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The Eternal Problem: A Meditation on Mortality in Sherlock S4

When asked about S4 during the promotional lead-up, Moftiss repeatedly said this new series would be about one thing: consequences.  Now that we stand on the other side of S4, what do we think they meant?  It obviously wasn’t legal consequences for shooting Magnussen, or physical consequences of overdosing on drugs.   

In this meta, I argue that TAB and S4 are above all about the moral, metaphysical, and narrative consequences of Sherlock faking his death during the Reichenbach Fall—an act which continues to reverberate through the story two series later, both for the characters and, significantly, for the writers.

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say you’ll remember me

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mingyu x reader fluff, angst, implied smut

6,445 words

a/n: i know some parts of this are so *stares right into the camera* obnoxiously cheesy but guess what? i like this and i just don’t care. i’m currently writing a horribly stupidly long hoseok fic, but i realized the writing had gotten a little stale n asked my bff for a prompt to write a “ficlet” (this was supposed to be 2k or less) and she gave me: mingyu, fluff and angst, wildest dreams by taylor swift (because my mingyu tag is “he’s so tall and handsome as hell”). so ta da, this is what u get

~ in which your young, dumb love will hurt you, will ruin you, has an expiration date…but is so, so worth it

    You never forgot to visit your hometown in the summertime. Of course, it was nice to see your family, but you could see them any time of the year, and saw them often in the fall and the winter. What made the long drive from the city worth it in the hundred degree weather, sun glaring down on the hood of your car and baking you inside of it, was the chance to see the seaside in all its glory. You’d been raised in a humble beach town and you’d seen it a thousand times, but you’d be happy to see it a thousand more. As a kid, you couldn’t say you’d appreciated it much. The town itself and the beach were a little dumpy, nothing to write home about.

    It was the memories you’d created there once upon a time that made it special. As you pulled into a spot in the tiny parking lot and cut the ignition, you could remember late nights in the backseat of a car a lot older and rustier than this one, making your own heat as you pressed your sweat-slicked body to another. You trudged out onto the sand and as it flattened beneath your sneakers, you remembered squishing it between your toes as you watched a certain young man wading in the shallow ocean waters. He’d splashed some little kids nearby, pretending to fall beneath the surface with the weight of their own splashes back at him, and you’d imagined how this scene would look many years from now with children who were the perfect mix of you and him. You’d been 17 then.

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Breaking Point Part 2 (Lafayette x Reader x Peggy Schuyler)

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Pairing: Lafayette x Reader x Peggy Schuyler

Requested?: ‘WHY NOT BOTH??? Laf and Peggy are already a popular ship? You could have them dating and then let the Reader in the relationship?’ 

Prompt: A few day after leaving her husband, Reader has to struggle with single motherhood, divorce, and a certain Frenchman and Schuyler sister back in her life.

Words: 4800+

Warnings: Poly Relationship, Divorce, and Fluff

Masterlist / Part One


You had barely moved all of your stuff out of the house before the weight of being a single parent reached your shoulders.

Ever since your twin children turned five, you felt like a single mom, since Thomas was always working or off with his friends at parties and wine-tastings. But now you were out of the house and filing for divorce, you never knew what single parenthood was until now. Now, you have to pay bills and work and take care of your kids. Not to mention that the newspapers and gossip magazines are all trying to get exclusive interviews with you over your divorce from the wealthy lawyer Thomas Jefferson. You, of course, made sure to keep walking and ignore the press and all the emails and shout outs on social media from them. You just needed some peace and goddamn quiet to collect yourself and figure out what to do.

You were laying in bed one late Saturday night when your phone was ringing out of the blue. You were staying with your mother for the time being until you figured out what to do in your predicament. Your children were sleeping in a trundle bed on the floor next to you in a large guest room. You softly crept out of bed and retrieved your cell phone from the desk on the other side of the room. When you saw the caller ID, you were shocked and relieved. You almost didn’t answer the call.

“Peggy?” You whispered into the phone in a disbelief tone.

You heard an ever-familiar giggle come from the other side. “Well, good evening, Mrs. Jefferson.”

Your eye twitched. “Please don’t ever say that again.”

“Sorry! I almost forgot about your situation. I haven’t been keeping up with the gossip down there in Monticello. Lafayette has been giving me updates on Thomas’ public image and how many times he’d mention you and the kids in interviews. You know how love sick Laf is for you.”

You chuckled. Lafayette was a friend of yours that introduced you to Thomas. Lafayette had been in love with you for a long time but realized the mutual connection you shared with Thomas so the Frenchman stood back as a supportive friend and was the one to walk you down the aisle at your wedding since your dad passed away when you were young. Lafayette had always been there but you hadn’t spoken to him since you moved to Virginia with Thomas while you were pregnant.

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not yet

this post is a joint production of Tara (@captofthesswolfstar) and me, inspired by these (x) (x) posts

@fcwkes because you wanted me to tag you as well and @justanothernerdyroleplayer because you were pretty excited. it’s not /that/ angsty.

“I got you”


“Sirius I’m gonna push you back,” said James as he gathered his force. His hand were as strong as Sirius remembered them to be. James always had a strong grip, especially over Sirius. All the times he had to hold him back, he had gotten stronger without even intending to, controlling Sirius was a hard job to do.

“No, don’t.”


Sirius knew that voice all too well and she was angry, he had made Lily angry, it had been too long since he had done that. 

“Sirius Orion Black! You did not break out of Azkaban and stayed in that goddamned house the past year just to die at the hands of Bellatrix. You are going back.”

“You heard the woman,” added James, he was still holding onto Sirius like he was his lifeline and tried to push him back but Sirius let himself go so that James would feel all his weight.

“I don’t want to,” he began. “I have been hearing you ever since I got into the room Prongs, you were calling me. Now you want me to leave?”

“That wasn’t me Pads,” objected James. “They were trying to lure you here, that wasn’t me. I’m sending you back to my son and Moony.”

“But I want to stay here,” shouted Sirius. “I want to stay here with you two. Don’t you understand? I had died the day you did.”

“What about Remus you asshole? What about Harry for Merlin’s sake?” yelled Lily, she was so angry Sirius could feel her anger radiating off of her. “You will go back Sirius, you will and you will look after my son.”

“I got out of Azkaban and fell in the prison of my own mind,” he said. “I just want to stay with y–”

“No,” replied James firmly, his hands were digging through Sirius’ skin. “Your name will be cleared after this, can’t you see that? Merlin Pads, sometimes you are such an idiot. My son, your godson might I remind you, need you, you prat.”

“Don’t leave Remus alone on full moons Sirius,” added Lily softly, Sirius knew she was crying but he tried to fight back, he didn’t want to go back to the hell he was living when he could stay here and be with James and Lily. “Don’t leave Harry alone.”

“I’m pushing you back whether you like it or not Pads, please tell Harry we love him,” he said and with that Sirius found himself right back where he left off, Harry was staring at the veil like he had seen the worst thing, his eyes shining like Lily’s did whenever she was about to cry and Remus holding him as if Harry was everything that kept him alive.

A smile broke across Sirius’ face as he saw what he came back for. James and Lily were right as they were all the time, Sirius just didn’t learn. 

James who had saved his life hundreds of times had saved his life yet again and Sirius only had one thing on his mind he had to do before he forgot.

“James and Lily made me swear I would tell you how much they loved you Harry.”

Sirius felt the same set of hands hug him as strongly as James had held him a few moments ago and realised what they meant when Harry pulled back and he saw the relief in Remus’ eyes. He wasn’t done here just yet.

The African Violets, May 10, 1998.

Mother’s Day. 

            Eric had stayed over at Dylan’s since Thursday night.  His father had the flu first and now his mom had it, and there was no way Eric was going to fall victim to such an ailment. However, based on what was happening now, he almost wished he had stayed home, instead of witnessing Dylan’s mom chew Dylan out like he had never seen her do before.

           It was mid evening, and everyone happened to be in the kitchen at the same time. “Dyl, did you take the trash out this morning?” Sue asked as Dylan had his head buried in the fridge. All you could see from an angle were the thick curls sticking out of his backward baseball cap.

“Uh, no I forgot. I can do it tonight.” He stuttered. He had been forgetting his chores more often now that he and Eric had begun seriously planning for NBK. They already had a good portion of it thought out. They especially made great progress just this afternoon by making a few pipe bombs. All they needed to do was save up money to get the supplies and practice. 

Sue shook her head in agitation and disapproval. After a few moments she spoke again, “Do you even know what day it is? “ 

Dylan stood up fully and closed the fridge door, and the blank expression on his face told Eric that he had forgotten it was Mother’s Day. He tried to save him from more of her impending wrath, and quickly tapped his shoulder and pulled him down so he could whisper the answer in his ear.

Sue scolded him.  “Don’t you dare tell him.” Dylan briefly glanced at Eric and then at his mom’s expression. He couldn’t figure out why she’d been so irritable all day.  

Eric pressed his lips into a thin line and stepped back away from Dylan with both of his hands raised in surrender.

Poor Dylan didn’t have a clue what could be so special about today. Eric’s blue eyes were wide in anticipation and he lightly shook his head side to side and repeated the words over and over in his mind. “Don’t say Sunday. Don’t say Sunday. For Godsake whatever you do don’t fucking say Sunday!”

“It’s Sunday.” He replied in a sheepish and not sarcastic manner.

Eric smacked his hand against his forehead in shame and which partially covered his eyes. He was totally unprepared for what happened next.

           Without warning Sue pushed Dylan against the refrigerator in pure frustration. Dylan’s back was knocked into the hard metal surface making a loud clanking sound, and in the process caused a few magnets to fall off the cool metal surface and clank onto the tile floor. If it had been anyone else Dylan would have been more prepared and they wouldn’t have been able to budge him an inch. But, it was his mom pushing him and Dylan was completely caught off guard. He didn’t know what to do.

“You know, you’ve got to stop thinking of yourself. You’ve got to stop being so selfish. I can’t believe that after all these years…” 

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Still My Hero

Here’s that angsty one shot I was talking about! It’s out later than expected because I just couldn’t figure out how to end it. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!

You and Dean had been close as long as you could remember. You had grown up with him and Sam, being Bobby’s daughter (not by blood, but still his daughter) and only a year younger than Sam. Although you were closer to Sam in age, you always had a connection with Dean. Ever since you could remember, you two had been attached by the hip. Whenever your dad and John worked on a case together, you were thrilled just for the fact that it meant another week with your best friend. During those times, you would rarely be seen without one another, usually found running around the motel hand in hand. (Y/N/N) and De; the inseparable duo.  

As you grew into your teenage years, that fact didn’t change. He was your best friend your partner in crime. He’d beat up any douche that dared to hurt you, and you’d be his ‘little sister’ when he needed help getting a girl. Your times together were few and far between, but you still relished every moment together. But, things were changing. Bobby and John just weren’t getting along like they used to, and Dean started to skip on school to go hunting with his dad. So, during that time, you and Sam began to get closer. He was there for you when you had trouble with someone at school and you did the same for him. But, no matter how close you and Sam became, Dean was still your best friend. Your partner in crime. And soon to be your crush.

Yes, as the years went on, you began to have more than sisterly love for the oldest Winchester. But to him, you were becoming more of a bother. Even during the few times that your father and his worked together on a hunt, Dean ended up ditching you to hook up with some girl, or to follow on a hunt. Eventually, he dropped out of school and pursued hunting full time, and could often found banging any girl he could lay his hand on. You two had a fight over his decisions, ending with him screaming at you about how it was none of your business and calling you a nuisance. Then, your dad and John had a falling out. You and Sam kept in touch, calling each other every once and awhile to check in. But, as for you and Dean, it was quite the opposite. You lost touch even before your fathers fought, let alone after. It left you heartbroken. You threw yourself into hunting to the point where Bobby became worried. He didn’t stop you though. You became a great hunter, one that everyone knew the name of. You were saving hundreds every year.

This hunt started like any other. It was a simple vampire nest up in Montana, it shouldn’t have taken you more than a week. You were walking out of one of the vics houses when an all too familiar vehicle pulled up outside. You held back a groan. Two men climbed out of the vehicle, and you made eye contact with the taller of the two. He gave you a huge grin, which you returned.

“Sammy! It’s so good to see you!” You cried, as you walked toward him. He engulfed you in a hug which you gladly returned. It was awkward and lanky, but you didn’t mind. You missed the big goof. Dean cleared his throat as Sam released you and raised his eyebrows.

“Hey Sam, mind introducing me to this lovely young lady you apparently know?” you glared at him.

“Really? Man, you really are as much of an asshole as I remember,” you snapped. Dean raised his hand in defense. “I’m (Y/N). (Y/N) Singer,”

“(Y/N/N)? Man it’s been forever!” he walked forward like he was going to hug you but you stepped back. Sam scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“I’m going to go talk to the vic. I guess I’ll leave you two to it,” he said, walking toward the vics house. Dean looked at you, seemingly hurt.

“What’s with the hard feelings? Last I remember you were following me around all the time,” he started, before you cut him off.

Me following you around? I remember that being pretty mutual for a while there!” You fumed, running your hand through your hair. “But oops, I forgot. You got annoyed at me for wanting to hang out with my ‘best friend’. You got annoyed at me because you couldn’t keep it in your pants! But sorry for being a nuisance,”

“I was a kid then, and that was years ago. You really can’t still be mad at me for-”

“Can’t be mad at you you? Dean, I looked up to you so much. You were my hero, my big brother. You protected me and Sammy, but more than that you were my best friend. You hung out with me and joked around with me all the time even though I was younger. And on top of that, I started to fall for you! I fell for that stupid bad boy persona, thinking I was something special to you. I thought you cared but clearly, you didn’t,”

“(Y/N) that was years ago. I cared and I still do. Sure I got upset with you, but I didn’t know you felt like that. C’mon (Y/N/N) there’s no reason to still be mad,”

“You know what? Screw you, Winchester. Now I suggest you go find another case and get the hell out of my way before I decapitate you just like one of those vamps,” You growled. You stalked your way toward your car, opening the door and slamming it shut. You drove off, determined more than ever to get this case done quickly so you could get the hell away from those Winchesters.

“Yeah, we saw her Bobby. The first day we were here… Yeah I’ll keep an eye out,” Sam ended the call. Looking at Dean, he sighed. “Bobby’s really worried about her,”

“I know, Sam. What do you want me to do? She hates me. She probably just left because she didn’t want to have to deal with me anymore,”

“She wouldn’t just leave a case,”

“I know,”

They found you two days later at the vacated nest. You were tied up and almost completely drained. Dean panicked. This was his fault. If you hadn’t gone in upset because of him, this wouldn’t of happened. He quickly checked for a pulse, which was there. Weak, but there. He quickly untied you while Sam looked around the place for other victims.

“(Y/N/N)? Can you hear me? I need you to open those pretty eyes for me sweetheart. I need to know you’re okay,” He lifted you up and began to carry you back to the impala.

“After all this… time… you’re still… my hero…” He looked down at you, only to see a small grin on your face, your (y/e/c) staring back at him. He gave you a small smile, relieved that you were coming to.

It took you about a week to recover from the amount of blood loss you had. The whole time Dean never left your side. You were packing up your car to leave when he stopped you.

“ You know, I’ve been waiting for a long time to do this,” He pressed his lips firmly to yours. You melted into his lips, your eyes fluttering closed. His arms snaked around your waist while yours wrapped around his neck. It took Sam clearing his throat to pull the two of you apart.

“Took you long enough, Winchester”

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An Ingenious Business Plan

In celebration of reaching 200+ followers (!!), I’ve written a fic based off of this post about SMH getting involved with their local troop. This is definitely going to be a multi-part, but I thought I’d publish the first bit just to whet your appetites. Thank you guys so much for your support and enthusiasm!

It’s not often that Shitty is glad to be wearing a shirt. Or pants, for that matter. Or clothes in general. He likes the feeling of being unrestricted by society’s insistence that he cover most of his body for no reason, all day long.

This is not one of those times.

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This is for the KakaSaku Music Prompts Challenge that’s not really a challenge! 

The song my spinner landed on was S.T.A.Y by Hans Zimmer, and the song always makes me feel like I’ve lost someone every time I listen to it. So, of course, this will be angsty because, well, it’s me. But I promise there’s a happy ending. 

I also cheated (i know, I’m terrible) and listened to M83′s Oblivion a lot. You’ll find that song under my music tag. 

Summary: I would choose you in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I would find you and I would choose you.

Pairings: KakaSaku, subtle mentions of SasuNaru.

Words: 7,163

[Part 1] [Part 2 ] [Part 3 to be added]

If someone were to ask Sakura when she thought everything had gone wrong, she’d chuckle grimly and say: April 1st, seven years after the war, four days after her twenty-fourth birthday.

She’d tell them that it had been a muggy day heavy with the promise of more rain—prominent enough that even she with her decidedly normal olfactory senses could smell it. But it had been the first day of Spring, seven promising years since the eve of the Alliance’s victory, and her team had decided to have a celebratory training session.

Sakura remembers because that was the day Kakashi had brought out his dogs, despite knowing that it would rain, and she had innocuously complained about the wet dog smell that would inevitably follow them until they bathed.

She didn’t really mind the smell, not really, and she supposed that Kakashi knew that because he had only patted her head and said Essence of Wet Dog is in now, Sakura-chan. How he knew what was in fashion back then, to this day, Sakura doesn’t know.

She’d say that it was a normal day as far as the rag-tagged Team 7 went, and there was no reason to be wary of anything other than the usual injuries that came from being on a team with such power houses—demigods, really. As with all other ninja activities, training sessions had their moments of danger, but one does not become a shinobi without knowing how to manage risks and how to prevent life threatening injuries in friendly spars.

Despite being ninjas with positive control of that precious life energy called chakra, they were still—for all sense and purposes—human. Unless, of course, you were Naruto or Sasuke, but Sakura had accepted long ago that those two would die of something completely arbitrarily extraterrestrial; because if a goddess couldn’t kill them, then what hope did they as mere mortals have?

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Operation Swashbuckle

A/N: Has not been beta’d, so please forgive any errors I’ve made in my sleepy state. I’ve been working on this idea for way too long and it needed to be posted before I went crazy. Tagging a few people at the bottom that might enjoy this one–let me know if that’s not cool. Thanks, everyone! 

Summary: Henry decides that after three hundred years, it’s time Hook celebrated his birthday. Set at some vague point in the near-ish future of the show. 

Words: 4,400K

Rated: T for mentions of sexy time and explicit cuteness

Find on A03 here


“You want to throw Hook a birthday party?” Snow asked.

“Yeah,” Henry said. He shuffled his feet a bit, hands stuffed into his pockets. “Belle and I thought it would be nice. You know, with everything going on around here, it would be a good distraction. Or something.”

David piped up from his position near the sink, where he was drying dishes with a hand towel. “Isn’t he like, three hundred?”

Henry shrugged. “I don’t know. I think so? I kind of left that up to my mom to find out. To be honest, I’m not even sure Hook knows how old he is anymore. He probably stopped counting after about one hundred.”

David gave a thoughtful look and nodded in agreement. “Fair enough,” he said. “I guess I probably would, too. Either way, that’s a lot of candles." 

"Curses make everything confusing,” Snow added, as she took one of David’s dry dishes to put away. “I think everyone in Storybrooke is technically twenty-eight years older than they think they are.”

“Okay, this is giving me a headache,” David said, shaking his head. 

“Right,” Henry said, “Anyway, you guys in?" 

"Of course,” David and Snow said in unison. David gave his wife a fond smile before adding, “Just let us know what we can do. Your grandmother is great with decorating. I’m always good for a distraction. This is a surprise party, right?”

Henry grinned. “You know it!" 

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“Shards”: Broken

…can’t be healed…
…can’t be….
…can only…

Papyrus woke up suddenly, a sharp pain across his chest made him wince and pant breathlessly.
He pressed a hand on his sternum, trying to calm the non-existent but known feeling, as desperation took over him.
“Sans” He stood up and walked outside the room rapidly, he swung the door open and stepped closer to the empty bed. “Sans…”
Papyrus kneeled on the floor and settled his arms over the mattress, grabbing his head between slender fingers.
He felt the tears welling up on his eyesockets and fall on the blanket carelessly. “Sans…” He whimpered.
Of course he was dead.
Papyrus wasn’t able to protect him and it didn’t matter if it was before or after, Sans will die and suffer over and over.
“Stretch?” A little, raspy voice called. “What are you doing?”
Red was awake, he couldn’t sleep that night like many others. He heard the steps on the second floor and went to look out of curiosity.
“Who…?” Papyrus was confused, the short shade in the doorframe was so similar to his brother yet the dim light coming from outside drawn the differences through his soaked view. A big crack splitted his skull, one of his eyes was dark as night and the other was red as blood, his teeth were sharp and one of them shone bright gold. “…Red?”
“Yeah… Who else?” He shrugged with a grin “What are you doing on the kid’s room?”
“I… I was searching for him…”
“Didn’t he go to a… How does he call it? A ‘training sleepover’ with the captain?” He cocked a brow without understand the strange behaviour of the tall skeleton.
“He.. Is not dead?”
“What? Of course he’s not…” Suddenly, the realization came to him. Papyrus was having some kind of night terror, and he was so immerse he was thinking his brother had been murdered again, even when the route was finished and they had been living on the surface for a couple months. “Hey Pap, look. He’s okay, believe me.” Red stepped in the room and stood by his side. “He’s safe. Why don’t we go back to your room or whatever?”
Papyrus just looked at him, like his words wasn’t in his same language.
Red didn’t wait, grabbing his arm and helping him to get up.
It took a moment to get the tall skeleton back to bed and convince him that everything was okay, but he didn’t look like he was going to sleep at all. Red was sleepless as well, he sat on the floor looking at the confused and sad skeleton covered with the sheets, who broke the peaceful silence with a short sob.
“Oh c'mon!” Red looked at him nervously, complaining about the sudden tears running down his face. “Don’t get all feely with me now!”
“Sorry…” His pitch only made Red feel guilty, how was he supposed to act in this kind of situation?
“Whatever. Are you even conscious now? Why the fuck are you crying?”
“I dunno. I feel bad.” Papyrus nuzzled the mattress, trying to wipe the tears lazily.
Pap always knew what to say or what to do whenever he felt bad. Why couldn’t he do something for him?
“Red? Would you sleep with me?”
Sans felt a warm blush colouring his face before answering, it was like his words had fallen from heaven.  "…sure.“
The short skeleton shrugged off his jacket before getting into the bed. He sank on the warmth and softness of the blanket over his body, getting a bit too close to Pap.
Strangely, the tall skeleton shifted to get into a lower position before he pressed his face against Sans’ chest, searching for his temperature and the sound of his soul. Sans flinched.
“Can i stay like this? For… a while?” He asked in a muffled and low voice. Red just realized how much he was shaking but a part of him loved to see Papyrus so vulnerable for the first time. And the fact he was being all clingy and dependent of him made him feel happy and… useful.
He remembered the words that made him feel good when he was down. Placing his hands on the back of Pap’s skull he murmured in the gentlest pitch he could manage. “It’s okay Stretch”
He rubbed his head softly, listening to his sobs quietly for a long time.
A nice wave of relax took over him, it was the first time he felt so trusted by someone. He wished he could do something to cheer the skeleton who saved him countless times from his own darkness.

Maybe he could do something…
He had been thinking for a while now. Papyrus had showed him that no matter what was wrong or broken about Red, he would take it and hold it dearly. So perhaps it was a good time to show Pap he had really learned to trust in him.
It took a while before he realized the other skeleton was silent, Red thought he was asleep.
“Pap?” He asked lowly.
“Do you uh…” Red clenched his teeth, carefully choosing his words. “Can you move away for a moment?”
The tall skeleton just complied, thinking he was giving Sans more than could handle. He wanted to apologize but the other shifted closer and looked him in the eyesockets with a misterious hint of embarrassment in them. “I… want you to look… something…” He mumbled nervously.
Papyrus’ eyes opened in surprise, his pulse accelerating as Red lifted his t-shirt to expose his chest.
He placed his little hand on his sternum and he manifested timidly his own source.
Red looked tense, nervous and really insecure, but for Papyrus, the only fact of summon it in his presence was enough.
He stroked a side of his body soothingly, as the short skeleton kept the now visible core away from Papyrus in a moment of hesitation.
“It may… It may be a bit gross…” He said with a short and sad chuckle before uncurling his hands around it and exposing his soul to Pap for the first time.
The dim and gray light the tall skeleton was worried a while ago was nothing compared to the view of the soul in front of him. It looked so fragile, almost to the verge of dusting. Little and dark cracks were visible on the surface, consuming the light in his surroundings. No wonder why Red was so insecure about showing it. But Papyrus didn’t felt any disgust and the way his own soul shone strong and hummed was enough proof.
“It’s not gross Red. I like it.” Papyrus whispered gently, giving him an encouraging smile. “You know? I was having a dream about souls today”
Red looked nervous, he was trying to distract him to avoid him to hide his soul too fast. He really wanted to touch it, but somehow he understood that still wasn’t a good time.
“Y-yeah?” He seemed to relax a bit.
Pap kept smiling and running his hand on the short skeleton’s side. “Yeah. Someone i knew used to investigate a lot about monsters and humans souls. I remember he spoke to me about soul scars once”
“…and what did he say?”
“I don’t really–” As soon as Pap tried to think about his dream, he felt a voice echoing in his head, blocking the surroundings for a moment.
'Soul scars can’t be healed…’
“…remember.” The memory left his mind blank, absent for a long moment. He remembered. It was distant, dim, and blurry, but he remembered now. Why had he forgot?
“Pap?” Red realized a hint of something wandering in his face and cocked his head worriedly.
Pap looked at Red, his body trembling in excitement and nervousness… Shit.
He wanted to do this. He really wanted to. Maybe this wasn’t the moment, he could scare Sans, that’s what his controlled self was saying before he realized he had already asked for it.
“I… I just… ” He stuttered. “Can i try something?”
“Wait, what? Why?” Sans asked confused, and anxious about his sudden reaction.
“I… I promise won’t touch your soul, so please?”
Red held onto his soul protectively, uneasy, looking the other’s pleading look. He trusted Papyrus, right? That’s what he was trying to prove. He would never do something to harm him, and Sans knew it. He didn’t have to be scared anymore because this was the safest place where he could be and he was the monster that had took care of him fondly the last years.
Papyrus shifted closer and gave him a short kiss. A soft and clear light filled the space between them as he suddenly manifested his soul and slowly made it close to Red’s but without touching it directly.
He looked attentively to the short skeleton, aware of his insecurity and his stiffness. “Breathe, this won’t hurt” Pap promised with a smile before he kissed him again.
Sans just nodded, unable to speak or even correspond the kisses correctly, his eyes fixed on the pair of souls between them.
Little spots of magic began to appear from Papyrus’ soul, surrounding their cores and prodding gently the gaps and cracks in Red’s one.
The short skeleton whined, his body would’ve gone taut in normal circunstamces, but his source recognized Papyrus’ magic and relaxed every bone of him, making him sigh in a strange calm. His eyes shut in pure pleasure as his whole body melted in peace.
On the other side, Papyrus was smiling happily at Red’s unexpected reaction, loving how relaxed he looked now. Okay, step two, he needed to concentrate.
He controlled his magic and spreaded it inside the scars, looking the soft hints of clear orange filling them.
Soul scars can’t be healed. He remembered that it was impossible to insert magic and fuse it with other’s because the nature of souls couldn’t be compatible on a hundred percent.
He and Red were compatible, maybe more than a fifty percent, and that’s why he was able to regenerate his body scars despite the short skeleton’s denials.
He knew there was no chance he could do something about his state. But maybe he could do something else.
Soul scars can’t be healed…
His soul began to hurt, but he stifled every wince of pain to not disturb Red, who was nearly asleep and in peace.
He loved him. And all he wanted now was to understand him.
Blurry images and motions began to appear through his mind. Red’s memories took over him and a soft cracking noises began to echo in the room.


Do you guys remember this post? Well, yeah. This was planned since the beginning.

22. Pure
24. Sharing

A Father's Love For His Daughters [Elrond]

Prompt from imaginexhobbit

Fandom: Lord of The Rings

Word count: 1331

     The celebrations following Arwen and Aragorn’s wedding would be talked of for ages to come. Far longer than Aragorn even lived. Far longer than Arwen perhaps lived. The thought sobered you immediately, and you ceased clapping along to the music for a moment to collect yourself.

     It wasn’t easy seeing your sister marry the man, and it had nothing to do with your feelings about Aragorn. No, in fact you quite admired the man. He had courage, strength, and a loving heart. You had no doubt he would make your sister happy, but for how long? Seventy years, eighty years, ninety years? Then what?

     Even if it were one hundred years, it would be nothing. Nothing compared to the immortal lifespan of an elf.

     “Muinthel, are you ill?”

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I Put a Spell on You (pt 2)

Scout hands out Christmas presents to the good citizens of Goodneighbor, and they ask Hancock out on a date!


“There,” Scout said, stepping back to admire how the cap fit on Hancock. “Still rocking the sexy pirate look, but now much more practical.”

“Scout,” Kleo called. “Your canine is sniffing me again.

Scout turned away from Hancock and jogged over to pull Dogmeat away from the small business owner. “Sorry. She likes your voice. I do too. Both sultry and murderous.”

“Thank you,” Kleo said. “I like your business.”

“I got you something too,” Scout told her. “Hold on a second. Daisy, could you babysit Dog for just a second.”

“Sure thing, sweetie,” Daisy said. “C'mere, girl.”

Dogmeat eagerly obeyed, trotting over for a petting session while Scout retrieved their pack from inside Daisy’s store. Scout could certainly hold their own, but it didn’t hurt to deter thieves that no one dared to mess around in Daisy’s shop either, and everyone certainly got the message that you didn’t fuck with a friend of Hancock. For Kleo, Scout pulled out a small ceramic dildo and handed it over to the puzzled robot.

“I have no need of this,” Kleo said.

“It opens up right here.” Scout showed Kleo how the dildo separated at the ballsack, revealing a small knife that was normally hidden inside the shaft. “So if anyone gives you crap, you can shank a dick with a dick.”

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Request 3-

A/N: I don’t know much about being a youtuber at vidcon so tell me if I got anything wrong.
Also somethings in this I know are not the sort of thing Dan would say but it’s just a character!
(Y/c/n)=your channel name

Why did he hate you? Yes you were essentially ‘competition’ but so was Louise and he didn’t hate her. You’d spoke once at Louise’s ‘happy birthday Sprinkle Of Glitter’ party. But that was three years ago and nothing really happened between you.

Ever since that day, if you saw eachother he would give you an evil glare with his sharp chocolate eyes; if you asked Phil for help with a video he would bad-mouth you to Phil. The man didn’t even know you.

It was coming up to (y/c/n) fifth anniversary and you wanted to have a big celebration. Luckily, it was your first vidcon this year aswell so you planned to have the party there. Doing that would save time and money, you wouldn’t have to plan for all of your youtube friends to meet at yours; you would only have to plan to get your two best friends there.

The only downside of inviting youtube friends was you had to invite Phil and with Phil comes Dan. You can’t split them up. Also, the two of them would be there anyway. However, you also knew to be the bigger person, you had to deal with him being there and act like you were friends.

Not only did he bad-mouth you to Phil and probably other youtubers, he left hateful comments on all of your videos. Since you first met three years ago, and he decided to hate you,  he would put spiteful things in your comments. Things ranging from “ugh! So cringy” to “get off youtube no one likes you”. One thing you didn’t understand was, if he hated you so much why did he watch your videos?

time skip

You and Louise had just arrived at the vidcon venue and you were bombarded with a hug from Phil. Whilst you were being squeezed by the black haired man, you looked over his shoulder where your eyes  met Dans. Phil pulled away and went to hug Louise, leaving you and Dan staring at eachother. The two of you just stood awkwardly, avoiding any eye contact.

Be the bigger person (y/n) you thought to yourself looking at Dan. For a brief moment, the two of you made eye contact.
“Hi” you said just loud enough for him to hear however he didn’t respond and just ignored you.

The fans knew he hated you, they saw the comments. Fortunately they weren’t there yet to see it happening.

After a few minutes of awkwardness, you re-joined Phil and Louise who were talking about their pannels. You heard Phil mention that he and Dan were doing the ‘Featured Creators’ pannel. Your heart dropped at his words as you remembered you were also on that pannel.

time skip

After 30 minutes of awkwardness, your pannel was over and you were walking passed fans to your meet and greet area. You were stood with Louise as you walked through the hundreds if people screaming your name. Dan and Phil were walking behind you and you could hear Dan muttering things to himself. While you were walking through the crowds Louise stopped to talk to some fans, again leaving you with Dan and Phil.

Whilst you were stood with them Dan began to get cocky and start acting like he was the worlds best.
“Why are you even here (y/n). All of these amazing people and then just you” Dans words were harsh. He knew you had self-esteem issues and he just completely broke you. “I mean you’re a complete no body” he was talking louder now and you could tell some if the fans heard. After his words ended you could hear fans screaming at Dan asking why he was being mean.

You felt a heat rush to your face as you turned away from Dan and stormed to your meet and greet area. When you were fans started to ask if you were okay. They were so caring you forgot all about what Dan had said.

 At the end of the meet up you waved good bye to your fans and went to meet Louise. You were sharing a hotel room while you were away so decided to travel everywhere together. In the cab back to the hotel you spoke about how the fans had been and how the meet ups went.

The experience was great, you loved meeting the people who made your channel what is had become, it was soo heart warming for you. You told her stories of the fans all the way back to the hotel room where you saw a sad, drunk? Dan sat outside your door. You and Louise exchanged a worried look before rushing over to help the tall man.
“Dan, dan are you okay?” You asked, your voice full of concern.
“I don’t deserve your concern (y/n)” he replied slurring his words.
“Come on Dan, come inside, have a glass of water and talk to us” Louise suggested. She knew about the ‘issue’ between the two of you but you so knew it was only fair to let him in.

Now the three of you were in your room, sat in the floor, Dan in tears. “Im going to give you two some space” Louise said quietly, walking towards the door.

“(Y/n) I’m so sorry for being so much of a dick, I shouldn’t have ever treated you like I did. I onky did it to push away the feelings I have for you” Dan spoke his words quickly so you couldn’t quite catch what he was saying, but you heard the end. You sat in awe, confused at what he just said.

“I-I love you (y/n). I love your (y/h/c) hair, I love your (y/e/c) eyes. I love your personality, I love how you support people no matter what their situation is, I love you”


The story of Thorin Oakenshield

In the Battle of Azanulbizar Thorin defeated Azog, the biggest enemy of the dwarves since the Balrog of Morgoth, using a sword, and a branch as his shield. The latter would later earn him the title Thorin ’Oakenshield’. He’s lived with this title for over a hundred years, he was praised and respected no doubt. Thorin the Pale Orc slayer and whatnot. He did good. He saved the Line of Durin, even though the cost was already great, having lost his brother, father and grandfather. The role of the king passed on to him, even though during those years spent in Ered Luin he never felt like one. Nevertheless, this meant that the responsibility for reclaiming Erebor fell on his shoulders harder than ever. It was his duty and his right to do it. So he started the journey back.

Mid-way he was confronted with the same nightmare he thought he’d gotten rid off all those years ago. The one he thought was forever behind him. The one he also used to comfort himself with knowing that he had defeated it. Except he didn’t. Imagine him living for a hundred years thinking his title was worth something, only to later realize it was false. He failed. The one thing he was sure he did right came back to bite him in the ass. He was a fraud. His reputation was slaughtered on the spot. A hundred years worth of guilt and self-accusation for not finishing the job when he had the chance, a hundred years of living on fake glory came crashing on his head. In one big outburst of disbelief and rage he charged against the same enemy again and failed spectacularly. His title literally slipped through his fingers as the eagle carried him away. After that night a new purpose sparked in him. He had to defend his honor.

Then he reclaimed the mountain, his home, and the sickness struck. All of a sudden he wanted to be more. Now he called himself a king. He was powerful, rich, unbeatable. He forgot his recent grievances. He forgot about his failures. “Do not speak to me as if I were some lowly dwarf lord. As if I were still Thorin Oakenshield.” That name and that title were now small and insignificant. Not because he failed, but because now that title couldn’t have compared to that of a true king of Erebor. The treasures he’d now owned couldn’t have been countered with anything else. Not even his honor and reputation. Azog was nameless, unimportant, history.

He would’ve hid himself inside the stone walls and died there had it not been for his friends. Had he not later opened his eyes thanks to them and shed his golden armor, his crown and charged outside. He remembered who he was. For whom he did all of this. And now he risked disappointing them. He won the mountain. Now was the time to take care of one more thing. He went to make sure the snake lost more than a hand this time. For his honor, his people, for Fili and Kili he sacrificed himself and killed the enemy. He was Thorin Oakenshield again. He was the lowly dwarf lord that led his people through exile, who helped them prosper again and who with the help of 12 dwarves, a hobbit and a Wizard took back his home from a dragon. 

He was a King.

BSM: Harry Calls You Fat (part 1) - Requested

I was stood in front of my mirror, staring at myself in my new dress. I felt good, and I looked it too. I was almost down to my ideal weight and I felt like celebrating. Luckily enough for me, my big brother was taking me out for dinner. And we always have fun whenever we’re together. When I heard my front door open, followed by the unmistakable cheery hello, I squealed with excitement. I ran down the stairs and into Harry’s strong arms. He kissed me on the top of my head and hugged me tightly. I haven’t seen him in such a long time since he had been on tour. 

“Hey, lovely!” he greeted me, releasing the hug. “How are you doing? I haven’t seen you in ages!” I give a small giggle as he smiles at me.

“I’m doing great, Harry! But let’s save the small talk for dinner, alright?” I tell him.

“That’s fine by me, as I haven’t gotten the chance to take a wee in 9 hours.” He walks off to the restroom and I’m left standing by the front door, grinning like an idiot for two minutes. He comes back out and lets me know that the reservations are already made. He also adds in that he just needs to change and clean himself up a bit and then we can go.

He puts on a nice black button up shirt and some slacks that aren’t too dressy. The car ride to the restaurant reminds me of back before he was famous, when he would drive me to school or the store and we would sing along to whatever song we knew. This ride was the same. We made up lyrics to songs that we didn’t know and sang at the top of our lungs to our favorites. 

Once we arrive at the fancy restaurant, we give our name and are escorted to the table. It’s dark in here, with only two small candles lighting up the surface of each table and a dim light above. In fact, we can hardly read our menus, and I have to stifle a laugh when Harry mispronounces his order.

For the while that we wait for our food, we chat and laugh over warm bread and crisp salad. He drinks several glasses of the fancy wine and tells me of all the funny things that happened on tour, crazy fans, and what it feels like to be up on the stage almost every night. I can tell that the alcohol is having a slight impact on his brain, but not enough to be too distinct.

“It’s absolutely insane, looking out at all those screaming fans and sparkling lights,” he explains as I take a bite of my salad. “I mean, can you even imagine? Those people are screaming for me, well, us. Here I am, traveling the world and playing sold-out shows to hundreds of thousands of people. Just think, that only five years ago I was sitting home and doing nothing, now it seems like I don’t have time to even think about home. It’s just weird.”

Our waitress interrupts his ramble with our food. She sets my steaming dish of veggies, pasta, and chicken in front of me. It smells so good, I can feel my mouth watering and I can’t wait to dig in. 

“Whoa, are you sure you can eat all of that?” Harry asks me. I’m not too sure myself, since the plate is basically twice the size of his head. I shrug and shove a forkful of the delicious, hot food into my mouth. The flavors burst on my tongue, and I almost don’t want to swallow.

Half an hour later, I’m still going. The food is too good, and I can’t risk stopping only for the temptation of having more. I take a sip of my water while looking up at my brother. He has only eaten a small portion of what he ordered and is staring at me like an animal.

“What?” I ask him, taking my fork into my hand once more.

“I’ve never seen you eat like that before,” he states. In all honesty, I don’t think I have ever eaten like this before, mostly because I’ve never had food like this before.

I keep eating, and I finally become stuffed. I lean back and pat my stomach, and remember that I’m wearing my new dress.

“Harry,” I say, catching his attention. he was playing with the salt and pepper shakers. “I almost forgot to ask, but what do you think of my new dress?”

He studies my body up and down before answering. “I, uh, it’s a nice color on you.” I smile. “But it looks pretty tight.” The smile falls from my face. Tight? I know that the sizes run a little small, which is why I got one just a size bigger. It fit pretty loosely in the store, but after a few minor adjustments, I managed to make it fit a little better. But how in the world could it be tight? 

“Well…what do you mean?” I ask him carefully. I’m scared of his answer, because I know Harry would never point those things out. It must be the wine.

“I’m just saying that you look like you’ve put on some weight since I saw you last, that’s all.” He reaches a hand back to rub the back of his neck. It’s true, I have put on some weight, but it’s been more than a half a year, so of course I’m growing.

“So…are you just saying that I look different? Because that’s normal for someone my age, Harry.” I stir my straw around my half empty water glass.

He takes another drink of wine and a deep breath, then says something. “You look kind of fat, alright?”

Fat? No, Harry couldn’t have said that. But he did. He’s looking down awkwardly at his plate, pushing food around with his fork. I don’t even know what to say to him. Tears brim my eyes, and before I know what I’m even doing, I stand up from the chair and go wherever my legs take me.

Hey Jude - Part 1

Title: Hey Jude

Pairing:Daughter!Reader x Dean

Words: 6,300 (I think it’s safe to say this is mylongest yet)

Warnings: Swearing, Angst, cute puppies

Requests: Sk8rwolfy - Something different you might like. Dean had a daughter (the reader) and a girlfriend , but when the reader was around three she noticed a weird drawing on her dad’s arm (The Mark of Cain) and how Dean was being abusive towards her mother and herself. But after a long night of her mother and father arguing , the mother just decides that Dean needs to leave. So Dean gets a five minute goodbye with the reader where he promises he will come back for her.  Okay so part 2 , it’s been years since Dean has seen or heard from his daughter (the reader) so eventually decides to track her down until he finds her , now thirteen , in an orphanage (whatever reason you want , most likely her mom gave her up or she passed away) and Dean tried to apologize for not being around , they talk for a while , and as Dean is about to leave because he thinks the reader will never be able to forgive him , she just hugs him and says “I love you , you came back for me.”

A/n: Here it is! Also, I’m sorry about this not going exactly as requested, I forgot to go back through and read the request again until I was more than halfway through this, so I’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted! I’ve decided to cut this into two parts, seeing as how this part alone is already more than 6k words…Oops. That also means that I’ll try and include some things from the request in the next part!

I’ll go through and edit/Add gifs tomorrow. I don’t have school tomorrow due to weather and stuff so hopefully I can get a gif imagine or two out for you guys :D

As always, I hope you enjoy this and feel free to tell me what you think! (AND LADY GAGA AND EDDIE REDMAYNE OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!)

Song: “Hey Jude” by The Beatles


Ten Years Ago

Tiny feet hugged by the warm comfort of a pink onesie scoot along the wood floor as little fingers trace an imaginary crayon trail along the walls as a little blonde head of pillow pressed hair makes it’s way down the hall, following a pair of familiar voices coming from a room somewhere near the end. Despite the fact that it’s well past her bedtime, the child in pink is wide awake with an nearly insatiable curiosity, never wanting to miss a single second of every day, lest she miss something exciting. And that’s why she’s awake now, having been stirred from a light sleep by a mix of voices heard coming from elsewhere in the house. The voices she heard seeping through the light of the barely cracked door of her bedroom relit that curiosity, and as if enchanted by the hushed calling of Maleficent, she pulled away the covers of her bed and slowly traded the darkness of her room (save for her nightlight) for the dim golden lamp lights overhead which lead down the hallway to a door opened no wider than the width of her smallest pinky finger. She’s drawn to the bright yellow light at the end of this tunnel like a moth to a flame, completely naïve and ignorant as to what lay beyond. With each step she takes, the voices get relatively louder, until she realizes that distance is not what controls the volume. Slowly, she approaches the door and pushes it open using the palm of her hand.

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Prince!5SOS // Part 1 // The First Encounter

Prince!5SOS Modern AU—spin-off/alternate version of my Prince!5SOS Fairytale AU series because I am trash and we can never have enough Prince!5SOS.

(F/n) // Your First Name
(L/n) // Your Last Name


Orphaned at a young age, you didn’t think you’d make it this far in life but you did.

Literally you mean, because well, you just won an all-expenses paid, two week trip to some place far away from home that you didn’t even know much of—just some kingdom in the east side of the world or something, one of the very few remaining countries where royalty was actually a living, breathing, person and not someone who’d existed in history only to torture students in hundred mark exams and essays.


You didn’t know, and nor did you care to know.

You really didn’t understand why people ever elevated someone just because they were born a blue blood after all.

Okay, yeah, sure. Maybe it was jealousy speaking because you’re sure those people never knew what it was like to work three shifts a day just to pay for one crap apartment. 

Heck, they probably didn’t even know what instant noodles were or what it felt like to have night school and practically drown in coffee because your life basically required you to stay up 24/7 just to make sure you weren’t going to live in the streets by the end of the month when the rent was due.

Jealousy or not though, you’re quite happy with your life despite the way it has been a little rough on the edges for you since you lost your parents in that car crash accident on your sixth birthday as you were going home from an amusement park as part of your gift.

Now even thirteen years later, at nineteen years old, you could still remember everything about that day as if it happened just mere seconds ago. Of course you would though, seeing as that was one of the best days of your life with both of your parents actually spending time with you together instead of always being away to work to support the family.

You woke up with a buzzing feeling of excitement in your blood, had a good breakfast, went to the amusement park and rode the hell out of all the rides with your mother and father who had saved up for an unlimited ride ticket for your three. 

You also had the best lunch of fair food and snacks, won loads of (consolation) prizes from fair games, and even got a fish in a small plastic bag when your father managed to hit ten balloons with ten darts.

That day would be hard to forget, especially when your mother called it a day so you could go home and eat that (type) cake you loved, personally made by your mother for every special occasion in the family. But what was harder to forget was the transition from lively chatter to screams befitting a top-notch horror movie, followed by the skidding of tires.

Everything after that was a still darkness.

And the next time you opened your eyes was near midnight where you were in a hospital room with a police man sitting on a chair near your bedside, introducing himself as the one who brought you out of the wreckage, and the bearer of the news that for your sixth birthday, life’s present to you was the death of your parents upon impact.

From that day forward, you were orphaned and sent to an orphanage since you didn’t have any relative willing to raise an extra baggage. You’d then think the orphanage would be a lovely second home but that idea was out the window the first day you entered and were met with cold stares from the caretakers who ‘forgot’ to feed you for days on end even if you were staring them in the face and asking them for just a small meal.

The only upside of that orphanage was that it had some sort of sponsorship from a school so you were able to attend without having to pay for education, and even managed to graduate high school. 

It was probably a blessing the caretakers didn’t really care what you did too because when you found out you could get money on your own without depending on someone, you didn’t need to explain yourself when you got a part-time job and started going home later than usual.

With that job you saved up enough to be able to move out and find a shabby apartment once the orphanage had to let you go (fortunately, you thought) because you were eighteen and considered someone capable of independent living. 

It was quite a shock to you though, when after moving into your apartment, you had that police man from the day of your sixth birthday come to see you and offer you a scholarship to a local university.

It turns out he had been keeping tabs on you, the man seemingly like your protector but never had the time to personally visit you because of his line of work.

And hey, when someone offered university for free, you figured why not just take the chance so you did, but you didn’t really realize what you were getting into when all your professors turned out to be sadistic spawns of the devil that made you juggle stressful jobs and thousand word essays with unrealistic deadlines.

Even though there were good things, in a nutshell, your life was technically the textbook definition of crap.

But now as you stood on the top-most floor some five star hotel, your hands holding the cool, stainless steel railings that reached up until below your chest, and the fresh smell of the evening matched with the cool breeze coming from the private beach that served as the hotel’s backyard, you really thought maybe just this once, life had given you a break and maybe that police man who brought you to the hospital was right—maybe fate really did things for a reason

What if you survived the crash miraculously because life had something more for you than the shadow of take-home exams, homework, and shifts you had to make up for once you get back from this mini-vacation?

What if there was a reason you were here on the spacious rooftop of the hotel containing the hotel swimming pool, staring off into the ocean with a pang in your heart as memories of your sixth birthday played an endless loop in the recesses of your mind?

“You’re new here aren’t you?”

A voice asked, and you’d hurriedly snapped your head to the side, eyebrows furrowing as you saw a person about the same age as you, wearing nothing but swimming trunks, his hair mussed up and dripping at the ends while he was rubbing his arms with a soft looking towel colored a pale yellow from the lighting of the rooftop.

From one look alone you could tell he had been swimming, obviously from the pool behind you, but when had he entered? You remember being here alone, but one glance at your battered wrist watch and you guessed you were so into your thoughts that an hour had gone by without you noticing, and quite likely, you hadn’t noticed this person joining you on the rooftop at some point too.

“Uhh… yeah. I umm… won a contest.” You muttered quickly after you realized the stranger staring at you expectantly, wanting an answer to his earlier question.

“A contest?” He asked again a look of amusement on his dark brown eyes as you nodded.

“Yeah, from a supermarket back home.” You smiled, thinking you really were lucky to be spending two weeks here.

Then it was silent for a while as you stared back into the ocean, the boy then joining you later on as he crossed his arms against the top of the railing and crouched a bit, the two of you just staring off into space before you concluded you should go to bed since you planned to go sight-seeing the next day and to make the best of each day of your stay, you wanted to wake up early.

“Well I guess I’m going to bed now.” You announced, not even sure why you were telling a complete stranger this. “I’m (F/n) by the way, and it’s umm… it was nice meeting you stranger.” You managed a chuckle despite how awkward you felt at the moment.

The stranger had stood straight again from your words before he gave a light laugh too.

“Well have a good night, miss.” He said with a smile.

And you just nodded, smiling back before turning around and heading for the elevators. Before you could have entered the transport though, you heard your name being called so you looked back to the stranger with light confusion.

You were then about to ask him what was wrong when he gave you a smile and a wave of the hand before shouting to let you hear what he has to say from the distance.

”Nice meeting you too (F/n). And it’s Calum, not stranger!”


Let’s go on a small vacation over the four-day long weekend they said, it will be fun they said.

Well fun probably included your friend’s car breaking down in the middle of nowhere and you and your friends having to call for help to get the car towed, only to have to wait three hours in the middle of a dirt road before your small group three was escorted to the nearest city that was a two hour ride more away.

You were just thankful the city you arrived in was also the place your friends were planning to drag you to, but upon arrival and getting the address of where your friend’s car would be kept to be fixed, you found yourself alone as your so-called friends said you could head to the hotel first before they ran off, disappearing into a series of souvenir shops in excitement as if they didn’t just get stranded in a dirt road in the middle of a sweltering afternoon.

Oh, and it was probably worth to mention those two friends of yours had visited this place before whereas you haven’t.

But at least your friends were nice enough to quickly offer to help you carry some of the smaller bags you had before they dived into streets lined with a small passing crown and lots of shops.

It’s just that the bags your friends took coincidentally had your wallet in one and cell phone in the other so you couldn’t call for a cab and fuck, you’re sure you’ve passed that store sign for the twentieth time already in your attempt to walk to the hotel your friends had booked for your little vacation.

“What the actual fuck?!” You blurted as soon as you passed the same cursive sign for the twenty first time now.

The beautiful cursive of some sweet shop called ‘Butter Cream’ seemingly mocking you as you bit your lip and tried to calm down yourself after your earlier outburst caused some of the locals of this place to look at you in judgmental stares.

A small laugh from your left side had you snapping your head that direction though, a glare forming on your face as you stared at a tall boy with a head of tousled brown curls, a smirk on his features now that he was done laughing at your predicament. And though he wasn’t really doing anything to you, you couldn’t help the scowl that etched itself on your face.

A few moments of staring him off later and shooting him what you believed was a death glare, he left his spot on a table outside a café, the smile never leaving his lips as he’d cross the wide road, cautiously looking both sides before he walked and was soon enough standing in front of you. And you had only crossed your eyes and kept glaring, not liking this stranger who found your predicament quite amusing.

“Are you lost?” The person said with a smile, and you didn’t know if you should feel grateful that you found someone who could potentially help you, or if you should bash his face in for the teasing tone he had that further fuelled your mood in all the wrong ways.

Deciding you just really wanted to go to the hotel and sleep though, you sighed and thought you should just cut to the chase. Besides, you weren’t in the mood for any bickering anymore as the trip alone to this place had used up most of the energy you had in our system.

“Yeah, actually…” You trailed off, rubbing the back of your neck sheepishly as you just realized maybe this person had been sitting on the café for quite a while and was witness to your going around in circles all because you were too stubborn to ask for directions. “I’ve been going around in circles.” You continued.

“I know.” The person said, and you just bit your lip as a response since you just confirmed your earlier thoughts as true, that this person really did see you walking around and passing the same bakery for quite the while now.

Trying to at least alleviate the awkward atmosphere, you fixed your hold on your heavy gym bag full of clothes that you’ve packed for this weekend break. And you caught this cheery looking person looking a little confused at your bag before he met your eyes again, about to probably ask you why you were carrying such a heavy thing around but he opted to usher you to the side until you’re by the entrance of an alleyway made between two shops.

A little alarmed, you were on the defensive but the person just waved his hand back and forth to dismiss your worries.

“We were in the way.” The stranger pointed out, gesturing to the bustling crowds who were hurrying to and fro from the sidewalk. “Anyway, the name’s Ashton.” He smiled, holding out his hand that you shook awkwardly before you cleared your throat.

“My name is (F/n).” You answered after a while.

“Are you a tourist?” The person, who you now know as Ashton, asked while gesturing to your bag.

And you only nodded with a smile, feeling a bit better now as you’ve had the time to finally rest your aching feet and actually think things through in a calm manner. “Yeah, and I’m guessing you’re from around here?” You asked after a while, and you watched as the brunette glanced behind him as if looking for someone before he returned his sights to you.

“I uhh… I live farther away by the middle part of the city.” Ashton answered, and you could almost sense a reluctant tone to his voice, as if he wasn’t sure he was saying the correct information.

“So umm… can I bother you for directions?” You asked after a short silence, just wanting to crash to a bed and sleep the stressful day away.

And when Ashton gave you the go ahead to ask him, you went on to tell him the hotel name and he was deep in thought for a while before he told you it was actually just three blocks down and a left turn from the road you two were currently in.

Thanking him, you were about to start walking to the direction he pointed at when the brunette offered to walk you there just to be safe since there quite the frequent reports of criminal activity around. And you figured you needed the extra company to make the walk a little more lively anyway so you agreed, the two of you then beginning the short walk to the hotel.

It wasn’t long when conversation picked up between you and Ashton as you walked, the two of you talking about a wide selection of topics ranging from the weather to your account of the stressful events you’d encountered today, to you even finding out that Ashton was actually going to move out of this city in a month since he was planning to live at the school dorm of a university where the music program was said to be quite impressive—he’s a music major you guessed.

Then somehow you two ended up talking about royalty. Not really as surprise though since nobility really just has that certain mystery to it that had people wanting to know more.

“My friends said you’d be lucky to see or even talk to any of the nobility.” You said with a small laugh of amusement sometime into the conversation, you thinking of the times your friends kept talking to you with a sparkle in their eyes whenever blue bloods were the topic. “I don’t know what the royal family here look like though, because they’re the type whose pictures aren’t really floating around the internet.” You added while deep in thought.

Ashton then stared at you for a moment before smiling, his eyes looking forward to the hotel that was fast approaching as you two continued to walk.

“Well, I heard the eldest prince of the castle likes to sneak out so maybe you’ve seen him already.” Ashton said after a while, a smirk on his features.

“Maybe.” You muttered with a smile.

With that you two had stopped as you were not in the front entrance of the hotel you had a reservation for, you and Ashton then parting ways after you had thanked him and wished him a great day, to which he returned to you before you’d given one last wave and turned around to talk to the receptionist in the lobby so you could get the keys to your room.

Walking up to your room and flopping down on the bed, you fell asleep to the thought of your encounter with the person who saved you from circling the same block for hours on end. 

And as much as it was unlikely, you thought it would be nice to see Ashton again someday.


Mentally cursing yourself as you weaved through crowds and busy halls, you finally made it towards the corner lot of the university campus where your best friend had asked you to help out as she was opening a small café.

And of course you didn’t refuse her because you both had the type of relationship where if one needed help, the other didn’t even need to be asked to lend a hand.

That’s what being best friends were for anyway right?

You could never actually repay her enough anyway for that time she held your hand in preschool and said she’d be your friend despite the whole class going against you when your current best friend at the time decided to make you a scapegoat for her accidental killing of the class goldfish.

Childish but well, if you’re a child, the murder of the class goldfish was kind of a big thing.

In any case, you’re running late because out of the blue your last professor for the day decided to have your class watch a two-hour documentary that went way past the time allotted for his subject, then requiring each of you to present just a small essay on what you picked up from the death-inducing monotone video.

None of you and your classmates dared to leave though when he said the documentary would pretty much scope a good amount of points for the final exams at the end of the semester.


The moment you stepped into the café and heard the tingling of the small bell overhead to announce your arrival, you were engulfed in a hug. And your eyes only needed to register a mop of black hair drawn into a messed up bun for you to know this person hugging you was your best friend.

Your best friend of fourteen years: Seri Cosette.

“I thought something happened to you.” Seri said when she parted, and you could only wave your hand from side to side.

“I was… the professor held the class back.” You said between pants, now straightening up as you finally could breathe a bit normally now.

“Y’know I don’t really mind if you come early or late right?” Your best friend smiled, her dark blue eyes staring you down in a worried expression.

“I wanted to help though.” You gave her a weak smile.

And as you looked at her, you took in her clothes that were still the same dark green hoodie and washed-out, blue jean ensemble you saw earlier in the day, except now she had a black apron draped across her waist with the logo of the shop—an ice cream cone of sorts—and the words ‘The Sweet Exchange’ in small but beautiful cursive on the bottom left corner.

“It’s actually less crowded now than earlier, so it’s really okay if you don’t do anything (F/n). You’re pretty stressed from the day obviously too.” Seri said, yet you only waved her off.

“Where do I get the apron?” You asked, and you held your hand up to shush your friend when she was about to reason out that it’s really okay if you don’t work.”I’m fine really, besides, I’m basically your employee since I accepted your offer for part-time work, boss.” You teased.

“Don’t call me that.” Your best friend said with a near plead and you only gave a small chuckle since you knew she’s been telling you about how awkward she feels to be ordering her best friend around.

“If you give me the apron I’ll stop.” You smiled, and Seri had just groaned before she led the way to the staff room where there was a box of aprons on top of a wooden table.

Normally you’d be nervous about messing up on the first day of the job, but when your best friend is technically your boss and she’s been so open about her dream of making a café that during previous summers she’d invite you to your home to spend time creating a slew of beverages for your parents to taste-test, you’re pretty much trained for whatever this job can shoot at you.

So for the next hour or so, you’d been taking orders and giving back drinks and asking for what customers thought about the beverages.

Pretty soon, you and Seri then ended up being the only two in the café just thirty minutes before closing time at seven pm as the other people helping around had to leave as it was getting late and they had tests, homework, or projects that need attention.

Since most of the students had gone home for the day around that time though, there wasn’t much customers going in the café so you and your best friend could handle things as a duo perfectly well.

“Have a great day!” You greeted as another customer as she left with a cup of coffee, the woman looking back to offer you a smile before you heard the ringing of a small bell signaling her exit.

“(F/n)?” You heard Seri call from the back storage room not a moment later.

“Yeah?” You called back, peeling your eyes away from the door as your best friend emerged from the door behind you.

“I’m just going to go send a report of today’s earnings to the central student council.” She said with a smile when you nodded. “I’ll see you in a bit, then we can go back to the dorms for dinner.” She waved before she went out of the store and you’re left in silence.

Now alone, you were looking out into the glass windows of the café, the sky outside already void of any trace of the afternoon sky as it took on a navy blue coat peppered with stars. And you could have continued staring when your thoughts were snapped back to reality the moment you heard the bell by the entrance ringing, a figure clad in a black ensemble of hoodie and jeans and sneakers walking over to the counter casually.

“Umm… can I get you anything?” You said cautiously once the person was now standing before you, with only the counter separating you both.

“Coffee, please.” The person responded, and you forced a smile as you nodded and went to accept a bill from his hands before you separated ways, you going to make the drink, while he went to sit in a booth by the corner.

As you prepared the customer’s drink, you saw a lone piece of cake by the display case on the counter and thought for a moment before you took it out, placed it on a tray with the coffee, and then went over to grab a stirring spoon, some cream and sugar, a few table napkins and a fork for the cake before you went over to the guy looking out the window.

“Here you go.” You informed when you set the tray on his table, and the customer spared the tray a glance before he looked up at you, a shade of confused pale green meeting your sights. “Umm… that’s a leftover by the way.” You gestured to the cake.

“Won’t you get in trouble or something?” He asked.

“Doubt it.” You smiled. “My best friend’s the one who owns this place, and I can pay for it too anyway.”

“I can—”

“No, really. Just take it.” You smiled, cutting off the stranger who you’re sure would offer to pay instead. “If you really want to pay me back though, maybe visit again?” You joked.

“I’ll come back soon then.” The person said with a smile, and you took a moment to look at his features, black hair sticking up in angles, green eyes, and lips curled into a smile. And it took you a while to realize those lips moving, snapping you out of a short trance.

“What?” You asked hurriedly, looking confused as the stranger let out a small laugh.

“I said my name is Michael.” He started, smiling all the while. “What’s yours?”

“It’s (F/n).” You smiled back.

“So are you closing soon?” Michael asked, and you glanced at the wall clock on the wall behind the counter before you nodded.

“My best friend’s out, and I’ll just be waiting for her to come back before we go and close up. I think she’ll take a while so you can take your time though.” You said, and then you left the person to his coffee before you’re back at the counter.

With nothing left to do, you proceeded to clean the display case and the counter, just wishing the day would end.

Yet at the same time, as you saw the person eating silently in the corner, scrolling though things on his phone while occasionally looking out the window, Michael then suddenly just turning to look at you who was standing by the counter before he mustered another smile your way that you returned, you guessed maybe going a little bit overtime couldn’t hurt.


As the daughter of the top entrepreneurs in the field of business, you had known for a long time that an arranged marriage was probably something you’re going to have to get when you’re older.

It’s just that you never really expected that at nineteen, your parents were already talking to you about marriage plans and saying just one morning that in a couple hours you’d be going to a restaurant in some hotel in the city because you’re going to meet the person who was supposed to be your fiancé.

But even if you didn’t go to the lavish dinner set-up later on, you knew who your fiancé was and he probably knew you too because the media was quite adamant on trailing you and your fiancé’s family around

After all, you were the daughter of the CEOs of one of the world’s most famous company engineering advancements in research and technology, and he was simply put, a blue-blood prince who was part of one of the rare royal families surviving in modern day times.

Oddly though, you and your fiancé had never met personally, as a plus, your betrothal to each other wasn’t known to the public too because for one, you guys had enough cameras following you around and didn’t need a couple hundred more.

And as cliché as it sounded, the story of your betrothal to the famed prince was because your great grandmother from your father’s side apparently helped the Royal Hemmings Family when she was starting up the foundation that would later bloom to be your successful family business and somehow your great grandmother became good friends with the current queen at the time—the prince’s great grandmother no less.

So this little marriage arrangement was created that if in the next generation of the family lineage, one would have a girl, and the other would have a boy, the two would be wed in respect to the late queen’s last will.

It just so happens that for the next generation after that arrangement, both families only had sons and no daughters so it was pushed onto the third generation instead where as luck would have it, you were born the only daughter of your parents, and the Royal Hemmings Family had sons.

Then because your age was closest to their youngest prince, it was seen as right that you would be married to the one whose age was the same as yours.

It goes without saying you’re a little annoyed about this arrangement though, but your family owed your great grandmother a lot because you’re standing where you are because of her.

At least you didn’t have any boyfriend at the moment so that was one problem off your list, but what about the prince though?

Out of curiosity, you went snooping around the internet a couple days ago and a few pages down the Google search page, you saw a fan website where an anonymous person posted a blurry picture claiming it was of the prince, and in the picture he was with a girl too, the two of them hand in hand and leaving a movie theater as the caption said.

In any case, whether or not the blurred picture was of the prince, you definitely weren’t going to marry someone who was already happily in love with another person, nor were you going to go on with the marriage if he did break up with her but won’t even acknowledge you because his heart belonged to someone else.

“This way please.”

Your thoughts are cut short as you now stand in front of the entrance to the hotel, you and your parents then following one of the hotel staff who had led you to the restaurant on the topmost floor.

From there, a woman dressed in a formal black pencil skirt, black pumps, a long-sleeved, collared, white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, and a head of a tight blond bun had escorted your family to a table with the view of the beautiful city underneath, and if you looked to the right you could pretty much see the tall building of your family company way out into the distance.

“Would you like any water, miss?” The lady from before had asked, and you nodded your head, watching as she poured water on what looked like a wine glass before she asked the same of your parents.

You were sitting on a rectangular table for six people, you, your mother, and your father taking one side in that order, and the empty seats across you would probably be filled by any arrangement of the parents of your fiancé, and your fiancé himself as it appears the other two older princes had prior arrangements scheduled and couldn’t come meet their youngest brother’s betrothed.

A few minutes of waiting later, and an announcement was then made from the lady who escorted you to the table—you concluded she was probably the dinner server for your family tonight.

And no sooner was the announcement made had you and your parents stood up to greet a group of three who had entered, the king and queen dressed a formal theme like your parents had done, the four adults then greeting each other with a handshake as you bit your lip in nervous haste when you saw a boy trailing behind the two and shaking your parents’ hands.

You had also shaken the king and queen’s hands, smiling at compliments and answering their questions about how you were doing at university.

Then it wasn’t that long when you and a tall boy were standing in front of each other, an awkward atmosphere quickly settling between you two because you were technically strangers from any point before this moment, and to think you’d be walking the aisle in the near future to be his wife was kind of unsettling.

“Nice to meet you, I’m (F/n).” You said, holding out your hand for a shake.

“I heard.” The boy smiled back and took your hand, making you furrow your brows when he pulled your hand closer because you were sure that wasn’t how handshakes were supposed to work. Your confusion was short lived though when the prince bent down slightly and brought your hand to his lips, giving the back of your hand a soft peck before he returned your hand to your side. “Nice to meet you, I’m apparently your fiancé, and my name is Luke.”

You had only nodded by then, the two of you then settling down for the dinner being set up and you just staying quiet while eating, maybe occasionally making small talk with the prince sitting across from you as you two’s parents just delved right into discussing about marriage plans.

Frequently, you noticed Luke looking blankly behind you from time to time though, and you forced a bitter smile before you excused yourself from the dinner table to go out into the terrace of sorts to a side of the hotel restaurant.

Holding the railings and looking into the city lights as the wind combed through your locks, you spent minutes in this silence before someone stood next to you.

“It’s a pretty view.”

You looked to the side and nodded at the words of the prince, and it was silent for a few more moments before he spoke again.

“Umm… I was wondering why you left.” He muttered, and you looked up at him before jabbing a thumb gently to the direction of the restaurant behind you.

“Didn’t want to obscure your view from your girlfriend.” You stated with a forced smile.


“I don’t think you can fool me with that.” You stated, looking back onto the view before you.

“Look, I’m sorry just—”

“It’s okay.” You stared down into the busy streets, hands holding around the railings tighter. “I expected it anyways, but don’t worry… just give me some time and maybe we can dissolve this whole thing.”

From the silent response you got, you couldn’t help but feel a small prickling sensation in your heart. He was your fiancé technically, so it kind of hurt, but your pride was the one taking the greatest blow out of this. More than that though, now that you’ve confirmed everything, you sympathized with the girl who the prince loved.

It wasn’t right to break what they had just because of an arrangement from the earlier generations. You wouldn’t be able to live with it too.

Sighing, you then faced the prince and taken his hand to give it a squeeze before you let go.

“It was nice meeting you, Luke.” You murmured, not able to help the pained smile you showed.

And then you left, your heels clicking in the cemented floors of the terrace, mirroring the rapid beating of your heart as you reentered the café and plastered a fake smile through the whole meeting while conversing with Luke’s parents, and your own.

✖ A/N: I really liked the idea of modern Prince!5SOS but wasn’t sure if you guys would like it so I went ahead with a fairytale AU. Then I thought why not post both versions so I decided to just make this part 1 as a trial part so you guys can read it and decide if you want me to continue this.

Please let me know what you think! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

hey everyone! to celebrate 2016 finally coming to an end, I decided to whip together a reclist of my favorite Teen Wolf fics I read this year! this list is skewed towards femslash and rarepairs, because those are two of my favorite things! 

this list contains a total of 65 fics across 40 ships. if you enjoy any of the fics recced here, please let the authors know through commenting, kudosing, or reblogging! ao3 links have been provided where available, but many of these fics are available on tumblr as well. please read the warnings and tags on all works before reading!

so without further adieu, let’s get this party started!


double shot of what the heck by kirargent, 1778 words. Rated T.
A girl in New York Allison’s age had a freak accident in a power substation—should’ve been electrocuted; wasn’t. It took hardly any digging at all to uncover the fact that she’s the daughter of one Noshiko Yukimura, a woman who’s changed her name several times but whose face looks just the same as it did hundreds of years ago.

Perfect Presents by @fandom-madnessess, 1870 words. Rated G.
Kira had come up with the perfect Christmas gift for Allison, and the perfect way for her and Braeden to ask Allison out. Then, of course, her clumsiness ruins it.


just before sunrise by @derekslaura, 1226 words. Rated E.
Cora slips her fingers over the ripples in the sheets – one two three four, smooth waves – and tries to be patient with her brain as it processes the still-warm linen and empty space. She’s the only person in the bed. The dim glow falling at her feet is still soft, just before sunrise. A loud, seeking groan slips through her lips as she rolls into several feet of unoccupied bed.

features trans, ace spec Cora and aro spec Allison.


and your knee socks by @sleepy-skittles, 17,274 words. Rated T. 
Allison Argent is a halfback playing for Seattle Reign, and despite having her professional life on track, preparing to represent the United States on the National Women’s Soccer Team, that’s the only place in her life she feels really satisfied. There’s pressure from her family, especially her mother, to always be Perfect, and she’s been burying the things she wants to try to get there. She might or might not be in love with her roommate and her teammate Kira, and Allison doesn’t even want to touch what’s going on with Cora Hale. When they all head to Canada for the Women’s World Cup, Allison’s finally forced to make an important choice, and to learn something important: that maybe, if she’s brave, she can have everything she wants, after all.


Heroes of My Heart by @fandom-madnessess, 3945 words. Rated T.
Allison, Scott and Isaac are a great team, at home and in the field. When Isaac gets badly hurt on their latest mission, Allison and Scott get him home as fast as they can, worrying about Isaac all the way. And Isaac, he’s got some worries of his own.

Keep reading

Turning Pages – Chapter 12

Turning Pages – Chapter 12

Lauren woke up the next morning to an unexpected invitation from Camila asking her to join her for lunch, as long as her schedule allowed for it. The TA sent back a confirmation text to her student and spent her first class in anticipation of their lunch date.

When she walked into the library café, Camila had already arrived and was seated at a small table, earbuds in as she gazed distantly out the window. Lauren took a moment to admire the girl’s serene appearance, soft brown eyes, skin glowing in the rays of the sun. She had a small cup of either coffee or tea in front of her and Lauren recognized her copy of The Lovely Bones resting on the table as her fingers drummed lightly on the front cover.

“Hey” The TA smiled after finally approaching the daydreaming student. She set her bag on the floor, pulling out the chair in front of the girl she had just been observing. “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No, no.” Camila shook her head, hastily removing the small buds from her ears only to get them caught in her hair. Lauren giggled, reaching forward to help untangle the wires from the silky strands, her hand accidentally brushing against the younger girl’s cheek causing them both to blush.

“Thanks.” Camila gave a timid smile once she was freed. Lauren returned it with an equally shy grin, ducking her head timorously.

“So… what’s up?” Lauren asked cautiously. She wasn’t quite sure why Camila had texted her, asking to meet up. But nonetheless, she was excited. Not that she wanted to see overeager, she just enjoyed the girl’s company.

“I finished the book last night.” Her student said proudly.

“That was fast.” Lauren’s gasped, unable to hide her surprise.

“I umm… sorry?” Camila apologized causing Lauren to giggle.

“No.” She placed a reassuring hand on the younger girl’s arm. “I’m impressed.”

“Oh.” The brown-eyed girl blushed. “Thanks.”

“So…” Lauren prompted.

“I read what you wrote in the back of the book.” Camila suddenly blurted, pushing the book towards her as if she had just been caught trying to steal it. “I’m sorry if it was personal. I just…”

“Whoa!” Lauren chuckled. “It’s alright.” She assured, taking the book and opening it to the inside of the back cover, her eyes skimming over the words. She had written that years ago when she first read the book in high school.

“Honestly, I completely forgot I even wrote it.” She continued. “It was a long time ago.”

“Well I, umm, I just wanted to say that you have made a difference in someone’s life.” Camila mumbled blushingly.

“Thanks.” Lauren gave a bashful appreciation. “Did you like the book?”

“Loved it.” Camila nodded, launching into a passionate discussion of her own take away from the novel. Lauren sat and watched as the girl’s eyes came alive, her hands moving animatedly as she spoke.  She nodded along, loving Camila’s outlook on life, love, and finding true happiness.

Before she knew it they had moved on from topic to topic, completely losing track of time. Lauren was holding her stomach as she gasped for air, her muscles aching from laughter.

“I can’t believe you called your camp counselor a son of a bitch!” She said between breaths. Camila had just finished telling her about the first swear word she ever learned. She had been watching a movie and the main character had teasingly called another one character a “son of a bitch.” Like all young children that engage in observational learning, Camila had tried to use the phrase on someone else, assuming it was a term of endearment.

“I didn’t know what it meant!” The student defended, her bottom lip jutting out in a pout. “And everyone else was laughing.”

“You were such a rebel.” Lauren teased, wiping the tears from her eyes, beginning to calm herself down. When she looked up, Camila’s puppy dog face had softened and their eyes locked briefly until a clatter from behind the café counter caused her to look away. Noticing the clock on the wall, Camila sat up, suddenly alert.

“Shoot!” She apologized. “I have to go. I’m going to be late for class.” She rushed, slinging her bag frantically over her shoulder. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Definitely.” Lauren nodded as she watched Camila spin rapidly on her heels and was out the door.

The rest of the week passed easily enough for Lauren. She had spent most of her time completing various course work for her classes and hanging out with her roommates until they became a bit too much to handle. She would then retreat to her room, turning the pages of the latest novel she was reading.

Between all this, sometimes she would text Keaton. They would exchange greetings and small talk but nothing more. He was a nice kid and Lauren liked talking to him, but she couldn’t get passed seeing him as a friend. Something about him was just lacking. So whenever he tried to send a flirty text message, she would always respond with the most neutral reply, not wanting to lead the boy on.

Sometimes she would text Camila. They would get into animated discussions about big things, life philosophies, morals. Other times they would joke around and tell each other funny stories from their pasts. Conversations came more easily for them than it did between her and Keaton.

On Saturday morning, Lauren awoke, one hand searching blindly until her fingers connected with the object she had been searching for. Placing the glasses on the bridge of her nose, she yawned before reaching down to scoop her laptop off the floor. Tussling her bedhead, she launched her web browser, routinely checking all forms of social media before making her rounds on CMW, making sure to save the word essay she was most interested in for last.


It’s interesting how the action of “kicking” becomes the noun “kick” once the action has been completed. You literally “kick a kick.”

Refocusing back to the word in general, the obvious thing would be to write about kicking a ball, most likely a soccer ball and then branching off onto a tangent of some sport that I find interesting. Sadly, or maybe not so sadly, I never played a sport. I’ve always joked that I don’t play sports, I play instruments. But I have been kicked before. It was rather painful, too. My little sister kicked me plenty of times when she threw a temper tantrum, her eyes filled with tears because she didn’t get the last cookie or something along the lines of the same trivial matter. She has since grown out of that phase, thankfully. But that always makes me wonder… Do you ever think about the concept of pain and how weird it is?

When we are young, and scrape our knees, no matter how small the cut, we wail out in pain, crying hysterically and probably drive our parents, attempting to console is, up a wall. Yet we can watch a movie with a deer’s mother dying and not shed a tear (mostly because we don’t have the cognitive ability to comprehend the concept of death).

Fast forward to puberty and suddenly we are completely numb to the pain that results from physical injury, but heartache becomes a hundred times more painful. If you had to choose, you’d pick 1000 knee scrapes over the pain of just one sad situation. Suddenly pain is not physical. It’s emotional. Rejection. Death. Humiliation. Anger. And the feelings you have associated with “pain” is magnified.

Suddenly, she felt her stomach lurch at the thought of the beautiful girl as she imagined her sitting in front of her laptop, a stack of books piled by her side as she typed away, delicate fingers gracing over the keys. She adored her mind and admired her ability to think so beautifully.

Something had started brewing in the back of Lauren’s mind; an idea that her roommates had planted and was now magnifying the more she interacted with the girl. She was now hyperaware of her actions and wanted to get her mind off things before she started to overanalyze their friendship.

Lauren clicked the red envelope so as to avoid the urge to comment again on the student’s writing.


I’m terribly sorry to do this but I received a last-minute invitation to attend a conference in Chicago. I will be meeting with members of the English departments of various schools all over the country to discuss the implementation of new literary programs and study abroad options.

Unfortunately, because this was a last-moment decision, I was unable to schedule a flight back in time for Monday’s class so I am asking that you please take my place in teaching for the day. The reading assignment was “Password,” which I recall you having a greatly insightful class discussion about when you had read it in class.

I have faith that you will do a fantastic job of playing devil’s advocate. Take a Socratic approach and lead them to “why.” Avoid groupthink.

Again, I am terribly sorry to put this on you so hastily, but I have no doubt that you will carry the class    wonderfully.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

-Professor Pierce


By the fourth week of classes, Camila had learned the routines and habits of each of her professors. Walker would always tap his pointer finger on the side of his leg when the class wasn’t responding and he felt nervous. Baker always focused his attention on the first two rows of the class and nowhere else. She made sure to sit in the back or at least the middle of the room. Carter didn’t really seem to care about anything and just read the lecture slides word for word directly from the screen of his tablet. Johnston and Decker didn’t even seem to care whether or not the students were paying them any attention. And then there was Pierce, who was too caught up in his own world to even notice whether or not anyone was listening. He was too excited about his own thoughts to have them bring him down as he happily rambled in front of the class.

After jotting down the word essay for the week, she had opened her laptop as always, hiding the latest book she had borrowed from her TA behind the screen, fully expecting to have the period just to relax and get lost in the novel.

To her surprise, instead of sitting back down after she had set the chalk down, she watched as Lauren made her way to the podium.

“Professor Pierce had to go to a last-minute conference,” Lauren explained as the buzzing of chatter died down. “So I’ll be teaching today.”

Camila replaced her bookmark, shutting the book softly and setting it aside. In her peripherals she noticed Marielle raise an eyebrow at her uncharacteristic behavior but she didn’t mind. Her eyes were on Lauren, giving the girl her undivided attention and support.

“So, today’s reading was about a 1920s work that was an extremely controversial piece of the time.” Lauren continued. “Does anyone want to give a quick summary of the story?”

A small blond at the front of the room raised her hand and Lauren nodded for her to continue. “It’s about a woman who snuck out to go to a speakeasy and falls in love with the flapper in charge of the place even though she has a husband.”

“Good, Mikaila.” Lauren nodded giving the girl an encouraging smile. Camila wondered why Lauren knew the girl’s name, feeling a pang of… was that jealousy? Before realizing that as a TA it was expected that she put names to faces eventually. She mentally scolded herself for being so irrational with her sudden spike of feelings.

“Let’s start off the discussion pretty easily.” The TA offered, removing the thick-rimmed glasses from the collar of her shirt and placing them on her nose as she shuffled with the papers in front of her.  “What do the main character’s gloves symbolize?”  She asked, opening the floor to the class.

A boy in the row in front of her raised his hand.

“Go ahead.” Lauren smiled. “You don’t need to raise your hand with me. It’s weird. I’m like the same age as all of you.” She urged, now addressing the entire room. “Just jump in when you have something you want to say. When you discuss things with your friends you don’t need to raise your hand.” She said with a friendly tone.

The boy nodded before responding. “She can’t be herself until she’s alone or with her lover because that is where she truly discovers herself.” Lauren shook her head in agreement at first, a smirk slowly creeping on her face.

“Was she really herself though?” The TA questioned, her green-eyes shined playfully. “Because the first time they did anything was when she was drunk.”

“That was actually just the first time they had sex though.” A mousy brunette piped in. “When she was still being denied in the beginning for not knowing the password, she was sober. She could have given up but she kept coming back.”

Camila observed Lauren’s body language, her features relaxed and musing. “But why did she keep coming back?” The TA prompted. “For the alcohol? The flapper? Or to get away from her husband?”

“Well, just go off that,” another voice from the back of the room offered, “Even after she got in, she still came back.

“True.” Lauren pointed a finger in acknowledgment of the statement. “So I ask again, why did she keep coming back after she got in? For the girl? The alcohol? Or to get away from her husband?”

The class was silent.

“Ok. How about this?” She continued. “Does anyone think that the main character loved or at some point did love her husband?”

“He gave her everything and they were happy before.” A boy in the back of the room said. Camila recognized him as Keaton from a few nights ago. “She’s ungrateful.” He added, rolling his eyes. Something about the way he arrogantly spat the last part of his statement caught Camila’s attention and before she knew it she was spurting out her own objection.

“Socrates says that you can’t really know love until you know hate.” She presented. “You can’t have one thing without the other. Maybe she didn’t know she was attracted to women until she was with one.” Her eyes met Lauren’s playful ones and she could have sworn she saw something flash across them. But just as quickly as it had appeared, the TA was back to her same pensive self.

“But she was with her friend and her house servants were all female.” Lauren speculated. “So if you’re saying that, are you saying she should or should not be attracted to all women?”

“Maybe she was just attracted to her as a person, mentally or emotionally.” Camila responded evenly. “Like you said, you have to have an experience, a lack of something, to realize that you want the opposite of it.” She pointed out, bringing up the TA’s own argument. “So we’re looking at it from a physical point of view, male and female. But in terms of other connections, maybe she was attracted to her because of the mental and emotional connection that she didn’t have her husband.”

“Great point!” Lauren smiled softly, but continued to play devil’s advocate. “So then do you think that what she did was ultimately right?”

“Right to her heart, maybe, yes.” Another student engaged. “But considering the time period and societal norms, no.”

“But doesn’t that mean that we’d have to accept the norms are ultimately right?” The TA baited, a bold eyebrow raised as she prodded. Again the class was silent as they considered her viewpoint.

“Let’s step back.” She continued. “Do you believe that today’s rules are the ultimate governance of what’s right?”

“Well does right mean good? And does wrong mean bad? Because what one person may think is right for them might be wrong for someone else.” One of the boys to her left stated.

“I think that in the end the point isn’t whether something good is right or something bad is wrong, those are subjective.” Camila pointed out. “It ultimately comes down to questioning everything, neither accepting what we know as good or bad, right or wrong. Don’t accept but don’t dismiss. Just question.”

Camila finished, watching as Lauren looked at her, beaming with pride.

“Exactly.” She agreed, their eyes locking, the room suddenly feeling empty, as if it were just to two of them talking. They were brought out of their staring contest by a cough from the side of the room.

It seemed as though their discussion had come to a conclusion. She watched Lauren lift a toned leg, reaching into her boot to retrieve her phone. Camila couldn’t help but smile at the peculiar hiding place.

“Alright so since Pierce isn’t here,” The green-eyed girl smirked. “Would anyone be against me letting you out fifteen minutes early?”

A chorus of no’s echoed around the room, accompanied by a few cheers.

“Alright! That settles it.” She affirmed as the class bustled with chatter. “Great discussion today, guys. Have a good day!” She dismissed with a wave.

Camila, along with the rest of the students, began to pack up her belongings. She then felt light smack on her forearm.

“What was that all about?” Dinah kinked a brow. “You never talk in class.”

“You never even look up from the book in your lap.” Marielle added.

“Nothing.” Camila shrugged, trying to play it off. “I just liked the assignment for today.”

“It was about a lesbian affair.” Her best friend scrunched her nose up disapprovingly.

“I don’t know.” Her roommate posed. “It was a little heavy but oh so scandalous.” She said, exaggerating the word “scandalous” as she theatrically placed a hand over her mouth.

“You know, sometimes I think you’re dorkier than me.” The Latina giggled.

“Rude!” Dinah shot back, releasing a fake, exasperated gasp.

“Hey.” A husky voice greeted them. She was so caught up in Dinah’s performance that she hadn’t even noticed Lauren had approached them. “Nice point today.” She complimented.

“Thanks. You’re a good teacher.” She praised, nudging the junior’s arm lightly.

“Yeah?” Lauren smiled good-naturedly. “I noticed you actually paid attention to the lecture today.” She teased lightheartedly. “Usually you have your nose buried in your book… or should I say… my book.”

“Hey!” She said in fake offense.

“Kidding.” The TA laughed. “So, any fun plans after class today?”

“Pretty Little Liars is on.” Dinah cut in. For a second, Camila had momentarily forgotten that they weren’t alone. “We watch it religiously.”

“It’s tradition.” Marielle chimed in.

“Oh. Mani, Alexa, and I watch it too.” Lauren admitted. “I blame Normani for getting me into it. She kept talking about Shay Mitchell and I just had to see what all the hype was about. Do you guys maybe want to come over and watch it?”

“Would it be weird hanging out with your TA?” Her best friend asked hesitantly.

“Nah.” Lauren assured. “DJ and Camz have already partied it up at my place before.”

“Yeah” Dinah laughed. “That party was hella sick!”

“More like you were hella sick.” Camila teased.

“Oh whatever.” Her roommate rolled her eyes, turning her attention back to the junior. “We’ll be there.”

“Sweet. I’ll see you then.” Green-eyes winked. “Just shoot me or Mani a text before you head over.”

“Will do.” They promised before parting separate ways.

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