forgot how much i actually enjoyed wow

     Hello! I’m so excited because earlier today i hit 200 followers, and I know that’s not a lot to some people but it means a lot to me! So thank you so much to anyone who has followed me :))))! So instead of doing a normal follow forever I decided I would just tell you about some of my favorite mutuals and how they are actually angels!!! So without further ado, lets get into it…..

    So I was just a sad lonely internet girl until I fell into my first group chat so everyone is the @magicalyoutubenetwork ilysm!

@jazzyjasattack- well thank you for even adding me! I love you will all my heart! you are the greatest, without you I could have never made this entire family and opened up the way I did <3 also you are an amazing person and v v caring

@scarlett-phan - wow my internet older sister, always there to respond to my texts on the group chat, and encourage me to never give up, and not everything I do turns out terrible and a mess. So tysm I love you!!

@zazzed-howell - Liz you inspire/ make me want to make a difference and get involved and start doing things with my life, which really helps, you are very sweet and someone whose very easy to look too and to take inspiration from <3 you are great! ily

@wintermoonlights - Em literally you’re the best! I remember when you were the group chat talking about watermelons falling out of a truck and comparing it to school, and hopes and dreams, and I was dying laughing, you are super funny and sweet and smart and witty and ahhhhh! ilysmmmm

@justwannabepunkkid - Ethan wow! You are so great I can think of a million things to say! You are so nice and encouraging and all around a great person and you! I remember the beginning of the gc we were just talking back and forth and i was having so much fun, and all my anxiety about the gc at the time just went away! I love you!

@bloomingphil - Danni!! You are so much fun! You are actually so sweet! You always have something nice today and you have such a nice personality oml!?! Anyway you most definitely are great person!! and you are very very very important to me obviously as you can tell! ilysmmm

@peachykeenlesty -You are so actually polite and always have compliments to give all the time! no joke!!!!! You are also always there to answer to anything i say in the gc and it honestly makes me so happy :’) Carly you are such a good person i’m jealous! Anyway i love you bye!!!

So that gc basically saved my life i love each and everyone of them with all my heart ( here is where the punctuation and spelling just goes to actually rock bottom!)

@suggienova - Ahhhhh Rylee, I remember when we first started talking i was telling my gc about you, and like they were saying ‘omg she sounds so sweet’ and honestly true! You spit ot some amazing ideas and when we come together there is always a great outcome! We are such a great little team and i love talking to you! ILY

@herecomsthesunflower - Wow are you sweet! you are super nice and accepting and passionate and we haven’t talked a lot but I can tell you are very very driven, and I really do look up to you!!

@iamjustalittlecrazy17 - we’ve talked and you seem like a cool person and we could get along pretty well and you are easy to talk too!

@doddlevlogle - We don’t talk much at all but you seem funny and sweet and v v chill and i respect  that!

@softiednp - this is honestly so great i love it so much! long live soft math papis <333 ( i met these people not that long ago so they are not going to me as long sorry )

@pepperminthowell - First you added me and like tysm!?! You also are a very great person and you seem very chill and soft! You also are very polite and wow ILy

@kawaiiphancake -  you always seem to be in the greatest gc moments and do nothing but make it better and it’s great you seem like a great person and really funny and easy to get along with 

@you-could-say-im-relocating-it - heyy olli aka my gay icon, you are extremely funny  (especially when you say ‘WHIP’) but you are sweet and help me out of stressful situations and you are great and friendly and ahhh iLY

@shittywerewolfstudent - from my limited knowledge of you you seem great person and and we have a streak so thanks

@nutellalester - You are always on the gc! ALWAYS! which is great because you are pretttty entertaining and oml your stories! You are v funny and sweet!

@pasteldoothowell -you seem great and very lovable and caring and kind and v v v great

@clouds-howell - from what i know about you, you are really cute, we have a streak, and have some similar interest but we are in different timezone so :(

@huphilpuffs -’s wih you are so much fun :’) and you are actually have a great personality wow!

@fallinghowell ,@sparklephil , @decaffeinated-shipper , @macaronidan , meg @hazyphil@disgustinglygay , and @phanamored are also people i enjoy a lot and are in my gc but we haven’t talked enough for me to get an actual view of you im sorry i love you guys so much though :(. IF I FORGOT YOU LITERALLY ACTUALLY PUNCH ME

(im so tired im sorry if these suck i care i really do! if you dont feel like i wrote about you good enough tell me and i will not hesitate to write you a 3 paragraph essay on how/why i love you) I am going to bed night guys sweet dreams, sleep tight ily!!!!