his house.

“Okay we have about an hour to decorate this place before they come back.” Jungkook announced, putting the cake into the fridge.

“The food will be here in about a half hour, so we just need to settle decorations.” Jungkook continued, looking the bags of things the boys brought over.

They quickly started work, Jin and Hoseok preparing the balloons while Jimin and Taehyung put up garlands everywhere. When the time came for the Minseo, Yoongi and Namjoon to arrive, the house was decorated beautifully, with a whole truck load of food.

Jungkook was anxiously listening for the arrival of his princess, hiding in the kitchen with the cake. The wax from the candle was dripping, which fueled his anxiousness, until he heard the doorbell.

Jin had opened the door, which was Jungkook’s cue to walk out with the cake. He could hear Minseo squealing and screaming as the lights turned on. Jungkook had a permanent smile plastered on his face as Namjoon carried Minseo towards him.

They had sung the song and Minseo had blew the candles out. Minseo looked so happy and that made Jungkook happy. When the time came for unwrapping presents, Minseo asked what her father had gotten her, and immediately going to unwrap that first.

Minseo was squealing in excitement when she saw that the huge blob of wrapping paper was hiding a giant teddy bear holding a necklace. She had ran to Jungkook, jumping into his arms and she gave him a tight hug.

“Thank you so much daddy, I love you.”

Jungkook had wanted to cry, but held it in. His baby girl was growing up. Oh no. There was going to be boys. Oh hell no.

When the presents were all unwrapped and the food was all eaten, courtesy of the 6 hungry men, the group of eight had sat down to talk.

“Who did all the decorations? They’re so pretty!” Minseo complimented.

The boys claimed their credit with smug smiles on their faces.

“How did you do the balloons?” She asked curiously, pointing the floating balloons.

Jin had explained to her the process and pointed out the tank sitting in the corner.

“Oh… I thought it was a giant oxygen tank or something.” Minseo commented, nodding slowly as she realized what it was for.

“See! I told you!”

Oh lord, someone save Taehyung.

The Picture

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Suga(Yoongi)/Reader

Word Count: 853

Summary: How do you help your boyfriend when he is having a little trouble and you are on your cycle?

“Ughhh!” Suga plopped down on the couch next to me. 

“Bad day at work?” I asked him continuing to read my book. 

“Yeah I guess you could say so.” He was rubbing his temples. 

“What happened?”

“Remember that um…” He paused. I looked at him notices he was fidgeting with his phone. “You know that um photo of…” He pointed to my chest.

“What are you talking about?” I closed my book.

“You know that night when we were well, you know messing are…”

“Having sex?" 

"Shhhhh!” Suga covered my mouth. I don’t know what it is with this boy but he is the childish boy I’ve ever seen.

“Come on Suga.” I swatted his hand away. “What’s wrong?”

“Well while you were asleep that night I may have took a picture of…”

“Picture of what Suga!” I knew where he was going with this and I was getting infuriated. 

“You know your…” He points to my chest.

“My BOOBS!" 

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I was tagged by @goodtea-nicehouse in the moodboard challenge! Thank you very much for tagging me! Your blog is cute ❤️ now guys I know this is like my 4th moodboard butttt I love it. I decided to do one for Harper. She’s new to the story but I’ve had her planned for about a month. I actually already had this saved on my phone.

I completely forgot to tag some people when I posted this!! I’m sorry! I tag @sassycatsimmer and @eefahsims Ignore this if you don’t feel like it 


Requested by: flattereddean 


You shoved the motel door open with your shoulder and swung your backpack, still reeking of vampire blood, onto Dean’s bed. Your jaw was sore from being clenched so tightly, but you didn’t care. You were livid and nothing was going to distract you from it.

You weren’t the only one angry. Dean marched behind you, slamming the door hard behind him and Sam, who barely made it into the room. The heavy door collided with the frame, resulting in the resounding crack of wood splitting. You suppressed a startled jump and spun around to meet Dean’s reddened face.

He growled, “I can’t believe you. I can’t leave you here for a couple of days without you trying to get yourself killed!”

You shouted back, poking your forefinger into his chest, “I was doing fine until you ruined my hunt!”

Dean pointed to the knife cut you had received from a vampire who had snuck up on you. “Ruined?  You mean busy saving your ass! You would have grown fangs if it hadn’t been for me and Sam tracking your phone!”

You spat, “I am completely capable of doing my own hunt, Dean! I was doing them before we found out we were family, in case you forgot!”

Dean scoffed. “I didn’t forget anything, Y/N! We friggin’ met by you crawling up to our doorstep, bleeding out and having a bunch of vampires hot on your tail! Is that what you think being ‘completely capable’ looks like?”

Your retort burst out of your mouth before you could consider swallowing it, “Stop trying to control me, Dean! You aren’t Dad!”

Dean’s eyes widened, taken aback. You had never talked about John Winchester except when proving to Sam and Dean that he was your father too. The tension weighed down the air, making it harder for you to breathe. The faded memories of John’s forgotten face unearthing suppressed emotions probably didn’t help much either.

Sam quietly stated, lightly resting a hand on your shoulder, “You should take a shower. You’re covered in blood and it’s starting to stink.”

My videos from when I saw Hollywood Undead last year came up on my facebook memories and I’m about to start crying in a minute because daaaaaamn I forgot how good and how clean these were and they’re so beautiful and I really really wanna go see this band again!

Edge of Everything (15)

Yay another chapter! Thanks for continuing on this journey with me. I love writing this (and rewriting it it seems). Can’t wait to see what I have in store next.

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Chapter 15

I woke up before Cassian. I slipped out from under him and went to the bathroom. My message was still there. I smiled as I looked at it, realizing I couldn’t stay mad at him no matter how hard I tried. I flushed the toilet and then fixed my hair. I crawled back in beside him.

His eyes were open, “it wasn’t a dream,” he whispered his hand touching my cheek, “you really did stay.”

I sighed, facing him as I pulled the covers back up. The sun spilled in through the windows, “Cass. We have a lot to talk about. But I’m sorry.”

He pressed his finger against my lips, “I have a surprise for you. To say I’m sorry.”

I looked at him and felt the concern flash across my face. Cassian and his surprises usually warranted a warning. They were dangerous. The last surprise he had given me was a day fishing out on the lake. Of course it was freezing and I slipped in the mud and ended up in the water. He jumped in after me, even though I could stand and we both ended up in the emergency room.

It was a memory that made me laugh now. But it was also when we realized Cassian shouldn’t be allowed to surprise us.

He laughed as if he could read my mind, “don’t worry, sweetheart. I promise it’s a good surprise. Azriel helped me.”

At the mention of the quiet brother I leaned in and pressed my lips to his. He still tasted like beer, but he was sober and he was holding me as if nothing had changed. As if he didn’t care what I called him, that I compared him to Tomas. He understood, he would always understand the pain that man caused me.

Some wounds never truly heal. Especially invisible ones.

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Taehyung Smut [Request]

Switching through the channels on the TV, you began to come extremely bored. It was a typical day, where you stayed at home and did nothing. The only thing on your mind was Taehyung, but sadly, he was stuck in the studio.

Deciding to check up on him, you texted him.

“Hey, how’s work?”

“Can’t talk, I’m busy. Love you, bye!” Throwing your phone in the cushions of the couch, you sunk into the seats upset by his answer.

Finally, you decided on a way how to get him to speak to you a little longer. You hopped off the couch and pranced to your room as you searched through your dresser. Pulling out a pair dark green lace lingerie, you stripped yourself of your clothes and slipped on the lingerie.

Grabbing your phone, you made your way to the bathroom. You hopped on the counter and it was time to go on with your plan. Biting your lip, you slightly pulled down the side of your underwear, while you took a few pictures.

“Oh Tae, I have a surprise for you (;”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t talk right now.” Ignoring his message, you sent the pictures anyways. Once he read the message you waited for his answer.


Confused by his answer you let the bathroom and laid in bed. You thought about his answer for a good ten minutes. Right when you were about to get up you heard a slam come from outside the room. Slightly alarmed, you stayed in bed and watched as the bedroom door swung open. It was Taehyung.

In one quick move he made his way to the bed and hovered over you. You smiled as you looked up to his eyes which were full lust.

“You came.” You smiled at him, he quickly nodded and dived his head straight to your breast where he began to harshly suck.

“Those picture you sent made me lose control, so I left the studio for you.” He said as his hand roamed down your barely naked body, and into your underwear, where he began to rub your core.

Moaning from the combination, your legs began to tremble. Slipping a finger inside of you, made you moan even louder. Once he curled his finger you were about to release.

“Don’t put out so fast.” He smirked as he pulled away his fingers. Stripping himself from his clothes, he laid flatly on the bed as he gestured for you to come.

You made your way over to him, where you straddled on top of him. Grabbing his manhood, you lowered yourself onto his shaft, causing sighs from both of you.

Moving you hips slowly up and down, you placed your hands against his chest. Taehyung groaned as he gripped your hips tighter, almost stopping your movements.

“What’s wrong?” You panted as you stopped all movements.

“I want you to do something for me.” He said in between breaths, as he looked away, slightly embarrassed.

Quickly catching on, you got off of him and licked a trail down to his manhood. Grabbing it in both hands, you looked up at Taehyung as you batted your lashes. Slowly, you entered his shaft into your mouth, causing him to let out a few curses.

Bobbing your head uncontrollably, you earned a few groans from him. Before you knew it, you felt a warm liquid fill your mouth.

“Now it’s time to finish you off.” Getting up from his spot, he pushed you back into the bed where he got in the same position you just was in.

He flicked his tongue against your throbbing core, causing the room to fill with moans. Grabbing a pillow, you placed it over your face trying to hide your moans.

Wanted to get more out of you, he began to suck your core, which caused you to lightly scream his name. As soon as he entered two fingers inside you, you was sent over the edge.

Cleaning yourselves up, he laid next to you, where he whispered into your ear.

“While I’m in the studio, you should send picture more often.


Sooooo I posted this and it only posted half of it, and I thought I had it saved on my phone but I didn’t so I had to rewrite it and I forgot most of it. Now I wanna jump in a while I’m sorry … ._.

<< Page 39 >> 
Rythian hung up only a few moments later.

I’d wager Rythian is very quickly going to regret giving Lalna his phone number…once this is all over of course. Also, no, I don’t believe Rythian is going to walk out the door like any normal person. He’s got places to be, so he’ll be going right out that window, thank you.

Halfway though drawing this page I realized something… I was drawing flip phones, something incredibly outdated…especially for this setting. I got to say, drawing smart phones is really uncomfortable to me; they are just a rectangle with no real features its…weird. Also, hehe, Rythian and Lalna’s settings suit eachother. Also also, the original script had Lalna calling him a “Swedish Army Knife” but it didn’t make much sense in world so I had to change it back.
Minor edit: Forgot the cracks in Lalna’s goggles. My bad.

The Fast and the Furious

Haha, get it? Cause he’s fast, and I’m mad? 

Sorry. In all honesty, I’m super bored and this blog has gotten really slow. Don’t forget I write more than Daredevil fics… and my ask box is always open…

Pairing: Reader / Pietro Maximoff

Word count: 1,993


Bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz. 

You awoke with a start to your alarm clock’s “oversleeper” feature. You bought that stupid thing for the sole purpose of saving your ass if you overslept or fell back to sleep after turning it off. It was expensive and annoying as hell, but it did it’s job. Without it, you would have missed your 5:30 flight.

It was a crisp summer morning. You had slept through your first 3 alarms, and woke up late to your emergency one. Without thinking, you rolled out of bed and flopped to the floor.


You got dressed, threw on eyeshadow, and painted a delicate line of eyeliner. You didn’t have any time to straighten your hair, so you put it into a messy bun. From there, you collected your luggage, fed your cat, locked up your apartment, and got into your car. You clicked on your phone to check the time.


Okay, not too bad. I won’t be there too early but I won’t be late. You thought to yourself as you started your car. You backed out of the parking lot of your apartment complex and headed down Main street. No one else was on the road, and the yellow street lights that indicated nighttime were still on. You were drowsy, but you crawled along, hoping to keep awake at least until you got the the airport. There, you’d nap in the plane.

You turned on the radio and drove for another five minutes before your car started to slow.

No no no… please no… you thought. You veered you car off to the side of the road and parked it. You took your keys out and stuck them in your pocket before getting out of your car to investigate. You lifted the hood, but you didn’t have the slightest clue of what was wrong. You went back into your car to get your purse and pulled out your phone. You looked up the number for a nearby roadside assistance company and dialed it. 

You waited. 

And waited. 

And waited.

Nothing. You checked the website again. The number was correct, and you weren’t sure why it didn’t work. You tried it again. You got the same reaction as the last time. You checked the website a second time, and your stomach dropped. The website read: Hours: 6:30 am. to 10:30 pm. You kicked the cars tires in frustration and collapsed into the drivers seat.

I’ll just wait for someone to come along and help. you thought. It’s already 5. I might miss my flight. Awesome.

Finally, you saw headlights in the distance. Knowing you didn’t have much else to lose, you stepped into the middle of the highway and waved your hands around. It wasn’t like there was anyone else around anyway. The pickup truck slowed as it came near you. It pulled off to the side, and the driver stepped out of the car.

“What the hell are you doing out in the middle of the highway like that? You’ll get yourself killed,” The man said in a thick Russian-like accent.

“Hi, yea, thanks. Sorry about that, but my car stopped and I needed help. I tried the nearest roadside assistance place, but they weren’t open. I can’t afford the other ones, and you’re the first person I’ve seen for like, 10 minutes. Do you think you can, uhh, check it out for me?”  You asked.

He nodded, and you sighed with relief. He walked over and looked at the engine. After a minute or two, you got impatient.

“Not to rush you or anything, but I have a flight leaving in about twenty minutes. So…” You said. He paused, and turned around to look at you.

“If you’re in a hurry-” he said, surprising you with a soft voice, “-I can call a tow service to pick up your car and take you to the airport myself.”

“Oh no, I don’t want you driving out of your way for me. And like I said, I don’t think I’d be able to afford it.” You shook your head.

“No, I’m going to the airport too. It’s no trouble. And I can get you a discount on that tow. I know a guy.”

“You sure? I mean, yes. My flight will leave without me, so yes, please.” You figured that someone trying to hurt you wouldn’t be this convincing. And at this point, all you cared about was getting to the airport. You unpacked your car as the man called the tow service. You overheard him talk to a guy named Tony and give not a milemarker, but coordinates. After the conversation ended, you both hopped into the truck and headed for the airport. You checked the time.


The ride was silent. You started getting antsy, and the guy knew it. He went faster until the airport was in sight. He dropped you off with your stuff and said he was going to park. You ran inside toward baggage check. While talking to the manicured lady behind the counter, you mistakenly placed your decorative luggage onto the conveyor belt for the wrong plane. Off it went up the belt, to the other plane headed for the other country. This day has just been wonderful. The woman tried to apologize by offering compensation or free miles, but you brushed it off.

“The only way you can help is by getting that pink paisley suitcase onto my correct flight,” You hissed. You took what remained of your luggage and walked to security. It was early, but it was still crowded with people. 

You placed your phone and earbuds in one bin, your shoes in another, and your purse in a third. After walking through the gate, you placed your shoes back on and took your purse. As you reached for your phone, your hand was grabbed by security. You froze, and looked up at the man. He was huge, with a cold face and menacing look. He motioned for you to follow him, and you forgot about your phone. 

He explained that it was standard procedure to search a randomly chosen passenger’s personal items every so often. You told him that you were cutting it very close to missing your flight, but he ignored you, searching through the contents of your purse and frisking you a bit too thoroughly for your liking. Once he was done, he put your stuff back into your bag and thanked you for your cooperation. You nodded before turning away. You felt like flipping him off, but you didn’t want to be on the bad side of airport security. 

Finally through with everything that would waste time, you took your few remaining belongings to your gate and sat down. You wanted to make sure you got there at least a half hour early, so there was one thing that wouldn’t go wrong, but that just didn’t happen. Realizing there was nothing else to do, you decided to listen to some music. You fumbled around in your bag aimlessly for about 5 minutes before grabbing it by the bottom and flipping it over, spilling the contents onto the seat next to you. Your fingers fell over the various packs of gum, assorted loose change, two wallets, and miscellaneous crap you’d collected over the years. But your smartphone and headphones weren’t there. 

You couldn’t take it. You scooped the stuff back into your purse before slamming it onto the floor. Your elbows rested on your knees, and you dropped your face into your hands. Your hair fell gently over your shoulders, and you could feel your face getting hot and red. You were about to let it all out when you heard someone clear their throat above you. You took a deep breath as a million thoughts ran through your head.

Are you kidding me. Are you kidding me. There’s no one else here. No one. Take another fucking seat.

You looked up. It wasn’t a who you were expecting. It was the guy who gave you a ride. You blinked away the forming tears and coughed.

“Hi,” you said, after you decided to start the conversation.

“Hi,” he said. It was as if he forgot his motives, and you had gone up to him. You cocked your head and looked at him quizzically. That seemed to bring him back to reality.

“Oh um, I’m sorry, but uh, I think you left these at security,” he stammered in a thick accent. He held out his hand. In it were your headphones, crinkled together and knotted, attached to your white galaxy phone, just as you’d left them. Your eyes widened, and almost shaking, you reached out to grab them.

“Tha-thank you.” Now it was you who was stammering. “You just keep saving my ass don’t you? I’m Y/N.”

“Pietro.” He smiled. “What’s the matter?” He asked, taking the seat next to you.

“I’ve just had the worst day. First, I missed my alarm. Then my car broke down, as you witnessed first hand. Then, when i got here, my baggage was checked onto the wrong plane. And of course I was stopped by security and lost these. Now I’m waiting for my flight. I’m going to San Francisco.”  You explained.

“San Francisco? This is the gate for San Antonio… when does your flight leave?” He asked.

Your eyes shot open, and you ripped one of your wallets out of your purse. You unzipped it and flipped through dollars, receipts, and coupons until you found your boarding pass. You looked at the gate number and almost screamed. Gate P25. You were at gate B25.

“What time is it?!” You yelled. He almost dropped his phone, but he caught it and clicked it on.

“5:32,” he told you. You looked back at your boarding pass, and your stomach dropped.

“My flight leaves at 5:30! I won’t make it!!” You wailed. You dropped your head back into your hands, and let your tears fall down your cheeks. You didn’t even notice Pietro get up and collect your stuff into your purse. He tapped on you again and handed it to you. All of the sudden, he scooped you up.

“Put your arms around me,” he instructed.

Well, I guess it can’t get any worse. You thought as you obeyed.

It all happened before you could think. He ran faster than a bullet train to your correct gate and placed you down gently. Your mouth hung wide open as you stared at him in shock. A grin crept upon his face.

“This is your gate, right?” He asked, almost giggling.

You nodded, still processing what had just happened. This person, who you just met 5 minutes ago, had sought you out to return a cheap set of earbuds and get you, God knows how, to your correct gate. Then, emotion overtook you. You ran into him and embraced him, despite being dwarfed by his massive build. He returned the favor, wrapping his big arms around you. You were lost in the moment for what seemed like ages before the flight attendant called for all final passengers. You pulled yourself away from Pietro and walked to the gate. You took a final glance, and as you boarded, you heard him say one last thing.

“I’ll meet you in San Francisco!” The flight attendant pushed you along.

“You’re lucky, he seems like a great guy,” She said, smiling.

“Oh, we’re not- no, I barely know him.” You stuttered.

“She laughed and shook her head. “Alright then. Apparently he’ll meet you at San Francisco. Maybe you two can get to know each other a bit more.” She lead you to your seat, and in 10 minutes, the plane was in the air. You held your purse close to your chest, squeezing it tightly as you closed your eyes, clinging to the last scrap of the warm embrace. 

Maybe we can get to know each other a bit more. 


Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2794

A/N: sorry this took me so fucking long wtf i suck at posting but i love u and thank u for requesting this i really like the prompt and i was excited to write this thank u for being so patient w me :))))))))

also i started writing this as Andrew Garfield’s spiderman then i switched to Tom Holland’s so i’m sorry if theres a different personality type

“One shot where reader and Peter Parker are dating but reader has the same abilities as copycat, so reader can copy anything they see. Reader is also a hero by the name of copycat and one day reader tells Peter and then Peter tell the reader that he is spider man and it gets all fluffy.”

Originally posted by theavengers

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