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hello, everyone! it’s that time of year again. i just wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone who follows me. a lot of you have changed your urls this year and i’ve been gone quite a bit, so i’m sorry if we’re mutuals and i didn’t add you. i hope you’ve all had a good 2016, despite some of the things that have happened  and i hope 2017 is amazing for you all! happy holidays!!! ♥

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Mayor Lairep’s reference!

  • halo or Celeste ribbon
  • post-op eyepatch
  • Kiki and Lala dress
  • white stockings or white socks (knee high)
  • Kiki and Lala shoes or mary janes
  • floofy orange hair
  • aqua blue eyes
  • optional: a white mystery bag or an axe

she has:

  • a soulless stare that can see into your soul
  • a sweet smile that means to reassure (but does the opposite)

she likes loves:

  • her villagers
  • her town
  • her axe
  • you

She is a very normal little mayor who’s just doing her best to run her town. Please, don’t be afraid to approach her if you need any help or new friends!

*loves the Fic to the point of animating scenes from it*


Crazy Skills & Combos Gymnasts Have Only Shown in Training (so far) Part 3/: Skills I found after already making gif sets for Kohei Uchimura and Simone Biles

(L-R): Triple Tuck (HB), Weiler Full (UB), Triple Twisting Side Somi (TumblTrak)

Happy New Years Eve everyone! I figured I would end 2016 on a positive note with a follow forever! (and yes I know it’s 2017 rn for a lot of you but…bear with me)

pls ignore the shitty banner I tried ok

You guys are all so amazing, thank you for making my 2016 so much better! Sorry if I forgot anyone, I had to go through a lot of urls. 

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