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lance mcclain’s day off. in which lance decides to skip school and hunk, pidge, and keith tag along. zarkon as the principal. allura as the older sister trying to catch her younger brother skipping school. shiro is there too?? trying to catch keith or sth. and instead of the ferrari, they’re taking voltron for a joyride ok thanks bye

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i thought id share something that happened today. there's a guy in my class who messaged me today "anything new on reverse?" i started to celebrate bc i have a special place in my heart for people who read fanfiction im in love with and talk to me about it (at the same time i was paranoid like how does he know i read it too did he hack me or??) but it turned out i just forgot we had discussed earlier the code we needed to write for programming class and one of the functions was called reverse :(

xD That’s very amusing! 

I'll banish her pink furry arse back to wonderland (Draco x reader) Warning;cute Draco, torture A/n; I thought my account would flop but I'm getting there! Follow for follow and leave requests

I lye in my usual spot on Draco’s bed, eating sweets from honeydukes, my tie lazily slung on the floor. Mind you I forgot to include I was by myself. I had not seen my boyfriend since early lunch hours and had not found this highly suspicious, him probably been dragged off by his cronies somewhere

I eat another peppermint toad and look at my wristwatch. Shit I had an 8 o'clock detention with Umbridge for 3 hours. Only few knew what her detentions were like as victims were too scared too say a word too anyone. I redo my tie and grab Draco’s large robes and sling them on my tiny body. I mumble too myself as I walk through the common room and out of the portrait, my mind grazing over earlier events

The lesson had only lasted 10 minutes before I piped up with my incredibly sassy, quick witted voice. Umbridge had previously told us we not allowed to use our Wands or any magic for that matter, which only earned a small mumble of disapprovement from me since this is DADA. I wasn’t the least bothered if she heard me the ugly toad.

I had started my discussion with Draco and was mindlessly playing with his fingers, a trait I had picked up over nearly 2 years of dating.

“Miss (y/l/n), under the educational decree number 31, approved by the ministry of magic, boys and girls are not allowed to be within 8 inches of each other. You have moved your chair closer to Mr Malfoy’s and are now breaking the rules even further.” She says, her voice letting out a little squeak at the end and pointing her wand at our interlocked hands

I get looks in the class by fellow students. They know that no one gets in the way of me and Draco. I stand up, push my chair closer to MY boyfriends and slam my hands on the table, going on a vent and adding in some snarky comments. I then sit on my boyfriends lap, smirking up. I am definitely not surprised I’m in syltherin. This is how I earned my 3 hour detention

*Back to normal time*
I make it to her blindingly pink office and sit at the desk, watching her stir 8 large spoons off sugar into her tea. I reach for my quill but she scoffs and hands me one of her ‘special’ quills. I take it and ask her what she wants me to write.
’ I must not sass a teacher’

I bite my lip hard and begin writing quickly, my neat handwriting not getting the least bit messy. I feel a burning sensation in my hand and roll my sleeve up. The lines had carved itself on my non writing hand. I carry on, trying my hardest not to cry out in the long, agonising hours. As soon as I get let out of her office, small tears fall from my cheek.

I look at my right hand and see the blood seeping out the cut. It had been carved in the same place over and over again and I began to feel it on my bones as the time ended. I hurry to the common room, almost tripping over Draco’s long robes. I whisper the password and hold up my wand, 'lumos’ I say, the blue/white light sparking at the end of my wand. I walk up to the boys dorm and see the beds empty, expecting Draco’s too be empty also.

I remove my shoes and socks first before stumbling out of my skirt and shirt, leaving me in my undergarments. I look at a Clock, seeing it’s 11:30, It had seriously taken half an hour getting here and undressed!? I put on one of Draco’s large shirts and envelope into the smell of green apples. I throw back the covers tiredly and collapse. I feel hands instantly wrap around me and I know who it is. I turn over and kiss his forehead before he turns on the lamp.

He looks so good with his messy hair and bare chest, his six pack in clear view. I restrain myself from looking and he grabs my hands. I wince when he touches the new cute and he notices, looking down. I see him frown but it quickly turns to anger. That anger slows ebbs away to sadness and he looks at me.

“Is this from Umbridge’s detention? I swear if it is I’ll banish her pink furry arse back to wonderland quicker than you can say Salaz-” I cut him off with a kiss which he quickly accepts too. He pulls away smiling and rubs my hand gently.

“Look, I did it for you, she wasn’t letting us be together and I wasn’t having it. I’m in Slytherin for a reason and a damn good one to make me The Slytherin Princess’ I smirk and he pulls me in. He rubs my cheek telling me how much he loves me and never wants too see me hurt. I notice the time and notify him on this. We darken the room and climb under the cover cuddling, finally happy I’m in the warm embrace of my Love.


My Life (Uncensored) 

For a couple of weeks maybe months, I’ve been struggling with some things. One of them being finding a job in my field. With so much going on in my life, I have to say it’s been tough, I honestly didn’t see myself making a post like this, but I guess I’m feeling a little comfortable in opeinig more about myself and letting you guys see more about me on what’s going on..?. I’m praying to God that he’ll open up a door for me. He knows what I want in life and I know he’ll never leave me alone. Yes, I get scared and think to myself that I’m completely alone, but in times like this is where I need to be closer to him and leave it all into his hands. These pictures are meant to be posted yesterday but since I got quite late from this interview that I had and I had things to do, I forgot. Hoping that this will be the start of a new chapter in my life, by the grace of God. I hope everyone is having  good week so far. Thank God for my spring brake that starts tomorrow.. I need to rest  😪

P.S. Excuse my face.. I was exhausted… I wasn’t sure If I was going to post these pictures.. 

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I've been meaning to give you this quote, so I figure the "first sentence" thing is as good a chance as any. "They broke the wrong parts of me, they broke my wings and forgot I had claws" you can change it so another character is saying it about Riza if that would make it easier. I just really wanted to give you that quote before I forgot again!

They broke the wrong parts of me; they broke my wings and forgot I had claws.

That was the mantra Riza Hawkeye had repeated to herself over and over again until it became scripture. It was the only thing she could do to distract herself from the insurmountable pain that plagued her since the moment they had fractured her arm. 

She braced her back against the wall and lifted the back of hand that held she blade she had found so she could wipe away the beads of sweat and blood that had saturated her brow. 

After everything that had happened, she decided that it was no longer about the precept she had bound herself to; rather, it was about surviving so that she could see another day.

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Okay here is a random idea for you Stan getting married to Wendy but running off with Kyle during the wedding

i actually had watched a scene like this, but forgot its source is Japanese or Korean drama. but yeah, i guess that will happen :) because stan found he can’t live without kyle

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This is such a weird idea (sorry not sorry) but what if the reader is Ethan's S/O and they just get really ill out of the blue (fainting spells, extreme exhaustion, fever... etc) and no one has any clue what to do to help so Ethan is literally like to Gear, "Look dude, you fix her, we share this body" And that's all I got.. Sorry I had an ending but I forgot but maybe now you have some creative le-away? Sorry.. Thank yeh :D

*psst* i was going to do something similar for the “like clockwork” series.
Great minds think alike

I forgot I had my speakers plugged in and at full volume last night but I was on that ‘want some fuk’ bird video and I pushed play a few seconds into it aND AT 3 IN THE MORNING AT FULL VOLUME ‘LEMME SMASH’ BLARES THROUGH MY HOUSEHOLD