forgot i dosed

Today’s life story for you all and a Grown Up thing i had to do:

So I got my prescriptions filled in my parents town Monday and left them there when I drove home, almost three hours away.

I had one pill left in the stash I carry with me.

My parents are, however, going to be here on Friday so not that bad except that’s three days without medication and I only had tonight’s dose because I forgot yesterday’s dose and fellow mental ill folks this week of wonky meds wouldn’t do good.

So I went to the pharmacy to beg for three pills.

(They were $56/pill and I almost cried.)

The pharmacist told me to call the insurance and claim a lost medication. So I did. In the middle of the store like a goddamn adult.

I got my meds but I felt grown up.

(I’m almost 30.)

Legs’ appreciation post, maybe?
Ok that doesn’t make any sense.

Pic credit to owner.

i’ve had cor for roughly four years now and even though we’ve jumped blogs and revamped several times, it always surprises me that i’ve gotten back to such a high number of followers. so. this is my way of saying thank you!!! i definitely don’t think i’d still be here writing corinne if it weren’t for all the lovely people i’ve been fortunate enough to write with, look up to, and be inspired by. whether you follow me or not, you’re on this list because you’ve impacted me in some form or fashion and i want to say thank you. thank you for pushing me to be a better writer, and thank you for doing what you do.

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anonymous asked:

How did you wind up with a hole? Because I'm diabetic myself and you said it came from diabetes and I'd quite like to avoid back-holes if at all possible, they sound unpleasant.

I had a bad few weeks with my narcolepsy. I was very very tired and forgetful. I wasn’t checking my sugar often and I forgot doses of insulin. I made food that was easy rather than food that is good for diabetes. I’m currently looking into solutions that will help me avoid that in the future. It just gets really hard to take proper care of myself when I feel that miserable. 

So just keep your blood sugar consistent, test it often, don’t forget your medicine, and eat more protein and less carbs/sugar. I can’t say you won’t get infected abscesses, but that will lower your risk considerably.